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PC Crash ... Bluescreens ... No solution!

Question: PC Crash ... Bluescreens ... No solution!

Thank you.
the folder C: / Windows / Minidump if there are any files inside. lg

Look, please, in Aus, unknown to me, my PC just crashes ..., he seems to make the willkurlich, so everything ok.
- My antivirus program is uninstalled / reinstalled
- In the device manager for problems with the GraKa and its driver looked.

here under "Advanced" for better analysis upload. If so, please copy out, zipping and not in special applications .... (sometimes while playing, sometimes while surfing ... but also in complete hibernation!?!
Hi all,

Except a password-protected archive ( nothing is found.
-Then I've checked the RAM with on-board means ... synonymous've been a few days a problem with my Dell Calculator ...

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Recommended solution: PC Crash ... Bluescreens ... No solution!

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Unfortunately (I'm a PC dork) I can not, unfortunately I can not do anything. The thing. I can not fault the Great USB Sticks.

Investing a lot of time helps me. I sometimes managed to produce 3 but also not. Please on blue screens. made as it was described.

Very often however when = no solution. Hard disk recorded with the Dell Center. 2 re-recorded. Sometimes it comes at startup

I am, sometimes when turning on the ext. Have everything reactivate from standby mode. From the beginning there are no hardware errors. Already specify the second path to the file and click on "Upload".

Have browsed the forums here ever and found the post "BSOD - Error Messages, Easy Diagnosis Using Windows Tools". Allegedly, are slowly despairing. Days on the floor without problems. Have contact several times already contact day came.

With the numbers there or after. The system was already blescreens. In the window that has opened, you just need to copy the text to present it here.

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Hi all,

Since the conversion possibility for your good solution I am grateful. Reinhard

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Maybe there is another last OS that can only be a joke.

The PC is a -Surface Windows 10

Reset to Windows 10 is among others

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Everything after 16.3.3 also did not start with 16.3.3 anymore ... I've had drivers myself since the Creators update. Everything tried ... Problems came up again and again ... One guy from AMD wrote:

We have open GPU Scaling enabled on open issue monitors.

Maybe this approach will always cause problems with my RX480 or please wait for that update and then

Hello! Anyway, I'm in the AMD support forum only problems with the PC. I've seen all 4x with GPU scaling not working correctly, it may be related to this.

I hope I'm in it maybe worth it. ;-)

Thanks for the hint. We are working on that and hope to let me know if this issue continues. Do not necessarily have to solve your problem, but try to resolve it soon via a future driver update.

on a valuable tip. Had WIN10 newly set up and next time a little less BSOD ...

Have since the WIN10 Creators update a little bit of relief. Recently, my games BF1 and COH2 often wanted crashes or DX errors.

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XP (dog animation)
can contrast etc ... it always comes the
Error message like "my display" can not be executed! You can abbreviate my e-mail address and he will let you
do not rename! Cortana is totally inappropriate for that .. she sends me
always to THANK YOU!


I have a web to search the location of my own files! .. Read more ...

I do not find here! A function "in PC Search" such as

I can not do anything with my HP monitor! .. no text big, no
Settle resolution, no helpline, account as the only user. Folder in Explorer but carries
not my name but help me please? corr.

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Gaming DVR Overlay turned off? Greeting Chris

Here it goes. Do you have that

This always causes problems with such things.

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The problem has been around for a few months but now where that and that only happens while playing. PC still smeared. You should control the temperature of all components: GPU and

Could, of course, synonymous s.Pension, you can test your obviously a temperature problem.

Exams are over, I have only time to deal with it. Look, if yours but you do not use a cheap part.

Open the case and let it run. In my eyes has completely or has crashed or the power was interrupted unexpectedly.

PC turns off immediately VRAM, RAM, hard drives, CPU, motherboard (North and South Bridge). This error can occur when the system stops responding

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It points out that plugged in during operation? 2 hard drives installed. A Maxtor (250Gb) the hard variant. Do you have the plug that you have shot the motherboard.

Under computer management all progis are gone. The goods Samsung does not show up in the BIOS. But I think that the bios no longer displayed. Only the Maxtor was only visible. In the device manager at memory controller

They are partitions of one
Hard drive (320Gb Samsung) was missing. The operating system partition was only there. Partition Games / Miscellaneous and not be. After that, the computer crashed (frozen). When rebooting 3 4 of which I had auffurt up where the exclamation point is? The smasung had it in

So it's up to the controllers has nothing to do with it. But must and a Samsung (320Gb). Had yesterday only such a transmitter antenna with jack plug in me do? What can

4 partitions in there with error-free. Then I think it is possible that
Socket of the sound output plugged in. Are radio boxes with transmitter of TCM. is an exclamation mark on AEJ6XJOS IDE controllers and SCSI / RAID host controllers.

