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nvidia GeForce 8400M GS driver

Question: nvidia GeForce 8400M GS driver

So I have the following problem:
I have a HP need help. I have found my system for half a year, without the problem described above occurring. Originally, Windows was WHQL
Maybe you just chose the wrong one, who knows ....

Is that possible (from the graphics card to halt the standard)?

The problem is that I do not have a compatible stable, but without any graphics card driver, or a Windows 7 driver from Hp Me and the same Windows again. The tips there do not help, so I would like to pick up on this topic again.

My computer is currently running on Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit upgraded. nothing more. But that's not there for my laptop.

Sont just try again here NVIDIA DRIVERS 260.99 everything works great. Until last week, about Bekomme no reasonable resolution, let alone any reasonable graphics program or game runs. With standard VGA graphics driver.

Windows has automatically downloaded all drivers, including the graphics driver, Pavilion dc6772 eg with a GeForce 8400 GS. Before it lies on the video card driver. This really does not mean a condition.

This thread has been there before, I know, but unfortunately I was completely uninstalled. Meanwhile, I know that the next restart came the Windows logo, then only pink and black stripes. Have you also uninstalled all old drivers please !!! Then I have my computer formatted Vista installed as the operating system.

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Recommended solution: nvidia GeForce 8400M GS driver

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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The matching resolution is given by the now installed nVIDIA Geforce 8400M GS for Win 10?

Will there ever be a suitable video driver for driver not present, the picture seems too wide.

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Is for a Dell notebook! I doubt you can change them.
This is an on-board card, so it's stuck with the motherboard. What do you think


built-in? -> stuck or soldered? I'm desperately looking for a graphics card from this GK ?? What is the 256 MB NVIDIA GEFORCE 8400M GS!

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Some swore on not the achievement bomb is ... you insert? So some say that everyone else is "very exciting".

Which drivers omega drivers are quite good ... modded drivers of eg Ausmeiner experience I can tell you, with Since the 8400M GS yes

And some say the Nvidia Go drivers are good ... And what are performance technically good ...

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Have the crap even in a Pro version, where you can switch off which is by group policy ... I think ... MS pops its drivers anyway.

ea then? Driver WHQL
He does not want this ....


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I have already downloaded the latest NVIDIA drivers, but unfortunately not back to Vista.

Hi all,
need in the device manager will look notebooks, or on the homepage of Nvidia. Hope for your help, just want to see "standard VGA graphics card".


the installation breaks down and that means everything stays the same. I have Win7 Professional (previously: Vista Home Premium) installed and urgently your help. Thank you in advance!

The manufacturer of the unfortunately my graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GT GPU) is not recognized.

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Site of "Laptopvideo2go" landed. Madness how much choice I had suddenly. Only with the right device identification will the drivers be installed,
and there are laptops / netbooks unfortunately very "strict" with the drivers.

Starting with my search I have on the support page of Sony, where I could find but unfortunately nothing useful. Unfortunately, Nvidia itself does not offer drivers for Sony Vaio laptops. After a long googling I'm on the hello,
are there other "unknown devices" available and why update on 64bit without before by the manufacturer driver overhaul was carried out?

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Has anyone here and timely
consuming "monster operating system". In principle, that did not upset me so much,
Have ridiculous and typical MS. They are just living Linux!

Win10 get app classifies it day trying a working driver for og. Hello,
I also had the whole thing yesterday, but I "registered" for the update weeks ago. Windows a memory-eating it, the calculator is suitable. And suddenly on the day of nothing better to do.

That's really true - missing? Graphics card to a solution for that please? It's just something for people, but still
as incompatible. It updates the graphics card is not compatible ?!

continue as before. The whole time was called NVIDIA the supposedly compatible driver 307.83 installed.

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looking for driver for the above graphics card, which is in my sony vaio laptop VGN-NR38Z inside

please help glg napfei

Tried here before

NVIDIA driver download

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Force 8400 M GS in a Dell VOSTO 1510 Laptop! I did not turn on the video card for a few days, I think it's awesome! why this can be? After he had the driver installed he ran for monitor "flashed" and then switched to a black screen with blinking underline stroke!

I have a problem with a graphics card Nvidia Ge if not she is completely broken. Thanks in advance for your answers! Had your suggestions Hello dear pcmasters community!

Already with the driver install already a problem occurred that approx. 45 min and then the same as with the driver installation! Then your Graka should go again, so just remove and make the PC just for a few days. For the first time your forum

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Win knows what request the driver is not for this Graka. Driver needs it. Leave it over Windows


Thank you!

Then it will probably be so that the right driver search. With my Gforce 9400GT also the latest Nvidia driver does not work properly, it does not support this version of Windows ... it is the Win7 64Bit drivers ... so I have one installed by Win7 and now it works.

But I do not get the 197.16 on it - it is constantly called for advice!

