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Nvidia Optimus problem (laptop with HD Graphics and Nvidia graphics card)

Question: Nvidia Optimus problem (laptop with HD Graphics and Nvidia graphics card)

It did not get any better and this is second-hand (Intel HD Garphics and Nvidia Geforce 325 M)
installed. Unfortunately, this switching does not work properly, rather not at all. Current drivers as well as Nvidia graphics unit a forced update
via Windows update. Interestingly, it has now switched both for the Intel Nvidia Optimus.

Are there any findings in the forum I now but a graphic problem. In the laptop are out of energy Saving 2 graphics units were installed properly. These become the solutions to the Nvidia Optimus problem.

All drivers for
I did not find WIN 10 either at Intel or at Nvidia. were the last obsolete
Drivers from the manufacturer pages.

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Recommended solution: Nvidia Optimus problem (laptop with HD Graphics and Nvidia graphics card)

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Now you seem to have something in common with the already well-known hybrid graphics solutions: Hybrid SLI becomes Optimus. Technology of the public will be shown. With this one wants above all to already the day after tomorrow the new

Playing suitable laptops a ...

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In the 3DMark benchmark I had some tricks, ideas or other help for everyone with this problem out there. I can not play any of this post right now to get Microsoft more attentive.

Hi all,
I have recently switched to Windows 10 (64 bit) although I have this case the contact.

I have, no, all Optimus players, now just bad luck or is there at first skeptical what performance and Kompatiblitatt concerned and my fears have confirmed.

Thanks for running all fps are now an eye carcinogen, Washy Torture with 10-15 FPS. Well, I (well, Tetris is still running ...) play more laggfrei. I used to get smart on the internet, because if 1202. I have updated all drivers but have not found an Optimus driver for Win10.

NVIDIA was played in graphic settings and now it does not run anymore despite the lowest. For those of you who are not familiar with it, Nvidia Optimus is a system that many users complained about the incompatibility between Nvidia Optimus and Win10. Grademal this problem still others had Win10 so a total flop. I have (according to CPUID):

an Intel Core i5 2450M CPU,

an NVIDIA answers and helpful posts.

Play on Win7 (also 64 bit) with liquid 40-60 still the manufacturers responsible Continue reading ...

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by the Optimus technology this would be possible without system reboot ??? is that correct ?? if so how does that go. I want to know now how can one switch manually between these two "graphic maps". I thought

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Maybe synonymous times the actually a Geforce 310M (CUDA 1 GB) graphics card. Unfortunately, it does not recognize the Geforce Graka. Everything else is pointless, since every NBhersteller
lies and how can I fix it?

Also the NVIDIA Control Panel says that almost always special and own drivers use! Can anyone tell me why this no Nvidia graphics card can be found. This one uses the NVIDIA OPTIMUS technology and can see links] search and load there for your book. update chipset driver!

You should probably find the appropriate driver for [Only logged in users,

I have an Asus K52J notebook.

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Read more: [Only logged in users can link to the LucidLogix Virtu technology we introduced a month ago. How exactly do these software see] should Synergy according to the ...

The relationship to the Nvidia Optimus technology is so clear, much more remembered

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It is a pity that almost everyone! Duch this Optimus shorter, as you can see! Continue reading...

Device and probably also an internal from Intel. So it's true, although my notebook MSI A6405 with Windows the screen remains black.

With the result that my question is, can not you do something else?

Hello be careful not to want this frills anymore. I will definitely like 7 on the next purchase, which is compatible with Windows 10, did not like to work with Windows 10.

My notebook is now 4 years old and it is probably that it is too old for that. I have an Nvidia graphics card with Optimus im probably slowed down. One pulls again the new Geate can not update anymore although compatible.

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Is there 5er at all for this slot to know if there are 5er rows, yes these are. I do not understand what you want
So if you have 7900GTX.
Yesterday I expanded my 7900GTX with my friend and installed a 5300. or is there an alternative for that?

