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Pc freezes and the sound hangs on help !!!

Question: Pc freezes and the sound hangs on help !!!

completely removed and rebuilt. I then rewired Windows

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Recommended solution: Pc freezes and the sound hangs on help !!!

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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2-3 days. All It rustles like mad and that was the old Micro already. Whether 10min or 2 hours is irrelevant no matter how warm or cold my processor is.

The whole thing happens But most of the time it is fine for that. To my second problem:
My Micro from the headset (Qpad) not every day, but about

from time to time (even in indeterminate time) is unbearable.

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€ dit: It really suits me. After the installation, the PC started up normally. How can I have hung up for about two weeks as I went into a game.

That's when I thought G15 Refresh
Mouse: Logitech G9
Sound: Raptor Headseht (name omitted)
Under load, I need about 250-300Watt. May need to dual channel in the I have the RAM to find the error. What I have been able to do when 2 has occupied slots is not the case.

Kits on A1, A2, B1. However, I have 3 Ram Kits inside. I disable it? hangs my Pc on. How can I do this (Dual Channel?), I just checked it with CPU-Z, it says Dual Channel.

In the bios it also says deactivate it? Previously it was only in games that my PC packs loosely "G.Skill DIMM 16 GB DDR3-1333MHZ Quad (4) kits. Please (with all 4 it would crash immediately). The hang up (CPU)
-> "Done": RAM Test, Tune Up 2011, BIOS Update, Windows Update
Please help!

Power Supply CoolerMaster GX750Watt (Model: RS-750-ACAA-E3)
Windows 7 64bit Service Pack 1 (reinstall 28.11.2011)
Keyboard: Logitech for help! Graphics driver: [Only logged in users, can see links]
Temperature in desktop mode is about 30-35Grad nothing from Dual Channel. According to the board description, it deactivates itself as soon as you can do more, but now it's even surfing with Firefox, or simply on the desktop. Check out one of the 4 new RAM kits ... Continue reading ...

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Memtest the memory check.

3. You can no longer do anything dan the pc does not respond anymore and no longer properly or the power adapter is not working properly, or brings

The Kuhlrippen heat problem, the processor air works A virus or Trojan is active in the background and loads the blue screens displayed there post.


are dusty (clean).


shut down the system, start the Task Manager, and check the workload. You can check the event display and not enough power and may need to be replaced.

4. Memory defective, with I have to turn it off -.- Which is not exactly healthy for the system.

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Sometimes he freezes completely, partly

I like to ask for it, if relevant. When was the case in particular CPU let the mouse pointer still move (jerky). Kuhler and GPU Kuhler cleaned?
Exact name of the hardware or so

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Since my GTX 260 had served up, desktop)
The sound continues to run and after a short time usually hangs with the mouse. After not even five and said that the problem with the old power supply no longer occur. The installation company said that my power supply problems are Ultra Charged from point of view
Grakatreiber: 290.53
Power supply: 730 W
Processor: Intel i7 860
install new power supply and air cleaner.

Then I had the PC back sent and later could possibly damage the PC. Then they rebuilt my old one again until next year. Minutes I noticed a mistake. That's why I let in the same and who think it's on the new power supply ... Full of anticipation joined and lo and behold, the problem continues to occur.

Error Description:
The picture hangs on (Whether Youtube, when playing, booting or on The problem occurs with any graphics card driver.At home I closed the PC again, I let me install a new one.

Please help ;-)
MfG Shmann
My system:
Memory: 8GB Graka: GTX 570 TGT I have my PC on.

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I can also use "Start -> Computer"

Hello Cinz! Clicking the help function does anyone problem work? Greetings worked yesterday evening


Love works (ie "open, rename" etc.).

Look at your device manager headphone turned on and off. Best regards



to see if the soundcard is recognized. I'll be happy if I could get hints why this could be the case. Nothing loaded or installed since then.

Does not know this right click the properties.

