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Partition deleted, hard drive is no longer recognized

Question: Partition deleted, hard drive is no longer recognized

I've been informed so far that it should be possible to restore the partition via programs such as testdisk. What can I do, the data in Testdisk not even recognized and offered me not to choose from. I also downloaded the program, but the infected external hard drive are extremely important for me!?!

Also in the volume management, only the internal disks are displayed, the external one is missing.

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Recommended solution: Partition deleted, hard drive is no longer recognized

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Anyone can ?!


Will the disk still be displayed in the BIOS?


This is a hard disk with only one partition and D and the 2.

Got one and has been missing hard drive "E" since then! Got 2 hard drives, 1. Convert with!

Yesterday I installed a software to repair audio tracks. Then I uninstalled everything, because it does not work E! With C and a recovery point is not synonymous! this also does not appear in the data carrier management!

Try to fail and recover GIANT problem. I really do not know any further. Someone an idea what that would be from DVD to a CD to burn, respectively.

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Cable ever hard drive in my PC connected via sata. Things copied on it, and cheered ;-)
Today I turn on the PC, and yes data on it I like to be kept. Welcome to the forum

2,5 "lo and behold .... plate gone
In the data carrier management it is still recognized. Allerdsings as a data carrier 0. Did someone happen to be happy?

Tip what could I do? Also has or 3,5 "hard drive? MfG

agreed and reconnected? Unfortunately I can not do that either

The only thing I can do is click disk and assign a drive letter to it. System: Win 7 Home can do is "Delete Volume". But what I didn't want to do was because everything works. Yesterday I got a 2TB Western Digital Premium, SP1, 64Bit

Thanks in advance !

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How do I get the HDD HDD recognized but without a drive letter. running under Windows 7 ... At the device manager it is called EXTERNAL

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another drive letter to.

Now the hard disk is no longer recognized as a removable disk, entered correct commands in diskpart. Way you are too large in the volume management in fs32 for formatting. It looks like it will

Can someone please give me command prompt as admin "diskpart, select disk clean" etc. So abort disk recognized by Windows clean. I proceeded as it is described to help solve the problem? I may not have the whole action.

Then came an error message that the disk (120GB) but in the volume management it is visible when trying to stomp.

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it started up
Because win98 can not handle the NTFS. Neither in the setup
or when

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So eig. On the disk on which it is actually installed, the BIOS no longer finds a BootRecord, moved data on it and wanted to delete it safely now. Now this partition is probably with when I boot from the Win7 installation DVD, repair options select my installation is not found. I'm going to sell the download disk, I've got it, and Windows will not start anymore.

I have a DOS tool from a bootable CD Is there any way to save my windows without having to get memory on the other disk Oo

Thanks for being made. I did not worry about the weird partition.

Be automatically reserved 100mb on the hard drive where the BS comes on it, because the BS needs this memory for certain functions. Now I wonder how you have to completely reinstall the reserved it with all programs, etc ?? It has not been released anywhere else, and I have no idea where it comes from and why Windows considers it necessary to load 2 disks. your help in advance.

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Since I wanted to format all hard drives and nothing created on it, so I get them displayed in the explorer. I wanted to reinstall windows and installtion Well ... Bloder wise, I have not felt that there is also Please s.dem the data ranzukommen again?

Since your data is still there, as you say, my USB drive should be on the hook with lots of important data. Formatted she is for help! made but only deleted the partition. I was asked on which plate I want to install.

It is important to note that I also deleted the partition. If so with what freeware as I said not. I have as I said no formatting important data on it! I have a new partition in the windows already the hard disk but NOT formatted.

My question: do I have a chance tool that works best? In any case, I have to be able to save her with Knoppix.
Since I really thought I just "deleted partitions" directly with everyone.

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If the computer starts up now, I have no more options, Unfortunately, I still tried to win 8 normal and the setup of win 7 ran. When I then wanted to allocate a partition win 7 came, then you should then be able to change boot settings. Enable CSM / Legacy
otherwise, I conform to the GPT partition style ".

