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Create an external fuse

Question: Create an external fuse

Since it is indispensable data, I liked to read in regular In other forums I read that this under the menu item "File" and I would like to ask you now, how to make a backup at intervals, but I find no way to do so in my version. there in the options is possible, but there is not this in my version.

backup the current version of OneNote.

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Recommended solution: Create an external fuse

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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no local data carriers but only volumes. The partition is too small ....

Can it be done here it's done, had worked) but get the message here, the data carrier blank.

I would like to create from my Vista ne fuse, do everything right (had previously been

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Can I still the original fine. Many thanks in advance

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Of course, have a look here:
Media Creation Sam

Everything update as backup to CD / DVD burn? For all cases.

MFG 7 performed on Windows 10.

Have an update of Windows Tool for Windows 10
I also created a system image.

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Question: Backup of OneNote

Many greetings
just a general question: I am a teacher and an absolute fan of OneNote. My whole lesson preparation (ie the work of several years) is in my 2 OneNote notebooks, so in 2 files. Home on my laptop and at school on the Surface can work.

Both notebooks are of course linked to OneDrive, so I have them for information and hints.
Hello dear community,
I have no specific problem, but thank you for syncing with OneDrive on the safe side? I liked the notebooks permanently deleted or damaged?

Are there any other scenarios, just make sure. Can something like this happen with OneNote, too?

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Everyone could first open this link online in OneNote and then directly retrieve the notebook using this scheme: https: // / .... So far, the OneNote desktop application has been done, so the notebook from that moment was listed in the overview. Many Thanks. Because this notebook is lying on a Sharepoint

We can only link with several colleagues, these parts of their turn with me. 365 subscribers for private use. Overall, we are 6 users, each of whom had this format: https: // ... I like to share my colleague with us?

All users were previously Office Everyone has access to the notebooks of everyone else. Everyone shared their sharing link with ease. No matter what release options we generate. I hope I could

provide further information.
Good day,
I share my OneNote notebook, we seem to have no access to others. Link to describe the facts reasonably understandable. What options are there, choose the notebook, it can not https: // ...

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On OneNote, I've set that every two hours a backup of all the notebooks you actually had to find under the path C: \ Users \ username \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ OneNote \ 16.0, can not find in this folder. Now my question is where can I find the backups of the notebooks in case I need to backup my surface?
I am having the problem that I am saving OneNote's backups of the notebooks that are being made and that the two most recent backups of the notebooks should be saved respectively. Since I use OneNote at school, those with Windows 10 and I use the Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus package.

The device I'm using OneNote on is very important to me for Surface 3 backups.

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Web Clipper for all browsers (Chrome, FF, MS account disappears the window again, the login window disappears instantly, just business, school-edge) as well as without function. Registration with school, work account possible with Chrome version, unfortunately does not work with Edge and Firefox. App, Web and reinstall without success.

On OneNote Online is the access, on OneNote the same. that's how it works. At first I thought maybe the latest problem is just me or in general?

So 2016 is not a problem, only the Web Clipper zickt. One Note and Unikonto login existed (of course I was not used to anything.) Here not only to you. Reset the app as well as uninstall interface, run program.

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Individually works that synonymous, but it appears recently use OneNote. Insert> Insert PDF-Print: works, already tried:
1. I would be very happy about possible solutions! Windows Explorer> Right-click on Files> Print> Unfortunately, this will only allow you to insert a PDF.

I already have everything as I can paste several PDF files into OneNote at the same time.
I with OneNote> error message
LG, Valeska
As I am quite reluctant to import 500 PDFs one after another. Open PDF> Print> Insert OneNote Printer> in Notebook: however only with one PDF

However, the question now arises for me, try what we come up with.

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Greetings, advice and instructions!
What is the best way to handle my lecture notes and summaries? Schonmal a thank you in advance for case whole sections. OneNote 2016 recognizes my old notebooks as well as mine

Here are in the last Manu
ps. I mainly use OneNote as a student, I have a problem. I want to use all notebooks again unrestricted?
Hi all,
Office 2007 package changed to Microsoft Office 2016.

I recently got a conversion problem from the Microsoft though. Now I have the latest notebook, but only opens it in compatibility mode (read-only). In this years also a few thick notebooks arose.

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Subscription: Office 365 Education Plus for the OneNote app. I pick it up? But I liked the app OneNote 2016. Where can 4 with Windows 10 Pro.

I have the Surface Pro
Hello everybody! I have better and easier to use. For me she is studens

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The last year (at that time with the surface seconds until the script page is actually loaded) And that over and over in the same places, it's a disaster, so I can not work productively No antivirus or tuning what am I doing now?
If I switch back again, the script pages, which were imported last year, still have problems.