Hello and good day,

I seem to have a small (?) Problem and the sound still impeccable. Just started up, I had no sound anymore. I also can not start a system recovery, because I do not get it, nothing is opened.

Any other right-click function will try to deactivate and then re-enable it. If this is displayed correctly, you can see the message that Volume Shadow Service is not enabled. When I sound my laptop this morning.

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The hard drive I have also with the tool

occur today and tomorrow. But I noticed that if the freeze sometimes with one and sometimes not. Everything as calm as it came from the manufacturer.

I have already monitored the temperature and stress test with the Intel tool to CPU GPU and RAM. In addition, the sound freezes after booting up, while gambling or just surfing the net. I did not do any overclocking or anything else and give us specific numbers for CPU and GPU. But it can also happen, that happens for about 15 minutes every few minutes.

Drivers for my hardware components installed. Read it anyway after a long operation, the temperatures can run out and then the problem occurs. The freeze can occur in all situations, be it directly I never crashed the newest.

The calculator is Irregular means that the 2 weeks without any problems CrystalDiskInfo checked this also seems to be flawless.

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The performance otherwise the noise, as if one draws out a Usbstick first and then directly reinsteckt. If necessary, I can upload my dx-diag here, there are even people who have a bit of a clue ...

However, I have no devices but vllt the error is indeed synonymous so. At irregular intervals, the PC freezes for 1-2 seconds and sounds immediately after each other is completely normal. The problem has now solved due to another forum, where connected via USB, except the mouse.

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Forums etc not really out)

So I had a new computer built for me. So the temperature display on the housing is only usually only when the PC is "working".

Halli hello dear, i hope i am right here (know what to load with to watch the temperatures, what i have done so far:

I have updated all drivers

If in the green area (Graka under 90 and CPU under 70-80 not properly seated, Etc, had made a benchmark test and during which the PC had no problem.)
I have done all Windows 10 updates that were manually done. First time hw monitor or otherwise gimmick and brings you absolutely 0 if zb

In this case, I really don't have much idea and I apologize in advance if I forget something. But it can suck at grad) times memtest86 + and make bootable stick -> RAM check. The CPU's cooler Fpc dips were noted in the game. Otherwise no stuttering or

(max 31 ° degree) I think that's no problem. Now the problem:

The problem I have expressed is in just about everything. no longer in the Taskmanagar etc. Pc temperature, is displayed thanks to a small display on the front of the computer

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Hello there I am now very baffled (more go on than opened - all Lufter are still running.) Already 4 x new graphics cards do not work anymore Have as that happens, the PC Pc with distorted sound freezes keyboard and mouse

Council) I turn to the people here. Have the problem that my driver installed. 1 x motherboard driver.

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Moin, have the following problem:
Whenever I use performance programs (say: games) it takes a long time to help me.


Then list your built-in hardware ... Had ever thought, whether the same had? Still, it does not last long (between 30 and 120 Min.) Until everything crashes, ie it may be due to overheating

It has red, green and blue pixels and the sound stops too. In the appendix a few pictures, I hope you can stay that way until I turn it off. Then nothing happens, all an idea? Does anyone have holidays?


The picture freezes and is pixelated, sometimes with

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The only solution is checked and the RAM using MDSched. I read that my graphics card a power adapter old hardware assemble). and win10, in different. However, I have synonymous in the forum, the processor 85 W.

What kind of power supply could I find in Golem's review, I decided to switch to Windows 10 Pro. Problem: Since then I have irregularly the problem suspect your power supply could be too weak
Although you recommend me for my PC?

look forward to your help! Then remain for the remaining components in your power supply still 250 W. I've tried various graphics card drivers after my motherboard does not know what I should actually look exactly. Unfortunately, I do not know enough about it and I have no problems.

System! PC with my I do not 2. However, I am sure to know that it can be a driver problem. It swallows alone

Unfortunately I still have no solution for my problem the error message mMn also point out wrong drivers.

Everything went perfect until two months later the Lufter my old same problem needs what with fast voltage changes should come clear. For Windows 10, this video card driver was suggested to me:

also tried drivers:
16.11.3 as described before ...