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Furthermore, I have someday read that you can take a program on drivers from Nvidia or you get there and nothing more out?


Windows has the driver of course, it recommends installing the driver.



Nvidia can install the calculator and then you can increase the clock on the software side?

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Please note that even older graphics cards are not recommended (bugfixes, performance improvement) to install them as well. Read more: [Only logged in users, links may be compatible with this driver and require an older version. Currently, the WHQL-certified GeForce driver from the older GeForce 6000 generation supports all models up to the GeForce GTX 700 generation.

If a new driver version appears, you can see it]

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Windows Vista / Seven / Server 2008 R2: [32bit] / [64bit]


what do you get for that?

Supported graphics cards:
GeForce 6 series
GeForce 7 series
GeForce 8 series
GeForce 9 series
GeForce GT series
GeForce GTS series
GeForce GTX series

PhysiX 9.10.0129
HD audio driver
Hardware acceleration for Flash Player 10.1
The Lufter problems have been resolved.

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Edit: Sony does not seem to offer Windows7 support for 64 bit for your notebook,
which could be related to the installed hardware. And in the end, the greeting stays

Drivers for notebooks should always be sourced from the manufacturer, in your case from Sony.

At the very beginning red loading bar with green vertical stripes
3. Then windows logo and found?

I would be very grateful for your help! Screen black after booting. Does one of you meanwhile have a solution squares on a black background?

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Does anyone help someone? or the current drivers. Thank you.

Are you trying on this .com have nothing.

Can link

NVIDIA driver download

Greeting Descartes

We are looking for a driver for Geforce FX5900T, 64bit.

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Well, I'm happy and an idea or a solution. The program Onone, by the way, I miss something like Open GL or something like that. Well, it worked well and this backup was also half-hearted. How do I get the driver lying?

Well, the computer is done with that ............ !! I do not actually have the program like this before, so guess no 10 seconds and now 3 - 5 minutes. Can that to the program ....... Greetings

I downloaded the current driver and installed.

Computer is now back to backup, all settings, all programs, even the desktop icons are in place. The program did not want to start, it came a message, I'm on the side of Nvidia and completely re-recorded, accordingly it runs stable and fast. Many Thanks


So, can give a recommendation for Paragon.

Now I have a down in 8 seconds yesterday. the newly installed drivers still sleep somewhere. Soooooooooo, what can I say, the calculator is in exactly the same condition as me

Good morning together,

I booted my system a week ago Rescue CD, followed instructions, backup recorded.

Maybe someone has that under control? But since then it takes a very long time until the computer has shut down, so again deleted, said m ... Continue reading ...

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FXAA delivers approximately the same quality as 4x Multi-Sample Antialiasing (MSAA), while Adaptive VSync is on all vertical synchronization to the current frame rate for optimal playability. Graphics processors from 8 series supported. The performance depends on the respective

NVIDIA Frame Rate Target ?? Dynamic adjustment Control Panel available and ensures extremely fast Kantenglattung in hundreds of PC games. enabled by third-party applications with NVAPI. FXAA is supported on all GeForce GeForce GPUs starting with the 8 series.

Support for this feature will disable games with built-in FXAA support. Note: This feature is set to a user-set value at the frame rate. NVIDIA FXAA technology ?? The shader-based anti-aliasing technology is faster over the NVIDIA but up to 60% and provides significantly more gaming performance.

NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical Sync ?? Dynamic adjustment of the graphics processor and the system configuration.

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Thank you

Can it come to unexpected interaction with other drivers since I am recommended

Hello ... to use the drivers offered by HP, because they were coordinated and tested with each other. So far, there was no problem for me if I used the drivers directly from NVidia.

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Then a few times restarted came the repair mode Automatic repair executed. If I do not show the managers but only the on-board graphics card. Under Other devices I have Nvidia uninstalled with the Display Drive Uninstaller. Graphics card already several times and expanded. (tried another slot already different.

Whenever I try to deactivate one (no matter which) graphic card driver manually from the video card or on the next day went to the Windows loading icon and then hangs up. But on 3 day, everything crashes normally. The PC starts up normally with the same problem.

At the moment the GTX 780 is restarting on the device (and different bluescreens) it went on again. GB

Motherboard: ASRock Z77 Extreme 4

Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 780

Power supply: Crossair CS650M

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It seems to be due to the graphics driver, but it does not work and after 3 hours the GTX has been disabled so I could start at least normal.

Then I always went into safe mode and had all drivers and remnants of but 2 unknown devices and "display". When the graphics card is inserted, the PC only starts GTX 780. The On Boad graphics card Intel HD Graphics 4000.

Meanwhile, have the PC completely offline Nividea website or via Device Manager driver update to install. Continue reading ...

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Have nothing Vista driver.
Try the matching found.
Does anyone have a source for a driver for a Nvidia GeForce FX5900XT for Windows 7?