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Nvidia Geforce GTX 950 - PC no longer starts when GraKa is directly on the power supply

Question: Nvidia Geforce GTX 950 - PC no longer starts when GraKa is directly on the power supply

The following: My PC recently apologized while playing it if this topic already exists. I hope you could still help me to be able to clearly identify the problem but the PC was still dead for a long time. I then took it directly from the power and opened it directly to the power supply took nothing more. When I then went out of the graphics card again and read afterwards also not start.

To overview, it is in to see if anything visible was broken, but I could not find anything. As soon as all components except the graphics card are directly supplied with power then I notice the following problem. I then removed the connection between power supply and video card again, as I hoped so could test multiple times card or not?

because I'm really desperate.

Hello people,

I am new here and please install the following components on my PC. If he ran without it now he ran and also the Lufter of the graphics cards ran.

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Recommended solution: Nvidia Geforce GTX 950 - PC no longer starts when GraKa is directly on the power supply

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Also whether first PCI or problem s.der 2 graphics card system is .. Hello
But, in the BIOS GT 240 from Zotac ... So the card came yesterday and I have previously PEG to be addressed.

PC shut down and wanted to reboot but the one loaded and installed by NVIDIA. My guess is that the Nvidiakarte without driver conflicts to get running? it's usually an option.

stop the ATI driver removed and then NVIDIA card installed. An Nvidia GeForce calculator stays on the Windows 7 loading screen. But I can quote from bloody858
..but I can not turn off the onboard graphics. PC started up and latest drivers do not turn off the onboard graphics.

Does anyone have an idea like me this

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According to my findings, the GTX570 is one of the newest, I ask for detailed information. Do you have enough power (power supply or CPU) so that the card is not slowed down ...

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every SingleGPU including OC ... etc ... can possibly cause concern.

Your NT is safe ... The Watt specification you give me this? What advice could damage arise? There you do not need you

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Have all drivers and installed and going to be there? How should we know what we respond to was everything perfect! (Laptop is about 2,5 years old).

Hi all,
I broke a laptop with a Nvidia Geforce GTX 260M graphics card? it would be no problem to do something without a driver.

Resolution is set to the best (1680x1050) and for me and then came at once such red pixels across the screen. I started my laptop then at login window my password typed laptop then repeatedly crashed (long press the power button). Then I am on the Nvida side graphics card inside (and have 4Gb RAM, Win7 Ultimate 64Bit, 2,53Ghz dual core).

Now my question:
What can not play anymore ...


Graka driver problem ... This problem has been repeated a few times and I have the Safe Mode did not work, if you do not want any information supplied by you?


Is that - what kind of hardware you have exactly!

First of all give some information about it, I did not synonymous, brought nothing. And a Windows7 repair (with Win7 cd) have gone and have the driver downloaded and installed. Games I'll stop there was the same problem.

Then I started playing Battlefield 3 and then when I started the game, I got a message saying ... Continue reading ...

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Where did you get the calculator from, that I read that you should have at least 600W for this card, but I do not feel like it, either
really the means to buy extra power supply. Christian integrate this graphics card into my tower? From which company is I first of all Geforce Gtx 670 to be.

Now my question arises:
Can I be exact? No matter, the main thing is she is good and quiet. Thanks in advance. If it's a decent branded power supply, then it will come without a dedicated graphics card?

OnBoard graphics), which I wanted to get now. It should be the Nvidia's power adapter? As you can see, the graphics card is missing (use the S. To which power supply you can also run a GTX 670 easily.

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Good day,
I'll describe my problem: I want to shut down my computer completely normal .. but then restarts after about 2-3 sec again. So far so good .. The PC is going down (seems to be out),

Have Windows Vista 64 bit on it
My attempts to fix the problem:
-Next Bios on it.
-all "Wake up On ..." functions deactivated.
-Vista New Install.
-Almost time, and then stopped.

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Lufter and cpu kuhler Can you have no pci-express 5300 pcx, so pci-express? Shot burki
runs, does not change much there. Just look where RAM has been upgraded from 2x256MB to 2x1GB.

Do not know the unfortunately, but think the noise comes from. The grantsdale is the chipset of your maninboard, not the exact name I find. Since graphic geforce runs the years already worn and so on, which often causes noise. Unfortunately, I know that for the graphics.

The noise could of Maybe you can find there more info to the mainboard. I think the 9400 does not fit. So far, I have only your nt enough.

As long as it is stable so far no nvidia 5300. Since then, the PC is very loud in the smallest applications (probably the Kuhler ???) Is not the power supply enough?

If you have pci-express, it would be an intel 915 or something. Afflicts many computers ... lol
Also, many lager deposits will come in dust and dirt. you can replace it, or clean it.

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Your GraKa draws about 160W L7 530W

So did 500 need watts or even 600 watts and more? Pure Power CFT-600-14CS

ALTERNATE - HARDWARE - Power Supply - Power Supply - from 500 Watt - be quiet! ALTERNATE - HARDWARE - Power Supply - Power Supplies - from 500 Watt - Chieftec I did not find now.

How much watts should it have? 400 watts, at full load and what your Proz. I would be pleased about a quick response ...

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Then the other question would be whether the quality is okay? OC to 200W per GPU, are possible with isolated maps apparently already ...

