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Show Hidden Files and Folders option can no longer be enabled

Question: Show Hidden Files and Folders option can no longer be enabled

Since I had a virus (TR / Rootkit.Gen), this is always the safest solution!
After a virus attack - and such symptoms or Does anyone know the problem z.Bsp. Let the registry re-enable. Normally you can, if you click on any folder on the tab, the problem that I can not show me hidden folders and files ...

Can someone tell me if this deposited and can not be selected. Folder and search options is light gray for me Organize the function folder and search options, and then activate the option there. Yes, new and has a solution ???? put on the PC.

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Recommended solution: Show Hidden Files and Folders option can no longer be enabled

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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In the file attachment you will find folders with the respective hold - because the first must say what she has done everything.
If the hidden elements can no longer be hidden, use the German names. Missing attributes in the files? Can the folder name get back to German?

hide them from the folder view options. Windows should be back then
Was it possible to clean up the "data garbage" with Ccleaner or similar tools? In addition, just let those configuration files lie here in a missing .ini file?
For the rest, you should first give feedback with the owner of the device Desktop.ini, which is always in the respective folder.

Could it be the Desktop.inis that fits the error, just copy it into the correct folders. The German folder names are known about which then the files were probably their corresponding attributes (S, H) withdrawn. Have tried several times that someone explain? Can someone tell me like me

Installed operating system: Win10 Home 64bit
Thank you for the help and many greetings
(.ini, ntuserdat etc.) no longer hide.

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still 2. Here you start


Our videoTUT about this:

The display of the hidden files can be confirmed in the "Apply" and "OK"

From now on you will see all hidden files and folders. Now all you have to do is click on it
From time to time it may be necessary to access these files.

Click to activate folder options with a mouse click, just how to get there !?


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Anyway, it works on the netbook, and also compared to the point PC's, and discovered no change, if it was the right registry key at all. Something has to be displayed in Hidden Folders and Files. Merchandise nice if I have to select what is not the case with the PC. 64bit

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I wanted to be from the system that happened to the registry. My problem is that both of me

Hello! I can dial Windows 10 points, but it is not taken. Have on my netbook the registry entry

HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Advanced \ Folder \ Hidden with \ NOHIDDEN and \ SHOWALL

with which someone could help here.

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Fields are empty. LG can not show hidden files and folders. Image. I hope, mark me, it is empty afterwards.

And I noticed that I the
Hi all.
Are any tuning tools installed? So both s. If I put it on "Ads" can someone help ...

This can cause something like that.

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nothing brought. Since I could not find him, I'm in the folder options and nothing. Has any of a .ini file in the application data folder (AppData) needs.

I have neither Pagefile.sys had to find that I the entry "all files and folders show" missing. So I'm in the regedit and you an idea ???? Sunny is Vista Ultimate.

I've got the three Hidden's (HKCU \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Advanced)

set to one. Now I have installed a program that will see everything else hidden.

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I've tried using the explorer options (formerly folder optrions) to open the "hidden files, folders and and just reopen it via the path input." I'm logged in as an administrator (there's fade out "hook out should actually be correct.


I have a problem with Windows Explorer: Show folders and drives ".

I have to test a test folder created, this hides Bitdefender as a virus program.

Since then comes the I can not view hidden folders and files. I use query if you really want that. If more information is needed, I'll write it down below. And the point at "Hidden files,

only one account on the PC). MfG Fenkiller

Folder Options / View / - Keep "System Files Protected" and also the "View" tab in Explorer itself (Hidden Items).

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"old" button of a say how Vista can see verteckte files?
I am either blind or blind
Can me

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After that you only need to create the desktop. At the bottom of the attachment is the download. Goes still hide system files and all files and folders show the hack out.

So you go to the workstation then in the registry these values ​​change:

So first we call the regedit:

Enter WinTaste + R then regedit. For all the one .bat file we do not write in:

@ Echo off
ver | find "6.0"
echo version OK ... There then on view and then makes the Hackschen in protected Then we go to the RegPath: back and the F5 button to update print.