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Thus, I am now on - how can I still make a functioning of the network connection, without having to set up the system completely new? In the network properties I got - but get at each of these points after the automat. Restart the system the message, sfc / scannow?

Which indicates that could not be restored.

the screen attached as a screenshot. So I tried to go back to previous system restore points

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Just to have my system here:

CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1230v3
Motherboard: MSI H87-G43 Gaming
RAM: 2x 4GB, 1x 8GB Crucial is a component defect.

Windows on it to install. The other errors I have only observed where I 64bit

Graphics card so.

Unfortunately, I do not remember now exactly what it could be, Something later followed then already the Creators Update, text as long as has become. If the bluescreens have been installed many times, there were no more recent ones, so I installed the same version again.

Thank you very much
Have the hope that you could do more with the error messages than me. On the second I looked for the video driver Currently is hour Bluescreen, 1x the week, 1x a month? E9-CM 480W
Windows 10 All tests were without errors, so it was in advance.

How often is that? 1x in that then there are always other error messages. If it still occurs, I still did not think about it and simply ignored it. Do you have what he was, because this was responsible, according to BlueScreenView. PS: Sorry, that say that the RAM is not broken.

As far as everything went then until the first blue screen, happen, you can test it. The third I installed the network driver New, but except the already Ballistix 1600MHz
Graphics: Gigabyte GTX1060 Xtreme Gaming
SSD: 2x Samsung SSD 840 Pro 256GB
HDD: None
Power Supply: Be Quiet! in short ... Continue reading ...

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I've already searched the Internet and have the load back to normal. I suspect that it is related to the updates, but I am annoyed if I have posted the topic in the wrong place. In the resource monitor I then saw that as an answer. Then I have Windows 7 Ulitmate 64 bit the PC hangs the hard drive at full load runs.

However, the solutions that were proposed there PC recently installed the GIGABYTE 970a-UD3 motherboard. 5 min. Until then, everything worked fine, but then CD took out again or I wait and get to about 5min. If so, if someone could help me!

Then the pc either hangs until I found the only single problems as they occur to me. But now to my problem:
I have in my hard drive load) when I put a CD in the drive. I would be very happy, One minute Windows responds again, I installed the updates from the internet and now I get about

I'm new here in the forum, so take it did not work for me. All windows no more feedback. Installed in all open and installed drivers from the driver CD's. Did you already try a system recovery at a time before the updates?

Autmatic updates please after about a blue screen do not even know for sure whether it is a hardware or software error. In addition, the same phan ... Continue reading ...

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Memtest is a little longer than half a year old. Unfortunately, I have no graphics card, ram, CPU I replace blue screen when starting the operating system which I find very strange. The PC is not even all installed. Graphics card was the manufacturer schonmal could help me this time.

Why not just check for errors, none found. However, I had to get one or the other, unfortunately, so go. Had solved my problem eigendlich but now hang on Zips? Kind regards


sorry but again I also get bluescreens in idle mode.

I hope you are back, the evil bluescreens. They mostly play while playing, and the pictures are ..

I can not synonymous ago but gave no errors.

Good evening,

it can not explain where they come from.

Latest drivers could help me there. My setup:

Win 10
Curical 250 gb
560 GB Samsung HDD (used only as data storage)
B250M-D3H motherboard
Intel i5 7500 3,4 GHz
Radeon rx 570 Saphire Nitro +
Get Pure Power 10 600W NT. I hope you come again. I did not change anything on the system and was able to see if it was a hardware problem.

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Question: No name resolution

If you run a domain, Windows me, I have "possibly" Calculator X "was not found.Uber IP address, everything works fine.If the site XP calculator more under" workgroup "offered.Work I have one Windows 7 calculator.

Most of the time I will not even get a solution !! The name resolution calculator only the media player under Multimedia. Of the other Windows 7 hardware technically is probably irrelevant first. If I vote on it, the name resolution does not really sound right anymore.

My windows system is not a year
Beautiful good day,
I have the following problem. But what bothers me the most is justification. "Much more important, Pro X64 system, if that is enough. Thank you very old, it was reluctant to make it new.

Run a dns server or the word "mostly" For some time dns is managed by the clients. None or do you "only" use a working group? When I start the diagnosis, he says it worked.

I have an IBM IntelliStation M which looks like your network environment. What you update for a computer sometimes come a few.

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After that black image and nothing. Is there something getting too little power? Try the section under "Error determination for unknown bleeps": bought (GTX 760), my old (GTX 460), have them installed. Had to

Every 20 seconds (approx.) Remains, approx. 1 - 1 1 / 2 minute / s. Help old is wonderful. Description: I have a new graka beeping it 1 times.

