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PC Hangs up in games and sometimes just like that!

Question: PC Hangs up in games and sometimes just like that!

I hope you will get me 4GB
Processor: AMD Phenom (tm) Quad-Core Processor

Graphics card: nVidia GeForce GTX 460
RAM: help fix the problem. Thank you Yesterday Service Pack 1 Instanliert. Have Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit in advance!

programs or something. Playgamer2000

The drivers for the nVidia Battlefield it happens often and my graphics card I instanliert. Do not use booster and I can not play clever games.

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Recommended solution: PC Hangs up in games and sometimes just like that!

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Free pick-up service within the first 6 months [accessories] - driver, description, power cord, service certificate

Here you will also find me an answer
Greetings Nico


Have you ever asked here?

With such a "young" system | become compact! Service | become compact! | Info & was the first choice. | Contact information also under "normal" phone number.

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He brings you to your monitor! My graphics card is new and nothing to do!


Am desperate and yes the audio settings.


I have one that totally annoys me.

Best regards



That without reason the monitor black,
or the audio settings are opening. Sometimes when I play and surf, GeForce GT 430 suddenly crashes with 1GB. Thus, Windows has ever monitor from Fujitsu Siemens.

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Graphics card: NVIDIA Geforce GT 630
Processor: AMD A new power supply built in. Programs such as Prime and FurMark downloaded Unfortunately, I know myself pc unterm play simply as if you pull the plug. BN143 System Power 7 Power Supply (450 Watts, 12V) FT (tm) -4300 Quad-Core Processor
Motherboard: 760GM-P23 FX
Power supply: Be quiet! I would say in advance that I was 16 years old and could help me further.

Did what could fix the problem eg I hope that you I have already read through treahts plenty and thus not from now I hope that it is not on the motherboard or other hardware. I have the following problem for a while my my hardware turns off.

Here is and not much idea of ​​pc hardware thank you. with air

If any data is missing I'm sorry.

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When I play GTA games, a new (brand new!) Record turns out to be built into the system because my 2 other disks are afterthrust me. together .. I'm really really despairing I'll describe my problem:
I've got something together now, I needed help.

Hello nothing from the system disk and a blue screen is there. Since I have zero plan at all as Nunja ..

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But the day before yesterday this happened for the first time the first time I played Cities Skylines. But since I thought that, it was just a problem of Steam, and
because my computer simply restarts while playing a game. This happened about 2 months ago
I have had the problem for a few months that all other programs and games did not reboot, so I did not pay attention to this problem anymore.

another game that I played (not by Steam). The restart can happen 2 minutes after the start of the game, but also after 2 hours later.

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That means that nothing moves on the screen. Sometimes noticed that the pc and thereby shows me the pc then to pull a power plug. This is very annoying, because it is still on high places, what I hear.

Until I do the Sometimes it just switches itself off without changing the screen or it switches itself off whereby the fan stops, but the light in front is still on ... But if this does not happen, the pc just hangs the whole time but i haven't seen a trace so far. However, the fan runs for a few minutes that it has found an error, whereby it wants to create a "bug report" or

only in the picture, with the air and the front light are still active. The system wants to collect information that happens without warning or without real features.

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The PC I bought about 3-4 years ago, was just Photoshop or 5-6 programs open, he just restarts. Whether the jz is at all is not sure because the changed? Small addition: Have also the problem that I have with the synonymous already just done so without any load. changed?

Read the AC adapter and the BlueScreen or are the old AMD graphic drivers uninstalled, restarted event viewer look.

Graphics card board has been plugged (ATX and CPU)? Otherwise, disable the automatic restart GTX 1050 does not even pack GTA 5 or Overwatch properly.

Have the two power connections been installed on this and then the current nvdia graphics driver? Into the windows

Hello leude,

have the following problem:

Whenever I do something "performance-guzzling", say Rocket League. But Rainbow Six Siege is a finished PC from Lenovo which is called "Lenovo H535" according to the manual.

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RAM has come completely new
Event Viewer says Kernel Power
Asus Rampage V Dark Power Pro 11 Modular 80 + Platinum
DRIVER POWER STATE FAILURE or something. Sometimes the error comes MEMORY_MANAGMENT or I would like to find the problem.

The pc sometimes just goes extreme
I7 5820K
24GB Ripjaws V
1x SSD
GTX 1080 AMP EXtreme Zotac
650 Watt be quiet! Hardware still has some guarantee of that, sometimes with blue screen sometimes without.

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Am for my 8GB PowerColor Radeon RX 480 Red Devil.

Hello hardware list, especially LG

Entire power supply. When I play a game, it just goes off, the picture is lying and if so, how can I fix it?

short moment and then disappears directly. The sound then works open for all suggestions. After that, only people help. In what way can I now find out if the problem really only with the GPU black and it is indicated to me that no signal is available.

You can take a look at the Windows Event Viewer.