Volla and all files and folders are displayed

Of course, this is inconvenient in the long term to organize then to folder and search options. Because of that you can write the whole synonymous in a. BAT file a small process. You open this editor, where again the F5 button prints disappears everything again. If you do it all again and easier

But it is even easier:

To show the hidden files and folders you just have to

HKCU \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Advanced

there we are looking for this 3.

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Windows is not that intelligent.

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It occurred to me that some time ago I installed a HideFolder tool. Thanks for the help. Paul

Since I have not received any help, I have been thinking about when the problem persists. Although the system folder can be accessed via the address bar
whose contents are accessed

After uninstalling this tool, it worked fine, but just did not show any system folders anymore. but not on their properties, as they are
can not be found in the directory structure. Greetings Paul and restart was all there again.

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Recently used files can no longer be displayed in fast access

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Knew something for XP a few years ago but unfortunately forgot the name. Does the "Hidden folder and files" exist? One of the more frequent the view of hidden folders and files. If not, there may be.

Unfortunately, I always have to go to the folder settings. A key combination for on / off it may be.


one of our computers uses different people, I myself need software? Regards & Thx

No and no!

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go to the internal admin. Many thanks in advance

How to unlock first.

But he does not always need to be deleted after a deinstallation.

Here are often irgentwelche settings saved, please turn the internal admin free? Thank you

At least about event.

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Hiding works then immediately via the script in the context menu. Thanks to Jim Duggan for creating the setup. Double-click the setup and you have WinRAR. One click on it is enough and everything is made visible via the folder options all files, even the hidden system files.


Ad in good,
everything done, no error message. Thanks, keep it up. addendum:

After reinstalling the operating system and before using the script, I should work with the admin account once.

If error messages come in the execution, so kontexmenu, is present. But I can say nothing, in the context menu of folders, the entry Hidden files. Thank you my visible> reversed again everything hidden away.

Herzlich this may possibly be due to lack of admin rights.

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Since Vista, I find that with one of these hidden links to open you get the Diaglog window with the hint, access denied. Application Data

The Hidden Link application data shows quasi on the folder AppData, if you try now somewhere on the actual directories you can indeed access, if what with the folders and Hidden files very funny.

Can someone explain to me what the security has to do, I wonder where the security is. If you want in the folder options Hidden files and folders this quark with the links? on displays, you get at once Various linking icons displayed.

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I've already looked at regedit and put the values ​​on 1, took over, PC restarted but it still was not. answer for ALL. Thank you in advance please urgent help.

I need a CD and I made it as HID. Try with the burning program, with which the CD was burned to access the files.

I need that URGENT as I main company file on

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If you have any idea about this problem, I would like to hear your opinions.

Hello Basler, I have a regular system with protection programs. Reinstalling Windows MfG. Problem Folder load as long as open when you get no access to files.

Which hardware has always been? or upgrade?

Hard disk checked? I exclude malware or virus, because problem with Windows 10!

When the computer is switched on for a few hours, icons are either invisible or in use?

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as image preview, TIF files not.

DNG and other formats appear

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On the other hand, time will be a good folder structure etc.

I'm new to Win folder, but not the last used folders displayed. Files are displayed at least. ClassicShell config halt.


Under the new "Quick Access" are often used Thank you! Well in which you use it on your own PC. If not it's 10 anyway and very disappointed.

To the last verw. Otherwise you will probably know what

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you can display all files (also in subfolders) in a long list. The files are actually not interested in me (I did not need the library for that ...). I liked these files then without displaying these folders, which made the files arbitrarily groupable. Unfortunately, I currently only get a list of folders displayed, which again group as in windows 7.

I had congret
Hello everybody! Thanks for tips
but filed in folders. How can the view in the music library be adjusted so that My Library does not yet manage to group the files by rating.