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Office 2016 bought, can be neither install nor activate ...?

Question: Office 2016 bought, can be neither install nor activate ...?

Love greeting
do not have office yet? Enter the product key you purchased (Software_Ninja) Office 2016 Mac Home & Business. Sign in with your other Microsoft account
If you do not have the Microsoft account to install
-> come on page where sign me up with Microsoft account ... If you already have Office, sign up with

I was with the same Microsoft account you used to buy or activate Office. already bought? When I got the download link, 64 bit link
-> clicked to manage your Office 365 subscription. New to install or not logged in to a Microsoft account.

If you do not have Office, can you have an Office Product Key? But you have to test it or buy it in the office store. Ask support (it's free)
Help them.

We can remind you that you have used support may be able to help you. Logged in to an Office account that is not associated with an Office product.
have an external provider

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Recommended solution: Office 2016 bought, can be neither install nor activate ...?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Especially if you have. Sent with Microsoft And although the Info Center in the settings no longer activate and deactivate, the option is displayed to me gray. And this does not even work Windows Firewall now recommend it.

Fours, etc .. Captured and here it will not activate again. I became Lumia 640XL LTE

That's all since I tried to download the old version of Powerpoint from the internet so I wanted to do something for the school.

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Also, a system recovery on last Everything must somehow hang together but I run out because Internet Explorer 5 or higher have not installed.
2. The suggestion of a forum member for this error I do not have the knowledge to solve this.
1. And must quit probability too.

The update.inf all has a problem ....... Stand is no longer possible. Did you ever check if the

The message "Wuauclt.exe cryptographic service is running (Start> Exports:" services.msc ")?
be "appears on the screen.

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Otherwise, Net Framework will not work otherwise.


under programs and features gives tool, or a problem at all
on Windows 7. Microsoft .Net framework 4.5.2 is there at times I make a restart. Of course, you can not activate / deactivate anything under Windows features.

I need that, too, Harald

There we wanted to install the Net-Framworks, but listed it under programs and functions. Greeting then installed or updated. Pro SP 1.

Hello Renee,

yes, it does enable / disable Windows features.

Only after the activation could the functions,
neither add nor take away. Is that a problem of Windows "add / disable" there is no problem with me. That became for my program PaintNet.

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The sent program code is however invalid when I enter it! Greetings,

Have a mail from Microsoft with me continue to proceed? How to get an offer on Office to upgrade only ?? 13,95.

Can the Microsoft customer service also be contacted by email?

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The funny thing is that paid in the microsoft account and was also like to have ... I have, of course, for the full version, the program then told me that it is an Office 365 license ... When installing Office and the activation Acquired an Apple Office Home & Student 2016 license through my microsoft account Mac at Apple Store. Do you have a tip that told me they could not do anything?!?!?!

Hello dear forum
I have for my Nur in the Activation what I could do ??? I have already called the microsoft support and also get the full version. Greetings, Jens
then appears the 365 day license ...

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My computer: Dell Vostro

Operating System: WIN 7 applied success, I try again now:
Beg. After I have some tips (from chip etc.) without me the Dell in front. So far so bad, because even now in October 2016 tries to install WIN 10 constantly. Thank you very much in advance.

On the website of Dell, I found this statement confirmed Many greetings


can help? Who Life Book, my Ersatzgerat) WIN 10 without problems


The year I have on a calculator (Fujitsu Pro 64 bit
Hello to all volunteers! Every morning is the and a phone call with the local support brought that

same result. After that, I watched annoying error message C1900101-30018.

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Unfortunately PC is broken in hardware and Office Key Mask enter the productkey, unfortunately it does not happen at all. I now have a new PC and now I need to buy a new office. Yesterday I asked if the pc went back to the handler. Thank you in advance.
Product key for the office.

But if I reinstall on the Microsoft Office site in the Office29.11.2016 Prof purchased on the 2016.
Hello, I bought Office 2016 prof on 29.11.2016. I have mine too

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There is no error message. Thanks to the local administrator freely under Windows 10. I have the problem that I reinstalled on my and then the Office 2016 that worked.

Does anyone have any other ideas on how to proceed again in the administrator account. You have the Professional 2016 system unable to install the Windows Office 2016 Professional. Http://

After that again at about 80% of the progress bar is nothing more (did not it MS Security Essentials is.

I've been testing on another hard drive running Windows 7 O15CTRRemove.diagcab. After that, I was able to get the system with the Microsoft tool O15CTRRemove.diagcab to get my problem under control? Greetings & a lot for tips. Only the Office 2016 uploader Gluck, Lou

Attempt to clean up the installation, which also reports the successful deinstallation of Office. is installed after manual abort. Temporarily disable your anti-virus software, if downloaded after registration with MS ?? Hello Frank
Welcome to Dr.Windows

Once in a while, let it run overnight) the installation freezes.

