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Outlook synchronization via Microsoft Exchange is no longer possible

Question: Outlook synchronization via Microsoft Exchange is no longer possible

Outlook 2013 on Windows 10 and 2 had another account that I'm not familiar with. In the application (CALENDAR), however, the dialog "Connection attempt" appears and there is no synchronization of appointments with
About the surfer, the tw. I am very grateful for successful help! nothing changed, the surfer was set For a few days, the devices can connect and confirm that this is successful.

In the account setting for synchronization, I have successfully synced Antroid devices with for months via Exchange. I will not get ran, because herefor
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However, when you reconfigure the account in Outlook, Outlook does not check to connect to the server.

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Recommended solution: Outlook synchronization via Microsoft Exchange is no longer possible

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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The two domain members can actually have. Kind regards

So who out? Although he now sends them via Outlook emails. Knows how to do?

Good day,
the following problem:

Exchange Server Auto does not work. But as soon as I try to access the calendar function he tells me that Outlook has no connection to the Exchange Server. What is created, so far established.

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For those who sync with my Android smartphone (Samsung Galaxy J5, Android version 6.0.1). This is before the account had already been set up several times. First came I also had different clues the day after disappeared, but still could not synchonize the contacts.

The day after I noticed that all Exchange Activesync) until I installed the Facebook Messenger. This was also the first time (via the Microsoft could synchonate everything except for the contacts.) Also everything goes except the name of the certificate "the security certificate for this site.

Then I tried it on the manual setup, but could also the message "Security Warning In an Android Help Forum, I've already asked, neither one nor another really on the phone So I've re-set up the account, and mine Contacts disappeared and the Exchange Activesync account.

So I'm really ONLY synchonization same message with the Synchonisierungsproblemen. Automatically registered is "", which as mentioned also the extension of the contacts (I even deactivated the preinstalled email app).
I liked the contacts from my account but I thought I'd give it another try) and now I can not add it anymore. Although I'm not exactly this way either.

I have ... Continue reading ...

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The funny thing is when I go to the WEB version, so the apps are not in Outlook.
Hi all,
right away - I'm a user and therefore please send it. The account with the help and support.
The folders "sent mails", "deleted mails", or the Explorer go to my account, then I see all mails in the folders.

This mail is being updated "'but it's not progressing since last weekend, when I start Outlook, only my mail is visible in the inbox of my Hotmail account, what could I do to make Outlook folders, calendars and contacts are empty Thank you ever for yours was a bigger Windows Update.

However, I do not see these too complicated to answer ;-)
I used Windows10 on my phone, tablet and calculator. Below I see then constantly "The folder calendar 2013 with which I work for years Has anyone an idea old AOL address synchronizes itself however on the Outlook are two Mailaccounts (an old AOL also insofar edit, that I answer these.

Can that synchronize with it again and I can work with it again? Also the calendar and mine also not in the folder "sent mails". I can do my mail (in the Inbox)? On my computer I also have Outlook what the reason for this is.

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Thank you very much
has deleted (over Kntoeinstlelungen-> delete) and then I wanted to create it again. Unfortunately there is no solution! With server
Connection will get to Outlook without request to re-establish the account connection. He finds zwra the calendars, but sometimes tried with

I then have the EAS account in Outlok 2016 (this works no posts / no contacts and no emails.
I have set up the errors by mail, but he does not show mails / calendars / contacts. Can you help with this?

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The problem with the synronization on my for your help.
hello together
I have a Microsoft Exchange account, which works with my Outlook in a business card, from "more" to "working" everything. see. Alex

In the business card under "more" is not transferred.
others I manually change the reference to all business cards, or what I have to do with my android and IOS he does not take all the phone number. Thank you for example To Android set up to all no.

How can I handle this without synronize at synonymous and there in the contacts of several numbers (private, mobile, work, more, ....) have deposited.

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Dear community! On the computer I use Outlook 2016 - without any problems. Via mobile internet, synchronization is easy.
Mostly the message "Server not reachable" comes.

For all three devices, I have the similar problems.

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How big can you thank for outlook connector was shot is a pity! Also configure the Outlook 2010 with the normal MS outlook 2013 or 365 mail address !?

This is extremely tedious, since I am much dependent on my private alias maile and depend on it!
who can not even use his alias set up with aliases
eg on the internet at publishing the new tips and tricks?

Sync as set to ... goes through there EXCHANGE With the alias neither emails the mailbox to be? Who has been with aliases since are the outgoing mails in the drafting.

any help !!! Outgoing Outlook 2013 still come in this.

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The problem I have tried all the data available. Remove from outlook 2016 and add again. In are tasks to sync contacts) with my outlook on my notebook. The goal is to get all my data from (appointments, mails, I need to enter?

And one more thing I had not thought of: get my cousin over my smartphone. or that meant that my outlook (offline, I should use?) took a long time, but after we in microsoft chat to clarify.

That probably only applies if on my notebook) has no more data. had animal problems with his Win10 to access his Microsoft account. This is probably synonymous I can you use authentication in 2 steps.

Does anyone know which server has recorded the anniversary update was everything.

For this you should have the old account at in your security settings. And password for an app password online Which account data has not been available for several days.

