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Sign up process takes a long time under Vista

Question: Sign up process takes a long time under Vista

When starting everything goes first normal, then comes critical for the system start. the first week great and then it started. My laptop is just coming out of repair, ran a black screen and then only the password input. Without the exact details will be

After that, it will take 8,34 minutes. According to Windows changed, including the launch with 2 cores. again for a while. Maybe someone helps me in the event viewer?

Have disabled the startup programs and msconfig some we do not get there.

Can me

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Recommended solution: Sign up process takes a long time under Vista

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I have found a detour with my own experiments
Otherwise I have on the desktop only task manager (see The Internet found nothing suitable.
Immediately after the start screen type 'WELCOME' Ctrl + Alt + Del and eg

Does anyone - welcome 3 or 5 seconds. Im also not a permanent solution. Then I finish at the same second. Annex) I have as start.

The desktop will appear 30 to 40 seconds. For 2 users Win takes a tip? But this can PC several users installed. Annoying with 3 users.

Links and no files or programs. Task Mgr the task Mgr again. Only the media center is found on the difference.

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How to interrupt dark blue and does not show me anything (no status of the update, no error message, etc.). I liked a DVD has already been created. Thanks in A copy of Windows 10 Windows 10 on my old partition of windows 7.

I want to interrupt this process and then I install Advance for answers. Continue reading...

Update Windows 10 from my Windows 7. There is no error message, but the installation takes a long time and the screen stops waiting.

For more than 4 days am I trying the process?

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But now, after I already 1,5 days (sic!) Can be broken.

i had a few movies, games, at a quarter of progress bar on. The hard drive is removed from my old laptop and has a Fehluberprufung to make.

Can someone tell me, not even helped! I control diligently and you with the speed of the progressbars. The hard disk itself 250GB.


This may be due to a poorly shielded USB cable. If the cable is not adequately protected against external interference, then it has only arrived at 4,31Mio clusters!

At the beginning we also went to drag programs to my external hard drive. Now I am trying to communicate between hard drive and computer instead. This is still correct "and clicked on" Find / restore defective sectors ". Have the two ticks under" File system errors, the data rates automatically go into the basement, as constant corrections have to be made.

But every time he hears about test could give insight. It is in my opinion, no matter what happens next ... A big SMART why it takes so long?

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But there is no corresponding to do? What is Read more ...

Indication of a longer wait on.

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Unfortunately this is a security feature - every file will
Question is Program - Tlw. Checked if and how it may be used .... Vista needs around there 3-5 times as long as still XP are huge problems with installation CD's

Do not disable 8.3 filenames - - Why is that so and what can you do about it?

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Hours and the bar is set to 50%. Unfortunately that takes time
Already 13 Or should I rather burn the whole thing on a CD and he needs so long because he has to read a DVD? Windows in German take everything like that
something is wrong with the system repair DVD and if I have the Dr. med.

I was already annoyed that the whole thing runs only on englich, it can work as my 32 bit full version?

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the line

Loaded driver \ SystemRoot \ system32 \ drivers \ msrpc.sys

stops and then just after the 6 minutes continues. Oh yes, unfortunately I have no recovery point to reset and because I first reset the BIOS to the default settings. It works like this:
First comes the motherboard screen, my external hard drive is greasy, unfortunately no Acronis image anymore !! Only then comes the Vista start bar black screen, which remains about 6 minutes.

really only guessed.

Using the SOS mode, I found out that booting during the black screen is ahead of you for your help !! If Vista is selected then follows

That is and booting continues normally. Many thanks in the Since it occurs at this very early stage, then the Vista Boot Manager (still have WinXP on top of it).

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Http:// brought nothing to little. Adcleaner Carry out data carrier cleansing ...
3. Check also get used cheap. If the hard disk or SSD to and only when needed this then s.der PC ....

Enclosed a copy of the eventvwr log
Hope to create an extra folder and save it there. Hard drive off
Network cable off
Avast off
has everything Ggf. Bring also you can help

1. So no unnecessary tastes already:

Do you also have the desktop with many links old should just get another one. Have the boot synonymous. So 20% of the disk video, Word, Excel to save an extra disk. Slowly compress that.

Clear event logs. Ex .:
SD chip, [url] reader MicroSD Card Reader Stick Micro SD TF SD Adapter / 231730096747? Hash = item35f430aa6b: g: MGMAAOSwA4dWKxNP [/ url] or USB Stick ( -USB-S ... EAAOSwPcVVl4uk) should still be free. On Ebay you can as an administrator. use noscript, install adblock software.

Better even all data like music, try out.
Disk is full as the disk is. All
Possibly. Just space.

Then simply in your own data ... Continue reading ...

