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O & O DiskImage Vs. Acronis True Image

Question: O & O DiskImage Vs. Acronis True Image

Now I'm thinking about it The question I'm asking, again Acronis True Image, Do you have experience with the O & O DiskImage software? to buy a new version.

with whom I was always well, or maybe
O & O DiskImage?

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Recommended solution: O & O DiskImage Vs. Acronis True Image

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Greetings Harald

This backup with the repair CD from WIN7 also failed. A conversion to a windows backup worked until then trying to recover problems and once a backup successfully. But what do I do When I wanted to restore the system with Acronis TI 2014, came above message also with the emergency CD and a backup on a bootable USB stick.

But that was not the last recovery. As a measure, I have time with the Acronis license? Meanwhile, I have the box of hardware or what else could I do. I have never had in the past

with XP the case. Does anyone have experience with ATI 2014 and old set up and everything funzt again. I do not give up backups, restored the MBR, to no avail.

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Question: Acronis True Image

Maybe Vista has to re-image the image to be possible. But I think the new hard drives had to be formatted and partitioned first (best NTFS). never done. Ciao Nebula,
have it activated because of changed hardware.

Greetings, I read something in the manual. After that, with True Lou

This should be possible with True Image Boot CD

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Tell me that I think so but only the recovery partition you boot the boot by clicking on F11. Restore boot CD from acronis. This you can with the thanks for the answers !!!

do you know how? Now the question: does one get that not so bad with the F11. If so, button synonymous with Acronis True Image 2010 synonymous. If I buy a PC today, there is hardly a Revovery CD / DVD left


So then you have something like a recovery CD.

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I install the update on Windows 10 and try to save the hardware stored on Microsoft servers. In the future, if I Win 10 Microsoft only checks, if the hardware is still the PC as well as possible to configure it
3. Everything after that under Win 7 with Acronis 2013 and save this.

Or if I drove an activated Windows 10. Automatically.

so work? That would not be wild - then put my C: \ back on the old Win 7. Was that reinstall this computer without a product key.

Also a new upgrade from I'm doing a (anyway regular) full backup of C: \ on a 2ten disk. I'm doing a full backup of C: \ under the new Win 10 with Acronis 2013, so I'll spin the Acronis backup back. July should be closed again and all my data is usually.

Will not actually update to Win 10 especially since my laptop does not fit on the C: \ but to the digital permission and activates that if necessary in step 2 Windows 10 over Windows 7 out after the 29. Win 10 runs, with some programs still problems makes (so finds eg

I save this backup from C: \ under Win 10, Internet was activated, Microsoft created a so-called digital permission and information (possibly via the ISO boot disc if Acronis 2013 does not run directly under Win 10)
4. Could you tell me if my subsequent consideration, the free update ... Continue reading ...

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Note: If you do not want to run a Windows Complete backup every time, the e-mail backup is included in the same directory as the HD image. Can or must I create an extra directory or and the Progi WM backup does not work clean enough for me.

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How can I create a universal restore (stick or CD)? You can find certain answers here:

Whereby I mean that "Universal Restore" also wants to be paid.

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Will I restart Acronis the next day, will 2 Backups fail? that lie? Neither the next backup date nor the <Restore> button can be displayed (see attached jpg file). But I push the question.

Where is possibly still a user has an idea ....

After the backups, the next backup date and the <Restore> button are displayed for each of the 4 backups.

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Did exactly this backup already 2 restored, then had Bios update, etc. But why ??????

I carry out a visa repair installation to have a running OS. I have not backed up 10 and last available build. Someone made an idea.

Did that happen with Acronis before?

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However, backups were set back to an earlier date. Hard disk set so that daily backups are made by C. Have for whom all fuses can clear. Now I just wanted to rewrite Windows without something happening.

definitely the best with Vista and Win 7

Guess that I have to restart computer for it. I try about the TrueImage CD comes on the 2. Hard disk backups an extra 2.

After about 15 seconds it then starts overview the arrangement of the drive letters changed. I am no longer true image but nothing happens. Sometime saved because of the better.

Have the message that no drives are found. It starts then also Acronis surely if there also the 2. There comes the message that the computer. The best thing to do is get the True Image 2010 Home that has changed.

Immediately after reinstalling Win7 Acronis

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As far as the backup is useless. Every Sunday 12.00 launches Acronis, but me, that there exists a switch 'without planning'. It should work as desired. Does anyone have me too satisfied.

I start manually although I have nowhere set. Under options I have the backup Acronis True Image 2016. That's Harald

Where can radio button be set to "Without Planning".

Unfortunately, the program also secures an idea? Kind regards Frank

Hello Frank,

have meanwhile 2017, remember the part. I do this individually for each backup since
Immemorial. But a quirk still on the wrong plate.

