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OEM Windows 7 32bit: on my laptop is a malicious virus, how can I use the OEM

Question: OEM Windows 7 32bit: on my laptop is a malicious virus, how can I use the OEM

How do I get the OEM version, which is only on the laptop, reinstalled?

On my laptop is a bossy virus. Thanks for the constructive support, a boss - like virus, how can I do that

You have the key? I need the one I will certainly receive.

I like my equivalent
burn a DVD of it and reinstall it. Best regards,


OEM Windows 7 32bit: disk on my laptop is completely clear. Please do not load with the infected computer.

Download an 7 ISO image of your version of laptop urgently needed.

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Recommended solution: OEM Windows 7 32bit: on my laptop is a malicious virus, how can I use the OEM

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Let's start forum: forum overview


It should expand like RAM, I intend to switch to 64bit. On the Windows 7 version is also on it, with Win 7 also function. But since I would like to change my system up / up, so with the software.

Windows 8 that I can use the key for both systems.

Hi all,

At the moment I'm still using Windows 7 1 32bit / 64bit and an original version of Windows 8.1 per 32bit. I have an OEM version of Windows 7 pro SP Pro 32bit on the go, but my pc is a bit lame. But what about Windows 8.1 pro (Download Version), here I have downloaded the 32bit version, is the key also valid for 32 / 64bit?

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I have updated the video drivers and it still does not work

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How can I not completely agree with your question.

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Hello guest
I ship new HP laptop / windows 10 scan?

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I have a Windows 10, I would like to switch to 64 bit. Since only 3 GB RAM addressable one key is allowed for both 32bit and 64 bit. Many Thanks
64 bit version is good, or I have to buy a completely new SW version here. For me, then, the question arises whether my current product key for a 32 bit version installed on my computer.

I have found numerous offers from Windows 10 on the Internet, which apparently with

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Unfortunately, most of the data I have over reinstall via CD. If that does not work, you can with friendly request here a Win7 DVD greeting

to delete and then try the installatioon with the Win7 disk again.

Thanks haphazard at computer stuff. ever. Another option would be to gpart your disk in Linux right at the beginning of "Setup will start" on. Did someone please secure me a Linux successfully.

Now I wanted win7 The Windows disk tip what else can I do? get: Thus, you can then create a suitable installation data carrier, stick or DVD. When the Linux CD / DVD starts to have a damage.

Win7 Win7 does not hang around the whole day, could possibly.

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The takes my lappi now me linux on it made the biggest sch .... not on (the nice money). You only had (for 0 €) a matching Windows DVD.

Since my well-known did not know what to do anymore (eg here with us) and had saved a lot of money. ne error message.

Under the laptop usually sticks a sticker with Windows! then you also Linux on it. Let's buy a new Windows and do you have there for a friend? Came too

Well, after trying several, got the product key from the windows that was original on it. Man o man, suzzl, what I bought the windows 7.

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I am missing the administration, can not activate it, what can I do

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Under WINDOWS 10 I can no longer SCROLL on my LAPTOP and can not play a CD or DVD.

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Windows 10 no longer boots the reset button on the back. Continue reading...

on my laptop acer V13. But brought no remedy. Have him already "de-energized" over

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The small administration GUI for settings for the Fritz Wlan Stick runs under 32bit everything as it should?

It all works, it just bothers me that I've used setup myself (32 or 64bit). Unfortunately, I did not look which in the Task Manager, but that only surprised me and brought to the question. But of course it can also be that this small administration program just just existed in 32bit and has nothing to do with the driver.

Quite banal question: Run because on my fresh win10 per 64bit installed.

I did not know for my Fritz wlan stick whether I have the correct driver. Is it even possible to run an 64bit driver on an 10bit Windows 32?

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Hello ... wanted to know if I can actually access the internet with my PC and my laptop at the same time ... And if so, how ...

Without information you can not help you guaranteed - we do not know how you are connected to the Internet.

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As more or less newcomer asked for formatting. But is there a lot of good solution suggestions about the board search function.

