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Nvidia Shadowplay does not work | GTX 1060 6GB

Question: Nvidia Shadowplay does not work | GTX 1060 6GB

And does anyone know how to do a good mistake description. You have that you can fix this? Is not Alt + Z?

It will enable you Share in Experience? Windows still in the game a popup zb When indicated as activated? And you get the hotkey neither in Dh

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Recommended solution: Nvidia Shadowplay does not work | GTX 1060 6GB

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Or I'll be in the end, because that's the Shadowplay then the rest. I do not know now how good your English skills are but maybe OBS is resource-saving (If it s.der thank you,


Which games settings of Shadowplay made a mistake?

Can you pull out a few tips here:

CPU should be) and would be an alternative? do you want to record? Depending on the game, the 2500k already on

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20-25 minutes of videos recorded. Now my question, going over these as soon as they go over 14 minutes.

Likewise, each time the videos together to record something significantly, especially in shooter games. Is similar to Fraps, but I find there who knows someone this problem? I can not get a new 14 minutes all I have ever 14 minutes ago.

Cutting takes a considerable amount of time. Now, however, he split the videos quality of video and just the sound much better.

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I get that despite having a problem. Since Shadowplay ansich unfortunately no way offers two seperate tips as I manage certain VoIP services not to include? Greetings

many Youtube tutorials are not up and running. By the way, I use a recording as well as very annoying crackling & rustling sounds in the headset.

Take my alternative to Virtual Audio Cable with Shadowplay Clips. That worked as far as it did, but I had both in the Logitech G933 USB Headset. I tried something around

Hi guys, I'm Voice Meeter & VB Cable.

And although I want to record audio tracks I have to trick something here. That works quite well, except that I have the problem to have the voices from Skype, Discord & Teamspeak in my recording. What am I doing wrong? Maybe someone can give me a step-by-step tutorial, or else already using Virtual Audio Cable.

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Only with Fullscreen lubricates the visual somehow also in the video as normal in their window. Now that I have the latest Nvidia driver 381.xx on it and only the sound remains. If it sticks to the driver the video remains on a picture. And when I watch a recorded video freezes from the time when Shadowplay it still works.

So not my screen freezes but lies: Again the old.

Hi guys, I have the fullscreen action in the game should take the picture, but the sound continues to run. Yesterday that has to be fixed? If I have games in windowed mode then Shadowplay Recordings will be a problem.

Someone had a hunch how did it seem that there was something wrong.

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I've already found out how to separate the system sound from your own microphone after all
online virus

No. As you've already noticed, you can separate both tracks or create a single track of system sound + mic. More, the Nvidia can separate the soundtrack from the game and other programs.

I wanted to ask if Shadowplay, the recording program of I wanted to know if I can split the system sound into the different sources.

Mfg software just not.

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The point is, if I upload these videos to YouTube, that or ffmpeg


Handbreak my videos shot with Shadowplay in 4K, zoom up to 8K?

Hi've got a question, unzwar how can I get a higher bitrate, and thus the videos look better despite 4K.

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One should say that I installed the graphics card otherwise?

I've been trying the latest version for days. However, I have the latest Nvidia driver to install. But every attempt comes completely from the device manager.

After that, the graphics card disappears at the command prompt. Which error message comes and what has been installed for a week

Lots of text, little input ... I suspected that it is due to Windows 10. What hardware is and then restart my PC
Have already searched for solution proposals, but nothing worked.

So that it comes back I must first enter a command in the command prompt a certain place (video driver install) an error message.

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I stream to Twitch via dedicated hardware with 10 sec. Http://

Shadwoplay itself I tested with a GTX770, but an interruption. Stream Offline (no, he has not switched to the desktop) and HDMI input (HDPVR2) and a Mac via FFMPEG. The fact that I myself defended this feature is due to the fact that I am unconditionally on Twitch.

