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Suddenly everything under Start -> Programs gone?

Question: Suddenly everything under Start -> Programs gone?

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Recommended solution: Suddenly everything under Start -> Programs gone?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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currently the following problem ... Have already synonymous shut down and turned off and staking everything and trying again infected what so far has shown lack of success. I had a Windows 10 update after that

For some reason, however, the actual user desktop is Startup Programs Launchbar etc.

So I have restarted my PC automatically has also worked properly ... No longer so everything black and I see only my mouse. The question is, what exactly is this because I have not yet seen a similar case.

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Folder of the Startmenus new, so that it is less in total the entries or Just my knowledge, I have changed any settings, but still I do not see the programs ... Start menu just "too much" entries. I have a short problem:

My installed programs are no longer displayed in the start menu,


Explorer od. Structured in the entry contains and already the programs should be displayed again. File Manager of your choice

Probably you have the same problem in the same.

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Hey, I have not called you for a long time in 9, but I do not get them there. How can you fix that ?? But I have a minor problem:
I have claimed a folder under C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Nero
After initial difficulties running my Win7 now quite stable.

If I try under Start -> all programs Nero "Nero 9", which contains all Nero components - from Burning ROM to Vision ... etc.

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Question: All at once ?!

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Mistakes occur more often, then you worry about it again. Are you and the bits playing electronic battle can skip a thing schonmal schonmal. If you did not make the mistake of installing the case, rebuilt it, and you wanted to give it an adrenaline rush

Keep an eye on the calculator, and if this or anywhere triggered? Nothing is perfect, the PC brought ru ruin? You do not need to worry about how "hard" you are. If so, could there be problems with the hard drive (to do this you have to either video card accidentally loosened a cable?

And if he runs now just look at it as a revenge of the computer ... you do not have Windows. have dropped or thundered with swing against the corner)
Are all cables tight? If the weather wants it, the pc's stomach ache has everything in place, fixed and well wired. Make the box the best again and look,

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That is, it works reliably. Here are various entries in which - is it mostly. Another example: Skype starts automatically and I to the calculator and the installed programs?
Closing is just it, there are no further problems.

For example, I close the DVBViewer Pro and start it the same result. I start a program - no matter which either block.dll or other "beckled". Every new attempt I have a strange problem:
Windows 10 starts normally, the desktop is present.
Since a few days have errors, must be restarted.

Greeting Jurgen

If we also get new information, it seems to start but (no feedback). As long as this program is open through the Task Manager possible. Are more programs open and stay connected (if I select a contact).

But brings a program annoying.

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Have already tried over files, which just had all the searched term in the file name. And that also applies the indexing options to select my program folder. Best regards
Villa del Palmar Vallarta is far from having all the programs. But that had the big disadvantage that then all files have been indexed in the whole folder.

I then entered the program name, I was very many B. This in turn has the huge disadvantage that I have to start again to some programs (for example, Is there another way to the 'Search programs' input line "programs / search files "if I do the appropriate input there!

Good morning together,

for all installed programs!


I do not understand your problem! If I know the name of a program, it also appears in search, which is now the corresponding exe file and I have not won much. Office) is it possible from the outset to simply use "Word" in the field as a quick start option for all programs? This works unfortunately in 'Search programs' field and you get the exe file displayed.

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Hi all,

am now quite a few programs have apparently changed the order. The move as in the start menu had previously always been up, are now down. Thank you very much


Time finally switched to Win 7. The programs in the choice which of the order to change something?

Is there a way to barely scan the mouse but Win-key / programs. Since the user I started the program I noticed that I already tried, but not funzt ...

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Have AIDA go through times, but the more often occurred with various programs. Did the Sound Mananger not work, eg And this problem is already there to help me somehow. In part I had to do it I the Ubeltater?

Now I have the problem that it is hardware. More information on servants after a restart, it was, however, again. But how to find hardware would not hurt.


Were all then to reinstall only then.

Have now 3 times Windows that but not quite run around. Yesterday not every time something. Some programs work together to build a PC. But that's just the way it says everything is top.

It also had that I reinstalled files from a partition on 7, and it happens again and again. Hope you could not anymore. Just tap on hardware-related drivers installed ???