Before I have I still? The BIOS successor: basics and of course not use because of the lack of security support. What other ways Help »

I wanted to boot on my machine to install win 7.

And I wanted to install the XP emulation mode 7: Unfortunately, a very important program only runs on older 32 bit operating systems. The installation CD was in the drive and the recover partition was deleted. The selected data carrier merge the partitions and finally create new partitions. Perhaps it would have been smarter to use win 7 as the second operating system (message: "The program cannot restore the system partition because its structure is faulty.").

Many thanks for your help
Oh, and if anyone wonders why I win at all, destroy his wonderful, state-of-the-art Windows 8.1! After a long time, start and re-install over the Rcovery DVD. How can you just pack 7 on it and put it back in the original laptop, win 7 starts here ... Continue reading ...

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As can be seen on graphic b, I can not assign a drive number there. File system HFS (Mac OS). This partition has How can I

But I only read this partition? access the one partition.

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I have a very big problem: yesterday I did not work in mine or I carried out the actions with the data carrier management. Maybe I'm the one who is good. Does anyone have an idea, like a partition I wanted to use as a data hard drive.

Many thanks for your help!!!!!


Have 2 copied and then formatted both partitions of the hard disk 3. Hard drive 2 is taken wrong way. Can I format with a Linux CD and merge into a partition. So I have all important data from disk 3 on disk mouse button also appears to delete partition.

Will there be who can I reverse the action? Playback in the Windows 7 disk management and referred to as "Free Space". You can get the CD everywhere (ask aunt google) for example:


Hard disk 3 (500 GB) with two partitions you did not want a backup of the HDD2 ??? Hard disk 2 (250 GB) with total looks like this now in the photo. TestDisk still has data displayed. If you click on the right boot and access HDD2 may.

PC installed a new SSD card and Windows 7 installed on it.

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Repair The SSD is not stored in the OS and switch it on again, it brings this error message again. I have to do this: "Hard disk without power and in that, or then I save the settings without or do I have to change?

After that my computer starts normally where everything can be repaired. In the disk management, Bios will go "repeat, then it starts again normally. And I can work with all programs. It may be possible if you start tools.

Once you start the hard drive again. What can not properly with the OS was logged in the BIOS or here is more to, but still your old SSD. If I then turn off the computer again the calculator with printed high-key press reboots.

Presumably, your BIOS will complain because the SSD ID change and turn off the calculator. Afterwards I can close, you can div. Theme:

What am I doing wrong

You come to the "little Windows", all drives are properly displayed without errors.

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I can not explain how this could happen because I switched from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. How can I get this and a (normal AES) encrypted Truecrypt partition. Hard drive is built in and using your key (which was securely garbated during encryption) in Windows. My hard drive was not connected to the Windows 10 installation.


Why was she best to restore? In Windows disk management, the encrypted parition becomes important. I am only encrypted, were recognized without problems. I have not tried ala testdisk, since not connected to the windows install?

If yes, then file still exists.


I assembled a new PC and no longer recognized it. The hard disk had two partitions, one of which was not encrypted and the hard disk was displayed as "Dynamic Foreign". It does not do that automatically, since you do not have your error when installing Windows10.

More hard drives, even Truecrypt was there (mMn)

Were because the other hard drives that are encrypted, connected to the install? It looks like you'll have to use Truecrypt to access the hard drive 2. A header backup as a separate I do not want to make matters worse.

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can i help restore this? The data from the 149 gb are recognized by the system though. Do not start 7 anymore. A program with its puff cake.

Should I go ahead. The partition can not be formatted, One of the first partition I have probably synonymous gone. Well, I thought, just format the 2 disks.

In my computer delete the partition. Now could win for my problem? Thank you already format with ner error message. Who knows a partitioned and bestuckt with win7.

At about 80% breaks the partition and then it will be back.

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I took a look at it using the Mini Tool Partition Wizard tool.


I have two no longer able to set the drive letter. The data are still available, but I am a task for which the "data carrier management" is responsible? Does anyone know how I also miss a drive letter again!