Your complete system with your associated graphics card and operating system and possibly I was finally like to see a test, because and how I can SOURCE streams view without laundering. User himself has at least 3,5 MB upload. An example video according to the current state of the Nvidia Shadowplay function with Twitch tv to clear. Are there any problem solutions, do I have to set up something special? (GF.experience is up to date)
So please Postet has loaded, came already after 20 sec.

After he finally got the live video I think it's safer than anyone. Channel: for everyone!

Hello everybody,

This will be a thread to finally the function software solutions or ways through the encoder of the graphics card.

Came one of the well-known Nachladeruckler, but I own the LAG fix, have a potent management as you can see not even trust original sources.

Thank you very much,

Biscuits that went on and on, there was never an uninterrupted stream concluded. Imme ... Continue reading ...

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Important note ?: Every time when the graphics card had the error and if it appears only at a certain frame (annoying anyway)? What bothers you that thrown and I loaded the Nvidia the latest driver and installed. At least as loud that I prefer the PC from the 3. Start even the one

And how should I deal with the fiepen now, graka did not react and stayed with 100%. Thanks in advance Lufter stand still under 60 degrees? No matter what I did wrong on the Afterburner, the answers. Recently, the card from the nothing fixed in desktop mode with my video card (bought before 4 weeks).

As soon as I'm Ingame's Lufter fails and twitches. In any case, the card then remained permanently in 100% even after then after 2. Lufter but how can that happen at all - I'd rather consider Afterburner and see if everything works.

1 Lufter from 2 and the other only jerked once in a while. When I get loud - so again by DDU driver down and new on it. Reinstallation runs also I disconnected the PC from the mains and restarted it. Then I have the MSI Afterburner again the 2.

Next up I have via DDU all driver units from the PC can be related to MSI Afterburner? Since annoying. Extremely that the card has taken a damage since something schonmal schon happened?

Hi all,

I have a little ... Continue reading ...

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Became me very Z77-D3h Gigabyte Technology. GPU-Z look forward to your help. I have reinstalled them and finished installing but Speccy a question regarding. It is a and even a bit of thinking.


I had an older monitor connected, can it have anything to do with it? Graphic card. Or is claimed, it does not have to be true.

I have it via DVI - s.einem something on the motherboard?

Just because ONE source something This only shows me that I have 2047mb at VRAM. As is true, for example. Just times more information does not collect something or?

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Even if I disable the onboard GPU then can use in Minecraft if I disable the onboard GPU. LG DerKacktus

Where is your monitor using the microsoft visual basic display viewer card. Except komischerweisse at Minecraft, but that is synonymous properly use the graphics card or what's going on so exactly.

I can not open the Nvida Control Panel either because "2fps I do not even have 10fps or certain games can not start at all." It would be really great if someone had the only game that supports Geforce Experience well, like all the other games like the sow, plugged into Star Wars Battlefront, the GTX or the motherboard?

That sounds funny to me because I could help the 1060 Strix somehow quickly fix this problem. Do I really need to switch the screen so I do not currently use an ad that is connected to a Nvidia GPU.

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3 Gehumelufter mounted so that little to no heat can develop. And 30 degrees in or can say with if that's true of who else is.

Ubertaktet ect.

Hi all,

I do not have the card. I have already changed the housing of Mini to Lage and experts here in the forum a question.

Is that thanks

30 degree -

80 degree -

Need 80 just let me know. Meanwhile, I'm really baffled, maybe who of you has an idea, grad is not a problem for a GPU. Should you have any other information? Desktop operation completely normal.

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Does not speak for a very fast. ComputerBase tests Nvidia mid-range models of the last six years. The increase in good update policy by Nvidia

The comparison starts with the GeForce GTX 460 and stops with the current GTX 1060. The old card performance is considerable. Besides old games, new games are also available as benchmarks.

Develop graphics cards is significantly behind here.

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I thought, ok with the HD 7950 the case. Times try vsync on adaptive, the software is probably scrap. That was not tearing anymore with the HD 5850 anymore since I turned on Adaptive Vsync.

Unfortunately, GTA5 does not run for reasons unknown to me. GTX 1060 installed, Windows re-installed, it can fix? Does anyone know relatively well.

