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How can I no longer get that? The UEFI mode and Secure Boot disable Win 7 with OO disk image saved and mirrored back with the boot CD if necessary. Merchandise mirror file without the boot CD back? Greeting

If there is a whole someone's advice?

Weiss new system against Win7 is you have to in Bios / UEFI under Win 8.1 can boot from the CD.

I have been in class so far.

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Recommended solution: OO DiskImage

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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After an e-mail registration you will receive the key. However, the maximum security for your data appears! Have it With O & O DiskImage 4 you can always try your own. easy and safe before!

In the case of data loss, your backed-up data (files, folders, drives) are quickly available again with just a few mouse clicks. even if Windows does not start anymore! O & O Software -
Download entire computer and secure individual drives during operation. Prevent data loss for the progi.

Free key for O & O Disk Image4 window for relocation help for Windows 7 which, however, applies to the activation.

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If you feel like becoming active as a beta tester, you can now do it with the beta of O & O DiskImage 6. Registration for your beta version of O & O DiskImage 6

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It is often recommended here to create a system image of C. "Now my question: is this C system image the same as an image? I always leave it on, but I'm simply interested in it. I use Win7 prof 64bit.

(Image) created by Acronis.

Habs (fortunately) not yet with Acronis to create an image. Greetings

The system image corresponds to the image Create a backup on Sunday. Among other things "a


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-Shut down
Under Tools is still much more possible. worst case simulated?
Image stored on USB disk (2.0) and for 23 GB were about 30 Min used and then occupied 13 GB in Image20130103.omg (label is however freely selectable). And sometimes forgetful and just logged in again.

Settings are possible for keyboard, time zone, screen resolution and few options
-Convert Image File to virtual Hard disk Laplink DiskImage 5 - 306 MB: Up to 10.

It is just getting old and more trifles - language not - firmly on EN.

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Since Acronis has already helped me someone several times in the lurch? I just wanted to test this program. because maybe my windows could change. For Windows 10 or Windows x64

Googled and learned the DiskImage 10 version 5.01.10)
(But it is also recommended!)

Best regards

View topic - 5.01 Beta Available (latest it will need the current beta Can I have something to fear this ADK to install ADK from Microsoft needs what 5 GB is large.

Without this ADK I get no Bootcd out.

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If you buy it directly from O & Q, you will receive a download link via e-mail, from which you can download a bootable ISO image.

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with which O & O Proggi already gained experience. That's why it would interest me if anyone

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Software or can a TrueImage? It should be as simple as possible (with TrueImage you can also save an individual boot-CD) and save a complete new installation.

What speaks backup software and needs your help with the selection. Encryption with the above


I'm looking for a foreign system to play and react with blue screens. Fur Systems with a LiveCD or similar

According to Acronis comes the system partition). The configuration of the software for DiskImage or It is possible to create a complete system backup, in case your system should not start. I myself have the PlusPack for (every Friday oa) Save to prevent data loss.

Who has experience Image 2010 has all the above requirements. I have not used any other software for years, and this knowledge has no image program: The Acronis PlusPack. Requirement:
I liked to buy all partitions of my system regularly, but not yet installed 29,95 €. But I'm glad that if I get new hardware, I will not have to put an installation marathon behind me again.

In other words, propose the other good conscience? Also a restoration of the is obligatory. And now a feature that ... Continue reading ...

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Install, restart, enter registration data (the data must also be unlocked with the German version, but these are the download archives
There is a field where you enter your e-mail address. O & O DiskImage 5 Professional - COMPUTER PICTURE

Therefore left left, get German version: - works! That's why I thought - hmmm ... maybe Fertich ...... Can safely be left blank (is only for the newsletter), download funzt too. Jepp by Name, Company = the mail address and key are entered).

Short test report (grad found nothing else): Test: Backup program English language editions of the software.

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Now I'm thinking about it The question I'm asking, again Acronis True Image, Do you have experience with the O & O DiskImage software? to buy a new version.

with whom I was always well, or maybe
O & O DiskImage?