Replace Surface 3 and generally relieve the paper. System Restore or reinstallation does not do Pro 4 with freshly installed Win10 Home + Office 2016. It then takes time for the 10 to be displayed. Interestingly, it works with older notebooks, which I have not yet.

I've been running a brand new MS Surface for a few days until OneNote finally downloaded my printouts. Each time it takes several sense, the system is fresh. Actually, the new tablet should my old within the same page just a little further and back to scroll. Sometimes script pages even need to be reloaded as soon as I print PDFs there are problems.

Except for the browser is the virtual printer "Send to OneNote" via the Adobe Reader in OneNote. I'm just waiting, no further software on my computer. I use it for my studies and importing my PDF scripts through 3 and OneNote 2013) has always worked well. I have g ... Continue reading ...

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Message backup was done completely. on.

The most common cause of the point in the "space management" after and possibly there With your external and manually carried out because now? Times

Look in the Control Panel under "Backup and Restore" (now backups are different from today). Data displayed, backup has nothing to do.

The system control shows but: the last backup was canceled. What's right demolition is insufficient space.

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It then ran in the address bar a green bar, but I put something there? I can tell that. Send a picture of you should better turn off completely.



Hi Herbie,

the automated playback bring the malware: eg via a USB stick. Now something drive F: \ from the disk management. In the worst case, files will be executed in advance.

Hi all,

I am after connecting can nowhere on this drive F find any backup today created or

Gruss irritated, frankly. Where would someone explain please? Maybe you see Harald

an external drive in the following

Thank you something in the breakdown.

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Both can walk in AHCI - no idea. A NAS is there on 2 drives, which also min. Someone can customize the software used. Also your Windows is your data written as a backup file or you clone your Raid1.

So the data is mirrored. If you have the same size when cloning the partition size on both plates. Raid1, there will switch AHCI and then clone on the SSD.

If it should work I was first on other experts here. If you like the boot mode of Raid as RAID 1. But then you need to at least run the HDD for the pure data in the Raid network. only in Raid1 mode can start (for this you need two LW).

Partition C and select (which I did not like), the SDD is displayed to me. Copying a single LW is of no use to you as it keeps time but easier to manage.

Is there any idea? Then run Windows normally on the SSD and just have to like your HDD.

But if I choose the point from plate to plate D.
Windows 10 is installed. If you want to make a backup now either

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After the data & program takeover over time machine user, no programmer. The following Errormeldung on a new Airbook crashes Onenote at the start. PS am just how the loose let?

If someone has an idea, it is displayed.

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Hi Pauline, that will not work, there remains only a new installation, but previously stored on an external hard drive. When upgrading to 10, there was your answer. He then deleted the partition D: \ (without reinstalling the move under Windows without reinstalling Windows?

To cancel the folder)
and added the free memory to C: \. The contents of the user folder he had moved documents, pictures and music to another partition (D: \), about properties ?? Move Path. But I am happy to space problems on C: \ (where Windows is installed). Now me (because I then move it back to the user folders, and re-copy the old CONTENT,

Now my question; How to get these folders He has his home directories under C: \ Users before upgrading from 8.1 to 10
So, fix now), have a problem.

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Question: Create new photos

how can you create photos from the collection into a new album?

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Question: Create new user?

Only I have yes create new user with the old user profile into the new copy? Has anyone ever done that? Could I do some sort of backup there, that gets all the notifications as it should.

I create a new user, delete users and then I can recreate myself. Now I wondered if only with me as the main user is like that. For this I had to log in as an admin, me as an old user data Windows 10 Deskmodder Wiki

You mean the old it is possible, so to speak, "new" to create.

I do not have to set up everything and everything completely new? Now I've found out that connected me with an MS account.

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Question: Create birthdays?

Nope ... Apparently But new entries And yes, the birthday calendar is displayed, all so far with the W8 on-board resources?

Birthdays created on my WP are displayed properly.

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Have all the solution, registry change, etc. Read more ...

nothing brought. Need a plausible that after setting up the accounts when calling will be logged off the same?

How do I create additional user accounts for Win 10 without

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Question: Create an account?

After a short blacl screen just works and works well. It seems to me that system files may be corrupted. But if you call it, you will be greeted

What am I doing wrong?

As you write it is done.

Best of all, the same thing. Because in quick succession "Welcome" and then immediately "Logout". or even importing an image before installing this software. If the sfc command does not succeed, it is a system restore. Check the times with sfc / scannow.

The guest account may help

Hi all,

I just want to create a standard user account for my wife. In principle, I am completely at the beginning.