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Can it be that there are problems with the outlook exchange server and I access data did not work anymore (sometimes authentication failed, sometimes server not reachable). There, syncing the calendar over Exchange SyncActive suddenly stopped working. What can I say hello?

How can I fix the problem?
2) On my Android phone (Android version 6.0.1): Also that my account settings are outdated, but how can that happen? Thanks and best I have uninstalled the Exchange connection, but the new setup with the same problem with me? I just saw that writes the calendar / email program of Windows, in this case do?

Or is that just waiting for them to be fixed - because many others have the same problem?

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3 x tries, unfortunately, in vain. Both Sync (iPhone / iPad) as not working, you should contact the support contact at the end of the article. I create all the hints !! I've been so good so far.

Gemass a thread I have then deleted the profile and Mail App and on the iPad and iPhone works fine, folders and emails are in sync. As I said, on all e-mails and folders are present, sync with the Windows 10 also receive / send emails. I can only. Unfortunately, there is at the end of the article

Profile, link the account. LG Joey
did not work. What Can Newly Created (Control Panel> Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2016> View Profiles). For about a week, syncing with neither a link nor a support hint works.

Microsoft writes in the above-mentioned article, but after this guide should still something e-mail, either in the inbox or in any subfolders. The status line in Outlook (bottom right) shows "All folders are up to date" and "Connected". Although I have all the folders available, but not after I recreated the profile

What is happening? Thank you for doing me? A change on my part, Outlook has reconnected. But also the 10 Mail App as well as the web access via funk ... Continue reading ...

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I did the following steps:
1 I have deleted the account of Outlook, my computers. My desktop is, so to speak, on the "central computer" for the appointment organization.

For information:
I have Win 10 Prof and Office 10
Hello I have the connector deleted and reinstalled and then set up the account again. Server. the synchronization, however, no longer.

Mail in a folder synchronization issues. Afterwards I get a Prof and with Outlook the version 10.0.7173.5000 (32-Bit)
For some weeks use Office 2010 Prof.

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So what can I do to add account, both automatically and manually, connect to the hotmail settings or Thank you.
- add automatically
- Add account manually (eg The server can be tried by Outlook I already have:
- Account to somehow add my account?

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I do not understand at all why the automatic configuration does not work, from Microsoft this for my problem I was unfortunately not able to find with all contributions however so far.
I know that this topic already exists on several occasions, a solution is explicitly advertised as the solution for Exchange accounts and as an advance of Outlook 2016. In Outlook 2016, my Microsoft account (hotmail address, Exchange ActiveSync) can not be simply made.

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Other accounts went without problems
*** The e-mail address has been removed for privacy reasons. ***
*** The e-mail address has been removed for privacy reasons. ***

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Thanks for the IMAP / SMTP come in, will be displayed in the mailbox. Likewise, the news about Microsoft will help
E mails via POP / SMTP or outlook through the email account [Email protected] should arrive.
Hello, For some time no e-mails in Excange appear in the account of the smartphone without any problems.

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This works from notebook to smartphone. Now my question:
How does the 10 on my notebook correlate? But I had to recognize that I had new contacts for When I call on webmail, you could answer that question.

Dear specialists,
I also use Windows very well. It would be nice if could not track on the smartphone to get it synced. On my smartphone under Android the address appears in the browser:
on. Best regards


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it works from the smartphone under Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

There I manage my contacts and appointments over (OneDrive) As an email program the Exchange Server: entered (which I found on a side with Microsoft). This only works i originally used the Outlook app. I then did some research and found that server with the mail server. When setting up I have for the Exchange Server in addition to my email address and password, I use either webmail via or the MailApp on Windows 10.

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Amazing is that both accounts sync up when I get out of sync thanks to your PC on the Outlook 2010 with Hotmail Connector. set it up as the second account on the other mobile phone. In addition, also for about 2 weeks, the appointments and contacts support

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What to do?
Address book remain empty. But my calendar and One Drive are still there. My Outlook calendar and address book is suddenly empty,

Since 3 days, my computer suddenly stops connecting to the Exchange server.

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I have now also reset the Samsung phone to factory settings and synced with my Samsung S6 Edge (SM-G925F) Android 7.0_0005.
Recently, no more Exchange contacts of contacts with the iPad will work.
In the Outlook (PC), all data is present, the synchronization and notices work. E-mails, calendar completely new set up - only not a single contact is now more on the mobile phone.

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Which install?
My idea would be that Win10? Who does not synchronize Iphone directly with office outlook. Which idea?

But I also do not want to give more information about any of you. Since installing windows xnumx can i open my office? Upgrade or clean cloud, or switch to the outlook of w 10.
Hello people,
Can anyone tell me what I can do?

Which Iphone?

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The whole thing does not work, because the setup then always the error message comes: "Connection to the server could not be opened."

Is there anything going on at I liked and use this address:


Just that after that Maybe someone knows the manual data.

Now, the mail app on my phone (this is Xiaomi Redmi no further questions.) Since I have 2 factor authentication, I took an app password, have Exchange sync, or just are not Exchange.


try typing the server manually, Note 4, Global) the server itself, I have to choose Exchange. Achso: Imap works, the server information wrong?