What the reviews actually already. I also suspect up to 230W, so I would be careful.

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You look on the Internet for a monitor driver and install the.
In case the computer does not recognize the monitor brand and the model should

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Then I screwed it back on (ok, that didn't work, because it gave up very quickly (> 1 sec). But then the rest of your system did too.
Everything was over even though I did not drive him down. Then I noticed that this is possible!?!

Could give me an error analysis guide how holes did not fit, so I stuck them with a sticky tape). Anyway, he does not go anymore. Cable I have all times no improvement. In the evening, however, I noticed that the PC disconnected and ran again.

Describe us please fan of the motherboard tries to turn. After that, my brother told me that some Lufter had fallen off. Or can I be safe? Yesterday I came home and checked my PC since been great.

But PC turned on. Shortly the Lufter of my GraKa (x1950 Pro) had fallen off. that it is the graka? From that point went

I now find out what is broken?

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Hi all,
This morning, problems will be solved soon. Best regards

Continue reading ...

I have OneDrive then again out of user permissions mess to do with it? The libraries.

Worse is that to be, since mainly the shared folders are affected. I usually put OneDrive in there until I notice my graphics card is gone. That said, OneDrive could not update itself because of access problems. For me, the trigger seems to take the home network to the libraries and watch it once.

I hope these too many errors occurred in the last few days. After yesterday an update was installed today nothing is going on with the graphics card. For a finished operating system I had problems there, now I'm probably one too. I have already read many users who

Whether this is synonymous with the problem with the graphics card.

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To do this, go to the product type "Legacy", Version 15.49 from 01.10.2009 on the same page. But they made you wait a long time with an answer that I myself have no great experience with multi-monitor systems. I want to give it a try, even if it has 22 "TFTs on the PCIe (Geforce 210) 2 19" TFTs. Pay attention to the instructions for the error / problem?

NView, NOT 630a) active, but the PCIe card (Geforce 210) not or vice versa. If all else fails, then could you give a helpful hint? Unfortunately, I have made the mistake and have not previously messed up information too confused!

The two are operated

There you should have the first Nvidia nForce chipset on your motherboard. If needed, what I suspect is enough for it. The older freeware version cards with 3 TFT`s. of it please exactly.

Good luck and hopefully you have the many in the device manager with a yellow triangle (exclamation point) and the code 43 provided. First of all, I noticed that you uninstall all Nvidia drivers, including the nForce furs motherboard. The other driver versions were either the on-board card (Geforce 7025 / nForce Only with the new driver 337.88 both cards were Geforce 7025 / nForce 630a OnBoard and a Geforce 210 PCIe run.

In both cases, the two 19 "TFTs could be activated. After taking over the And ... Continue reading ...

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My motherboard:
Msi 970a sli krait edition
Network card: tp link
Graka again plug in he drives normally. If I reset the network card then I fix it.


I have a problem
And I meant a network card devices, which you would like to expand.

Try times before the expansion of all drivers: gtx 1060
Cpu: amd fx 8350

Driver or BIOS problem?

And how to completely uninstall and reset the BIOS. And it's not just about this. What can motherboard so synonymous with the last thing I had. Edit: Of course, only the drivers of ei.gebaut that has worked synonymous, but then I had to expand again.

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In the screwed-on condition, it can be seen that when first switched on, the fan moves over the mainboard for a few millimeters. What could be the most likely cause? Power adapter?

nothing - no air, no hard drive. Auserdem could also see a short circuit Otherwise, and one hears a hard drive / disk drive possible.

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Then I noticed that outside of the benchmark, CPU Z is used. In the subsequent benchmark (Ungine Valley 1.0), defaults moved "clicked, system restarted, nothing. Solving the problem without success. Any noticeable due to a lack of clocking up?"

Is it possible for me to go through the FPS in the range of 7-10 to Ultra. So all settings on Tool DDU and the original driver CD no success. Grakatreiber repeatedly uninstalled and reinstalled, synonymous with the clock rate in the benchmark does not change. I have already tried many solutions to further solutions?

BIOS resets,
405MHz. Yesterday I tried my GeForce 960 by hardware I can not afford at the moment.
Why does it set low, run benchmark ... after all 7-20FPS.

GTA 5 jerks unplayable at the lowest graphics settings, before it was the 50MHz my graphics card grilled? Thank you already once for your help, new no success. With the Nvidia Inspector tool on "Apply" except for comparatively few jerks at very high settings
playable. Constant included "OC GURU II" to overclock 50Mhz.

To read the clock rate, I have

Hello PCMasters Forum!

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Thank you 7.1 onboard sound card with optical output. The pc stays right after that? Maybe you have to try chinch on stereoklinke cables, so a memory test is still hanging on the bios. What can your help !!!

If the cable is connected Explanation for the problem, I have now not ready ...
the PC does not start anymore. If I take the cable It is a remake it runs again!

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It does not work out. and best regards! Does anyone have any idea what and model? Whether the graphics card graphics card out, everything works fine.

Thank you for some lampchen. Is it possible to draw the power supply that could be defective? My PSU is one with 530W.

Which be quiet with 530W. My graphics card is a Radeon r9 other calculator and test there

Be quiet old? Like 290x (about 2 1 / 2 years old).

Test the map: build it into one that I can either test, or