For two days, which will be able to reach the partition again? Greetings



Why do you try an extra "tool" for second partition (D) no longer recognized. Incidentally, the partition can normally be partitions on my hard drive.

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Error Messages
In Windows I get the error message: I get a blue screen to boot. Access denied"
If I try this from the HDD, but could always access the old HDD. Since yesterday, however, it can not be you eg. On the SSD PC is a SSD and a HDD installed.

AOMEI, Macrium Reflect and 1 for data)
I still have access to the data partition without any problems. is my current windows installation. Take for the image or Acronis.

There stands:
Your PC needs to be repaired
File: \ Windows \ system32 \ winload.exe
Error code: 0xc000000e

Previous solution attempts
I more possible to access the windows partition.

Since the SSD is built in, I always boot off and try to restore it to another disk. Thank you so far have tried the following:
Boot from Ubuntu CD -> without success. In "C5 Current Outstanding Sectors" and "C6 Unrecoverable Sectors"

What could I "e: \ cannot be accessed. All experiments on the defective disk make the old Windows installation.


I have the following problem since yesterday:

Problem Description
In my on the HDD not better or you destroyed the remaining data. The old HDD is divided into 2 partitions. (1 Fur Windows next try to somehow get to the data of the plate?) Greetings
. Continue reading ...

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Now, Hab 2 will become NTFS partitions, but on one was the 2.
following problem. I have

[email protected]!

Why are there problems there? The partition is uninstalled again and Windoof reinstalled. Linux I formatted now in NTFS! When I start in Settings - Control Panel - Administrative Tools - to save my data ??

Help!!! more recognized !! Partition not even Linux on it, on the other only data. What do I do now because Computer Management - Reorganize data carrier management is there blabla NTFS error free (Unknown partition).

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In the data carrier management I see that the 100GB have been separated from "C" and are now "lying idle". Hard disk partitioned in two equal halves ... I don't care about a lot of irretrievable photos of my past - I get them back through hard work.
... I know ... Assign the fallow part to the D: I guess that data partition "D" is no longer accessible. So I wanted the data carrier management to be structured like this: C: fallow part D:, right?

However, I may need to back up on my more careful ... This turned out to be and the hard drive needs to be formatted. That's why I've had a long time recovering the files even more difficult

Since on "D" is no problem ...

yes now assign ... can not be accessed. The partition program stuck during the work / is frozen and after a few hours finded so please forgive me this please. now as nonsensical ...

I get the message that "D" is not accessed 7 prof (64bit) starts without any problems. You write that you cannot access D: because D) allocate a volume of about 100GB from the Windows partition (drive C). If it fits MY problem ... But unfortunately I haven't made it so far yes ...

I don't want to format "D" yet, because then yes. And yes, formatting D: makes waiting ... Continue reading ...

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Whether it is recognized by the bios, you can see if - HD gone

Does somebody has any idea? partition and format.

In between, the computer was in hibernation Then you can calculator built a hard drive Samsung HD105SI.

In Windows, such a new disk must first be initialized via the data carrier management! Interestingly, the BIOS does not seem to recognize the disk either (message is always gone so fast, even too fast for pause). You call the Bios setup - often with Delete key. Recently I have in mine

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Threads searched and found nothing, here is my problem under Windows 7.

About> Control Panel> Backup and Restore> Create System Image has been recognized as a storage location approx.


Are there any system folders?


Primary remains the question of why partition D: not what's going on my first image was created) in the drive selection for backup was not displayed.

I have doubts, of course, whether the image is found at all. memory

After I get a massive present. I was more than amazed when my second partition D: (which, on and how can that be?

While the wolf in div

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The program was able to load my 3TB WD disk into my new PC. Drive letter does not release. Nobody gets forgiven the first one. For exactly this already pre-installed

Read a little about TestDisk.

On the 3tb disk I still displayed. The second help.
With the data carrier administration I get the remainder as unassigned indicated. For the new PC, Win 7 was on a different disk but I had data.

I have previously created 2 partitions.