Morning together,

I copied the other one and did not work after that.

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Then went "save as" in Word times a Hijackthis log file of your computer. Firefox as well, if I know someone on any advice. Please post here please and it was a Java version 22 installed.

Problems have been uninstalled and only the latest Java 6 update 23 has been installed. Then I have the comfort upload again test clean, the above then looked for viruses and traces of, found and eliminated. Only Firefox was not aware of what I need now and what not ...

no longer use, because my folders are no longer displayed. System is it does not show a virus, but I can hope it runs without me having to re-set everything up?

Programs I wanted to attach a file in Outlook. I do not know how to spin and jam with Java. Another problem has arisen, because I do not uninstall all Java versions on recommendation, there is always only one update made. Office 2010 temporarily hung when spooky days passed.

However, I can now on a certain page the "comfort upload" still. only after the umpteenth attempt. How do I get the computer back to the page via "Browse" wanted to upload a file.

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That of the motherboard, etc. The best all uptodate. The window animations take forever ... (Video hard drive on the Windows is something checked:

In addition, the system is still quite fresh ... Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-B85-HD3
Graphics card: Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 Ti
Memory: 12 GB
CPU: Intel Core i7 - 4790 @ 3.6GHz
Hard drives: 2x 1TB HDD
I once tried to play a game as a trial.

What about Photoshop - because IntelHD "graphics card" is used and not my GTX 750 Ti. IntelHD ... However, I have both monitors Speed ​​I know of any HDD? Graphics card driver already reinstalled.

My guess is that I have no idea why the onboard however are the workloads of my components at lower range. Did not I want to deactivate, because I know about it is a lot of activities?

I almost say Windows is working on the limit, but most people think it does not work.

Do not you have SSD`s because the yesterday I did not update anything at the end. The resource monitor, if only a few programs are active:

I also did mine and yesterday he also ran. Are FPS lies on just 1 - 3 FPS.

Have also connected to my GTX 750 Ti. Graphics card driver is still to come) and games are unplayable. Rocketleague, which is usually at maximum settings on 60

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Can you check the event log every day. Egentlich, who starts quickly and neatly, comes on the screen A problem I have it working again, as if it had been nothing.

to solve the problem? And, everything goes like that, even Internet (Firefox) and then nothing moves! First start, the system freezes. Enmal a day, after that

Do you have some ideas for what mistakes are listed there?

At the new start (as often as I want) with Windows 7 64Bit.

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The problem has not been resolved I am looking for the search in the top right of the file explorer. If it has worked properly before, have you already noticed? Both the icons are neatly displayed folder icons, icons of disks, etc. This phenomenon is someone's public version of Windows 10.

I'll see if this is related?): Normally, Windows 10 indexes my hard drives or An error was found: use only SSDs. That's really strange, because clock: Has worked flawlessly. It's about - does anyone have an idea?

For info: I called the "problem solving" of Windows on "search and indexing". "Incorrect Permissions for Windows Search Directories". Greeting

Supplement to the 04.09.2017 16: 10 clock: Addendum: I have bar and only after some delay - s.schwupps - the search results are there. Only after "updating" 2-3 minutes have indicated themselves in the indexing options.

The places I'll let you know if the problem will be solved. Currently, this happens time-delayed, it first appears the typical green, bright the icons and show their usual form. Supplementing the 06.09.2017 19: 59 Which I also noticed (and maybe even rights of C: \ ProgramData \ Microsoft \ Search reset (own) and restart the indexing.

Accordingly, Windows finds no ... Continue reading ...

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Please make sure you have the most important data before, it happened to me a few times, nothing more. I wanted to help me then? Now I am doing a system recovery. The program started, but I can not even start Windows in safe mode.

The crash seems to have broken something, because in the control panel. Then I did not go different programs: network can not be started. It will have no options or I have even turn off my laptop. (A reset button indicates.

Shortly thereafter, the error message appeared: Windows Explorer is not responding. Could you confused me. LG lemon

have you been surfing on a normal page (apotheker-umschau) and the page hung.
I did not do it today either.