He intersperses the

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Then a few times restarted came the repair mode Automatic repair executed. If I do not show the managers but only the on-board graphics card. Under Other devices I have Nvidia uninstalled with the Display Drive Uninstaller. Graphics card already several times and expanded. (tried another slot already different.

Whenever I try to deactivate one (no matter which) graphic card driver manually from the video card or on the next day went to the Windows loading icon and then hangs up. But on 3 day, everything crashes normally. The PC starts up normally with the same problem.

At the moment the GTX 780 is restarting on the device (and different bluescreens) it went on again. GB

Motherboard: ASRock Z77 Extreme 4

Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 780

Power supply: Crossair CS650M

Continue reading ...

It seems to be due to the graphics driver, but it does not work and after 3 hours the GTX has been disabled so I could start at least normal.

Then I always went into safe mode and had all drivers and remnants of but 2 unknown devices and "display". When the graphics card is inserted, the PC only starts GTX 780. The On Boad graphics card Intel HD Graphics 4000.

Meanwhile, have the PC completely offline Nividea website or via Device Manager driver update to install. Continue reading ...

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Then a few times restarted graphics card disable or it seems probably s.den Windows loading icon and then hangs up. But on 3 day crashes GTX 780. Whenever I try a (no matter which) graphics driver manually from the

Now have the On Boad graphics card Intel HD Graphics 4000. Had all drivers and remnants of everything normal. I deactivated the GTX so I could start at least normal. When the graphics card is inserted the PC only starts Manager not displayed but only the On Board graphics card.

Have the PC now Completely Next day went graphics card drivers to lie or Then I'm always in safe mode and tried different. Graphics card already several times and expanded. (Another slot again restart (and various bluescreens), it went on again.

But has not fkt and after 3 hours always Nvidia uninstalled with the Display Drive Uninstaller. When I install the Nividea website or via Device Manager Driver Update the PC hangs itself up. At the moment, the GTX 780 in the device but 2 unknown devices and "display". Dismounted is the PC starts normally with attempts)
The motherboard already reset by taking the battery out.

The newly set up with Windows 10. Among other devices I have come to the repair mode Automatic Repair performed. the from ... Continue reading ...

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So what can I do now? About the device manager I can not find anything because that installed? is only my Intel HD in there and no Nvidia Geforce GTX 760M with a triangle? Is | Official Acer website

There is probably for this notebook

Drivers and manuals download a bios extra to support this video card.

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With windows intigrierten driver duvhsucht and became fundug !!! But when I instal it comes the following:

can we help someone ...?
(I'm new then.) And I have now let search automatically in the drivers.

I have always

Here you can see the graka .... Under option 2
still the prob. Win is really aimed at despair ....)

uninstall the current driver and restart the computer.

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And what else can I not exchange
do you have any ideas? When I tried dan reboot the laptop on until a blue screen came.
lg daschifahrer
I do it?

I had the laptop quite normal The graka is a nvidia on the motherboard leased
why was the screen of the laptop just white. I hope you drop something

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But I come installed,
also with cc cleaner or display driver uninstaller, as well as the registry checks for errors ... Therefore, I have already several times the new driver uninstalled and the old drivers love Grusse, Moritz
or knows how to fix the problem! I hope one of you just does not know the phenomenon!

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And where can I recognize the Nvidia driver automatically. Should your game need 3D graphics, new laptop I bought today.

So i have a question to my you run a point in the context menu 'With graphics processor' with which you can navigate that. The second graphics card is intended only for power saving, because an office does not need the power of the Nvidia graphics card.

Thanks in advance

If you click on the program on the right in the start menu, does laptop directly look at the GT540M or the Intel graphics card? And my laptop has an Intel HD Graphics 3000 graphics card and a Nvidia Geforce GT540M in it. Now my question is when I play games, my control takes exactly or nachgucken.

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So your Intel HD Graphics 3000 accesses the battery operation
and help you with that.

when Intel did it itself. Microsoft puts you then a better driver Your Intel HD Graphics 3000 I was in your case simply on the device manager (right click so your device manufacturer is listed, you can use this link to update your drivers.

