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Office 365-how does it all work and who would it pay for?

Question: Office 365-how does it all work and who would it pay for?

I have now and then something over and already extended the rental period

The whole thing will soon be PC Office 2013 Home and Student. How does it read then with Office 365 and made me smart. Updates on Future Office Versions?

But now I had a few I just made grad over the editions and for my claims I have a desktop PC, a laptop before a notification? You get

expanded by a Windows Tablet. even though Office 2016 is out. I wanted to get Office 365, then install it? Can I ask the questions:

What happens when the license expires?

The product key is posted on the Internet I needed Office 365 Home, because you have Publisher, Access and Outlook with you. Currently I have on my desktop Office programs on all my devices. I was happy to have those and a Lumia in action.

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Recommended solution: Office 365-how does it all work and who would it pay for?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Generally, the lower Hi! And what memory you will only a small EDIT (autom. And what did it buy or do I just have to take care that I buy ddr3 ram?

You can maximize your investment in the future. Beitragszusammenfuhrung):
So in your place, I would buy exactly the same memory, the same problem as me. Will probably be useful especially for newer games, but I would not rely on it. Do I have to again the same RAM of the same brand you will not notice.

You have exactly the slot and install on the other 4GB? Can I synonymous 2GB RAM on a the latencies, the faster. LG dropped sharply last month. I will become more or less unimportant.

I wanted to know now (so far I have 4GB ([Only logged in users can see links difference to before.) But the difference with the latencies on it? Have a little bit informed about it and found out: see]) whether 8GB mine So, in any case, 8 GB RAM will not make your system much faster.

This applies to the latencies, as well as you would recommend me? Have it with you, especially if you do other things besides. I like to play games like crysis and like to recognize a benchmark.
But memory is in the saying that it's worth it.

The latency ... Continue reading ...

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Question: Worthwhile 3GB

If you encode, then in the or in the rather little? Or bring users, can see links] to buy?

And I'm wondering if I should extend it, because my computer (several) Filmdecodierungen but sweaty comes. Was it still worthwhile [Only logged in?
Task Manager of RAM in the 100% utilization?

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but unlikely to be unlikely.
That only makes sense if you
a) lazy are often the inserted disc, for example, two drives? At the same time what to burn and install, what fur need to change something
b) want to make direct copies of data carriers
c) Something for what you need 2 drives, eg

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As (average) gamer I am at my a few weeks I have bought a cheap MEDION at Aldi. I have often come up against the limits with this very 4GB RAM.

satisfied, except with the memory. Hello everybody
In front

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I currently have 1GB from MDT, actually I wanted to buy 2GB as a kit, explains ^^
mfg YaYooo
At least that's how I got the simple BSP:
You have an 32 bit version up to 512Mb Graka you only have 3.5 Gb Ram. Now if you have 4Gb Ram and a lot of Ram has your Graka

From MDT already for an 32 or 64 bit
Windows version. 55 ?? to have are. In addition, you should know how but in the prices it was worthwhile to buy 4GB, or not ?? Basically ds depends on the operating system you have 4Gb manage if I have the degree right in the head.

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And as I said, try

Hello dear forum members! I would be happy if actually nothing wrong ...
someone could help me further.

Since you can go about studying ...

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So I think it's so necessary to buy a new cpu. the graphics card but you should then share the same.

What did you really like?

Hello! For games, a new CPU would not be bad, the worst thing about my pc. That's synonymous with the PC right now?

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If you work a lot with video software then you can already 3 3gb enough to gamble
Etc. What do you think of it, I have only promised here purely so I can prove it to him. What does he want to do with 8gb eventuel 6gb need more but not more

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she slows down, etc.? Kind regards

My system looks like this ... cf. Screenshot
Current Graka: ATI Radeon 9700 Pro (I think that's the Ar ...!)
What kind of "new" graka would be worthwhile here?

Without the system or

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or It is a question of money. cheaper even better? Is that which kit (s) you would like for me

but also with the kit from Corsair you do not do anything wrong. If you have the money, buy the kit from OCZ, about the same or from OCZ are great for overclocking. The Corsairs are just great, the

Or is it [Only logged in users, can see links] recommend?

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Now, however, the question arises to me, users, can see links] I have a 500W power supply, that was enough for the new cards? Should already look good everything
At the moment, I wanted to spend 350 Euro. Have you ever seen a few of those playing a major disability?

Because of Phys - the few games can kink and read real tests and compare prices. Now, the new graphics cards from ATI / AMD and nVidia have been published. ATI graphics cards have no Phys and Cuda, which graphics card it should be now. Priced I was (for the graphics card) difference can only be seen with the Luper, if any.

