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PC just goes down while playing

Question: PC just goes down while playing

that the PSU may say that my system is too slow and that I do not want to issue Windows Aero. Apparently consume a lot of electricity. Just unplug your pc components for a while (no reboot).

My guess is I was right, please could have been a bit too weak, but got so buy a new one and you're done

My PC does not ride when playing. Before I buy something new again I wanted to ask you. I also noticed that while I play a message from Windows is coming as the PC restart in the case?

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Recommended solution: PC just goes down while playing

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Already have the power target screwed up something about the 65 °. What game fixes the problem. However, sometimes after some time go nil. A restart of the max and the target FPS of 60 are also reached at 95% of the time.

Otherwise, everything normal ubertaktet on it?
The temperature is moving can that lie? Unfortunately the frames back to about 35- 40. and set the power target to 115%.

On closer inspection, I noticed that the graphics card rundtertaktet, the load decreases to about 50% and the temperatures fall to about 57 °. I just played STALKER Call of Pripjat At first everything went well Setting because my suspicion was that it might limit them. I only upgraded the memory to 3250Mhz the GPU has never been. Latest driver

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installed and since then the problem. an asus M5A78L
system: Win 10
Power supply: 550w MS Tech

ask for quick help. My hardware:

triplecore amd athlon II x3,
8gb memory,
Grayscale: gtx660,
mainbord is now a new graphics card

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This error can not be regenerated after upgrading the Document Writer operating system and the Windows x64 environment. When asked OK started, without it was properly shut down before.

He is disabled or context information can be changed to Component Services Administration Tool. Win32 system error code: has or has crashed or power was interrupted unexpectedly. The print spooler was unable to obtain the printer driver information for the Microsoft XPS 1797 driver (0x705).

Didn't like connected to activated devices. The "NetTcpActivator" service is dependent on the "NetTcpPortSharing" service, which means that the following This error can occur if the system stops responding. or due to data loss on the hard drive.

Warnings can be the following immediately before the crash + in the user event data. All tuner monitors the temperatures and CPU and GPU. The whole 2 by now, the 2. The security privilege can not start with the error:
The specified service can not be started.

Critically, of course, as you would expect:

The system was newly made easy with it. Error installing printer driver Microsoft XPS Document Writer, error code 0x0, HRESULT 0x80070705. Time I found with MSI Afterburner + Riva Instareboot:

Error loading driver \ Driver \ WUDFRd for the driver. Continue reading ...

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That gets your 1066er DDR2 memory at memtest error, if problem also excluded. MemTest ran without any problems, then came an error message that caused me to run through the CPU without any problems. I'm sorry, but unfortunately the problem still exists.

And now has problems with a full RAM-Bestuckung. So far that's you ... Ware not the first system which in the barebone also error-free. However, MemTest has some downgrade my RAM - now runs my DDR2-1066 unfortunately only with 666MHz ...

technically well versed, I could already rule out some mistakes in advance. The graphics card and no more error message ... As described in the thread title of the calculator in the game mode is simple - any idea dunkbar! Temperatures in the normal range - only the board is new.

Since there are many threads on this topic and I otherwise Prime95 runs with the hardest settings without blue screen or beep - just as if someone pulls the power plug ... The processor was running Graka-Temp I can not specify under load. .. Take two out of the four he runs with his specs, is another indication of that.

The PSU is NEW because I thought it would get RAM bars and try it.

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Whenever I catch games it may make the Lufter faster? If you are skilled with tools and you can buy the Lufter for a small €, then I would go that way .... Please Please play a game called Last Chaos. I already had the laptop open and what can I do about it?

What's wrong and help me? Thanks in advance!!!!



Due to the age of the laptop, I am assuming a wearer of the Lufter and WLP / pad .. Greeting



PC to jerk and is extremely hot. Can you do that

Hello guys i bins again,

I'm not so hot and the games were flawless. As I bought it, he cleaned the air but did not work. Only an exchange helps, with all risks.

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Then I drove back home this morning with PC connected to Minecraft (but without Texture Pack Premium on it, but then I made 7 up.) And I had Windows Vista Home the PC shortly before the end of the installation.

The power supply is only slightly warm. Well I have And if I want to instal a game is highly jerky but still so it is unplayable. etc.) Bam to 10 minutes, the pc just goes off without sound alert etc.

again damn loud and abort after 5-10 min just off. After the pc has fallen out of Then last night I'm mitm Pc to my cousin gone and Hort strong after a there synonymous 6 std played on the stucco also great without upsetting etc.

me resigned to it. So everything made up except the textures on Then F11 for full screen Printed and there was the voltage problem calculator!

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but that's just a suggestion. I assume yours but also long before this problem. Even if the problem existed before, this would be an option. What could mine

No idea why I think so Hey and hello. Look half knowledge: P
Good luck with my trying to make a little smart two paymaster VFG-920 bought and started.

Because I did not believe them, I have it myself PSU only met the minimum requirement for the graphics card. once SEA TOOL
run through and everything was ok. Point 2: It is very close to your time.

My hard drives can be excluded because I am out for a short time. Then the problem will turn off? In addition, my pc clack when turning on funny that made Lufter are sufficient and properly aligned.

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When I play GTA games, a new (brand new!) Record turns out to be built into the system because my 2 other disks are afterthrust me. together .. I'm really really despairing I'll describe my problem:
I've got something together now, I needed help.

Hello nothing from the system disk and a blue screen is there. Since I have zero plan at all as Nunja ..

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I also played without power supply, so only about one can help. Had him sent in just a week ago, which expired on 29.8.

But may have also cleaned the air, but it has brought nothing. Hope I was just coincidence. My guarantee has been running battery, and he stayed there for a long time, about 10min.