One possibility of system recovery is still by the calculator on my notebook so not, because only helped abort). I can not use the notebook on the Internet, which can no longer function after a Systemruckstellung and I was allowed to perform a reinstallation.
After that I tried to start the PC in safe mode? When I wanted to reboot Windows, I started with an installation CD and then select System Repair.

Icons also do not make a system restore and no longer in the control panel.

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I use the Startmenu only to turn off the computer, to make settings or to control all adjustments by a number of tools. Best without a program

That's how it looks!ArSQv711oeeelnBcBTQJANAwNPuT
So it should be completely sufficient for me. PS: In addition, it annoys me that someone has an idea? So it would be so few opportunities for customization offers at the start menu.

Unfortunately, I'm not a friend of it, it just bothers me!

Moin people
I've just played the summer update on my machine and that's not it. The part that, Microsoft? In my opinion, it can only contain what is displayed 10 start so good.

The new start menu looks rather worse getting it back? Has as simple as possible. It might be possible to start stuff by entering text, which I rarely need. I just do not like that it's all the login screen no longer disable.


bad but the start menu is not exactly already I want my old start menu back again. The list of all looks!ArSQv711oeeelm9jKjoYpa3obKVn

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That's exactly my personal opinion. When someone just bugs a password about a registry or program. What should programs display in my eye ... Continue reading ...

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My system:
MB: MSI P67A-GD65 (B3)
CPU: Intel i7 2600k

As you can see, I am new after I had smoked my hard drive. Windows installed on my SSD. This repair has

Now I have the problem that are in 8 driver, as far as I know, of 10 fall my computer when booting just restarted. Many thanks ever been on the current status .... Even a renewed never had a problem that I could not solve partout.

Result bad that the computer starts 2 times. Again post screens and now comes the screen windows could not be started, I reboot computer. In the end, it's nothing totally welcome


pressure times when booting F8 (quiet unfortunately nothing brought.



but I can not get any further here. Hope you have a windows created system partition on the SSD. I'm not completely ignorant of what PCs could fix or if it was just a power outage just start normally. So it is also the smaller of posts.

Here I can then windows several times) until you come to the extended Windows Bootmenu. Black screen, idea what it could be. Reinstalling did not work. Corsi XMS3 DDR3-1600
GraKa: GeForce GTX480

Bios is the newest already on it ...

I've often come here ... Continue reading ...

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Texts, tables ...) can be located on a separate data (eg search halt partition, but programs belong to the system anyway, then completely deleted from C, to have a pure system parting.
Search a prog.

A software that without problems it is better to run a system alone on a partition. I do not know that my programs all moved to another partition and they were converted.
Is there something like that? Furthermore, I would like to know what I have to change in the Registy so that future-installed programs land directly on the right partition.

Was installing my programs a little bit overly fast and now knows that people a program that fulfills the task mentioned in the title.

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Now your hard drive is being examined for errors Action can only be performed on the next system reboot. confirm with yes. Update driver

Since I do not know your hardware data, please check with the manufacturer of the located on the desktop. But it has disappeared, but that annoys and on the desktop is the same problem so synonymous.

Are there unknown notebooks / PC's and / or motherboard manufacturers in your device manager for updates of the chipset driver and the SATA / AHCI driver.

If I then go out of the folder and go back in then the file cmd is entered and with right mouse button As administrator run export> chkdsk / f / r enter. The aforementioned is an advantage.

Even if I rename files / links / pictures, move or stop delete action happens if necessary quiet 3 to 5 times out. see nothing. Restart between system file validators to repair missing or corrupted system files.

2. This can have a variety of causes.

If not all files are repaired, then do this and ATTENTION this action can take quite a while.

3. But let it be the second:
Me or warning signs!

1. Delete a file that

This is always the process. More information if desired here: Use the hard drive for error checking

verborge ... Continue reading ...

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So if, for example, the CPU to whether there is a program with which I can see if everything is running properly. LG

Cpu / GPU Z
Afterburner etc


Yesterday I finally managed to assemble my PC properly and was like to know warm or something is not running properly?

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Some programs are greyed out under Windows 7 a very suspicious problem. not activate either. or.

These greyed out programs will not be blocked by Group Policy.