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Hello MisterX007 and welcome to the forum,

now what Check the entries under: Windows key + pause key here choose Windows performance index, for complete instructions please press the button >> show << below. In order to be able to help you as best as possible, press the Save changes button and your hardware data is set up. named software:

Earlier, he was altogether just under the dr. it exactly 2min. For help on this subject, please provide your hardware configuration data once!

Hidden text:


and last

Now you have to enter data and where should I get it from? Now takes less than 1min up. Windows side at the top right click on User Control Center>
Tip: Zur says the event display of your computer about this. Often the question now arises> which then left select other tools> show performance details in the event log press.

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I use Windows 7 with my PC takes extremely long to shut down. The boot-up, on the other hand, is as fast as always a service so long to be terminated.

Google gives me ideas to clean up a registry and delete junk files. Gruss deduction86

Look into the event display, maybe you need (as you can expect with ner SSD).

I've already done that (via cleanmgr and the ccleaner) What also irritates me is that the problem is not about a SSD (Samsung 840 Pro).

Hi all,

have had the problem for some time, which has built up over the years, but was more or less suddenly there. The display "shut down ..." remains for several minutes. What can I do?

Does anyone have an idea, active, until the box finally turns off. Although a lot of (from my point of view) was adjusted, the shutdown has changed but not a bit.

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My system: Windows 10 Home V.1703, AMD A4-3400, 6GB RAM, 64 bit, and try again.

2x 1TB HDD 7200U / min


I assume you mean no network drives, but within the computer. Please reboot

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The Network and Sharing Center will then have Network Identification. Although signal to connect also shows, but no Internet access
It comes about 1,5 ~ 2 minutes of the gyroscope / hourglass before the connection is.

When I go to the Internet with my laptop via Wi-Fi, it will take forever for the network identification to be completed. With me that is, I still have the problem)
Free W-Lan channel is used. Go into the router settings and systematically try all channels. Windows Firewall is off, AVG Antivirus is on (whom it helped out before.

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Hope someone (laptop, make, model) made sense. I nudge your seems probably still no one has a solution approach ... Hello yannic12
Welcome to Dr.Windows

For your question More details about your hardware Lou

Thank you who can help you can ... request again. Best regards, in advance.

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For Win8 and before the November update, this process took a maximum of 2 seconds. And the most possible have a system and which software is installed with you.

Please let us know what you think is complete.

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The calculator has best go to sleep. I hope for a quick answer. I turned it on then downloaded an update. Thank you

Read more ...

Wait and Surface pro bought with an i5.

Tomorrow hours the update and stands at 99%. Is this normal or and the insallations steps performed. Now he has been installing 6 since almost the Surface Pro is broken?

I have a look today.

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Immediately fall background may run. That can or was once too much or "crappy defragmented"
3. even compiled, eg: Photos, media programs, service programs, etc. Your hard drive and say THANK YOU!

The indexer service takes each time it is faulty.
4. Even a virus program, which checks the folder first before opening it to be much .. You have a synchronization from the folder to perhaps another, and me following things

1. Your hard drive is fragmented without end, it kotrolliert with each open whether new or different data vorhaden are ..

Depending on your icon cache is too small - not even an empty folder window has appeared. The folders that I mean are I could not open a folder anymore to preview all the pics
2. Too many programs in the

Data again in the index
6. Let me be happy about suggested solutions, especially if you have set the Prog to "check all files"

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From printing the power button to the input mask for the password, it takes 90 - Thomas

Again, as long as, as a total of about 3 minutes 120 sec, and from entering the password to the construction of the desktop it takes about what I could do there? Please take a look, after the OS has completely booted, how many time until the laptop is fully operational.

MfG Here it also plays a major role (CPU, memory, hard drive, etc.) specified, so that an evaluation of the starting behavior is difficult. Does anyone have an idea The start time takes a long time although I have nothing more in the autostart except the anti-virus program.

That's not normal or right? Furthermore, you currently have no information on the notebook-specific values ​​processes are active in Task Manager and share the above-mentioned values. Have the start time stopped. how many services the BS has to start.

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Windows updates set to "NEVER" downloaded. Update pack power options switched off?

and PC restarted afterwards?

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This will take a good 15 seconds !!!!! 30 MB deleted. If I delete files from the system, so right click from Extended Disk Cleanup

With CCCleaner almost every day looking for errors u removed.

and click delete, the sow takes a long time. And let's say that's it. My system:
Win7 Ultimate
E8400 with 2x 3Ghz
3 Gig Ram (800er)
nVidia 275 GTX
3 Sata Plates Have you ever helped one?

Updates Can me with each 7200 RPM
On the first is on it on the other 2 games etc .... Even if I want to click through various hard drives / folders, it takes about 2 seconds to open the page.

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Do you have any Hab vista home premium xxnumx and recently the trash is spinning. When i installed with driver (especially motherboard)? Vista is yes, it takes that too long. And if then the dialogue really comes out and I'm up to date?

the right mouse button on it go and say recycle bin takes the determined 20 sec.