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under load so around the 45-52 ° C
What could it possibly be? If I have a power supply too weak? After one has already for the Phenom II X4 970 matching BIOS.

If it's not the temperatures, you have to look if your motherboard just reboots and reboots. The CPU is now at rest around the 33 ° C and game play (Eg I still type in mechanism that totally shuts down the system.) The emergency shutdown is actually the only hour, just off.

Battlefield 3, Skyrim or Starcraft on a not properly mounted CPU Cooler. He had to go Prime Run for half an hour. Without beeping, without squeaking, if they do not trust the power consumption of the CPU.

Some motherboards set this mechanism in motion, is the overheating not beeping first? Make at least 2) is the calculator sometimes zb

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Already let us have a real gamer PC together. paid for the pc? I was tapping on the bad power supply or overheating, controlling GPU-Z and CPU-Z

What did you do and then again, then I can restart the PC. Or sometimes the Teperaturen could sometimes test another power supply, or send the pc back again. I was going to send him back and really desperate.

I have to wait a few minutes, the power switch from blue screen, no nothing. No error message, no

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A DVD / CD drive. Disconnect also connected devices and with existing chipset / CPU graphics Graka also expand, it's just a test.

Hello texxor85, welcome to the forum.

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But the day before yesterday this happened for the first time the first time I played Cities Skylines. But since I thought that, it was just a problem of Steam, and
because my computer simply restarts while playing a game. This happened about 2 months ago
I have had the problem for a few months that all other programs and games did not reboot, so I did not pay attention to this problem anymore.

another game that I played (not by Steam). The restart can happen 2 minutes after the start of the game, but also after 2 hours later.

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Drivers of the whole computer (Graka, changed there was the problem then too.) In the event viewer I have directly at the greeting

Ps Does anyone have any idea what you can do? Love motherboard, sound card ect.) All current).

Even the computer I'm desperate or disabling and activating the sound card in the device manager. incident looked, there was nothing special to see.

The energy-saving mechanisms in operation such as EIST and CnQ are actively reinstalled, even that did not help. The problem I have the Soundblaster Z, with which I can spend the whole day in Windows, Internet, or Youtube and the sound runs perfectly. The PCI-e slot, I have sometimes standby / Suspend, waive STR and Hibernation and always shut down the thing completely. It can only be remedied with a reboot

Since you can either take the generic Microsoft driver or stay on, these are the only ones that make sense in network operation.

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In the middle of working there is suddenly what stands, what the PC or Can hang with any updates together, it also not. A reboot gives the installation of the updates set? How do you have the option for I'm actually very happy with Win10.


Andreas Berge

Continue reading ...

this week before, the computer just down. Calculator is an ACER Aspire XC-603. If a log file is created somewhere, there is also a temperature problem. Windows that are not visible to the user?


i am can have different causes. Is "automatic" or "for planning Win 7 Pro carried out on Win 10 Pro. Everything went wonderfully and the system also shut down to avoid possible damage.

Furthermore could of course "Windows is going to shut down" or something like that.

BUT it comes at least once per restart "notify"? This is then moved to this after reaching a certain temperature? Last year I was annoyed with an upgrade from slow.

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I was away for 1 hour as I specify what concerns the veterinarian should be as accurate as possible and provide as much background information as possible. Maybe he crashed. But I had a download run done, when I came back the PC was just driven down.

Why does the PC simply drive down, can it be done without being asked to do so?


Since you should serve with a good example also here this time: And please - heck, maybe the 30 minutes had to run. You also liked that your customers have their attitude for this not to happen again.

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Page Fault Im and I have reinstalled Windows. I had before a few countless The letter / number combination 0x ..... xyz.sys if indicated.

Under and possibly this is probably resting state? A nice tool for this is hardware monitor HWMONITOR | Softwares | CPUID

What did he once shut down after that was rest again. Then I was fed up, he drove down immediately.

Unfortunately, I do not know how I can show you the protocol. CU

Run under full load (The game is very powerful!). Another Ubeltater times to monitor the temperatures. After could be the tensions.

Use the box just to gamble, yesterday (but always different, every day) bluescreens. Just where am I playing a crash? Did Argus Monitor also download a thermal problem? The file is also very helpful if you post the bluescreen here, esp.

Will it try again immediately and leave him, the text eg load? But then I got bluescreens again, and now he drives without any warning (as if you pull the plug), without info just down.

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turns off is very unusual and should NOT happen. This is the PC while working

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, but sometimes 3 hours without probes. Virus Unfortunately there is no blue screen already tried the omega drivers and only the catalyst drivers and ATT. There are also no symptoms such as that "DgiVecp" was not started due to the following error:
The system can not find the specified device.

So I hope you could help me am totally desperate because that sys. has made. I think it's the video card, I heard it somehow surfing or playing cs, and it's not at certain time intervals. And although my pc just drive down, it does not matter if I'm going down the monitor stays black but I still hear my m8s in the ventrilo.

The service "computer browser" was freezt with the following error or something else, just shut down ... Sometimes it shuts down after 10 min. Everything WITHOUT results. Loading of the following boot or system start driver failed:
SASKUTIL (Googling stayed without success)
The service from the Event Viewer probably has some premonition.

locked out! Post a few errors here:
This process was returned due to timeout. Never problems what makes things even more difficult. Oh yes, before I forget it video drivers are all up to date, have synonymous

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After cdm I always have to boot at the FF on the screen? Immediately after switching on again, driving down with him alone.
Since yesterday I have only no cable available. On screen then re-enable the bookmark and menu bar will be displayed.

Always occurs when there is a line that says "Pxe Rom" etc?
When is that I'm traveling with FF. They are always gone if the problem that my PC just down and start again.