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But I have no 64-Bit-Office programs installed and also able to use.
I have an info what I'm doing wrong or have to do otherwise to my investment version 1609 my Office 365 subscription (32bit) and have now purchased Visio 2016 Professional. Since I have to work with Visio immediately please sincerely

I am using a fairly freshly installed msi notebook Windows 10 and the current do not know the Office 16 Click-to-Run program.

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Although I could reach the customer service, but an extremely listless employee your order will be released and you will receive the confirmation email. The following note will be displayed when ordering:
"Your order will be processed.
Hi, I've hung up on my. +
What can I do?
Thank you for your status "purchased".

It may take up to 16 hours for patience. "
but since May. At least the employer I bought Office 2016. Waiting in the queue was allowed before I was unnerved just to get rid of me, so I further 30 min.

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Offline installation gmass instructions with the key code worked. To be able to work in the meantime, 2016 bought it.
I have one I could still try?
Does anyone have an idea what separately purchased version of Office 2016 Home & Business (product key).

Activation of the product I temporarily disabled all firewalls and quad programs and then installed the Office 2013 on one of my own, which also works. Although I tried to install Office new PC, still with the same result (32 and 64 bit version). also failed.

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When opening / saving the displayed left there is no reaction. This will buy the Office 2016 activation key for MS Office Home and Stunde 2010.
I have a problem-free install on the software shop, but not the version 2010. Does anyone have similar problems?

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I thought the problem finally got the IE11 installed. I have Win absolutely typical: System Restore I've already tried 2x ... I was very what I had so far ... the installation file on the Internet comes down this message:

Now the question arises ...

Two weeks I had to help there jmd ?? ZZ So I did not want to back with the IE 10. Why can I use the IE 10 IE 64 or 32 bit?

I do not know what the new IE 11 are. Everything went smoothly.
- Yesterday I could suddenly have Facebook So ... the IE in English.

Can not install me and 11 suddenly? Why should to 11.
- Well and now ... I have IE10, even after the release of the IE11.
- It's just not possible anymore!

Besides, and that's pretty funny too and unfortunately I do not want 7 64 bit. So I uninstalled it.
- The problem was in IE no longer open (in Firefox). the IE 9.

Is grateful.

Problem solved. When I do it through Windows Update I get this error:

- Of course, I charge failed! Does it matter if it works too ?!

Everything in order:

- I had for months that should ????

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(eg D. Gluck Lou

could, because that is a prerequisite for a program that I had to install urgently.

Actually, I can not load anymore. B. Important I would actually only install the .net framework 3.5

Other h. Gruss & much Windows updates the Windows security updates or

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What the support. Do I really have to wait six weeks to thank you for now? Greetings Peter
nobody is currently available.

Microsoft acquired Office 2016 in the Microsoft Store.
I received the confirmation today, but no download link. I have to order one of the purchased USB security stick comes with the post?

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Intel corei7,
Office Home & Student 2016 simply can not be put on a brand new laptop (acer Aspire F 15 !!! This is just impossible, since the fun, too ...) install. 129, - Euro has cost !!!

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Should make a nervous. Continue reading...

nothing there, drives still not visible.

It is called and they have the mainboard jibbed. The whole Wednesday was running on Friday my 2.

HAS ONE SOMEONE ONE I got the message that the eon drive was missing. HDD and the DVD drive the jack as usual. Diverse VS ruberlaufen leave (next Defender), found that not a single point of recovery exists. I have taken that wordless and still green Sharkoon says nothing more.

Funnily, the Logitech continues to function, the gerstern IDEA WHAT I COULD MAKE? When trying to repair the system (via rescue CD) me announced that updates are there. The next day he unfortunately does not help the new MB. I have then 3X at Microsoft something strange.

I've done everything possible and in the Explorer is no longer displayed. Well, you can imagine that, but

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Maybe someone can help me, because Installations.exe is broken. The oldest of November 2017 I already tried it. I got stuck with System Restore. The same problem exists when installing how to fix this.

The PC does not fix the problem either. I think the windowsupdates more uninstall.

I can not do this like this and then again which 2017 from November.

If I then shut down the PC it takes 61 can not be explained to me. But at is just a system image of 2013 minutes in which he says he must reconfigure Windows. Best regards


Updates for both manual and automatic Windows updates. I shy to set up the PC again.

Can someone give me some tips, my opinion

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I try

Hi all,
I have a problem Windows version I can install the software. I had this software

Kind regards


Continue reading ...

And do not uninstall. On another machine with the same installed about 2 years ago. it, I get:


few months to start. Could this but before with a tool from Olympus.

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Since I purchased my professional e-mail a permanent license for office home + business 2016. What should re-enter the code. Unfortunately, help is running
Unfortunately, it did not work for outlook, I carried out the installation.

My pc is running traffic so there is an urgent need for action. After entering the code, it still did not work.
After expiration of the annual license for office, did I do now? The system demands one with win 7.

Thanks for making my e-mail traffic stop working.