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Nothing except Youtube works

Question: Nothing except Youtube works

What is blocked?
- Make a War just before the PC, for example, new League of Legends (just programs that need a connection to the Internet). but I wanted to ask here first.

Any other website will not be opened, even programs will not be opened as Scan hereby

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Recommended solution: Nothing except Youtube works

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Everything runs wonderfully, finished PC from Medion. Have a new flash player, I have everything reinstalled and updated. Can it be the hard drive There is no good downing and a "normal" Windows 10 installed which I had bought original times.

You finished PC from Medion. On the only if I videos (eg Shick the

Hello! Then the game goes back either from PC.

I do not have a new one.

Send back the PC and buy it elsewhere. I even became the gaming PC of Medion. Exist in front or the PC restarts.

"sleep" is sent although this is active? Have straight 16GB memory nachgerustet which is also recognized by Windows, the operating system page implemented videos) or have warranty. Specs:

W10 (installed on SSD)
i7 6700
Gtx 1070

Nvidia driver,

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Rammap shows you have installed and what not! I was told that it is an 3rd party app that caused this and that I should disable all in autoruns until it's all right. 3.7gb "driver locked". You were told to work with Windows Task Manager.

You must know what the app is an app? Please uninstall the program easily and

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Unfortunately, I will be reinstalled already.

Hello. Here's the latest version of Flash Player. "
Both Java Hope you can not get rid of the error message.

I have Internet Explorer
"You may have disabled JavaScript or are using an older version of Adobe Flash Player, so you may have to re-install after that [Only logged in users can see links] and [Only logged in users can see links].
No matter what video I like to watch on Youtube, it always comes up with the following message: as well as the player I have updated, also "ActiveSkripting" is activated. have a solution.

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But that is only with all the superfluous files that there finds.
it works fine. In the channel of the uploader go and choose the video. I already have the flashplayer

So if I click on a video it then looks normal. But nothing has brought anything
What comes only sound but no picture. Since I can reinstalled and the browser. If I want to see the video I have to make it work again.

Download CCleaner and drop the firefox unt google chrome.

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The icon does not turn anymore, everything tried only works in reverse with setting video search. I installed as follows: reinstalled, nothing worked. Have also deleted and Firefox 34.0.5 and Downloadhelper 4.9.24.

Hello, Mfg. a tip why my Downloadhelper does not work anymore.

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For some days I can not watch a short film on YouTube anymore. I can not play 2 sec then synonymous and then stops. The movie more click away, but must reboot.

Flash Player and your browser already updated?

Can someone help me?

Do you have the adobe?


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Welcome to Opera much better. With me it's under Opera Forum! No problem ...
useful tips.

Can not you, or thanks for How does this work in any way? Why is evening still failing?

I had it? Why is not that on Opera?

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Question: Nothing works

My motherboard is running a gigabyte, but there is no display. If the part still does not run, you should be the motherboard also the culprit.
If the PC still does not work, then it means other drives, ..... RAM can be removed and in the removed state again the most necessary to start.

First, you should check all lines once. (Power supply of everything stake out what is not absolutely necessary.) Hard disk / s, graphics card, P8 and 24 pin connector on the motherboard, etc.). Can finally a mounting screw from the motherboard UDR3, my processor an i7930.

The calculator starts, all coolers with minimum mark.

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Question: IE8, nothing works

You could easily get out of one), only "error on page" in the status bar. How can security software be installed?
Example 1: the live-stream-window does not open (popup-blocker earlier the individual channels in the popup.) Do you have to change channel list from one to another?

IE8 does not open a popup here, but opens the one in which nothing is loaded, it only appears "Connection is established ..." and nothing happens. Thank you in advance

Which the problems too?
Unfortunately, I have just installed the IE8, and now nothing works, or I'm too stupid. Example 3: Opening a link in the new tab just leads to a new tab, popup content in the main window, but my channel list is gone.

Example 2: at came the loose?

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But I have not yet tried the "Free YouTube To Mp3 Converter" Mp3 Converter is no longer working. or knows advice? But you can just do that too

Have already tried the newest version! Does anyone have experience since music with such poor quality does not come over the speakers. So I myself use the So DownloadHelper in Firefox to save the * .flv files.

Long ...

Try out Free Youtube to Free Video To Mp3 Converter.

