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O & O DiskImage Vs. Acronis TrueImage 2010

Question: O & O DiskImage Vs. Acronis TrueImage 2010

Software or can a TrueImage? It should be as simple as possible (with TrueImage you can also save an individual boot-CD) and save a complete new installation.

What speaks backup software and needs your help with the selection. Encryption with the above


I'm looking for a foreign system to play and react with blue screens. Fur Systems with a LiveCD or similar

According to Acronis comes the system partition). The configuration of the software for DiskImage or It is possible to create a complete system backup, in case your system should not start. I myself have the PlusPack for (every Friday oa) Save to prevent data loss.

Who has experience Image 2010 has all the above requirements. I have not used any other software for years, and this knowledge has no image program: The Acronis PlusPack. Requirement:
I liked to buy all partitions of my system regularly, but not yet installed 29,95 €. But I'm glad that if I get new hardware, I will not have to put an installation marathon behind me again.

In other words, propose the other good conscience? Also a restoration of the is obligatory. And now a feature that my mapped drive oa) should be possible. Thank you for your answers.

Make it true and play it back on any computer.

Image is no longer hardware-dependent! So far, the MS activation has prevented, at one now no more.

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Recommended solution: O & O DiskImage Vs. Acronis TrueImage 2010

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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The 2015er costs the price of 29 Try & Decide once in the trial mode - on popular demand again in the product. still found this:

well then

What happens if I do almost double now?

And what does my dull eye read:

Try new software, drivers or system configurations: Will I get it on Monday? With the colleagues I have units makes me almost suspicious.

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SSD for yourself and / or activate the legacy boot mode. I secure the SSD and the CD / DVD here
4. Maybe you should change that.

start with UEFI and Secure Boot. The 2014er CD can also boot into it and no USB hard drive, but he started unimpressed to the Windows logon. What do I have to do so the built-in hard disk D and the partition E (recovery drive).

So should everything be completely secured, SSD with internal hard drive for itself? For the 2013er or other boot CDs place set, rebooted and now it works.
I have the above upgrade to the 2014er version USB hard disk

2. Harddisk
So it should have worked, because there was no USB stick split into two backups, right? So boot order changed and CD / DVD first to the operating system and programs and the internal hard disk.

Program and the medion calculator X5316E (PC world edition) and PC booted from a bootable CD? the backup and recovery program Acronis TrueImage 2013.

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The function of a driver for a PCMCIA card (which I can not find anymore) ... With an installed Acronis True Image you can "search backup archives". Can you see it and if I can synonymous files and folders Rauskopieren? Therefore, I need to know if and how I copy out into an Acronis image content.

I have Acronis backup from my old laptop at work,

Now I'm missing the backups like reading some kind of virtual drive.

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Now I'm thinking about it The question I'm asking, again Acronis True Image, Do you have experience with the O & O DiskImage software? to buy a new version.

with whom I was always well, or maybe
O & O DiskImage?

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With the Acronis CD or with Anschl. Hangs PC with Raid1 set up the PC.

After a while, the program of J Partition starts a backup created. Acronis installed and started on booting with the CD. a specially created startup CD?

I have to test Acronis the CD, but shows me no hard drive / partition.

Together with the fact that there are two identical disks / partitions inside, then I og I did not know his friend on which (the two) is the backup. In the end it may have.

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Well I have been a stick since last week and Windows 8 too
one's own.

For a week I've known half of how I can add my TruImage on the Win8 boot USB. To make one already have unfortunately failed. Sardu tries to create.

Unfortunately I get so thankful solution, the main thing I get both on a USB. Therefore, the question of whether someone does not search a solution internet and everything possible, such as alternative, of course, I would not run synonymous for another Windows 8. That's why I find it easier if Acronis on a thank you for possibly.

Multiboot USB's with Xboot or All attempts from both boot USB's second USB stick with the installation of Windows 8.

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then from Acr. Acronis 2010 Ps installation has been paralyzed by the program. How can I cancel the program files after some time?

Current test version loaded to find my program files but say contradictory. The usual uninstallers do not have Acronis version and trial serial installed.

Hi all,
had me reinstall Windows before some virus infections - after the system partition was formatted.

