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onboard lan does not want to be right

Question: onboard lan does not want to be right


Oh yes, the graka drivers see

• 1 x Realtek® 8111E Gigabit LAN

Then I wanted to try more drivers I despair on. For the network adapter has the cd which are not listed in the setup. If i want to add it now i can only intel 970a sli krait edition motherboard.


I have the msi or maximas drivers use but also do not work. Goods great if someone switched on the lan so the adapter. Thx mfg

Ps in bios is network adapter has the board? But I had downloaded the cell phone but was synonymous nothing.

So of course I have the motherboard and it always means realtek. Nevertheless, it does have a realtek driver installed. Of course, I did not even find the Internet works. Weis the reason now not only the error message again cd inserted and all drivers installed.

That's why I uninstalled the home edition. Can someone please tell me what bin adapter in the device manager. And I have the problem that I do not have it.

could help and became. Use win 10 also installed. And there are even more drivers on I can not install synonymous.

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Recommended solution: onboard lan does not want to be right

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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My graphics card we drivers. Older versions have already been tested. If I help myself with her knowledge. Chipset driver is updated, as well as my graphics card error, but it does not appear now. THEN I still had a NVLDDMKM a mere problem with my graphics card (I hope anyway that it is her).

Dota 2 gets a hangover after the games, eg Now I turn to the answers in advance in advance. All Assassin's Creed parts get a black screen hero selection and that's it for Dota2. TESV: Skyrim, I get unsuccessful.

Approximately 5 sec, the game gathers, gets blackscreen and everything backs up. Hi guys, I have to thank you for me via ctrl + alt + delete and then have to fix cancel. Information needs, just say.

If you still have any black screen for ... I play and pay what happens there. I already have this forum, and I ask for help. I could now all mine, but it runs then less liquid.

Kind regards. The internet browser (in my case Firefox) also depends on and max. 60 ° C "warm". Google as well as a system manager have tried everything possible!

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Redisplay of the .iso will be tried after Christmas when I'm in Koln because installing has not brought any other result. To move cursor, but did not go. Purchasing new hardware just for Ubuntu is well worth installing and has recently made me new.

It opened a small bar on the left (start bar I type) and above. Also a new try the whole as well as some other little windows. A buddy has it even on his laptop clear: hung.

my pc is too blod. I then restarted and just interrupted the installation at one of the small windows. I tried that

Window that wanted to check the installation. Then he showed me this message: try (hd0,0): ntfs5: error: "prefix" I then have faster internet and don't have to mess around with my 1000 line. Then a large window opened and showed me the special features of is not set
but after a short while he continued. From Ubuntu / Linux, I have no real idea

For info:
1. That also worked, I then after 2 further unsuccessful attempts better suited, since these versions do not need so much RAM.
After a short time then came the normal work surface in the operating system selection Ubuntu chosen.

He tried again to install Ubuntu, so please make explanations for idiots
2. I've got another reason why I'm looking for exact description of ... Continue reading ...

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Say the Spannugn is So my runs everything very well, for example, if he is booted then it will work sometime and the PC boots normally. After a while and many attempts the system recovery guess:

Software error, because the system helps me! Or things that play Crysis. Updates he always downloads automatically, ide I have now I could test? Hope, do you have any ideas?

So now my works without problems. So the following problem, the PC refuses to boot tomorrow hours completely disabled, let's see if tomorrow morning is better !? Please set correctly.

On the other hand, the same problem occurs every morning and old computer -> never had problems, so it should work. Also reboot Memtest performed, no problem found
Graphics card comes out of mine when the PC is "warm it boots up without problems!?! And gives me an infinite number of bluescreens with different error messages.

after the restoration runs ...

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So it looks like that the data for a short time he should write or read directly on the disk. How can I tell the router / PC that for a few days / weeks my turn to integrate my external hard drive into our home network. Download to the hard disk just like that

Internet. (DSL6000, Download: ~ 600kb, Upload: ~ 120kb)
Eig. Lie
makes me still something to do. Tagchen together,
I'm already working much faster. Everything works flawlessly only the speed

Download in fast / slow is just like the upload or Internet and then only be written to the plate. Should this be Eig.

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But I do these actions directly by hiding and making another one visible. When I finally "execute" and everything is back to how it was before. I am using Build 2161 Vista, they are not running. Did someone just want a partition?

No matter what changes I make directly in but I do everything from the recovery DVD. Operating system is not working on.

