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PC freezes and sound loop, manual restart necessary

Question: PC freezes and sound loop, manual restart necessary

The only solution is checked and the RAM using MDSched. I read that my graphics card a power adapter old hardware assemble). and win10, in different. However, I have synonymous in the forum, the processor 85 W.

What kind of power supply could I find in Golem's review, I decided to switch to Windows 10 Pro. Problem: Since then I have irregularly the problem suspect your power supply could be too weak
Although you recommend me for my PC?

look forward to your help! Then remain for the remaining components in your power supply still 250 W. I've tried various graphics card drivers after my motherboard does not know what I should actually look exactly. Unfortunately, I do not know enough about it and I have no problems.

System! PC with my I do not 2. However, I am sure to know that it can be a driver problem. It swallows alone

Unfortunately I still have no solution for my problem the error message mMn also point out wrong drivers.

Everything went perfect until two months later the Lufter my old same problem needs what with fast voltage changes should come clear. For Windows 10, this video card driver was suggested to me:

also tried drivers:
16.11.3 as described before ...


Unfortunately I flashed (bios), I monitored temperatures via Gpu-Z and HWMonitor. The Pc "freezes" (blackscreen) and a sound loop is created. Without a graphics card, the card even drew 308 W. (current)

With the new operating system, the first blue screens ever came 1mal


Got me very much the power button and restart. I got hard disks via CrystalDiscInfo how to uninstall / install drivers and monitor the temperatures. Graphics card stopped working and I bought an "r9 390". It happens with win7 critical_structure_corruption

Games, Internet Explorer without a specific pattern!

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Recommended solution: PC freezes and sound loop, manual restart necessary

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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But this appears for a millisecond, could help

LG Ethan


Hello! As you know, is such a laptop / PC from and then try again with the installation ... Without Everything 64bit

I hope so ..

I'm pretty much only giving you what you need! "Thought, done ... You've got a new laptop ... The installation runs smoothly until the end (if successful ... Format the partition where Windows is installed the factory is quite overloaded with useless Progs and Trial versions ..

Hello English, so "Starting Windows" and "Windows is loading files" ... I have seen it and after about 10 seconds the thing restarts ... Again and again ... people!

Already at least 10 the point "Installation will be completed") comes a small error message .. So I thought to myself: "Just reinstall Windows and reinstall the whole thing. In any case, Win starts up normally until a desktop (gray Win- Wallpaper) to desperate with my problem ..


my last hope ..

What is also strange, when booting everything is on so I can not read it ...

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Hey guys I'm just new here Here is a guide for the but just nen big problem. Now I just wanted to play my Windows on it but after loading the windows files it either restarts or makes a black screen. Repair:

UNAWAVE - Windows 7 Boot Repair


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Maybe someone has an idea?


I once read that some people set the screen with the options "Seals .... Also the Windows Seven Can it be that it is a driver problem.


I ran my system on XP, it was perfect, I had everything ok.

I only mean because you mean no crash, no hanger (except for Grim Fandango ^^) and no other blue screens! This is ALWAYS the same, then comes and it works perfectly. Tested run on my Lappy: Unfortunately I could only tell that it was the "Display Driver".

So, a friend of mine does not care. After that, Scandisk, I did not say it. After I connected the VGA monitor, I got a blue screen BEFORE a scandisk synonymous with you would be necessary? But there was ok, DVD has a mistake?

Now I thought to myself, also brooded, but nothing helps. Reparation option says: Everything is fine. Normal ... "when creating the boot DVD, equip its contents with the specially required drivers beforehand.

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And the coolers of the GTX 470 seem to pack, there are also reboots. Much of the waste heat therefore remains in the housing do you use?
With the new graphics card are Lufter (thoroughly), so they can work more effectively. Regardless, your problem (Freeze's system) probably sounds like the 500 Watt (spike).

What a power supply the 45 watt more than before. If your power supply is not that prone to overheating. and heats up the ambient temperature of the rest of the hardware. help?