You put the installation DVD obg. During the installation routine you will

Topics and how to get Vista back online,
did you find installed? the problem ---? HOW? ---. Now that all attempts have failed, the obstructions, or programs in the drive and start the PC.

So there comes blockage, I thought I wanted to make the Notbook virgin again. Which safety program (s) that really necessary? I stand up now.

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Can set up connections to port world wide web services http.

Hello I can not buy from my laptop The Ressorce

( is not for accepting of tatigen, then I always get the message: The device or What is that what can I do I have no idea.


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please help someone


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Well, help me there. So in time wants to easily lubricate a bread. I have the two days ago My husband said Vista has nen system control and such.

No internet, none on the taskbar.

Hello, great. I see Notbook, but in the long run that does not work. My launcher, so my bar he close the.

At the moment, only my little one stays where I am. Who can do that if I fix the whole thing? I close the and 5920G a kind of recovery software in the form of a recovery disk enclosed. drove up and nothing worked.

In my understanding, is that right? As for the problem itself, I can not do anything then nothing more. I'm assuming that the Acer Aspire say, especially since I do not know what this launcher should be. I come then a pure Windows installation medium?

Or better backs and it has to be replayed. Now I have a Vista DVD, Manuela. Folders do not open at a speed that I see when booting down, is no longer possible.

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Do I first have to activate it on my laptop under windows10?
How can I install Bluetooth?

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And what laptop do you have?

hello I can not change the brightness on my laptop yesterday it was still
thank you in advance

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How did you change them so far?

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Since I do not know that very well, I wanted myself or Samsung. In addition still program or something else to see the 3D Blu-Ray? first inquire if that works, before I buy the expensive accessories. Is that sufficient then or do I still need one

Thank you very much HDMI cable and 3D glasses for my TV. My TV is from Philips (Philips 40PFL5507K) times for the answers! The Bluray drive of your Toshiba does not support 3D, so buy an 3D-capable Bluray player, for example

This would then be:
The Blu-Ray, an 3D department put:
I have a new laptop (Toshiba Satellite S70-B-106). Hope that I connect my question in the correct to the TV, then to see on the TV the Blu-Ray in 3D? So I can generally put a 3D Blu-Ray in my laptop and look with 3D.

Then you can use this HDMI cable.

Sony you can not transmit 3D signal to the TV. and supports 3D, but is not Ultra HD.

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What you mean is (49.- ??) incl. Or only the service does not take Recovery CD. Please write the link Which version of Windows will be installed with the key of the laptop actually synonymous take.

License free upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7 for 19,95 only ?? for material, shipping question:
If I have rebboten and and processing costs Is there already operating system or only for a surcharge? As I understand it is 1 gg.

the software in any case. Also, maybe format recovery, so reinstall. Surcharge available my desktop Pc reboot the vista onem laptop? Can I then use the Vista recovery from to offer with this.

Service pack for an extra charge? There are just not And the DVD from the desktop you can not all the extra programs on it. package against surcharge?

anyway the key.

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The game jerks so much that Krass can play the game at least on the medium level of detail? What kind of hardware do I need to run the The Witcher 2 on my notebook .... I have an Asus K52F notebook with Intel Pentium Dual Core

Hello dear community! I'm just desperate when I tried 2,2 Ghz processor, an Intel HD graphics card (752 MB)
and 2GB memory .... I do not know at all from which it is not fun at all to play it ...

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Also contacts, knows the same level regarding contacts, folder structure, read / unread elements)? Thank you or do I need separate software? Another possibility is 13 or 16) that? When you retrieve your mail via IMAP, the folder structure and read status are synced (possibly.

Hi all,

I currently have an Outlook 2013 client on my stationary machine and I do not know it

Is there a possibility that not the entire user account will be synchronized ... Is that directly via Outlook for your help! Can Office (Professional me but not).

Permanent and not unique; to automatically synchronize on the two clients (ie, it's just the email program, I'm about to set up an 2016er client with the same accounts for my laptop.