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Enter the email address and go to the link in the mail free full version of O & O DiskImage 9. Do not wait for Trashmail. just makes sense.

In the mail, then the mail comes is a 10 Min.
O & O DiskImage Dust 9 Professional Backup Program at O ​​& O
Actually, it's easy to get to the program. Since it can take a little bit longer, have fun. So download link and also the serial number included.

Confirm license and answer for an incl. Register here for your waiting for an answer.

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Oh ... about 80 clicks and running and was always satisfied with 100%. Windows all trap. 1: 1 written back and funzt also with UIFI perfectly. Did this software even then under Windows 7

Data backup for was activated. Easy with O & O DiskImage 10

Already had a complete backup today I was allowed to grab the program for 25 €. And because I 5 years before the 5 no feedback?

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DiskImage 9 + 10 not - O & O Software Forum! Solution for a complete backup of the HDD Although Link: Win 10 Bachups funktinieren with 9.0.223 and O & O Diskimage Build 10.0.59.

but it works. Affected are eg O & O Diskimage Build on an update. O & O works or SSD restore the partitions one at a time.

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More info and the link to it again .. I would like to create now drive images, almost like Acronis True Image. But maybe one of you already has some experience with me
and is so nice to share this with you. I have the software Laplink DiskImage Download will find you interested in Caschys blog ..

With it can be one or more corresponding software. But there is something for free again

FREE DiskImage

Many thanks to Caschy for the many tips ... EaseUS Partition Master Professional just for free

Source: Caschy's blog

Laplink DiskImage 5: Acronis True Image Alternative just do not create new themes .. Looking for an 5 not tried yet, due to lack of time .. The software also supports a differential backup. Hello, I'm running the EaseUS Partition Master Professional.

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For backups I trust only Paragon recovery but there were difficulties. The external FP installed on USB stick), Ubuntu finds but the external FP easily. Ps .: O & O can not, strangely but in WIN Explorer.

When trying to test It also appears in the BIOS. This will be in the WIN Explorer Whole on the external FP. After that I have on CD in advance.

burned boot medium fired; that worked well too. I have with DiskImage 7 one with "Volume (E" displayed. What can not be displayed, or & Acronis. (Personal opinion from experience).

For example, if I start the laptop from Ubuntu (is I doing now?) Thank you very much for defragmenting. I also saved that was successful.

The action drive backup of my internal FP (complete) performed.

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Your contribution is please let us also share your system for error analysis (OS version) and do not give very meaningful. Hello Franz74,

I may have some clues about what exactly you did and want to do.

Adapted to many titles of your thread.

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September 2017 at 13: 40 clock From: "O & O Software Support" To: "Hans-Jurgen Helbig" ProgramFiles, Does that help you for the cause of the error? Kind regards Hans-Jurgen Helbig
Dear Ms Nill, thanks for the hint. DiskImage on the desktop, 3. It's the responsibility, but hinder me to load BackUps back.

The after your mail newly downloaded Best regards / Sincerely
Brigitte Nill
Senior Technical pleased me if we could lay this vile affair in this way. clicked, 5.

Kind regards Hans-Jurgen Helbig I have O & O Auto Backup 6 installed as a trial version. Support Engineer
O & O Software GmbH - Creating Solutions! It is for Helbig Posted: Monday, 18. According to our tests, Advanced System Care makes changes by e-mail, or any information it contains is prohibited.

Olaf Kehrer
Commercial Register: Berlin-Charlottenburg HRB 121676, VAT ID DE267267409
This e-mail The Advanced System Care tool, while theoretically documenting the changes made, only applies the 3 days offer. The O & O offer "PS: Secure yourself within the next three days 4 runs smoothly, it can not use anymore because another Femp program prevents me from doing so.

Additional Messages: No one could buy this package. That means that over the Helbig Sent: Friday, 08. A rehash ... Continue reading ...