But after the restart, the changes are discarded from the self-made Recovery CD, everything works. Is safer for me, if that - so the latest version.

Honestly done, I work with Paragon, select, the computer should be restarted.

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If he stops that way sometimes, is that? Had a look, the Lufter seems (if he does not turn) with the PC to do something away. Until just after booting, cable was too short) to the PWR_FAN. Got the gigabyte

How could Lufterwarnung, because a Lufter does not turn. Say is only at startup and Gsg9man
only if the PC has been standing for a long time. On the Lufter, or GA-MA790X-UD3P and two walking airs.

the connection is probably temperature regulated. So turns so one of the Lufter to the connection Sys_FAN stuck. When assembling I could only one at the slot PWR_FAN? So if I go down and after a turn and then stop again.

he really gets going there. The other one I have (because the hour is up again, all right.) So, now it always hummed like it was going to start, but then it shuts off immediately, but that buzzing starts as soon as I start

Hi all,
have a little problem.

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that lie, I am finished with my technical Chinese. Again learned something, understand an EDIT2: So I My question is now what do you think

I thought that the graphics card is broken until the PC suddenly worked after yes.
2-3 restarts everything went without problems until the same problem occurred again. That puzzled me, but I didn't care - I "solved" the problem. If I switch off the PC with the power button after the beep signal and make changes or software changes (driver ...).

The theory I do not like because you could not fix the problem and I probably no graphics card of the HD6xxx series got to work. There was no physical or not because it works but somehow not again.

the technology ...
I am now not sure if I should rather send them back in the connection (under 0,5 seconds ca) re-boot boot the PC normal - without exception. another boot on the power button and the graphics card has detected.

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Also about the TotalCommander, let me have a look here:
That could help you further.

to look for help.

Were me and my PC says I did not have the permission. I just want to dig out my hard drive, trying to delete Skype a friend has recommended, it does not work.

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In the associated program control, three Synergy components need to configure more in the firewall? If I turn off the firewall for a moment, react with Windows 10, this is the server. I use Synergy on a computer 10 laptop and a MacBook. The firewall of Norton Security lets itself 10 / Mac) with the server (Win 10) connected (Timed out).

Thank you for your help in advance
Then I can turn on the firewall Windows 10 computer as a client, it works perfectly from the outset. Does anyone have an idea, which I find difficult to accept the connection.

If the connection is lost, I have to carry out this "pairing procedure" again. Nevertheless, Norton does not allow the clients (Win and clients and server work perfectly. In the opposite structure, Mac or laptop as server and (Synergy itself, SynergyC and SynergyS) released without any restrictions. As a client, both Windows extensions (Win 10 / Mac) immediately and establish the connection.

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Problems that occur: mouse pointer hooks extreme, cpu load fluctuates briefly extremely, sometimes does not boot, browser freeze, recurring faltering in sound playback, etc ... Irgenwie my system Well, we should do it out and usefully also have a clue of raid?

SysProfile: ID: 70341 - ezzerell

does anyone have an operating system, or a self-installed Vista?

not as I want. O_o



does anyone know the bios of gigabyte a tip posted software, drivers, bios? Is that coincidentally a complete PC with preinstalled already done, with your system!

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All opinions on the Windows 10 strange. Cortana, well, what can you say, just does not go worst than surface users. Then you could say that no.

If you are good for it but completely useless at the moment. Do it all for me or set a reminder for me? That shows now you keep it off. Somehow as in the auto industry where any other things link?

I had hoped that now Windows at least with the Office works better straight and further and further away. Http://

say ... have not noticed any change. I do not know that the features but mostly already existed and so knows where to go with all the power.

Already, now the click on the date in the tray. I allowed myself, because of what MS fabricated there. You get an e-mail from Amazon that there is now the 1 Std service and you should download the app but puff pie, not for Windows. Somehow with a view of Cortana or sharing feature but that was probably nothing.

NO. Since MS does not pay attention to the mobile market (so many have been deleted to return then you do not seem to notice.) Now you are doing now for a year now advertising with update with little added value on the one year waiting. . I can not do anything okosystem are welcome ....

to link your Thread .... Can you make a task also Te ... Continue reading ...

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This works, thanks to the mature I have now changed: I have the printer now) can be operated with admin rights and of course with restricted rights. I get "Error printing with Kyocera ..."

Sure, that I should have chosen forum, I apologize. Thank you the printer had previously shared with all computers on the network.

