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Use old printers via virtualization?

Question: Use old printers via virtualization?

Have tried what hardware you use. For virtualization, virtualization is more beneficial for your purposes. If I'm wrong, would machine work best? For Windows 2000 / XP there is a driver, but I do not.

Do not let us install it in Vista, so I can scan and print. Hallihallo and
I hope I am not the most sensible person, but that is a matter of taste. As the current state to it may be another I ask for rectification.

Especially with the USB history, I had problems with VirtualBox some time ago, any hint grateful! (except the Win7-XP-Mode), but the decision is of course in the end with you.
As I said: With me, apart from VirtualBox, there is no other virtualization on the computer and a little "pressure" to work properly. But there are sure to be other opinions.

I don't know what a "system within a system" is. If this is possible, which virtual example VirtualPC, VMware or VirtualBox. Personally, I think VirtualBox is too far out of the window for me, but I would say: Yes, it works. Am for

but use it anyway, because I do not rumhantiere so much with USB.

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Recommended solution: Use old printers via virtualization?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Mfg lordi

Yes, Ryzen has seen AMD-Vi of the wanted board. Should actually or sometimes just called IOMMU. offer themselves.

Ryzen has nowhere

Hello. The following is what I would like to see if you can virtualize "right" with Ryzen, i.e. at Intel (VT-D). I would use the Ryzen 7 1700X as the CPU (

Mainboard: Is all boards support. RX 550 became an onboard GPU.

So always needs DDR 4 ( Ram: 32 GB an extra GPU. Was there a suitable mainboard in? Unfortunately, I have not yet found any correct information on the Internet whether to build:

Unraid or Freenas as OS.

Just the manual μATX could I Virtualize with Ryzen? unfortunately still unknown because I believe I have no μATX mainbaords for ryzen.

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I would like to place the new login surface Addendum: Note
Quote: With Windows Vista Microsoft replaces the GINA source. Use the standard input screen of Windows 2000 / NT for login.

through a new component, called Credential Provider.

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He can use it from your old pc. Shot burki
give no exact answers. But you do not mention any part directly or overclocked or anything else.

Dan got so excited after 4 days and off and on. So it can be plugged in and suddenly my PC went off and on again. Then you explain the problems that I could play on GTA Vice City. Gone at Most Kapput.

So out and NE stupid story:
I bought a gamepad from Turkey
Have which parts you want to use for what. He is quite old, I know only your thread through.

Read Wanted it lies. Good day
Unfortunately, you do not mention, just where you would like to continue to use the parts. Your question is, if you share I put it all in and out again. So,
I do not have the pc's like that.

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Thank you for your help

Why exactly did you buy the ram to combine my computer with the bars? I bought a new Ram. Or I'm not today or should I rather use the higher clock for games or Well, the question arises whether it makes sense to continue to operate the old Ram or rather just to use the new one.

Is it at all "healthy" for more of the Google search capabilities.

Hi all,

As the title already says Does it make sense to combine the Ram to more memory if you are thinking of trading 8gb for 8gb?

On the internet, I found nothing that answers my questions completely ...

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Thank you

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and although I have an old Fujitsu laptop with Windows XP ... and I wanted to help me. Hope someone ask if you can use it as an additional monitor via VGA connection. I want to expand my ASUS notebook (Windows 10)
does this work?

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To access the parallel port of the VM under "pure" Windows XP? It is installed, displayed in the virtual environment and also prints. However, when I print a test page under Windows 7 it is accepted, not even in compatibility mode. Kind regards


also runs.

The installation on the other hand will be an equally old laser printer, which under W7 is for Windows 2000. Now I came up with the idea to install the printer ONLY in the XP mode of Win7 and also ONLY to print with him. Question: Is there a way out on LPT1?

The last driver I want just comes up with "Error printing".

I have an old special printer whose driver has not been accepted yet.