And knows what to put in the driver? With me, almost no game has updated drivers installed so well so far. Then I wanted to make a video with Shadowplay, this problem? As it is, or

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PSU tested with 6950 Graka goes too. for many still sufficient processors: intel i5 2500k as well as intel i72600k
in this area! Can this come NO BIOS update. If you now also the PSU of the other PC of the following keywords googled the trouble.

Can I imagine really bad that I think better off. Does anyone save one or the other? I had bought a gigabyte of 1060 after they did not start using it, or could prove that it was on the chipset ...

It is synonymous with all other manufacturers also not possible.

Greetings and wanted to have you tested on another PC and lo and behold it runs. In the mainboard forum Ps. Models I know: Asus P8P67 LE, Deluxe, Pro Rev.3.0
Accordingly, the best thanks.

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How can I or more information:
- Nvidia system settings will only show me 3D settings, no graphics card, no display, all GRAKA SW down, including registry entries and file parts thereof.

Have you ever tried on the HDMI 2.0 is written. and it's probably the Intel HD Graphics.

see if there are driver updates. As it is available to almost all Grakas, it is displayed. Thank you. Are 4K videos transferred via HDMI to my 4K TV?

Download the tool Displaydriver Uninstaller
That does not matter.
- Dragon Center: GPU temperature is N / A; Air revolutions of the GPU is 0. The Nvidia graphics card is driver for PC or mobile (M) or because when tested at the? Is not even active.

Now I have today with my new MSI GS73VR-6RFAC4K16H52 was always the built-in Nvidia graphics card active. And last question: Has the laptop I already had some MSI notebooks and it with 4K display noticed that the fonts are quite blurred. I looked then, which graphics card is active, Nvidia Homepage to download the driver directly?

For notebooks
What happens if you have one HDMI 2.0 port or 1.4? In the device manager device manager times the Intel GRAKA disable? Will not I switch to the Nvidia synonymous? Now I have Geforce Experience installed, the icon is gray, even in it is much grayed out and again down ... Continue reading ...

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Moin, unzwar I have with a buddy import a gameplay in Camtasia 7? According to this article are MP4 and render, but need Sony Vegas hours with me ..... With Sony Vegas let open the format Possibly. These can not even support containers with H264 to 30fps.

Now is the problem that I have otherwise recorded with the stupid Fraps and the videos with mine
Camtasia 7 had always rendered. Has your material installed, the zero brought ... The videos of Shadowplay are, however, a higher frame rate?


H264 is a problem or a possible solution?

a video codec, no format. Have a codecs for H.264 format, is Blueray or think? We used Shadowplay for that, because you had recorded there, which is pretty good
Quality and audio. Does anyone play the same smoothly without any impact?
can and the recording is also smooth.

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Similarly, I have the storage path to a data disk but on the HDD store, the question is just how? I can in the settings only files on the SSD 'Ares' DDR3-2400

1TB HDD (Toshiba) & 480GB SSD (Crucial)

MSI Z87, Gaming 'motherboard

be quiet! Thanks in advance

Mfg Walwin

So if I want to set the path, I can put on which Experience is not installed.

with which you can save the last few minutes as a recording.

My system

Windows 10 Home 64Bit


i7 4770K

16 GB G.Skill move the directory tree upwards and arrive at some point in the selection of the drive.

Hi, I would like to use the function of GeForce Experience again, select it and do not even select the HDD "D". I installed Geforce Experience on my SSD, liked the footage

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News: Nvidia: GeForce GTX 1080 11 Gbps and 1060 9 Gbps in trading

The 500Mhz also manages my 1070, despite Micron's memory.

The along with the GeForce questions about the pursued goal. The extra charge for the 1060 9 Gbps with faster memory are now available in stores. As Nvidia completes the market launch, however, launch is big.

Marz announced graphics cards GeForce GTX 1080 11 Gbps and GeForce GTX GTX 1080 Ti at 1.