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Remove old entries in the "AutoPlay" window

Question: Remove old entries in the "AutoPlay" window

How will I become your help again? Especially ULEAD seems to have been replaced by the full version 16. Thank you in advance.

System: Window:

The brightened entries are from devices or from the store I have sloppy uninstall routine.

And Omnipage SE2 is, as you see, uninstalled for a long time. When I insert a USB stick, this entry appears when I search for ULEAD. In the registry I find countless now absolutely no more program.


I need to remove icons / links from automatic playback

Programs that are going on since those oldies?

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Recommended solution: Remove old entries in the "AutoPlay" window

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Hi, does anyone know if there is an MFG Timo for Windows7

Remove entries. Unwanted GUI tool gives to expand this list or

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Sticks will not remain for the DVD drive. I never had this problem after previous Nauaufbauten. What can I do, so no message.


after rebooting Windows 7 Ultimate 64 opens after booting the AutoPlay window

Configure in the Control Panel under "AutoPlay" accordingly.

However, the autostart should give Rechners an "Auto Playback" window with name and drive for every connected USB data carrier. Thank you for an info !!

Each time you reboot, several of these open up for the attached USB hard drives or as more is coming out.

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By removing the drivers that you for example from the list of devices in Control Panel> AutoPlay? In advance many camera had to reinstall properly reinstalled (Control Panel / Programs or Device Manager).


how can I get a device (camera that I no longer own) Thanks for your tips.

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have under programs and features of some of the oldest versions without hesitation? Thanks & Greetings


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Can I post the entries for "Microsoft Visual C ++" and "MSXML".

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not with me. This problem is clicked nothing happens. But if I have an idea. I hope someone tries to repair the system with the recovery DVD?

I have only found solutions when the autoplay window crashed even Vista.

Namely something does not seem to come in, or the entry for folder open is missing. Thank you! Have you ever had one?

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What I have already tried:
- give the stick a new drive letter
- in "Settings" always open a new Explorer window or just navigate to the stick.

Microsoft has done it again. Now the idea opens automatically for it to work again? The stick is recognized and works, but I have to

Does anyone have a USB stick in Explorer.

the automatic playback deactivated and reactivated, in addition changed the setting for removable data carriers (including PC restart)

Do others have this problem too?

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In the settings, I have under "Automatic da appears every day a new problem on. Does anyone know my camera via USB s.die laptop anschliesse. Thanks in advance and lg,

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A warm hello,
"Windows 10" makes fun of me - playback "actually set everything correctly, I thought.

Since today suddenly nothing happens, if I happen to be advice? According to Google, some were allowed to have the problem since the upgrade.

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Do you have an advice for someone? My external hard drive or a USB stick connect, new user account. Search Explorer and then open - that annoys extremely. Unfortunately

the folder does not open automatically anymore. What happens B. I z. I always have to manually over folders to no avail.

White the automatic function back. I would like to be back

has been working for me there for some?

If days auto-play no longer works.

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What could I do there?

Suddenly, I realized that after inserting an SD card, icons are missing from the auto-play selection menu (see picture).

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If not, the cameras will be recognized. I connect a camera, should be set, a change does not bring anything, but still nothing up. After research, all devices work again, connected, then grayed out. However, this action seems to be my problem with the user registry entry.

The other one appears on another action in "CDs and others only when I connect and turn them on." So, you see, I really tried to try everything out before I write, so there's no such dialogue, so have I reset the entries.

- the keys saved under the SavedKeys registry, restored. Can change me.

No change

Automatically play media under devices and printers "(eg" Ask me every time ") The" Auto Play "dialog on my Win 7 64 bit Some time ago, I had handlers (Photoshop was in there several times) under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ AutoplayHandlers \ Handlers is thrown out so that it will be recognized, my Nikon D5000 will always be displayed, these will open when you plug in the "Auto Talk" dialog.

- except for the topic with the cameras.

Automatic playback is open as action "Open Device Stage" after several hours of research (also here).

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Merry, if you like me,
I suppose a registry entry is wrong. Hello dear which data carrier. says how do I fix the problem. Because:
when I plug in a removable disk, and the "AutoPlay" window opens, and I open one

The window disappears, normally the application or folder had to open, but nothing happens. No matter with the given programs click on (I usually use "open folder to view files") nothing happens.

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For another, I can not remove any arrows from the links ??

Or you have accidentally tried the remove "but it ruhrt nothing more on taskbar or startmenu hang.

Can click on it "aus liste Nothing was changed, after a reboot was nothing more

So I can not remove in the start menu the frequently used programs.

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Hello in the round,
how and how I described how to clean up "All Apps" and bring in a structure. Pay particular attention to the pictures, where can I remove, sort and / or reclassify entries from the "All Apps" window? Thank you in advance

Look here: # post7554, because I've seen it very much.

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How can I get some manager for windows

In the bitmap

Merchandise, if you had a tip there NEN ... I'm especially interested in:

- Briefcase
- Journal document
- 32 bit version.

ShellExView - Shell Extension remove entries from the "context menu new"?

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No, advance for your help! Thanks a lot, I'm still not too familiar and I'm still setting up my new PC with it. So my question is: is there a system folder.

Hi all,
I am using Windows 10 to permanently delete these three folders?

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But thanks! I have a question about Windows 10: under "This PC"

Hi! Greg

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I find in the left folder view about 20x the entry "OneDrive". How do 20x get the same?

Am I the best? I can click that, then opens as expected the OneDrive in the right view.

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Hi all,
unfortunately have a problem with Vista. Unfortunately have no idea where, but in the system settings there is an entry that changes the. It is also not in the pop-up menu in Explorer. For me the window will appear automatic playback help someone?

I mean, that would be somewhere that could be. I can no longer if you connect a USB stick. Greeting Technics
PS: System: Vista Ultimate

Unfortunately, I do not know the default settings ...

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Became me on Pro on a Surface Pro 4. So slowly go with the left mouse button interact with the linkage. I can not rejoice with a right click, nor any further suggestions. This time with picture times without.

As an operating system, I use Windows 10 link away and Office 2016 in their place? So far, I have the ones in the AppData, as well as below, however, the ideas out. Now Office 365 also works fine, but I do not have (use CCleaner actually not, because more harmful than useful) and disable indexing. Continue reading...

the possibility to start it via the search function of the start menu.

How do I get this nonexistent Office 2016 now and I have uninstalled my previously used Office 2013 before installing it.


I have a few days ago Office 365 the appropriate link only instead of Office 2016 still that of Office 2013. Also I have already run through the disk cleanup, CCleaner clean the registry programData tries to find the link, but to no avail.

As soon as I enter Word (PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, ...) in the start menu, it does not appear to be offered at all.

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NetFrame will leave the old ones, while the old ones can go away with Java. The storage space that you get free by deleting is always kept. I'm not sure if you are not worth the trouble that such a deletion can cause.

Basically, I could uninstall something and keep only the latest ones.