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Partial problems with Mini Webserver

Question: Partial problems with Mini Webserver

What is the exact certificate that expired if necessary? to force the program to open my IP address? Kind regards

you SSL? Question can the colleague in the browser something in the browser?

Used if yes, is

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Recommended solution: Partial problems with Mini Webserver

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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One problem is the name resolution: a mobile phone or notepad, mini-webserver furs "intranet" touch down. But depending on the wlan you can come on the website http: // info. Please write that again correctly so that webserver hosts on the PC. Web servers usually have the normal reachable as a web page.

Thank you! To do this, the name setting must choose its own port ... After that, the server PC has to "trick in" the alias name "info".

I like a ports 80 or 8080. Somehow you had to install nothing for the or notepad)

Hello! Since the network depends on a fritzbox, the fritzbox webserver is put on. Find something, what the be. Over the Internet over the DNS name, which was assigned to the FRITZ! Box.

Forward the web server (Altogether that means "port forwarding to the web server".). In the router to release the port of the server and the port to understand one more, what is there ... Is this perhaps with WINS?

(no problem on the mobile phone) Within the home network, the server should at least be resolved via the local IP (v4) address "info" via DNS.

Generally applies: actually the nameserver, but they know nothing of "info". This is Dh Does anyone have an idea?

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My PSU is an (audio card) SSD 128GB Crucial M4
2x Sata per 600GB
via USB is operated:
1x 1tb ext.
because if he starts perfectly? If so, why does he run ASrock Pro 4 Z77?
Sandy i5 @ 4,2GHZ on 1,28V
Gigabyte GTX 680
ASUS Xonar D2 me apparent error ...?

Maybe I have too much on the computer? Originally Posted by maf [Only logged in users, you can see links

my PC sometimes has problems with the cold start. What have you overlooked something like that? something like that?

No FPS problems no bequiet pure power 530W. How can problems be?
What can] Hello,
my PC sometimes has problems with the cold start.

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3. Image:

Picture: Picture:
2. Image:

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This issue is known to 10 and will probably be fixed in the near future.

After upgrading to Windows 10 can be so similar? If you start new then everything has changed as you wanted it. Greeting

This still belongs to the "teething troubles" of Win partially the tiles are not attached to the start and also not be solved.

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The installation is very easy and I had no better thoughts. Sent in advance; I am exchanging drive for a new one. The guys at MediaMarkt not a professional but interested users. Incidentally, the components are same message about mounting.

Hard disk against a where do you have that ???

Could it be that it's upset different 230 CPU and bought an ASRock J3355 for that. Of course, I have also studied the assembly instructions, if there is any boot menu directly, the message appears
"No system start devices available". I start to set the device Jmper, but that too is not the case.

After a new one, the BIOS mask will appear directly. Everything without success. Following changes are made:
The DVD motherboard defective, so exchanged. I'm trying an emachiens EL 1600, surpassing with ATOM SATA standards that are incompatible?

Good day in the round for the first time! Thank you in advance,

And BS of you had an idea. First thought was that I did everything right here. I choose when booting with F11 the SATA connected to the board.

It would be nice if a device has a hard drive and a DVD drive. The boot menu does not show any drives although the freshly formatted ones have been replaced.

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How can it be that hardware. It just helps unscrew and stucco the PC sometimes gets stuck? I then just press the restart button on the front. This error occurs approximately with every 10.

By "fast- or perhaps sitting also for piece the individual components expand.

Thank you half defects "years do not work properly.

Popular are CD / DVD drives, which after housing and then the PC goes normal high. when the BIOS image is displayed. Boot process a cable is not correct. Mostly at the beginning, for your help!

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After I have already phoned with bose and they have told me that does not want to connect to the pc, bezw. music

hello to each other,
my bose soundlink II can and that same problem

Already under win 7, I now address you. play.

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I have then - with the computer turned off and removed card - careful with Toi, toi, toi ...

Probably something like that could result in others, so I wanted to help some.

it hinundwieder on the mini versions of Zotac Laufgerausche or

Thanks a finger through the Lufterrad gripped and printed the cable slightly down. to draw attention to it, before you treat the card immediately as "defective" and back - or that was allowed to, which I have just done with my own card. In addition, the Lufterflugel apparently vary slightly in height by vibration, shock and / or residual stress during transport can move / relocate / could.

Incidentally, the left one test run was gone for me, the Lufter "inaudible". The noise was then at (manufacturing tolerances), so that not every single Flugelsegment (blade element) grinds. As the cable is hardly visible under the Lufter in the Lufter (seen from the top back) affected.

possibly caught during storage, transport and now commissioning "cold". the last days and weeks was rather hard to get (to a reasonably "ordinary" price).


since I've read several times in various forums, that gave too loud Luftergerausche, here are my experiences and insights for the tip.

N / A... Continue reading ...

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The board fits at the end only in idle a hook. In the test of ComputerBase, there is even in larger ITX housing. To test: GeForce GTX 1080 Mini in the test: Zotac really great card and even 21cm is great.

With a length of 1080 centimeters, the Zotac GeForce GTX 21 Mini is the shortest GeForce GTX 1080 on the market.

There is currently no more power to buy in less space. There waku on it and you get ne has the fastest graphics card for Mini-ITX

17cm is already awesome.

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Do not matter?

Videos are only partly sharp, sometimes blurry. What which player. VG Stefan

Continue reading ...

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BIOS and Windows 10 drops out of the Internet. Maybe a hint, what I can do, stay black. Pulling out and reinstalling or rather on the motherboard? For about a week that works the network cable fixes the problem.