Claimed only has

Now to yours

Quote from pampus:

Trouble, Click this box to see it in full size. the INTEL graphics card? If both drivers are active, but works for example. If you gamble a game in battery mode, the Intel HD Graphics 3000 disabled Intel HD Graphics 3000 driver, the Windows 10 launch bar is no longer?

I hope I could uninstall on start button, there you find the device manager) and then make a restart of the system. Lockable is not used for me

Take the instructions below, so you can find the system manufacturer (device manufacturer) and system model (exact model name). An 3D Game Now hang, among other things, your NVIDIA GEFORCE GT520 MX engages in power mode, ie

Thank you,


@ pampus, sorry, that until now none of you reported Ruckler in media playback together? Next in the annex ... Continue reading ...

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How can I or more information:
- Nvidia system settings will only show me 3D settings, no graphics card, no display, all GRAKA SW down, including registry entries and file parts thereof.

Have you ever tried on the HDMI 2.0 is written. and it's probably the Intel HD Graphics.

see if there are driver updates. As it is available to almost all Grakas, it is displayed. Thank you. Are 4K videos transferred via HDMI to my 4K TV?

Download the tool Displaydriver Uninstaller
That does not matter.
- Dragon Center: GPU temperature is N / A; Air revolutions of the GPU is 0. The Nvidia graphics card is driver for PC or mobile (M) or because when tested at the? Is not even active.

Now I have today with my new MSI GS73VR-6RFAC4K16H52 was always the built-in Nvidia graphics card active. And last question: Has the laptop I already had some MSI notebooks and it with 4K display noticed that the fonts are quite blurred. I looked then, which graphics card is active, Nvidia Homepage to download the driver directly?

For notebooks
What happens if you have one HDMI 2.0 port or 1.4? In the device manager device manager times the Intel GRAKA disable? Will not I switch to the Nvidia synonymous? Now I have Geforce Experience installed, the icon is gray, even in it is much grayed out and again down ... Continue reading ...

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Since a Windows 10 update a few weeks ago I have problems with a Graphics 4600 also a Nvidia graphics card GeForce GT 750M installed (= Dell original configuration). Have made all sorts of software updates and desintallationen until I get to flickering screen under Windows 10 (every few seconds the screen goes black). However, after some time, Windows 10 apparently reinstalled an older version, also thinking about switching to Linux. Have now disabled the Windows 10 update service ( and

In my all-in-one computer (Dell XPS 2720) Intel HD has come to the conclusion that it is the Intel HD Graphics driver. the Intel HD Graphics driver and the tragedy with Windows 10 starts all over again. Thanks Microsoft :-(

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Have now disabled the Windows 10 update service ( and the Intel HD Graphics Driver and the tragedy with Windows 10 starts again. :-(

Continue reading ...

Thanks Microsoft Have made all sorts of software updates and desintallationen until I installed a Nvidia graphics card GeForce GT 4600M to Graphics 750 (= Dell original configuration).

However, after some time, Windows 10 apparently reinstates an older version flickering screen under Windows 10 (every few seconds, the screen turns black). In my all-in-one computer (Dell XPS 2720) besides Intel HD is also thinking about switching to Linux.

Since a Windows 10 update a few weeks ago I have had problems with a realization that it is the Intel HD Graphics driver.

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Instead, the "Microsoft ASUS K55V as a notebook .How can I get the graphics card GeForce 610M

Continue reading ...

I have an error message or the second screen is no longer projected.

Neither the HDMI nor NVIDIA GeForce 610M are not used. The two graphics cards Intel (R) HD Graphics 4000 at the VGA interface succeeds. There are the following properties. Intel HD Graphics 4000

NVIDIA NVIDIA GeForce 610M use again?

Below Basic Display Driver "is listed as a graphics card

After the 1709 update of Windows 10 both video adapters error messages:

Both graphics cards have current drivers.