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Undesirable shortcut as find out

Question: Undesirable shortcut as find out

How can I find out what's behind it? Somebody or something has the famous Klammerafffe the Explorer (Libraries) is opened. and not always open the explorer.

When I press the ALTGR key and add -> I built a shortcut. ALTGR + Q is the natural z. Liked same keyboard shortcut as CTRL + ALT + Q.

B: when entering an email address the add sign

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Recommended solution: Undesirable shortcut as find out

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Question: Unwanted call

Read the mentioned, called the "Windows" folder and then opened the "System32" folder. I tried using "autoruns" here: syswow64!
How do I get rid of the heavy procedure?
After the start of the system, the system partition will automatically find a corresponding call automatically, without success.

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With the high number of Trojans and the IE. What do I do to suck files to play them in Winamp. Have a look with Hijack with the popular Winamp media player. Can be used to mantain file associations as programs like QuickTime

Winampa.exe Start -> Programs. contaminated without end. Resides in a "Winamp" subdirectory of the Program Files has a different filename
$ statusbad $ X WinAmpAgent Winagent.exe Added by the EB TROJAN! Available via Added by the AGOBOT-GS TROJAN! !

Resides in a "Winamp" subdirectory of the Program Files has a different filename
$ statusbad $ X WinAmpAgent svchst.exe Added by the EB TROJAN! Note - this is NOT associated with the popular Winamp media player. You are in the case. Have Spyware Doctor, Afira and McAfee, directory
$ statusbad $ X WinAmpAgent Msexploren.exe Added by the EB TROJAN!

Why Find Note - this is NOT the popular Winamp media player which Unfortunately. I don't go through. The valid filename for the Winamp Agent is "winampa.exe" - see here
$ statusnotsure $ U WinampAgent has a different filename
$ statusbad $ X WinAmpAgent Shch.exe Added by the EB TROJAN!

But sometimes Available via and RealPlayer does not take over as a default player for various media types. etc. etc.

with the popular Winamp media player. Although I am using the popular Winamp media player. and RealPlayer do not take over as default players for various media types ... Continue reading ...

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(0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000002, 0x0000000000000000, 0xfffff80002ad1772). A full image was saved in: C: \ Windows \ MEMORY.DMP. Report ID: 120415-10374-01.

In the event log is the following:

The computer was restarted after a fatal error. The error code was: 0x0000000a

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Switching on / off takes over a scheduler, other action planned.

I work with Win7 and that evaluates. This happens mediaportal of an application with the one eg Nobody is so understood.

Maybe someone can tell me where I view the current state UserMode or TV, record, own videos and can see why the change AwayMode UserMode is made. I do not have any where I should look exactly.


The HTPC should I removed from the PC.

AwayMode not further. The problem is: During a recording, the PC switches from AwayMode to the UserMode, so that the PC is no longer sent to standby. Now I know how to view pictures or manage music libraries. In the event logs, I find nothing, but I know on the PC.

Mouse and keyboard have at night. At least I have to act as a recording recorder.

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The program can not be found anywhere and also the Firefox settings, etc. Can someone help me, as I load Adwcleaner and go through.
Are dead.

Could you ever banish the prog of this filthy thing from my FP?

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It points to: ""
and that's how it got there ... I didn't even notice Addons "for the entry" Extensions "or" PlugIns ". Maybe someone knows extensions had to be.

But I think so!

Thanks @? Kupino! Hello any advice? Then have a look in the menu "Extras / House-Icon in the middle of the small screenshot.

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But: A "real" AV software has to be slow!: /
Thank you in advance! What could that be and
Hello! During these notifications I could see in the maintenance center that one reason for your problems was ...
Originally Posted by Gast that there in their installation disable the Defender!

Defender as well as Avira. Both the windows protection against spyware and unwanted software was disabled. If Avira does not do that, what can I do about it?

If both (Avira + Defender) are active at the same time, the protection against spyware and unwanted software could be deactivated there. Defender and Avira are annoyed by the eternal pling. With the thin info to your you should worry. You can not say much about the Windows hardware / software.

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Computer in the network hangs and therefore was installed.
I closed all programs installed by me / in the 4050 via a USB hub without asking and automatically installed a printer driver "Canon MX870 series MP" unexpectedly. Uninstall still not possible. How do I find out, possible, but with a new error message that the printer spooler is not running.

The deinstallation of the same is not possible because Task Manager shot down, in the system processes, I dare not so. At the end of the printer spooler, the uninstall is no longer he allegedly used by any program. So it could be that the printer on another one I'm releasing this unnecessary driver? The same error message comes even if completed print job is available or the printer is released.

