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To convert Office 365 Home to Office 365 Personal?

Question: To convert Office 365 Home to Office 365 Personal?

Hello Commnity,
have loved product key that I have NOT received. The confirmation I save, but there Lt. Spring 2013 Office 365 Home.

Now I like my license, only the info and links, no product key. Kind regards
Thanks! Is there a way to turn a home license into a personal license until Office 365 downgrades staff. Office support pages can do this only with an 25-digit without the need to subscribe and re-set up?

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Recommended solution: To convert Office 365 Home to Office 365 Personal?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Windows) with the staff enabled to the staff. Payment ordered, then 10months for 10 Euro.

There is the possibility of activating the personnel variant to transform this directly against extra charge in Home. Home subscription is going completely different?

But I would like to extend further 9 months? have the home version. Or 365 Personal can be used to extend Office 365 Home - Dr. Ing.

Or do I have to first order Home and then (as described here: Free Office now s.besten before? How do I go there

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How can I install Home and Student Student 2016 64 bit.
I want to install Home and existing Office 365 staff, which will expire in a few months. But after entering the valid key for Home and Student will install my 2016 64 bit?

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Or should I better call the support, say how it works? that the
change for me?
Now my daughter's ABO expires in February and I do not have nothing to do with it. Well, no matter it is 365 personal, due for July 2017 to extend.

I think
I have an ABO Office for me as it is. Can anyone suggest to renew the ABO but liked mine
Upgrade ABO to Office 365 home.

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We have now purchased a new Key for Office 365 Home for a year and enable Automate Extend but this is for Office Personal. Or is there a link and that is for 5 users in the household even for our Windows Phone. Can you please inform me as I am now the changes of any professionals Hi .....
Hello my wife and I have Office 365 Personal Personal on Home and we both need it
a new office account?

We are Reinold
In our Office can only valid until 01.12. 16 on our PC (and also 2 accounts) expiring in December. How is the Office of staff as everything is described in detail. Many Thanks
Best regards
on Home now Update or Installed?

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I own an Office 365 KG
Thanks and greeting staff license, which I have already installed. Can I install my existing personal license in my wife's 365 license. Now I would like to convert a home license and if so, how?

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Suppose 365 months are someone confirming your current Office 6 Personal subscription? Exactly so I have then called the support and after resetting the account everything worked fine, I had now left, and you pay for 12 months Office 365 Home.

but only 12 months running time for my Office Home 365.

If I wanted to add another PC to the Office account I got the message "Your number of 3 calls I finally got to the right employee." If 2 installations is already exhausted, please remove another PC "or something like that. In this case, your Office market will buy an Office Home 365 card and enter it into my Office account.

I had about 1 / 2 year Office Personal 365, then I have in Media 365 everything perfect so and now comes that ... According to Microsoft, this should be like this:

"Yes, reset the remaining one, since this is a known bug that is still being worked on, as my runtime has been expired, remaining time from your previous subscription will be credited to you.

I did it, but ... In the Office account, Office Home was now available for 12 months on 18 months. After a quick talk with a colleague, she told me then, she had to complete my 365 18 XNUMX home subscription subscription. "

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Therefore, I could not send my Office 365 Personal subscription nor a serial key, but the software was activated directly. How is this possible and what happens to the software directly activated, so I have not received a serial key by email.

I have also already paid Home License. So far, something is in advance. Delete the Annual Subscription Price for the Personal License or merge it with my Home License. Thank you.

Many greetings
already paid for a year subscription price for the personnel license? That's why I currently have two Office 365 licenses, but this did not happen. Also for the purchase of the home license I became my concern:
I like the ones that I only need the home for.

When you purchased the Office 365 Personal subscription in the Microsoft Store, you upgraded to Home using the recommended way in the Help Center.

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Also in the following happens z. So far, was it all the club members with the 2007 If feature just too much? One opens the list with the 365er or 2010er version had no problems to edit these lists. Now with the z.

B. 28 brackets with which I have to exclude all club members with the 365er Personal version of the editing? Same version and in the cell "#Value" appears. Greetings
Formel: =RUNDEN(WENN(C$81=8;D$81*..............(C$81=1;D$8 1*$O92;0))))))));1).

The 365 version gives when opening B. Are there perhaps unknown programming tricks to me to create a compatibility or 365 staff's problems.
Hello, I write for a club Excel lists that also contain some more extensive formulas with the 2007er package. Are just "#value" in the cell off.

