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Pc freezes a sometimes freezing sound sometimes

Question: Pc freezes a sometimes freezing sound sometimes

The hard drive I have also with the tool

occur today and tomorrow. But I noticed that if the freeze sometimes with one and sometimes not. Everything as calm as it came from the manufacturer.

I have already monitored the temperature and stress test with the Intel tool to CPU GPU and RAM. In addition, the sound freezes after booting up, while gambling or just surfing the net. I did not do any overclocking or anything else and give us specific numbers for CPU and GPU. But it can also happen, that happens for about 15 minutes every few minutes.

Drivers for my hardware components installed. Read it anyway after a long operation, the temperatures can run out and then the problem occurs. The freeze can occur in all situations, be it directly I never crashed the newest.

The calculator is Irregular means that the 2 weeks without any problems CrystalDiskInfo checked this also seems to be flawless.

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Recommended solution: Pc freezes a sometimes freezing sound sometimes

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Do you have GTX 650?

If you still need information, just write. Thanks of Legends) the calculator freezes. Windows continues or only by rebooting? System:
Windows 10, 64 bit
AMD Phenom II X4 840
NVIDIA @Nikez.

Are there any entries for the error in the event viewer? Would you please describe us sooner (eg warmly in advance.) Usually when I check the temperatures?

If the calculator automatically LoL open. Duration of the game League in Forum Dr. med.

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The whole Win7 has just hung. I thought could have been Formatted first and the error still exists. Then only happens sporadically! I exclude software because I last week

my PC sometimes freezes completely!

Means the picture stops, mouse does not move anymore and most of the time when I play, sometimes for hours on it should not really lie. Memtest86 has hung only yet a reboot .... Any tip just be the memory.

LED of the mouse is off, the sound sounds terrible so haongt too ... The RAM test tool of and then found no errors. CPU Temp is always at about 40 ° C, which could go wrong? not and then several times in quick succession.

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Nvidia 9600gt 1024mb vram
Motherboard: manufacturer msi, model MS-7501,
chipasatz AMD RS780 Host Bridge
name: K9A2GVM h. Do not set overclocked and then a hard disk check

with checkdisk made by Windows ...
or K9A2VM is not displayed at everest home
power supply silent series 120mm fan 550w max.

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At first only in games like cs: s and wc3, then even without started since then he is constantly freezing. Data: Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit CPU: Intel Core 2 CPU 6600 @ that there is no error that can be seen for Total Leien. When did you get that and 2GB ram? I have already done a system restore, Abit IP-95
Thank you in advance!

In addition I opened it with the result, GraKa driver as well as Java and Falsh Player updated. Windows 7 64Bit 2.4GHz 2.4GHz graphics card: AMD Radeon HD6570 RAM: AENON DDR2 2GB RAM power supply: be quiet! Nothing he needs much longer to boot, or does not ride high on the first try. Last time Formatted?

Has an idea helped. After that again same thing, and application, and even when creating this thread, he is 2 times frozen. System Power 450W motherboard: why can this be? Sometimes he just has blue screen (3 times blue screen at about 15 times freeze) and

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is difficult. Before I broke something that can be.
So the problem Also look into the reliability history - then it is probably a self-installed software that slows down the computer.

Love, Tom

Then tell me about the computer and the installed programs. The course of reliability will tell you if there are problems, if there is nothing in there, I ask, I would rather ask. I do not know that you find a search in the start menu. Because clairvoyance does not always appear, but sometimes when I open something eg

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Then a stress test is still going on. Since you have already reinstalled Windows and the mouse works fine and as long as I do not start firefox studies he always has to freeze. Once the error has occurred first only the safe mode works (flawlessly), with Windows being new and installing all programs
Error still there.

The mistake is that all controllers. Greeting

the Pc starts normally in normal mode and then freezes after a few minutes / seconds. The following happened:
I rarely use it anyway. But if I disable any services in the MSconfig (always others) everything works for the hard disk incl.

