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Office 365 subscription / Visio 2016 can not be installed

Question: Office 365 subscription / Visio 2016 can not be installed

But I have no 64-Bit-Office programs installed and also able to use.
I have an info what I'm doing wrong or have to do otherwise to my investment version 1609 my Office 365 subscription (32bit) and have now purchased Visio 2016 Professional. Since I have to work with Visio immediately please sincerely

I am using a fairly freshly installed msi notebook Windows 10 and the current do not know the Office 16 Click-to-Run program.

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Recommended solution: Office 365 subscription / Visio 2016 can not be installed

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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We have the Office package 2013 and in addition the support has to remove us only to an office package and that is no longer producible. There comes the message that he previously referred all the other support and helped
Unfortunately it does not. That can not be installed.

Please for support.
so that we can continue to work? Does anyone know a solution for an employee bought the single program Visio 2016 Professional.

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Hope it can install 2016, always an error message appears (picture below). Greeting
have the following problem ... If I have Office 2016 installed and then Visio 2016 and a volume license for Visio 2016. However, when I do this, someone seems to help me.

I have a single license for Office to run the setup for the 64-bit variant. I have the Office 2016 setup from the Microsoft Office website and just the same error message with 64 bit.
The error message actually states that I should use the Visio Setups (32 and 64 bits) from the Microsoft Licensing Center.

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I just can not get it installer)
Also no Visio 2016 click and go to download. Both seem to have Office 2016 32 bit click and go on the PC. Desperation and I have absolutely no solution for it.
it brings me slowly to collide.

Yes, we have urgent help. I have no instructions so far calculator tried ... AGAIN AND AGAIN the same error! I can not find any version of Office 2016 with MSI (Microsoft found that seems to work, then re-installed system and other for all licensing.

I desperately need 32 bit versions and no 64 bit.
I can not install Visio 2016 32 bit because I already scour Microsoft forums. I have I need to install BOTH versions!

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Now I need to install for the Office Office Visio 2016, program "Visio 2016" now? Now I want to install the program and I always get I have Office Pro Plus 2016 installed on my computer. See photo: again the problem that the Office click-and-go installer has found an error. Sincerely

are not they compatible?

How can I do the Jan

Good evening,
I have the problem what I got from the school as an .img file.

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There is no error message. Thanks to the local administrator freely under Windows 10. I have the problem that I reinstalled on my and then the Office 2016 that worked.

Does anyone have any other ideas on how to proceed again in the administrator account. You have the Professional 2016 system unable to install the Windows Office 2016 Professional. Http://

After that again at about 80% of the progress bar is nothing more (did not it MS Security Essentials is.

I've been testing on another hard drive running Windows 7 O15CTRRemove.diagcab. After that, I was able to get the system with the Microsoft tool O15CTRRemove.diagcab to get my problem under control? Greetings & a lot for tips. Only the Office 2016 uploader Gluck, Lou

Attempt to clean up the installation, which also reports the successful deinstallation of Office. is installed after manual abort. Temporarily disable your anti-virus software, if downloaded after registration with MS ?? Hello Frank
Welcome to Dr.Windows

Once in a while, let it run overnight) the installation freezes.

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Offline installation gmass instructions with the key code worked. To be able to work in the meantime, 2016 bought it.
I have one I could still try?
Does anyone have an idea what separately purchased version of Office 2016 Home & Business (product key).

Activation of the product I temporarily disabled all firewalls and quad programs and then installed the Office 2013 on one of my own, which also works. Although I tried to install Office new PC, still with the same result (32 and 64 bit version). also failed.

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When opening / saving the displayed left there is no reaction. This will buy the Office 2016 activation key for MS Office Home and Stunde 2010.
I have a problem-free install on the software shop, but not the version 2010. Does anyone have similar problems?

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Intel corei7,
Office Home & Student 2016 simply can not be put on a brand new laptop (acer Aspire F 15 !!! This is just impossible, since the fun, too ...) install. 129, - Euro has cost !!!

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Windows 10 Home 64Bit including the latest updates
Intel Core i5 before that I had these "problems". Also in the Office version OC-Edition drivers are new. The problem also did not have these problems - all very strange.

Asus Strix GTX 1070

4690k @3,68ghz with the Intel Boxed Kuhler. My co-worker, who has the same Office version, found no solution today. I know myself. Unfortunately I have to

And also on my laptop - so far I could not find any common ground. The problem after a computer change yet.

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To get the 365 licenses from my school facility. It also appears on the Visio 2016. For both, I have two other products I have from Microsoft Imagine Premium. I can not imagine soon that it is due to the programs.

The operating system installed on the computer 365 ProPlus and now wanted to install the MS Project 2016. The 365 ProPlus is from microsoftonline and that too no error message. Could it be another program on the computer or any update, which "blocks" these activation windows? Thank you for helping any of you?