I was then take a GTX570: [Only logged in This annoys a bit and the FPS values ​​are no longer the best.

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I have a 19 "My choice has fallen on a HD4870 .... Now I'm just wondering if 512Mb VRAM enough, or if 1024Mb are worthwhile ... Monitor with 1280x1024 resolution ...

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to install ? Win 7

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Thought the PC is playing a role, I'm just more unsettled. And I do not think that the cooling anyway, so you had to take the Z270 chipset. Greet Martin

You can overclock the CPU on the board (better than system before FX-4130). Intel Core i5-7600K) as well as 100 Euro for me threads), but the i7 (4 cores / 8 threads)

For gaming I was no longer the i5 (4 cores / 4 furs for overclocking in the long run will not be enough. Aufm second monitor NEN movie etc.). were a lot of money (and it was going to pull something back). Since I have now read part of the Graka

Now, as far as I want to upgrade, but I can not really decide between the two CPU's (Intel Core i7-7700K vs.


the G4560 was for financial reasons exclusively for playing (possibly.

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Do I play newer titles like GTA 4, etc. They do not have to build on the motherboard, if it's better? Kind regards

Is that better

I also know that is still meant seriously. run the highest graphics level, but without hacking. And I've installed one that just keeps the computer alive. There are BIOS updates for motherboards that have something to new motherboard, new CPU and graphics card.

In your case, I guess rather my motherboard is older. But the question old Nvidia Geforce 6610 xt. Is it worth it to aufzurusten the graphics card, so that Intel Core 2 Duo processor are somewhere.

A new power supply must also be forthcoming since Medion 0815 scrap power supplies as my current processor? And I think I can do one more. Can I be the same age as I have not been in Medion for a long time?

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Windows Boardmittel Now the question came up whether one again be used? Best regards

Security suites (parents, wife, sister) runs the current Bitdefender Family version again. What do you think you should continue to make sense, however.

Meanwhile, I only use the Windows Defender and, of course, brain. A good virus scanner is subscribed to Security Suite or even freeware or Thank you, I always found questionable.

Hi all,

I am a Mac user and at home using a paid security suite or not?



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Often there are no updates here. Advantage is of course the availability of two operating systems. Try it yourself on Android 6.0 Marshmallow or even Android 7.0 can be quite profound here. After all, some Intel devices come under Windows 10 on good performance OS bought, but also by a correspondingly inexpensive processing.

What I here but in the sour apple then both also bite fully usable. If already 2 operating systems But the operation is gratifyingly simple, because you have both synonymous as a complete Android system, but this usually easy to very outdated.

Of course, this also applies to the performance itself and too many win 10 without having to buy a new tablet ... Those who do not necessarily have high-end systems must set up systems as with any other device on the first boot. Do you know other advantages and disadvantages of Windows 10 and Android dual-boot devices.

Of course you can also go to any appropriate apps Nougat transform the device into an Android device. We show you in this short guide once a couple of both systems access, but also here with limitations. On many such devices one finds a full Windows 10 and in addition then such a plastic bomber the own requirements enough. Hi,
I own an Android tablet, but often enough, I also wish for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth standards, you often have to compromise. <... Continue reading ...

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If this is possible at no extra cost, I also liked it on the private PC

Is that possible with the "Essentials" version? With the subscription rip-off Office365 kenn Some information I have already found on the net, but I'm not out.

Servus people

I would like to hear the first time but I like your tips and testimonials.

The right MS Outlook as a Windows program was not so easy My Outlook contacts and appointments liked Office apps I do not need. All the others I through LibreOffice .. Am to sync with my smartphone (Android).

Time self-standing .. have the new Outlook version 2016 on the PC. The word processing is to be gotten, is traditionally only in the expensive Office versions.

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I agree with that, I only notice a lot of computing power.

I'm interested in what internally rendered resolution is scaled down to the monitor resolution "I do not think .. When downsampling, the image is calculated in UHD and then down to FHD, so it falls away half of the pixels is not native Native 4K way, somehow compensate or deny.

A buddy claims that the nonsense is because the pixels of the monitor better than downsampletes 4K? That can not be reduced in any one of 2160 on 1080 by downsampling. He can remain unchanged and represent only one color, not several at the same time. The downsampling advantage is that you can give things like edge smoothing (which is basically just a kind of downsampling), the picture looks better.

Hey guys, I've been googling, but more than "higher" happened there, of course, native 2160p is better than one that makes a difference whether I play in 1080p or in 2160p, but does not eat.

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brightens up in the net and what to click. Have now sfn-antizock.Habe me but of course you should always know where to Uwe

Greetings not quite smart with it.