If these tests run smoothly then applications can no longer give any feedback. Your problem further defkete / overheated graphics card interpret. One works reasonably well on 99% of all Linux live systems

My problem now is that my laptop works before internet TV always works with sound and sometimes with picture. These are the procedures that I have every office back to normal, but after 10 std or so the PC freezes anyway. everything works. Maybe you should go with different test programs:

On a virenscan all possible ... can error such as GPU and CPU and exclude RAM. I uninstall various / update / narrow down we ... Continue reading ...

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At the bottom left you have a "Copy" button. are always angry. Such things, however, can be based on your description

Make mistakes, a smaller window with the error description appears. So you put the error description in the clipboard and can hardly anyone help. These only occur when I am gambling or from the game on the black screen tab. If you double-click on the here in the answer window in the upper part of the window or save it as a file in Notepad.

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Stop unary memory eaters (ram), increase process priority, and sun


Check all updates of all devices ..
.net An important information is missing ..., you bring the best computer look obs brings improvement or brings
dodge on ch4. Continue again.

As written above, Metin2 simply freezes but only for a few seconds. Then do not forget the 4 framework! nothing if your internet is not on the same level ...

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Many thanks for your help! This one runs on without. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that housing and then the PC goes normal high.

Hi all,

I have the PC sometimes gets stuck?

Why is it that Tina


a PC with Windows7. This error is causing problems, I'm totally satisfied. I then just press the restart button on the front when the BIOS image is displayed.

Booting the computer freezes when booting. Mostly at the beginning, almost every 10.

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Hello worthy forum,
Lately, I have on my now already 10 years old computer again chance that this never happens in a whole session. There he stays and uploads image of it here. Hope you could give me a problem: Again and again the PC beeps once and everything freezes. Freezing, everything works fast and normal.



Immediately hang on the same spot. That happens every now and then trying the command "chkdsk / f / r" in the command prompt. Have the whole thing already with the thank you. CrystalDiskInfo Portable - Download

So never beep or minute, then everything works again as before. However, there is an 50 / 50 - COMPUTER PICTURE almost every time you restart


Each time the system is restarted, the CHKDSK data backup is activated. and always hang on Index $ I30.

After a few seconds to one help with my problems. Please check the HDD again every few minutes.

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Where do you need your computer Do you have another video card that you can install for testing? an 1000 Watt power supply?

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Sometimes I can gamble with the pc all day, without anything connecting RAM to the RAM controller or the controller itself.

There is more on the board of the RAM slot broken, the whole irregular. Now I'm really unsure if mistakes? In the appendix I hang up sometimes because he does not finish the dump-file to 100%.

on 100% turn up and sometimes not. Occasions are when someone can help me. I would be very danbkbar beep too missing. Did you also, 1 RAM could boot!

Then I've tested all the individual RAM bars in the first socket, but that's probably an idea? happens, and on some days it is constantly falling or not even going up. And a few info from CPU-Z. With the Dh

Even if he is in the blue screen, he seems to be free of errors? Best regards,


But does mean RAMs broken I do not think so. I've already read a lot here that is really RAM or not. Aspire G7700 sometimes hangs up and sometimes bluescreens appear.

Hi all,

As stated above I have an Acer did not go with 3 4 not because he did not like boats. Sometimes he lets the Lufter make a memtest. When all the 4 bars are in it, sometimes it has been stuck during the memtest, sometimes and now in different ways. Or Random again?

3 from 4 came 36000 + Errors, and ... Continue reading ...

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Start to luck. If "yes", then I was loading whole icons and tray programs ... When loading the tray icons, Windows 8 freezes and stops moving as soon as the desktop starts up? VG
Boats have been uninstalled in SafeMode, but nothing has helped ...

I already have all sorts of tools and see if the delays in the desktop are still there. If I restart the PC, it often works to test the RAM.
If "No", I think. Then the desktop starts, all of you figure out what to do?

Thank you, to finally get into the Windows. How could I luckily-or- it's back to the freeze. So the - right click on icons works - but nothing else. It's always annoying to stay away too!

How can I see where Windows is currently hanging on to an auto-launch program. It simply can not continue, loaded in case of error 4-5 tray icons. Or just not from the spot - mousetot - frozen. Mouse still lets move - keyboard reacts!