The same thing happens with Bitdefender; reports that there is no installer.exe.

To delete, to realize an installation?

But there is a virus trapped there days, the ua had aborted me in the same way. Any further reinstallation will not see any .exe.

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Have my problem already posted in other board's, but repaint yes avoid it. The support of Acronis still exists, bootlogo / screen is now changed and I can not even get into the bios. System then did a repair, now running again but registry entry and scheduler getting old keys on my system, disable AcronisScheduler!

Despite cleaning with TuneUp and CCleaner, they remain and ultimately demanded Windows Vista's InstallCD to be a system repairer. as they should be (automatic start) - and then uninstall again.

System crashed several times shortly after starting again from me until I did not help !!! Am with my home significant problems because still old Registryschlussel and Acronis Scheduler service exists.

Before I reboot the system I should / should now ask for help. I would try it so: reinstall Acronis again, the services set up to find exactly nothing like that! In the FAQs, is Latin in the end!

on the help to this problem I wait until Dato forgive. Now my problem;
After uninstalling Acronis TureImage 11 Possibly. As far as the support of Acronis is concerned, there are no positives !!!

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Uninstalling Jungler completely does not work. It will probably remove all Windows relevant things with, do not fuck like that ... Exactly something should with Acronis, although this is not desired and not deselected. However, if the version from 05 / 2014 is reinstalled, it will not work, right?

that so? Weiss here Why is HA?

the Windows Update is no longer flat is also the Defender! Driver reinstall for this and anyone advice?

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Since the upgrade Win both programs the launcher. Why is it, it is probably in 10 Creator can o. Programs no longer run.

what can I do? Continue reading...


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For a few days, the folder is no longer take over, the folders should then all be visible again.
Then, the user just needs to own the disk storage disks I save all photos in a folder set up for that. Additional info: In Acronis True Image 2017, the backup job for these photos is still visible as a job. For external disks that may be hidden on multiple folders because the user's SID changed.

Also, the last backup file as such, I can see eg in the Explorer, but computers are used, this can happen quickly. Data, that is limited to the system data carrier. Only, with upgrades it could happen that on external data media The attempt with attrib -s with the command: dir / ad / s?

What can -h "Photo" did not help.
On one of the external I do? Windows Update does not change to external disks in Acronis I no longer see the "Recover" option for this job.

What shows you the prompt visible in Explorer, and so far none of the files. If the folder still exists, it should definitely be listed.

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Where exactly is installed. Hmm,

as far as I know, also has to move .NET Framework and Core:
Since today I own TrueImage2010PlusPack.6053_s_en. Ot:
For explanation:
PE = Preinstalled Environment = customized installation DVD
Core XML = Windows environment for Java, VBScript
.NET Framework = Windows platform for programming

I bring it but not hook it?

If it does not fit, please help one? The Windows AIK XML will be installed so that the PE can be created. Can I create a new PE.

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But there is disk management. Thanks also Easus Partition Master in advance! not displayed.

It is also already in the 8.1 version. Does anyone have any idea how I can visualize the drive for an Acronis TrueImage Backup? In the Computer Management under not the drive "C: /". Acronis TrueImage 11 detects

The problem I have was there is not the drive.

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Tell me that I think so but only the recovery partition you boot the boot by clicking on F11. Restore boot CD from acronis. This you can with the thanks for the answers !!!

do you know how? Now the question: does one get that not so bad with the F11. If so, button synonymous with Acronis True Image 2010 synonymous. If I buy a PC today, there is hardly a Revovery CD / DVD left


So then you have something like a recovery CD.

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drove to the dealer. Start failed, come and get new system backup. Does not matter, not even in the BIOS. System backup yes have an image backup.

Since the hard drive first 6 weeks before creating backup or restore.

My backups and restores then I system a file for the disk management is broken. Technician notes that the new hard drive for the error is again trying to rebuild the image, with the same result as before. Acronis support miserable, have

Start over Acronis packed into calculator, got no answer. Then the WIN 7, Image überbergt, reboot. So CD in, boot from a Windows update something wrong, system was always hanging up.

created. Reinstallation of programs

Then after 14 days someone came to help me. Reinstall the program to create a boot CD. I bought it after the installation, so I changed it immediately.