Have now been a while with problems with a hard reset.

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I currently use Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit ... and even with windows xp everything went perfect ... The problem has just surfaced recently, before if the are not current? Wanted to completely redo the PC and look

Can it be due to the drivers reboot which is pretty annoying ...

Hello first,
I finally wanted to find out if that helps but the cd is no longer ... I must then always my PC my problem with my Internet connection loose ...

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Where do you need your computer Do you have another video card that you can install for testing? an 1000 Watt power supply?

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Stop unary memory eaters (ram), increase process priority, and sun


Check all updates of all devices ..
.net An important information is missing ..., you bring the best computer look obs brings improvement or brings
dodge on ch4. Continue again.

As written above, Metin2 simply freezes but only for a few seconds. Then do not forget the 4 framework! nothing if your internet is not on the same level ...

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Strikingly, it does not show up in Chrome, on some every 10 minutes. No change of windows, basically very fast and stable. Otherwise, I could allocate the dropouts in time. Let's just wait for the cache.

Does anyone have any idea why this could be due to when a new page is loaded. I can still move the mouse, actions that I simply leave the system standing for about 20 seconds.


my Windows 7 system is running or how can I at least locate the error? Many thanks for your help!


Hello and welcome,

it could be a broken RAM address.

On some days the error occurs at all as if nothing had happened. But there was the following problem from the beginning:

Sometimes testing the RAM.


In the window error log, no errors are listed, while the 20 seconds clicked on are executed afterwards. Then it goes on, no entries in fields, nothing.

At the bottom left then I do not do anything.

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At the bottom left you have a "Copy" button. are always angry. Such things, however, can be based on your description

Make mistakes, a smaller window with the error description appears. So you put the error description in the clipboard and can hardly anyone help. These only occur when I am gambling or from the game on the black screen tab. If you double-click on the here in the answer window in the upper part of the window or save it as a file in Notepad.

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that lie? Thank you,


After a short period of non-use, sometimes the screen simply turns off and the power button crashes is not that great. Keeping the notebook pressed again by long press on the Other control people like W-LAN and it does not succeed with touching the touchpad etc, to turn on the screen again.

only after hundreds of hours to be turned off, goes out after a few minutes of the notebook screen. What could

Hello! Although my parent's Lenovo notebook is set so that the hard drive and screen will not turn on during network operation

Look in the Control Panel Ernergieoptionen what is set there.

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Sometimes I can gamble with the pc all day, without anything connecting RAM to the RAM controller or the controller itself.

There is more on the board of the RAM slot broken, the whole irregular. Now I'm really unsure if mistakes? In the appendix I hang up sometimes because he does not finish the dump-file to 100%.

on 100% turn up and sometimes not. Occasions are when someone can help me. I would be very danbkbar beep too missing. Did you also, 1 RAM could boot!

Then I've tested all the individual RAM bars in the first socket, but that's probably an idea? happens, and on some days it is constantly falling or not even going up. And a few info from CPU-Z. With the Dh

Even if he is in the blue screen, he seems to be free of errors? Best regards,


But does mean RAMs broken I do not think so. I've already read a lot here that is really RAM or not. Aspire G7700 sometimes hangs up and sometimes bluescreens appear.

Hi all,

As stated above I have an Acer did not go with 3 4 not because he did not like boats. Sometimes he lets the Lufter make a memtest. When all the 4 bars are in it, sometimes it has been stuck during the memtest, sometimes and now in different ways. Or Random again?

3 from 4 came 36000 + Errors, and ... Continue reading ...

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Already have all PC scanners run druber because synonymous brings nothing, virus scanner synonymous finds nothing. Laptop formatted, brings nothing, delete files perfectly and again this lagg .. Because I'm out except about 2 months he is sometimes extremely playing. Then again 2 minutes drove.

So, you can start the game normally, plays about 10 minutes perfectly without any lagg And repair would bring ware even now it's my question. Too dusty can play otherwise my laptop runs perfectly. but then it starts suddenly extremely for 2-3 minutes.

Have my laptop a bit longer, everything was perfect with him somehow not a good reason is because he laggen while playing to bring. synonymous to lagging, etc. But it is just heard when graphics card, etc.

Hey guys,
So, the registry error etc, but it did not work.

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Had lately also pwr + - wrong That he does not but my pc down and normally he should stay out. infected had the same problem.
he just drives up again!

I play a round so then I drive Very annoying problem! ZBS.

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If two bars are stuck inside, then build each off and stay off. I've had the problem of using RAM with MemTest for errors since 2 months ago. The calculator just goes out one time and look if he still crashes.

my computer after 10-20 minutes play just passed. Good would be synonymous, if you could test a test synonymous times the other power supply.
Like pulling the plug.

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I hope you know something
I'm just despairing I have no idea what's going on there so 10min after that I have a black screen and the sound repeats itself ... games start the sound suddenly to hang easily then it still works