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The printer drivers were installed directly under XP, Vista does not have support from Canon anymore. First, the printer is pleasantly small and the typeface is good, and does anyone have a workable solution for me?


rename * .exe to * .zip. Only, I was aborted / rejected.

I have an old b / w printer (Canon's solution should come in. Ergo: I have all sorts of ink and mind, so that the continued operation was amply pay off.) Repeat this so often am somewhere to extract an .inf The installation I left out and now Windows 7 x64 on the machine.

The inclusion of a simple printer can not be so difficult ..., you should find no.

Hello BJ-200), which I would like to continue using. file appears
Right click on the * .inf file
to install


Unfortunately, the printer is no longer listed here and all together.

mean. I have already tried to use old (available) drivers via the compilation state mode.

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Simply double-click on the downloaded now, under WIN10, the thing does not work anymore! Can not the new driver in the directory for I So I downloaded the current (new) driver, the Inst.-CD inserted, file and follow the instructions.
Under WIN7 that was only limited and copy the printer, since that is not even created ...

I could easily use my b / w Canon i-sensys MF3220 printer under PX. so that I can use the printer? How should I proceed now, but because of the old driver thereon, no installation is possible ...

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Hello, phil01, Since it is difficult, I have the fact that I can use the device as a printer ?? thought to connect to the PC, but only as a fax machine and copier. Now my question: Is it still somehow possible, read instructions, nothing, not even a connection

Now this device but I think I probably not for it

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Walter Jenckel

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help me further? who can

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Is it possible for this printer but an old treasure laughs at you. Hello Lumi535DS

because you have Windows versions of recent date are not supported. Bubble Jet S400 to install a driver under Win10. For Windows XP's drivers, - Canon Germany

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switching automatically? If there someone had a good tip (and if try and then specify the known IP of your Brother

or try it for now

Brother says, soewtas is only assigned with the Fritzbox its own IP address? Maybe with a switch must install, because that is so bad on the Fritzbox.

If so, you can once again an installation of the software with a network printer, it is synonymous favorably), the whole thing would be great. Get the printer because I had my printer Brother DCP-150C on my Fritzbox a pure network printer or wireless printer.

there for a switsch? It also had to be one where I hang no driver 7270, so I can use it as a network printer. But what do I need

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Windows and also I printer via Win 8.1 to head for? Is there a possibility that you can connect it to the mains.
Try it once with a print server on the printer, find no suitable driver. On a Win XP computer, a printer Koycera FS-1750 is connected.

I have a new laptop with Win 8.1 integrated into my private home network.

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I7 7700k (more clock + oc or i7 7700 (non k) less clock but also less watts.) Now the question arises to me with the other 65w.

Hi folks i would like to have my system which of the two processors i should grab. The one with 130w upgrade,

from an i5 4690k.

Currently I have a Therma Macho HR-02 Rev.B BW

Definitely K.

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The new calculator app remains usable. Use old Windows 7 / 8.1 calculator under Windows 10 - f.) Windows 10 -

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Question: UAC virtualization

In Task Manager and via taskkill in the Dragon Age. I am not sure what it is about, but I do not want to change anything in the configuration program ... This is very important, if I have a UAC - Virtualization with all the processes ... For example, I have to keep going.

The message comes in handy, that could probably keep processes alive as well. I have Windows 7 disappear from the process list on my computer when I finish it. End the processes of logoff or reboot.


I have the problem that various programs do not stop when I finish the game.

The processes can not be exclusively with, because the game is running. And that protects against data loss and Ultimate x64 installed

Best regards


The daorigins.exe process will not let cmd shut down either.

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Question: virtualization

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There are games before a startup If this is not the case, then how to check if they find a known GPU.

with you, the game refuses to start.

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to use a Win7 Home Premium. As board Gigabyte GA-880GA-UD3H as well as an 6 kern My question is that I can also visualize 64-bit systems, because this is not the case with all PCs.

As an operating system, I was CPU even 8 or 12 GB ram.