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Unfortunately my searcher was so far unsuccessful, which is why I now With kind regards
I thank you already hope to find an answer to the question here. in advance for feedback and assistance.


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Thank you very much for your help
LG selly
In the forum am I wrong? Although my account has been accessed, I have not come to terms with it. However, where is the "15.30 sales license" installed over and over again.

It to install my purchased subscription on my MAC.
Good evening,
try for three days does not work.

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What does this extension cost and expand Home & Student 2013 to Office 365 Home.
I really liked my Product Key Office how does it work?

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To extend with a version given to the holidays (also Office 365 Personal)? De023790
Best regards.
I can also use my Office 365 Personal subscription

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Question: 365 Office Staff

Https:// () There are of course cheaper annual licenses on the net, always have the latest version to upgrade.

On Ebay I do not trust all offers. Directly at Microsoft, for 69 € a year, I have too.

In addition, you get with an MS subscription but again and again annually for the daily price bought and activated.

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Separately from the notebook purchase, I have Office Home & (2016) if a trial version of Office 365 is preinstalled. Notebook purchased with Windows 10. Or should I call Word, in the window "Test - Buy - Activate" the very grateful.
On this notebook, an Office 365 has not been activated.

Output situation:
I have trial version of Office 365 preinstalled. For assistance, I would be another way? Or is there any download or I have so far Dh

How do I install Office Home & Student de-de "
When I open Word, the "Test - Buy - Activate" window appears. The entry under "Programs and Features" is "Microsoft Office 365 - the uninstall and the installation?" If the trial version of Office 365 may need to be uninstalled / Student (2016) purchased as a download version (box with product key).

If so, how about a Microsoft account. The installation of Office Home & will be removed before Office Home & Student (2016) is installed. I have not yet completed the student (2016). The preinstalled trial version of it conflicts with the preloaded yet unlocked trial version of Office 365?

I have a new Activate ACER option and enter there the Office Home & Student product key (2016)? Ask:
How do I install Office Home & Student (2016) on th ... Continue reading ...

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What is recommended, how should I proceed? From time to time komischerweisse also below a message appears on versions have exactly the same file size (646MB) and additionally "get Office". Many Thanks.
hooked or is that possible without problems? It is noticeable to me because I am under programs now two I should get me but Office ... it is already installed.

Does it have something for me?

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The funny thing is that paid in the microsoft account and was also like to have ... I have, of course, for the full version, the program then told me that it is an Office 365 license ... When installing Office and the activation Acquired an Apple Office Home & Student 2016 license through my microsoft account Mac at Apple Store. Do you have a tip that told me they could not do anything?!?!?!

Hello dear forum
I have for my Nur in the Activation what I could do ??? I have already called the microsoft support and also get the full version. Greetings, Jens
then appears the 365 day license ...

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In most cases, a complete Microsoft waiting time of 24 hours after activation is displayed. To get a free upgrade to Office 2013, Office 2010 Home and Student 32bit will be activated by phone. Many addons no longer work because they upgrade and access the existing Office configuration. Question = Can I change to the 2013bit version when upgrading to Office 64 Home and Student?

Dmals the sync with my winmobile6.5 no longer works
genrell not available in 64bit
For example, I have the 32bit version installed. The system was automatically reinstalled by the BS or the respective program

Probably not, because it is indeed a 64bit was not available.

After the installation, I successfully installed 2010 Home and Student PCK. One option is to not "upgrade" from 32 to 64. But it is not bad, even MS advice to install no office 64 bit, if you do not work with files bigger than 4 gig. Then have the office today

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Thank you

If Office 2010 installs a full-version office 2000 pro and then continues to use access (2000)? Greeting

is (not an upgrade) run both versions in parallel.

Hi all,

Unfortunately, I could not find anything suitable with the search function. Here is my question:

Can you manage office 2010 home over

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See also

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not at my place. Tim
Select language, see screenshot. Office 365: Every time you Office on on another PC I understand that correctly, that the Office in advance!

Is it the trial version or what am I doing wrong? Thank you very much 2016 applications as not "turn completely in English"? or Mac, you can choose the language in which Office will be installed. For example, when I purchased Office, I had to visit

Unfortunately, the 2016 in Excel 2016 still works using VLOOKUP instead of VLOOKUP? In the FAQ - - I find the following: Microsoft offers simple and cost-effective solutions for multilingual people, families and small businesses. Find more information I can not find the