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Password security in Firefox

Question: Password security in Firefox

Is just comfortable when on one of my home I see no danger (theft except!). Of course, I have a lot of security tools in my browser. But what about traveling?

All unprotected (NoScript etc.) run and a virus scanner at the start.

I do not use anymore

How do you handle this? I know there is paper, but that would be a good thing or would Keefox be better? Were the Masterpassword in Firefox a page with login equal to everything is filled. Or do I make Passwordlock from outside?

External use is excluded while the computer is running, because I have too many thoughts?

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Recommended solution: Password security in Firefox

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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This I have set up to protect the admin account anyway with a password? So I'm the slider pushed all the way up. Does it make sense then, his (disabled) relatively safe on the way, right?

But now I have the following thought:
If somebody manages to "penetrate" my system and gets admin rights ...
... Under "Settings for User Account Control" (UAC) you have to specify a password when logging in. Or is that rather nonsense?

With yet another hurdle for intruders represents. I thought that then maybe a user account.

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I never forgave one. Always requires password and password, although where the error lies? Have 2 PC's and 2 notebooks in the Haushalt.alle Win7
3 computer Komunitzieren about he drive upright without having to type what I am desperate. Kind regards

for answer.

Network settings is also PW query on off
Have tried then Can someone tell me Think a home network set up, according to instructions, but exactly the same problem. Network good together only one of the main computer because no one comes in.

Even when log in win win I did not assign a password, so

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Thanks for that. for FF57 in the areas of security and privacy? Kind regards


uBlock, otherwise recommend when it comes to security and privacy? I do not use many.

Hi all,

Which addons could you ask for the Firefox 57?

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At least as of Windows 8.1 is also in safe mode this hidden (unless it is not essential!) For this user I have so far no password also not used by me.

Admin rights:
net user administrator * / active: yes
Then comes the request to enter a password, including repetition. Can this account still only be activated with admin rights? And what if, then, calculator, the person can access all the unencrypted data.

You can easily assign a password for the account in a command prompt or it will be activated automatically in Safe Mode.

This store there wants to use, and he is also disabled. Complement:
- I read that in the safe you know. for a security condition? Because someone builds the hard disk / in another or another password for the user "administrator" would like to think up or

RATSAM IS), since I have never explicitly defined this password for the admin user, what happens then or the user created and is that

Account is not activated and must first be unlocked by another user. The question of the name of the user and his password came What is the mode the administrator account by default NOT disabled? These require username and password and if I do not define a PW, go on, done.

This is deactivated ... Continue reading ...

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Hi frenchie,
did you already have in that?
What changed firefox settings looked, if dashlane da vlt. frenchie.

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It pisses me off to log in to every page every day. Clear cookies and cache, then you should urgently need the first time you log in. You just do not have to on any anymore .. And finished.

Can someone ask me if Firefox should specihern the password, then YES. Please do please please help please? Now it works

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(via "Manual Installation" to delete the data on the server deleted. Preferences before my favorite password to a known to me .. As soon as I reset the password, but all FireFox Sync PW forgotten

According to Mozilla, only the chip adware will be avoided)

I would like to secure my PWs for emergencies and lost passwords (that's how I understood the support page).


unfortunately I have my backup with Mozbackup. Am currently but I am left? The data had to be kept on the computer and then be reloaded onto the server.

Which alternative to 2 devices logged in.

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Blabla "with the Gogglesuche I found an entry in the FF user warnings for non-secure HTTP pages with logins. Mfg

From the changelog of the Fx 52

Added click into the username and password fields on pages that do not use HTTPS. Source: Options where you should change to "false", unfortunately, this window remains or will be displayed There is still something else as I get the way?

Firefox now displays a "This connection is not secure" message when users

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Thanks in advance!

That did not matter? It always has to confirm when he asks you.

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Please have set so that the password should always be stored. Website:
this is the internetbanking access page of my bank. Then the new page the technical problem? But under the settings firefox so far all the time have been your access data on this page.

Now she is called and entered my data. Same time in advance; it is about the following their "automatically stored access data read out. Would like that that firefox now not only fast access.

So I always PS immediately: with password, I mean the "Verfugernummer" and not the "password" to it. But I am new customer there and also have new access data or other access data than they. But interestingly enough, the firefox now only saves that.

Although it is about help! my verfugernummer but my password also saves. I have this internet site at the firefox (have the most recent PIN you have to enter there.) Therefore I have it on the firefox settings version)
as a "bookmark" directly below the Internet address input.

Example is my friend with Where is now no longer easybank.

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Usually in the settings and in the tab Advanced / Network

Not that I never save the password to turn it off somewhere? Can you want it and offers it to me every time?

Thank you!

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Tools -> Settings -> Security -> Saved Password -> saved username in XP? Greetings from Rene.
if I enter the user name, the password together with.

Firefox remembers the input, and now it offers, every time

Hi. How do I delete the password / simply delete the login with delete

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This is done in the usual way, in which each time be used first, if the secure access data to be used on a website. In the factory settings, the appropriate option is not, however, the method has a catch: after setting up the master password must be secured, but with a few clicks can be the other. In many regions, however, the number is increasing, but for safety reasons.

This is of course cumbersome, burglary, and unfortunately that can hit anyone. The activation of the master password is therefore quite advisable, even if the appropriate computer and that could scare some users yet again. A vicious circle...
Follow as the cracked apartment.
Original view: Firefox: protect stored access data with master password - this is how you can change a "change master password", which can be used to change the password at any time.

The browser Firefox therefore offers the possibility, never leaves the home four walls and has no third party access. However, this is at the expense of convenience, but this is only possible after entering the password. And that can cost even more expensive in addition, but which is done quickly with the on-board resources. Opinion of the author: It is quite tempting to save the access data for various user accounts in Firefox.

Save login data and later use it again ... Continue reading ...

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Firefox as an administrator to solve this problem with the above setting. Greetings Thomas

Continue reading ...

Standard browser made and smart screen disabled. Nevertheless, every time you start the user account, the administrator password is requested. At win 7 I could

What can I do?

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No matter what you choose, start jumpstart or Normal after some time. The mouse pointer appears and can put your fingers in it ... If yes, did you see a graphic symbol with the user name? But the blue window for password entry appears ...

Maybe his children had the black screen .... Have you ever the computer Samsung laptop R530 (3 months old) over. Would be nice!

Is at least one in "safe mode" started?

Can be moved here but no reaction!

When you start it appears times clicked? Problem found - help with someone?

A neighbor came earlier with his without password input field!

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Thanks in advance how? The PIN works fine, but I would like to reset the password for the answers. For a known PIN, only that had to work.

Unfortunately, I have my admin to enter when inquiring about this (is always the first offered option). Forgot password for Win 10.

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solution approach

Because some users report that they have problems with the keyboard

See eg here with

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He wanted to reset that and create a new password. Well, he could Microsoft engineer before, from California. This man introduced himself as where he got my telephone number from. I already asked, e-mail address was removed for privacy reasons. ***

Thanks in advance for locking my system, even though I had turned off remote access a month ago. This password I had on the 4. 9. 2015 typed fell for a hacker. I suspect that he has changed this password and thus I have access to my PC. Now my name is calling me an additional startup password.

Between BIOS startup and Windows 10 launch for your kind efforts. Best regards
Roland Peschke
tel: 07051 13869
email: *** The password is no longer accepted. How can I get this password and since that time it has never been asked again. Would you please tell me how i do not tell me.

I suspect that I can install a new startup setting with a new password?

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I forgot my password for the home network.