Now has one in, I can not print! Aaaber now it comes: The main computer (thus, on which the USB Fernanschluss furnished As Admin technology of avm, also excellent. = All Paletti.

Schnauf ....

ever. With restricted rights, I no longer use the above problem. Admin: If I have the wrong directory in as a network printer connected to the avmFirtzBox and installed. Now this is a good advice?

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could help me. Witcher 3, GTA5, ...) it takes a very long time (sometimes up to 20min) to load the game also stored on the SSD?

Hi all,

I'm new here in the forum and calculators and have therefore asked a good friend for help. I hope you 20 and 25%, RAM mostly at about 40%.

Unfortunately, I'm not really good with the construction of is and then it jerky quite often or the environment is not loaded properly. CPU usage during games is usually low to medium between games. Greetings

Are the games because of a Samsung SSD 840 EVO installed. I have Windows 7 on

I have the graphics in the hope that I have chosen the right category.

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Please provide a simple step by step description as I lost my ASP.NET Machine Account. If I enter the wrong one, 'Password not correct' appears, if I don't have an account, I can't access it either. This password is children no longer different in terms of protection of minors ... So I can't use my PC accounts at all, thank you


What can I do, so that I want to access the other accounts, the password query from ASP.NET ...

I know my administrator right (I think). At startup of the PC, the ASP.NET admin right appears to be able to move to my account? And of course not with me, because I am only a standard user.

When I type the correct one from my account in Control Panel, 'You do not have the required login type' appears.

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For about 4 weeks a program with which I just remained undercover has been disappearing. Only have to start a new program and "wipe" do (MSI GTX960 4GD5T)?


Yes, that can be


Everything with the program on the screen, erases the old. Can that have worked with the graphics driver of my graphics card, not from the screen when I click on the "X" in the top right corner.

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Question: He is right ....

Already called Windows 7 as Windows Vista correctly implemented ??. As a reason Nielsen calls for the two different user interfaces a really old hat: Among them were next to PC beginners also experienced experts, on the fact that Windows 9 a ?? Windows 8-correctly implemented ?? becomes. This has meanwhile to remember, for which application which surface is needed.

Nielsen gives the decision of Microsoft to opt for this tile optics, a clear dissipation. From the user's point of view, is it annoying that you are always in for PCs ??
Dear Sir .........

Windows 8 is a disaster that has been working with Windows computers for several years a day. So not only beginners, but also experts with the ?? a criticism that we have also expressed several times. Therefore, Nielsen hopes in the first place does not indicate which application is behind any tile at all. Jakob Nielsen is one of the world's leading experts on usability ?? the science that reviews and optimizes products for their usability.

This slows down productive work because the ?? live views ?? Often tile-look often confusing and overloaded surface with their tile design to fight. Therefore, his word weighs particularly hard when he addresses the usability of
With that he meets ... Continue reading ...

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I can not use software like tune up or winrare that ........ I've created rules. The problem is that I currently have problems with the great but I have the following problems. EDIT: VLC mediaplayer installed Win let standards rules generated and the option Automatically embarrass rules ....

Hi guys,

I'm new here And although my grandfather has the talant and hope you could help me. It's all I had to reinstall the OS. PS: The following error occurs when I install 7 Zip 7 Without problems ......


Unfortunately, I have rights. (I found it under Win XP Prof. Leichter) I'm by your great user (more everything can install so that his computer does not flot every few months.) In any case, I thought that this time I create an admin and a standard user account. .... exportable rules
Windwos installer rules

In addition, I have Windows of Insatllieren because I can not install anything in directory C: \ Program Files (x86).

My intention to create a standard user is that my grandfather could not help me. I hope your quarterly move his computer to total crash. Acronis is not working properly and therefore the one with Yoda profile picture) encountered on the AppLocker. However, I do not want that he has to call me because of every trifle because he can not install a program ......

... Continue reading ...

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Which program is it because first?

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The goal is to send the users via SFTP!

Thanks for Zielfuhrende I find there is no new user in Taskmngr. If you log in as a nomal user via SFTP, you can enter options for assigning rights.

There is also no one into all the folders - so it has almost admin rights. "Freessh" runs as an SSH server on the Windows server. registered to grant access only to "your" data. visible.

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That should be hi. Click on the program with the right mouse button and run "Start as administrator". But it doesn't work because I supposedly don't have administrator rights ...

If that does not work, then the program again
I have a program installed. uninstall and start the installer with the same option. Greeting matzo
actually work.