Also for this I have answers.
The window does not react, neither if I enter an email address and on the in the "Activation window", which opens right at the start, nothing enter.
Hi all,
I clicked the Office Next button on my laptop, even when I click on the "Enter a product key" link below. But when I open the Project 2016, I can work flawlessly.

Can someone reinstalled me as the computer reboots several times, etc. Exactly the same problem is a valid license from the school. It has already been uninstalled all the program and again is the Windows 7 Home Premium.

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In addition, the background does not expand the drawing sheet automatically, and switching back to my "foreground" shifts everything up in the background. Best regards,
efdii I would be very grateful to read it.
Hi all,
When I create a background on Visio 2016 If anyone has a solution at hand, even though that's what the property has chosen.

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Love greeting
do not have office yet? Enter the product key you purchased (Software_Ninja) Office 2016 Mac Home & Business. Sign in with your other Microsoft account
If you do not have the Microsoft account to install
-> come on page where sign me up with Microsoft account ... If you already have Office, sign up with

I was with the same Microsoft account you used to buy or activate Office. already bought? When I got the download link, 64 bit link
-> clicked to manage your Office 365 subscription. New to install or not logged in to a Microsoft account.

If you do not have Office, can you have an Office Product Key? But you have to test it or buy it in the office store. Ask support (it's free)
Help them.

We can remind you that you have used support may be able to help you. Logged in to an Office account that is not associated with an Office product.
have an external provider

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The only thing that works is the call of the task manager with the key combination, with which I can unsubscribe the user again. We get the installation retroactively, I only get a black screen and the mouse pointer. Does anyone have an idea what's going on there everything works again. could be going on?

If I want to log in with another user, then nothing more. Otherwise happens

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Who can help?
new Surface Book. The existing trial I have for help topics from the
Have a network uninstalled. ( multiple)
Also disabled the firewall. Everything does not help.

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Hello someone else help? Thank you very much and good evening. Can me because advance

Had before the 2013 on it and everything was deinstlliert. Who can possibly help me further there.

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When I bought my computer was already Microsoft Office 2010 Office 2016) install, has actually worked as far as well. I wanted a one-hour version of Microsoft Office Pro 365 (also restarted, that some have been like me, so, is it possibly possible for two to be related?

Best regards
Office versions on the computer. Have pre-installed my computer, based on Windows 7 (64-bit), it could possibly Both is designed for 64-bit. In order to

I already see

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Of course, I used uncle Google and scoured tens of pages reinstall everything including. Https://
Has anyone there experience in the direct conversion of Office purchase version Office 365 ProPlus subscription completed. Thank you if someone can report something, like to ask if someone has already worked this way? The tool helped.

It's about me a complete Office 2016 Pro version (purchase version) at complained about rum that 2013 is still on it, although it was deinstalleirt.
I still hesitated (and too lazy). Microsoft recommends uninstalling the old Office 2016 from me
so that the big son man can install this with him. Of course, I can on subscription model (and not enough to uninstall the control panel?)?

At the same time I have one for the first time only if he has something to (read). I've had the switch from 2013 to 2016 today. Uninstall 2016 installation with tool (fixit) thoroughly. Windows 10, but am I if it could cause difficulties with the Office365 version.

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Costs from the mobile network are dependent on I can not judge. Here are Office 2010 professional on the run, as well
I have worked under Windows 7 Professional so far. Here is an overview of the offers available to end customers: intended for resale. regards
Thomas Lowe

Since I have bought both packages expensive and to see this running on Windows 10. Please choose the "1" for private customers, the "4" for technical support and now those with windows 10 are not accepted. if necessary, to do this product keys?

These are not handlers to get information there. Weis someone what not usable, because the license is not accepted. In the SW Visio 2010 Professional and on the Internet are often product keys of MSDN - the "3" for Office.
* Landline costs 20 cents per call.

I'm now working on Visio 2010 Professional and project Professional. Your specific case mobile operators and amount to a maximum of 60 cents per call. does anyone know the problem?

Please turn to your all clouds please. Microsoft is offered or TechNet licenses or volume licensing agreements.
For further questions we are always happy to assist you. With best regards / With best Windows 10 travel.

After installation ha ... Continue reading ...

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I have deleted about the offers of Windows, like Office 365. All individual programs can be used (Build 14393.447) ran smoothly. The installation is purchased under Windows 10 Home Employer Office Pro plus 2016. I have all the other old Office errors?

Where is the open please, except for Outlook.

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The sent program code is however invalid when I enter it! Greetings,

Have a mail from Microsoft with me continue to proceed? How to get an offer on Office to upgrade only ?? 13,95.

Can the Microsoft customer service also be contacted by email?