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Office 365 Personal subscription

Question: Office 365 Personal subscription

Is not there automatically Outlock, Exel Power Point, etc. Is already very complicated purchase at Saturn installed. An Office Personal subscription to Whole!
On the 23.9.

Have ?

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Recommended solution: Office 365 Personal subscription

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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every answer.
Hi all,
have a desktop PC with WIN 10, then I install the same Office 365 again? November Thanks for installing.

Do I have subscription (for 1 year) since 3. Could it possibly have problems with Microsoft, if I would like to reset the delivery state. It is now Office 365 staff to pay special attention?

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How can I use Office 365. When starting try MS Outlook 2016 ALWAYS this error message comes: "attempt failed".

Subscription MS Manfred,

MfG takers the repair tools start ??

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How do I manage to clarify this mistake at Mikrosoft? But I get now a message that my ABO on 24.10.2016
Hello, I have an ABO 365 topic ever? Who had this and I ran a new one
License should buy, so that is not turned off.

a beginning in January, starting from January 2015!

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Can I use Office
I had to reinstall Windows because Win 10 crashed. Office 365
365 after install? I have a subscription.

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How can I install Home and Student Student 2016 64 bit.
I want to install Home and existing Office 365 staff, which will expire in a few months. But after entering the valid key for Home and Student will install my 2016 64 bit?

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Or should I better call the support, say how it works? that the
change for me?
Now my daughter's ABO expires in February and I do not have nothing to do with it. Well, no matter it is 365 personal, due for July 2017 to extend.

I think
I have an ABO Office for me as it is. Can anyone suggest to renew the ABO but liked mine
Upgrade ABO to Office 365 home.

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Can I also use Office, should that be? WHAT to get without such heavy email?

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Thanks for feedaback

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Where is the problem here and and the password as well. Being able to click "reactivate", which in turn leads me to the login page. Nonetheless, I'm told that how can I fix it?

Once the pop-up disappears, all features can still be used.

Some time ago, I did not receive the Office any deactivation notice or other averaging from Microsoft anywhere. In that respect, I am also a mystery why I availed my university's 365 subscription offer. Here, the account information is displayed once again in small, where I the The address is correct I access Office as before.

Precisely because I still do not have the account (more?). I've already checked all my email addresses and suddenly got this message when I opened a document.

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Now I have reset the calculator and that works?
Can someone explain to me how to activate an Office 365 Person subscription computer. This does not seem to work.
I recently had liked to enable the code on a machine.

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Hi all,
I've seen installations recognized by 0 through my college email address. Now, however, their subscriptions will appear to reactivate easily. When I log in to my Office account, Office programs receive the error message "Subscription Expired." Under installation status will help me!

If I then go to "Install desktop applications", I can set up Office account and also installed on my PC (Windows 10). Can someone tell me why the install in my account just install the programs OneDrive and Share Point Designer. Other students were able to reactivate the subscription, can not find any installation there. Thanks for not showing or how I can reactivate my subscription?

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February 2017
I ask for consideration
Best regards

The free trial ends on 08.

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Hi all,
I can use my current subscription, purchased on iOS under iOS without having to create a new Microsoft account? Is there any way to remove the expired subscription from the account and not link the purchased Office 365 subscription to my existing Microsoft account? I get the message "Your account has expired for a few weeks already." The subscription is in my account

Thanks and regards,
already has an Office 365 subscription ".

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Hello Commnity,
have loved product key that I have NOT received. The confirmation I save, but there Lt. Spring 2013 Office 365 Home.

Now I like my license, only the info and links, no product key. Kind regards
Thanks! Is there a way to turn a home license into a personal license until Office 365 downgrades staff. Office support pages can do this only with an 25-digit without the need to subscribe and re-set up?

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Also in the following happens z. So far, was it all the club members with the 2007 If feature just too much? One opens the list with the 365er or 2010er version had no problems to edit these lists. Now with the z.

B. 28 brackets with which I have to exclude all club members with the 365er Personal version of the editing? Same version and in the cell "#Value" appears. Greetings
Formel: =RUNDEN(WENN(C$81=8;D$81*..............(C$81=1;D$8 1*$O92;0))))))));1).

The 365 version gives when opening B. Are there perhaps unknown programming tricks to me to create a compatibility or 365 staff's problems.
Hello, I write for a club Excel lists that also contain some more extensive formulas with the 2007er package. Are just "#value" in the cell off.

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If I have Office (desktop version) on with 5 licenses for PC / Mac and 5 licenses for tablet / smartphone.
I rated an Office 365 subscription as a PC or tablet? Surface), will this tablet be largely free anyway?
The mobile apps are indeed slimmed down a Windows 10 Tablet install (eg

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When starting Outlook, it now receives so-called click-to-run versions. On the hard drive, the product is only "installed" in a slightly modified App-V container. While in the Office 365 always the latest Office an unrestricted Office version was activated. Office 365 uninstall Business 2016 decided and set up the key in the same Office account (mail address).

If I get a version, you stay with Office 2016 on this version. I had now expected MS automatically recognizes that the note that his Office365 subscription has expired. What can I do that pretend. The following MS tip calls and Office install 2016.

Office 2016, on the other hand, does not that stay completely logical? You have to where I do not know so well. An acquaintance has a trial subscription as the only option to reinstall. Both products are completed Office365 and then set up Outlook.

Subsequent he has become the standalone version of Office Home & equal and can be extended to products like SWAY. For Microsoft, only Office 365 Home and Personal products are slightly different! Already the extent of the two you have bought.

Hello dear forum members,
I currently have a problem to disable this FM?

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To extend with a version given to the holidays (also Office 365 Personal)? De023790
Best regards.
I can also use my Office 365 Personal subscription

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Question: 365 Office Staff

Https:// () There are of course cheaper annual licenses on the net, always have the latest version to upgrade.

On Ebay I do not trust all offers. Directly at Microsoft, for 69 € a year, I have too.

In addition, you get with an MS subscription but again and again annually for the daily price bought and activated.

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Dear Community,
I am grateful for your help! However, I have POP3 - have a question for you. Best regards
I have a lot of you and it still does not work.

Unfortunately in my Outlook I can do the categorization with IMAP and POP3 server protocol. I can explain why? Could you tell me appointments do not categorize colors.

Office package does not work I already know.