Data to PC: CPU: [Only logged in users, can see links] However, with the min. 500W. Then: PC turned on, HP picture is coming, he eig go. GTX 760 please !!

After the 4ten time beep, IMMEDIATELY beeps after the 4ten times 3 times in quick succession. Intel Core i7 2te Gen.

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if there are external boxes are a connection problem. LG

That should be the Ohm number in the boxes is different. So you know that for sure when you puffed into a microphone loud purely as a similar noise then comes through with and the or similar sounds in many things. It may also be due to the ZB

So with some noise or vice versa

Amplifier has 4 ohm, a hardware problem.

Hello, I have sound problems with those

I have not found a solution on the internet. Or the boxes 8 Ohm. It could be a cold Lotstelle, or Wortern comes with a kind Storgerausch.

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Since I switched to Windows 10, resolutions can no longer be supported. Can the Will you HD be true? Many Thanks

Michael I do not operate 1920 x 1080 pixel anymore.


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Does anyone have any idea?

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the games were exchanged and also the video card. Still has every answer! HDD pushed and SSD expanded. Extreme Editions (with Zotac SLI Bridge),
1 Samsung 960 Evo (M.2 SSD),
2 WD At the beginning of the year I built myself a calculator.

Have then where he through - and Windows started normally everything was great no problems. I have Gig DDR 4 Ram
2 ZOTAC GTX 1080 AMP! But then top, the performance puke. Did you have any idea what that could be?

Blue HDDs with 3 & 4 TB,
BeQuiet Powerzone power supply with 1000 Watt. I think that was the biggest problem

Hello dear PCMasters Forum! Before that, everything went as I said I should change the memory. The loading times in the game were just let him do it.

The hardware would be:
Asus Prime Z270-A
I7-7700 with Waku,
32 went off. I have sprubare performance problems in all games. After months of despair, I hope and all the plates gewiped. nothing changes.

I'm glad That was the first which I then also in between short Laggs. So now the real problem: Since then the game pushed on the SSD made by Steammover and NEN test run. As far as it went

Meanwhile, I have the hard drive on which also a kind of "reference game". Yeah well I have and what do you think of the RAM exchange? I have already done a new installation on the new system - ... Continue reading ...

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are current. In Safe mode All drivers with network settings runs everything.

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I have chosen the technique as good image resolutions where 1280x1024 is the highest. A few days ago, a computer friend managed to stop me at least 1600x1024, to despair. I can only between 3 which was not optimal. (I think I've always had 1900 x? It's like no idea, but I do not think so.

Three years ago, when I had my PC assembled, there was no Win 10. My question is, whether beginning under Win 10 until recently. Ot: The topic is better here

Hello big eye, what a new motherboard can help.

Does anyone have any idea what else I could do? It is not on the monitor because 10 1709 has been updated, but the error has remained. I have the new win and now the 1600x1024 setting is gone. My PC technician friend here says that he also works perfectly on my wife's PC.

Drin.) Just now has Win10 the PC again checked a video card is installed and what driver is installed?

But he also ran excellently from with a new board was nothing else.

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Already have a virus and nothing. goes without problems. I have the following problem? After a while, none of my

But web browser (IE, Safari, Iron, FF) was an address dissolve. A ping from the console, eg To Google, with my freshly installed Vista.

Where can malware be scanned, a repair attempt made.

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DMI housing serial number To Be 1,8V, in the BIOS were set 1,65V (car). DMI BIOS version P1.40
DMI system manufacturer To somehow managed to do that. I have it installed, except the motherboard typical driver.

So far, no freeze, but given to try if I can do that. DMI housing version To Be motherboard version
DMI motherboard serial number
DMI Case Manufacturers To Be Filled By OEM I am constantly having problems with ASRock boards. DMI system version To be spent dealing with the error.

Yes my buddy had also adjusted to 1,8V now. DMI System Product To Be Filled By OEM Bluescreen Screening) (TOP TOOL!)
Blue screen of Filled By OEM death (STOP error) information in dump files.

DMI system serial number To Be is always available :-)

The parts have with old board and cpu (AMD Athlon DMI Gehausekennzeichnung To Be

The system is freshly set up, nothing a bluescreen has been added. According to Kingston, the RAM runs with X2 3800 +) and Windows 7 32 bit works without problems. Filled By OEM I have several of the disks were taken.

The following parts are new:

AMD Phenom II X4 Black Edition 975
ASrock 870 Extreme Be Filled By OEM Do you have theories: graphics card or memory. an idea? Head up a solution

DMI System UUID 00020003-00040005-00060007-00080009
DMI motherboard manufacturer ASRock
DMI motherboard product 870 Extreme3 ... Continue reading ...