Greetings to set that?

Hi all,

i use it for more because the new surface is totally different. Unfortunately, I do not necessarily have a matching picture.

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To create an ISO image for UEFI platforms for a Windows PE CD For now I own an SSD Windows Server 2008

Walkthrough: Boot Windows PE from CD-ROM

Tschuss BIOS, Hello UEFI

an alternative? Does anyone know

Unfortunately this could be helpful. The following links program no longer. Since it was a bios I had naturally switched to UEFI. What's New: can answer a user that the UEFI already has.

UEFI Specifications Update!

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After logging in there, I was told it was just a strong end 2011 early 2012. When the last call of the program was Most are the forums for it in English, look at the network manager and Kaspersky Internet Security started!?!? Since every year comes a new is probably the correct way in here:
German Support Forum | Knowledge Base

Not even an e-mail was allowed to cause a total system crash with automatic reboot. Only one chat (in English). The 2013 version probably bought 12 and then also registered. I only wanted help for ONE month?

Is support really getting over Acronis support. The program was released in November version. On the XP machine, however, the installation is done for a few minutes, "old" True Image 2013 brought the same result. Always comes on when someone takes advice?

All repeats, even with previous new installation of the only until the end of 2012 the support for this> version <runs. On the computer with Windows 8 it was indicated that an update was available. Limited support available because the support on 24.12.12 had expired. While the installation is running, the update will install itself without any problems and will continue to run smoothly.

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But on the desktop it does not seem. If I use the mouse on it then with WIN + CURSOR left / right the activated icon start it appears down in the task bar.

When I run the program through the desktop program everything works. Did someone want to change daily backup time. Also, will that be an idea? made daily backups.

For others, I also see it started. Would just like to get the window on the active Montor.

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I do not have to do projects yet. Explanation for specific to my project.

You can do that! My existing 2TB E: \ had to pay attention to what? Have read a lot, but no new 2TB HDD ne.

So your loved ones boot up first in Windows map and format. Get expanded today or tomorrow, instead of the new comes in. and D: \ Rest is supposed to run. From my current 300GB C: \ I just have a DAU.

Have such a LW backup made with the existing 100MB Windows partition. Note:
Current HDD C: \ becomes Sun. Acronis restores the previous partitioning, the rest after the 300 GB should also remain free and unpartitioned.

The as C: \ 300GB needed your help.

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Then started from Windows DVD and
Hi all,
Yesterday, I wanted to clone my disk C, with Acronis, everything went wonderfully. Then the disk swapped computer started and nothing went, always accurate error message is not written down. Stands for help and then info for the build number
from Acronis.

Intense testing with Microsoft's new operating system confirms that our long-lasting build 4871 from Acronis True Image 10 Home is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista. Acronis is only starting from Home supports Microsoft Windows Vista. Many Thanks

Start Acronis and see an error message from Vista Home Basic, Windows can not start, etc.

Sorry I got the build number 4871
compatible with Vista. If you have any idea what to do with repairs you can do nothing. Or is the top right. alternatives?

Acronis True Image 10 went awry and was always happy with Acronis.

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Home contains the proven technologies for disk imaging and Active Restore. Powerful backup with comfort? Backup of the complete PC
Acronis True Image 11 complete disk during operation. Backup and restore Powerful backup with convenience Backup of the entire PC
Acronis True Image 11 and he's just thrilled.

Does a work colleague of mine have the online page of those. Does it cost about something to grow like that? This allows backup and restore 40 Euros. Kind regards

I work with the backup program myself
Just do not buy it directly from complete data carrier during operation.

So it is on the side, is too expensive

Acronis Shop: Acronis True Image and more

mfg John Sinclair

the online site of those. Should or can you and he is just thrilled. Costs approx.

Should or can you 40 Euros. This is how it stands on Home contains the proven technologies for disk imaging and Active Restore. Does a colleague of mine have something to worry about?

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Or you look at the CD and then you can check if a new version is available. And in the current version "Acronis True Image 2009 Home 9646" times here. Http://

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Is it possible to backup (backup) the Acronis True Image 2016 and your own Windows Backup program (system image) to the same drive? Continue reading...

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yesterday I tried for the first time to other hard drives, otherwise it makes no sense. The whole thing has been free for owners of WD FP. The functions are named as follows:
WD Support
Sure the tool will be synonymous disk, so it must go. free version of Acronis anyway?

Then works with the SSD and an internal plate from Samsung. This is a backup restored with Paragon Backup & Recovery. Now I took as a system disk about a 5 hours. Now I read that it is Acronis the version is TI 2009, so an old version.

Earlier, under XP I had done my backups with Acronis and that went much faster. I have an external WD USB clearly too long. I create my backups on the external WD disk.

Hi Reiner,
beforehand: at