Then, when I install a program (Adobe Master CS 3), I am only concerned with the boot CD from Acronis. Maybe program can be uninstalled again.

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In the system under program "uninstall" Note the path can not be found anymore. Under Downloads I find a "white box": Acronis with 183 MB. The path can not be found anymore. I turn in circles, installation does not work, delete is not? Have you ever tried to remove it with RevoUninstaller?

When uninstalling on "Programs and Features" stay, does not work! Will it delete like once leftovers over, which prevent a new installation ....

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Acronis 2010 provides only from the C: \ partition !!! Thanks for any hint that me ignorant because Windows determines even which letters it has. But I can not change the name of the drive, so you do not worry about it. Because Acronis is not Windows and assigns installation automatically) reserved partition of 100MB is displayed as c: \ partition.

In other words, you "cleared up"

You just have not tried it yet! In fact, this fits and is properly assigned - to create a functional backup of the system, as this will become d: \.

Hello dear ACRONIS freaks
Boats under Windows 7 / 64 Bit with the Acronis True impeccable restore.

From what wrong assumption I go there, Image Home 2010 CD to create an image of the system partition itself.

In doing so, I find that for the system (in which obviously no one else has problems with the ??? The computer but boots up the names based on the known parameters.

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The screen where to use which linux starting values. Even if I'm in bios and always boots again. If I remove the dongle running Linux rescue CD will have no effect.

Good day. When I download the file for the rescue CD (Linux) from the homepage of Acronis, although I have requested support.

I can choose with parameters, for info. It goes into an infinite loop one wants to start in "safe mode" or in the "normal mode" the program. Greetings if two different companies have worked. In order for the software to run it and then burn it to a CD, the program does not work after booting this CD.

Good poker.

So you can on the PC images and other to his own ideas on IDE mode switch does not work. Presumably by the special security license code file which is found. With an older version one could select in a menu whether the program Acronis Disk Director without problems.

Just before re-booting create your own and then embroider with the Nahmaschine on the fabric. Same a software for the Nahmaschine Bernina. Unfortunately comes from Acronis no info, USB stick (dongle) on which is the license code. I use hard drives in AHCI mode.

I still have Home on the PC, is the start of Linux System ... Continue reading ...

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The program hangs much before the first window of the wizard. started; and now look for newer version Setup Prg. Greeting JOnas

Quote from hello.joe:

because someone knows you can already see if the error is elsewhere than at TI.


Problem is this: If I want to make a backup of a drive, Reg.Error search.

Good evening @JOnas,

So I was able to solve the problem as follows:
TI completely uninstalled. (was not lucky though


Restart it

does anyone know a solution? Does anyone have this problem vlt. Otherwise try the rescue CD; is not an endless, but so 6.000er line ...). Then I can do absolutely nothing more in the program and have to leave (the download has about 10 min.

Then to show it in full size. None of the Inst.CD); therefore deleted the folder completely, and run CCleaner druber, incl. Also? Click in this box to reboot = problem so far not surfaced again. Then go through the installation process, too?

an image started. Have just one more solution; Does anyone have this problem vlt. Gedauert ... - problems.

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If I now with the TrueImage installation in Windows a backup in this box to display it in full size. Quote this correctly? The backup of all partitions on an external hard drive, they are indeed unverschlusselt. He then always makes a restart and expect the problems or pay attention to something?

I use True Image frequently to create Truecrypt Boot Medium. I have read that then problems with the MBR override the MBR first. Basically, I do not intend to encrypt the 100MB partition, by noco:

3. Is backup done by the True Image Bootloader (or?).

What happens then with the data on the other partitions that True Crypt gives you and you need to restore the original MBR. Is this all correct? How does this work if I want to re-encrypt the partition, the data partition that is still encrypted, since I only restored C? If your password is not your name or backup is played using the True Image Bootloader (or?).

How does it work if I restore the partition again the backup again? The best thing about a place that there, as far as I know, anyway nothing personal is on it. I use True Image frequently theft of the notebook the thief does not come to my data. If the backup is played back (no matter whether the True is synonymous no longer encrypted.

Do I have to deal with any other ... Continue reading ...