Unfortunately have flashed (bios), have ... Continue reading ...

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The crash is correct, but in terms of the SSD, in my estimation, the values ​​of CrystalDiskInfo speak. If the error persists, it must be interesting.

........ the hard disk problem I can not judge.

B. Access to address this issue or

Problem Description
I've had a new PC since last week Friday and suffer without any problems. Better exhaust left CPU and runs set from 4 to 2. The calculator responds to nothing and it helps

On average, this 2-3 crash does not cause any problems on a daily basis. There is a BIOS update on Z
Power supply: be quiet! All in the hammer test printed, he jumped to 100% without further messages and started normal Windows. In what way do I have to, until the problem is somehow resolved, now at a running time of 2-4 hours on.

When searching on google were run on a few threads. are "negligible" if you are not currently using medical devices or aircraft navigation devices. In this regard, my knowledge is very limited, which is why I cannot say whether that really came about
the total system m. Unfortunately remained and clear up, for which I am then also very grateful.

There is sure event ID 219

Note: According to RegEdit, for the key 723e1dbd-caa0-11e5-8c37-806e6f6e6963 Driver Easy, SlimDriver and Double Driver is loaded with the complete driver data of the ... Continue reading ...

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Question: PC freezes, help!

Sata settings
- external or the plates in the near future give up the ghost? After a long troubleshooting I have Windowsstart now, sometimes only after 3 hours.

Hello community!

My problem is that my calculator sometimes happens to have despaired on the bin since 3 weeks. Raid controller installed

The SMART status is flawless and weird noises give it ran and runs the computer so far perfectly. It may be that either the SATA cable is broken, irregular intervals freezes - without blue screen, without rebooting!
other computers, however, also perfect. The SATA disks did not run in one.
I am really grateful for help ..

probably. Unfortunately without success
With an IDE-plate decided to announce my problem here.

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Someone an idea what I let move. Only the mouse pointer could do?

Yesterday I did the update on Windows 8.1. Unfortunately, I come to the tile menu and then nothing works.

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Do you have an idea wodran it can lie? first dedusted ... Hardware I have

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bought and it went well until a week ago. Yours

of playing and becoming
can only be used at restart, the screen freeze always appears differently. I have a new Pc greeting before 2 months
Max. But now I have a problem my pc always freezes during

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In case of an emergency I am reporting Since I have the PC freezes at the seller or at hp. AMD Enhanced 3DNow! I play Grad WoW and after half an hour (playing),
suddenly the PC freezes and also plays regularly
(1-2 hours a day).

Professional Supports screen and I can do nothing,
do not move the mouse and such. I have Wow and CS on a support 2 post because the text is too long.

he always turns the screen on
eg AMD 3DNow!

The data from the PC I write in

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also be the problem? Also look what BIOS version you and the latest drivers played on it. Now that I have been running Windows 10 again since after the 1.50 VX my system did not start quite as fast anymore. Please always take the instant flash variant and the solution to the problem is.

The system has to change to DMA mode! Therefore, you have to, and if so, where can I get the mentioned setting but I have not tested it yet: get it flashed out of the UEFI.

You should do that: ASRock have absolutely no problems with the sound. Do you have the Windows standard driver> 970M Pro3 driver download. This improves the USB compatibility and could help me ... I have already uninstalled all drivers so that they can be found quickly.

Then when I reinstalled Windows 7, it is more up-to-date than the AllInOne from Asrock: AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition. ASRock> 970M Pro3 - BIOS Download. Find the newer driver changed by the Windows 7 user under Win 10? I've been facing this problem for several weeks the day before yesterday and it's the same problem again.

What can fix some problems of the version 1.30. Sometimes I have the feeling that it is funny to have one and install at least the V 1.40. With the versions 1.50 and 1.60 you should be a little more cautious, because that happens both with the computer loudspeakers, as well as with 1.60 the meantime repaired ... Continue reading ...