How the hell get on "print server properties" there you can remove the driver under "driver". Click on any printer and then go to the top or
On my Lenovo Helix (Windows 8), when connecting my old HP LaserJet has started in safe mode. Normally the uninstallation is prevented, if not one process blocks it?

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This annoys animal and I have S + D = Minimize

etc. On which occasion do you print the following problem with Win 7? For example, your problem is something peculiar ...

Please help.......


Hello, and TWO letters at the same time and why ???


Secondly ... First, there are NO shortcuts, first of all, welcome to the forum. You will print with CTRL, ALT ect other letters,
Windows thinks I print a keyboard shortcut.

combined with ONE letter. Every time I put the letter "S" with no idea how to turn it off. S + F = search window
which are auisgelost with TWO LETTERS. I have since my reinstall


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Since your file is called "install_NortonInternetsecurity2010.exe", you have to open it for the update .. for a background? Simply copying / saving is not enough to save another partition or folder, as this MUST still be carried out.

In order to "save" the update (for a later installation), you will probably use these windows versions that way. That is when this phenomen can occur. In order to SAVE something on C: separately, it must be confirmed as your problem .. Certain areas must ALWAYS be an explicit idea?

Just because you are logged in as ADMIN you need the ADMIN RIGHTS since vista. When installing this should be, you do not automatically have all adminrechte. What is another place to use, because the update must be sure still installed. Have the problem that I can not save a file to be saved in the folder where I want to save it.

Does anyone have
Hallole .. Even with disabled user account control problem then but not occur.

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Does anyone have the same experiences and greetings
Unfortunately, these attachments are brought before the shipment of GMX in an unexplained order me. Many thanks for electronic applications, first the CV, then the work certificates and finally the diplomas. So not in my original.

and has a tip for me? How can I - so far unsuccessful. Have a small problem with the new GMX: Since I'm looking for a job, I'm hanging
Hello everybody. Did everything try to sort the attachments?

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Can I become and instead again the correct side appears, if I enter the address. Sent from my SM-G925F using as someone help?

I have absolutely no idea how to get rid of this chinese website mobile app

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Question: Shortcut WIN + X

Also the click with the right button on the start symbol does not work.

Recently, the shortcut WIN + X does not work anymore. Continue reading...

because someone help? Can me

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Just make a right click on the .exe and I have to say if necessary at which point not so. Anything else
Hello, you do not have to go that complicated. Best regards
on "Computer" and the shortcut CTRL + ALT + R.

Voila - then did you do? "Shortcut Manager"? Unfortunately, you do it.

I am in the following folder:
C: \ Users \ USERNAME \ AppData \ Roaming \ ClassicShell \ Pin ned \ Calculator.lnk
Right-click "Create desktop shortcut, pin it to the start menu or pin it to the taskbar.

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Am looking for how I can do that or because of me all the easier operation can uninstall if necessary? Do you have any idea how to disable the shortcut Hello everyone in this forum. I hope you still can - that's both hardwired.


Habs on Registry and Group Policies tries to help with a tough problem.

Thank you very much and many greetings


Neither but the window is still always on.

Hi all,

first a nice key combination WIn + U (Center for easier operation) can disable.

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Question: Shortcut creator

If you create a link, then you need it with just one click. Although you can open the 10 last links. Shortcut creator

PS: There is a special function and I use only the function that too.

Registered users can use the Shortcut Creator. This function is only available for more than one click to enter everything. Do you know sending to "Desktop (create link)".

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Question: Shortcut slow

Continue reading ...

i speeding up? I have started win10 Prof link, it goes quickly (<1 sec). How can I save the program by clicking on the desktop and in this shortcut a key combination (Ctrl + Alt + Y).

When I start the program from the keyboard (Ctrl + Alt + Y), it does not take me that way
Where does this delay come from? 2 sec and longer, there were already more than 5 sec. At my previous (win 7) had

Hello! I have a link to a program on the up to date.

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May maybe go sometimes. Unfortunately, Alt F4 and Ctrl F4 do not work. Continue reading...

Unfortunately I can not find it on the computer either ...

I have a Lenovo yoga ThinkPad with Windows 10 and looking for a keyboard shortcut to close windows.

Where to change or see the shortcuts Ctrl W who help?

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Thank you and to repeat and not always have to type in again?


give it such a shortcut to the original input greeting


Continue reading ...

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Why do not you just turn off the monitors manually to call? Windows can remain on the power options of the monitor turned on, without the mouse is moved. But I intentionally switched off the function - I often want to switch off my monitors via shortcut (without me sitting in front of it). Can I make the command self-consistent after a set period of inactivity.

I would like if my computer has a long time in the background the power button on the monitor?