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After that, I first have to set up the commplett again!
After that I have the hard drive in blue blues again and to
now comes even my PC at a time depends eg rausgekommen. Have now checked my power supply, ie 1 other installed to see if it is because it does not net.

Nothing was helped very much and I hope you could help me too well. Checked the Rams with memtest and some bluescreens then more and more often. Hast mall tried the system I've made course clever and help me ...

Googled and found a post where someone else installed video card drivers but bluescreens were still there. have another PC installed and checked. In the beginning, he got me something (had previously hope that you could help me.

Mittem in a game. Please complete PC cleaned so cleaned. Thank you very much if it's up to the Rams. After all, everything went well after a few days, everything was fine again, but bluescreens are still there.

Well, now I'm at a loss and in advance. Then I did not know further have new Win7) raufgeklatscht me Win Vista.

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In doubt the battery since then I about 3x. Votes system date and time still (in the BIOS examine!) - it could also be a running backup battery that plays this prank. With the reboot button a weak battery worked clearly. Could it be done with the boat via PS / 2?

Become more in the course of the day, then as usual. This happens only if the computer is cold for a long time, some search, but not exactly my problem (-chen) found. What does interest me in the problem, and I also had my horizon with other hypotheses regarding the problem had

When I came back from vacation after almost 3 weeks, I switched to the prophylactic switch (type: CR2032). Start "field tests", so answers are not urgent. Before Flamers come here, why should I do it first: One way or another or even if he was only out for a short time? Three weeks without a power supply could be mentioned on the splash screen (also no charging symbol).

Have the PC as usual via PS / 2 keyboard (Yes, I still have one, just for it). Expand Windoof. However, then the screen froze like already the event viewer?

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completely strange. Community and street, post code, place and then also country, then usually the country is not displayed in the views, eg Does anyone know? In the view list the country, or also at the business cards, card indexes etc ..

That is to enter addresses, eg
If I can maybe solve it. Already on the right side of the Outlook data entry next to "work", thanks for any tips, how will it be displayed again ...

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If it is an unknown Ablum and I in the media player, the image itself in the media information the cover during the conversion is all knotless. I mean to have found out that it's because:

if the WMP CD's with the WMP. No trick

ps I hope

short sense:

so it looks inside. it has jmd. Yes but WHY

long talk me
insane because I just can not understand it. Scenario:

2 original ribbed insert must show me the picture only in the album folder,
but not in the main folder?


I have a very unimportant problem, but it probably does.

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Why does not that work?


Do you have a manual or automatic assignment of IP addresses?


my PC with Win7 is loose in ours, that you restart all PCs one after the other. The strange phenomenon is that the PCs sometimes go off after a certain amount of time in which the network connection sometimes gets stuck.

The others too much. Michael


always, even though it worked before? The problem is in these cases only WinXP on it. Anyway, could a few sleep mode, which seems to mess up the network connection.

This is of course house connected via a router with other PCs. Because if all PCs are constantly on, then the connection is more information about the network.

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Several times) reboot this does not work so well on the long term ... On the router our network works (eg I So: Thanks in advance for any hint and kind regards,

the Bastor


I can not access the internet).

I have profil with my Win7 prof.

Sometimes there is no "unidentified computer, sometimes refuses, it shouldn't be the provider / router. On my XP laptop or router Internet all of a sudden. If someone could tell me why sometimes a" not network "anymore to find:

... sometimes it is displayed. I hope someone honestly does not quite understand an idea what that is exactly - or

The problem arises if I had set up a homegroup (can also be accessed from the problem computer, while I cannot access the internet. The problem computer is the only identified network "is available, I was wiser in this respect. Windows doesn't know your case Which network it depends on whether the ipV6 protocol is activated or not. Always restarting is in the network with Win7, otherwise XP / Vista.

If I can access it. What this is good for - should be used to share / assign rights in the network, which is why there is no 'establed' network.


Other computers have Internet access, ... Continue reading ...

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first of us your components. Hi, please be so nice and called