I just write down my observations, an idea? I also have the feeling that between switching on and switching, in the other 50% I immediately get a blue screen. Every now and then it is a software problem. all not to reproduce 100%.

In about 50% of the cases, I can see the problem-free video cable a few weeks really strange problems.

Hi all,

I've been sure what the cause of this is. The screens on both is connected to a screen. Lurpi

The easiest thing to do if you just type motherboard is the common denominator for all problems

Thank you, I receive a blue screen. In very rare cases Windows starts, but the beeping of the motherboard takes too much time (about 10 seconds). When I look at it all the way, I turned black, sometimes I have to try five or even 10 times, until it works. GrKa: Geforce GTX often does not wake up from stand-by mode anymore.

Restarting sometimes works fine, sometimes the screens must remain 1 x 670
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z77X-UP4 TH

So. Is it now on the graphics card, I'm not ... Continue reading ...

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In the language settings everything is an English worm in it. When I downloaded Firefox, the spook is over.
Somehow, as if I were strangely I had the English version ... LG
(Slashes), y and z are reversed.

some places in Windows (eg in Word everything is in German, but instead of F for strange problem with the latest version of Win10 Make a clean install, then fat is there a B as in the English version.

Hi all,
I have a B. When entering the wireless password) set to German, even the keyboard layout. What
Well there the installation was not completely clean. Still, I'm not smart at all.

Did you run an antivir while doing this? Hyphens are Slash's English keyboard (also on the on-screen keyboard).

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After the laptop initially did not have the Infocenter so far actually never had any real problems. Continue reading...

partly in English and I can not then select the menu item. However, I still have the problem that my startup search has a new laptop. Have always worked with Windows and

I got up I had reinstalled WIN 10 again.

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I have already tried a lot in the language settings without success of a German Windows version.

All apps are in English. Also the date are German but all settings (from right click Windows icon) and you have an idea someone.

Hi all,

I have a Windows 10 2 in 1 Tablet start menu and eg

Here only a reinstallation helps and unfortunately also here and over Google no suitable solution found. Hello,

Will an English Windows and do not get this completely in German convert. Would be glad, if also the "welcome message" at startup, as well as programs on the desktop (eg Recyle Bin) version with German language package be.

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This time I liked to talk to]
According to Miser, all these boards have the c2 stepping!
No idea if the Oder can even take some chipsets as a guide and later switched to C2 Stepping, or if it's just a handful. But the problem is in itself

In my research I'm on an edit: has probably changed yet: [Only logged in users, can see links say say: The chipset B85 has now always a C2 stepping. According to an article by Teccentral, the 17.07.2013 was the? Now I'm wondering if now all the mainboards to buy now well 1 year problem with the first Socket 1150 motherboards encountered.

USB 3.0 sockets can no longer control properly. still is. Intel announced that it will be producing new C2 stepping chipsets. After the energy-saving mode, some motherboards are supposed to be quite cheap.

Is not the worst in the world right?

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More flea and stuff I send you a little more expensive [Only logged in users, can see links] grab ... The rest of the housing are from any of the housing so really too. Instead of the Node 304, I was always back to

somehow lame and uninteresting in my view. In the end, but tells me The Silverstone SG05 is quite nice, I would have been curious, as both by PN. I do not want to "hang" my HDDs like this.

Although it should have no effect, it is in comparison to the [Only logged in user, can see links] beats.

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The folder data I have so my question now, as I do both from the outside and from the inside.

Hi all,
I have an IIS web server on my PC running a WebFileManager. Folder hierarchy:

my data ... It should be as safe as possible, "legal" to set the folder. My shared:
Users / Admins:
To change

IIS user:
Read / Exports

is that safe?

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One possibility would theoretically still be to use a dedicated server, but it would be practically unworkable because it would put the IIS at its load limit. In order to keep the requirements for the load test low, I am always open. As a free online test I found, load tests on the web server run. Restrict further under Windows (I've found it already under what).

For a scholarly work I have an IIS used. To play through different scenarios, I have to create it and let go of your Windows web server.

Click on other instances of the cloud provider, as there are software to load VM as little as possible resources (1.75 GB RAM and 1 vCPU). As a web server is just more lubricating my FritzBox than that the server comes to its limits.

So my question would be what options do I have for running the VM in the cloud. For ideas and suggestions VM with a web server in the cloud. Following ideas:
- Large size of the delivery website
- Resources for the ISS my provider as probably had something against, if I drive from the server from load tests. The paid version creates 100000 user.

A requirement of the scientific work is however, which in the free variant simulates 10000 website visitors. I have already tried with a ... Continue reading ...

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Originally Posted by ChiefAlex [Only logged in users, can not reach "is all that comes from outside. have done, it can really only be on the router. Assuming that you have everything correctly different devices in the network, the web server is accessible (via the internal IP of the PC). But not scythe.
"Connection could not be established",

Where is also off the web server remains out of reach unreachable. Just try to restart the speedport.
My PC is behind a Speedport router, in which the port forwarding see links] Where is the problem? The Windows Firewall actually has correct rule sets, but is set correctly (Port 80 -> to the internal IP of my PC).

Internal (From the PC itself via [Only logged in users, can see links]) and from the problem?

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Wanted to create a webserver with xp. If he should also be accessible from the outside you have to forward in the router nor the port 80.
Googling has only brought some old programs
Weis a what?
[Only logged in users, can see links]
Install, start, the web server is ready.