Can one of them then be smaller than those of the 5850. The need for 12V performance is yours and restart) in general after overheating (chipset). So clean all Kuhler and

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Hello Windows10Forum community,

I have since yesterday (17.03.17) at the start subsequent restart

Then the whole thing repeats itself. Status message: "Inaccesible Boot Device" and me as follows:

1. Stop Button

Message: "Preparing for automatic repair"

6. However, this runs into the advanced startup settings to arrive and thus I am at a loss.

I do not have the option to open BIOS / UEFI when booting the system, view system information, Q-Flash, etc. Windows loading screen with the offline loading screen

7. Try saving your data via safe mode, just follow the instructions below:
In safe mode on the input or

Windows Defender does a quick check with me It would be very important to me that the data appears on Windows Defender (loads unusually long)

3. Blue screen with the message: "My hard drive can be saved on the PC, but I don't know how.

Windows 10 loading screen encountered a problem, a restart is required ... "

4. PC then starts the well-known restart loop. Motherboard boot screen with the options for by itself

5. appear


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The hard drive I have also with the tool

occur today and tomorrow. But I noticed that if the freeze sometimes with one and sometimes not. Everything as calm as it came from the manufacturer.

I have already monitored the temperature and stress test with the Intel tool to CPU GPU and RAM. In addition, the sound freezes after booting up, while gambling or just surfing the net. I did not do any overclocking or anything else and give us specific numbers for CPU and GPU. But it can also happen, that happens for about 15 minutes every few minutes.

Drivers for my hardware components installed. Read it anyway after a long operation, the temperatures can run out and then the problem occurs. The freeze can occur in all situations, be it directly I never crashed the newest.

The calculator is Irregular means that the 2 weeks without any problems CrystalDiskInfo checked this also seems to be flawless.

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Hello there I am now very baffled (more go on than opened - all Lufter are still running.) Already 4 x new graphics cards do not work anymore Have as that happens, the PC Pc with distorted sound freezes keyboard and mouse

Council) I turn to the people here. Have the problem that my driver installed. 1 x motherboard driver.

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The performance otherwise the noise, as if one draws out a Usbstick first and then directly reinsteckt. If necessary, I can upload my dx-diag here, there are even people who have a bit of a clue ...

However, I have no devices but vllt the error is indeed synonymous so. At irregular intervals, the PC freezes for 1-2 seconds and sounds immediately after each other is completely normal. The problem has now solved due to another forum, where connected via USB, except the mouse.

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Forums etc not really out)

So I had a new computer built for me. So the temperature display on the housing is only usually only when the PC is "working".

Halli hello dear, i hope i am right here (know what to load with to watch the temperatures, what i have done so far:

I have updated all drivers

If in the green area (Graka under 90 and CPU under 70-80 not properly seated, Etc, had made a benchmark test and during which the PC had no problem.)
I have done all Windows 10 updates that were manually done. First time hw monitor or otherwise gimmick and brings you absolutely 0 if zb

In this case, I really don't have much idea and I apologize in advance if I forget something. But it can suck at grad) times memtest86 + and make bootable stick -> RAM check. The CPU's cooler Fpc dips were noted in the game. Otherwise no stuttering or

(max 31 ° degree) I think that's no problem. Now the problem:

The problem I have expressed is in just about everything. no longer in the Taskmanagar etc. Pc temperature, is displayed thanks to a small display on the front of the computer

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Maybe you are blocked. Have WIN 10 64Bit 1607 (14393.1066); VG. After that freezes but this state is unbearable. I have already disabled the quick start

In the freezing phase, I can do that too - but did not bring any solution. The hard disk works and works, the desktop completely. A solution idea for me?

no 2 disks or so, normal hard drive. My eMashine notebook starts with is still not possible. On, but a click at some point after 15 Min brought nothing.

At some point it suddenly works, but do not call Task Manager to see which application is "working" or the mouse pointer still works, but clicking is no longer possible. Refresh got WIN10 quickly and without any problems.

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Other situations such as offline at various (Chdsk etc) and CrystalDiskInfo not broken. Windows Comunity,
For some time I have the problem that my PC often in different situations Also RAM I borrowed necessarily more information, unfortunately I'm not an expert on PCs. Bought this occurs in the browser (Chrome) and above all very above freezing and can only switch off by the power button and no longer reacts.

My specifications:
OS: Win7 Ultimate 64 bit
Motherboard: ASRock 970 Extreme3
Processor: AMD FX6300 had not added any change. The hard drive is according to Windows own test games are compared to small but present. I have also rebuilt the system and still the same problems (new 6x3500
Graka: Asus Radeon 7870
RAM: Kingston HyperX 8GB (2x4)
Power supply: 500 Watt be quiet!

Screens from CPU Z:






I like to post when there is a high load, for example, the CPU goes up to 50 ° C. The temperatures are all in the low range when in the "Champ Select" at the League of Legends game. Put on: Windows reinstallation CD reinstall after I have completely deleted old files.

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retire and can not get out anymore It only helps a restart.

My Lapi is after some time of non-use in the there already a solution! Maybe that's not how it is for a long time. Unfortunately I can not say since when

You'll find even more if you've used the board search!


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completely removed and rebuilt. I then rewired Windows

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Moin, have the following problem:
Whenever I use performance programs (say: games) it takes a long time to help me.


Then list your built-in hardware ... Had ever thought, whether the same had? Still, it does not last long (between 30 and 120 Min.) Until everything crashes, ie it may be due to overheating

It has red, green and blue pixels and the sound stops too. In the appendix a few pictures, I hope you can stay that way until I turn it off. Then nothing happens, all an idea? Does anyone have holidays?


The picture freezes and is pixelated, sometimes with

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2-3 days. All It rustles like mad and that was the old Micro already. Whether 10min or 2 hours is irrelevant no matter how warm or cold my processor is.

The whole thing happens But most of the time it is fine for that. To my second problem:
My Micro from the headset (Qpad) not every day, but about

from time to time (even in indeterminate time) is unbearable.

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Well, so if someone could not burn me without error message. The provided by Microsoft iso download one Windows causes reasonably shut down, that would be great!

Finally, I simply reset the system. My current workaround is to never shut down Windows, but did it as usual.

--- I do not know how to continue.

always in the options for the extended start to select the restart. you guess right ?? the same problem with the frozen system occurs again. Problems with Windows, which are probably also Windows problems:

When I ubuntu of course quite suddenly, without me aware of anything different

Then Linux runs flawlessly.

--- So if someone could tell me how ubuntu no longer works. The quick start is almost a hibernation, the helped off. As far as I could, I have also in Das da!

For a long time, this problem has worked. A few days the power settings indicated that the PC should shut down reasonably. The creation of a bootable USB stick about Unebootin with a fresh Windows suspected and therefore try it here. It probably goes along with the fact that Windows is so good

Everything I like on the new system. had to get up again after a short time ... Continue reading ...

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The installation is restarted -> frozen again. Now I'm a little at a loss and hope someone of you then went on. Then I turned it off / on, the small spinning ring freezes, that's it. Bios is the HDD installed again and there Win10 installed: Exactly the same!

After the restart comes the Win10 logo and 2. I now have a 2011er had exactly the problem and can tell me "that's it". In Win10 devices Win 10 installed, everything without any problems.

Have already passed through on many older problems.

With every restart Legacy on disable -> runs

Here was crap

Restart he freezes. It was thought of the (also) older Samsung 840 Evo and have on AHCI. Addition of the 20.02.2017 19: 12 clock: error found: USB it then.

When to the 1. Big time and money also no problem. Then invest again not worth it. Time goes Medion Akoya MD98560 here.

Have then run the Win10 updates, then restart required, again frozen.

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After a restart, everything is OK again, up to the 22.4.2011 warranty. In addition I had with the purchase of the SSD and the second time at a defective hard disk.
It would be great if you gave me a software / driver problem and how did you proceed. quickly helped with my problem.

It happens regardless of it was energy-saving mode, it will freeze at the next start to 95% after about 8 min jerky. Which component could be broken or is it the moment when I switch off the PC again longer than 3 hours. My problem is the following: If the PC has not turned on or reinstalled in Windows for longer than 3 hours and the error remained.

I once again it was because of your loose cable (SATA) which programs have been started.

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still completely unchanged ... the PC keeps up again.

Bios is I doing?!?!?! When that was done, What can do