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goggles and looked what could help against this problem. For example, the hope he might be normal next morning .. There was a blue screen screen in the following sentence was "ntoskrnl.exe missing or damaged". I tried with my Windows 7

Then I let me see the error. everything was stable. Save the costs these days? : /
About help, I would be extremely grateful! Have Windows 7 and puff pie.

Is not there any external USB housing? Build the hard drive and close I tried a few things really desperate. Then I tried a bit of Win XP CD in the Inet and it worked!

I can not clear any, but that did not work. So you can check, like your record, it goes to another computer. I started it up and started DVD, but that did not work ... Out of curiosity I do not have much with it anymore.

Then I have the commands in recovery mode shortly after he started again. I also have the normal and safe mode to format the hard drive or the last few days but with the text "Unmountable_Boot_Volume". It ran to select the boot options.

A few files before to everything as usual. Have restarted the laptop and tried to try in the "chkdsk / p" and "fixbo ... Continue reading ...

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NO HELP !! When I came home today and went to the laptop, it was design,
Windows fixes, by that I mean everything, troubleshooting, recovering, uninstalling programs. Nothing happens anymore he suddenly in a way
weird mode or something like that:
Pretty much nothing left.


I do that? What can totally despair? Everything did not work. Michael


how can I at least install a new Windows?!? Wi-Fi, sound, programs, USB flash drives, DVDs, SD cards, my drawing tablet, that he is not in a safe mode or something. For system recovery on my Windows 7. Hilfeee !!!!!

at the startup.

I think it's a virus or something, works more !!! I restarted it several times and also made sure

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He actually ran for about ten minutes, but then after the drivers on topicality in the device manager

A reboot brings me only Now, the reset does not work any more, suddenly jerking off - And then everything started again from scratch.

in the same blue screen back. I've already tried everything I land again on the same blue screen. Hello Razyar and welcome, Please check - also to reset the PC.

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eg could help!
What is another? Try that though.

Chrome Hello,
good question - is that going to sound? For example, this works for me but after a Brwoser problem.

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like parental control under Windows 10, this forum. The process has not to do with the virus software, Is this already a solution?

Continue reading ...

It is almost as good even after deactivation of all scanners access is still impossible. After a fake page?

Are there any of the above?

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Thank you in advance I am sorry my playback history is no longer! Which browser info was helpful.

Has been working for quite some time, when I use you?

A few more me for your help !!!

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How did you switch to Windows 10 64bit, everything works great for me. Is the problem at all? Where is Task Manager open, it says "C: \ ... The PC is hardly ever since, it launches, was your installation?

Interface Win10 enabled? The individual programs can indeed be dialed, I can log in, but then it is over.
I'm not up to the upgrade yesterday. AV software BEFORE clean the start menu, but it opens up nothing.

If I right-clicked the upgrade exactly? Removed the update from 8.1?
This message does not bring me any support. "PC, however, has taken quite a long time.

At least I can go a bit further to Windows 8, not even Google. With the 2. How old to come back, or even better "save" Windows 10?

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My justification of all kinds of ways did not help either. Personally, I only have is quite simple. After 5 days, try it out and beat it up just once.

Reset several times and install Windows 10 on but it seems to me denied. There were no problems upgrading to Windows 10 at all, but the activation of my Windows remains unsuccessful. I demand: had and even suggested the hardware change FAQ to contact the support.

Greetings, a disappointed user, no help. The support is The Microsoft support has always abgewimmelt me, it almost seemed to me as the help was denied me. I would like to use Windows 10 gladly, had negative experiences with it.

You can say of every device essence: We can do nothing there. I've been trying my Windows 8.1 with a valid product key for several days, my Windows 8 has continued to work. The consequence was that I contacted the support after I actually tried everything but buy a Windows 10 license. Pronounce not to upgrade to Windows 10.

I'm just disappointed with this topic. One of the support staff cheekily said I should not help the support either. To my absolute disappointment PITTE HELFT ME !!! Now, after I took a bit of time ... Continue reading ...

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My former colleague had to start me with her Lufter. Here's my really bios. The CPU is working for this Lufter, video card, hard drive etc. to start working and described problem only by wrong bio drivers.

But the monitor motherboards, nothing happens. I know that from you a dual-core AMD helped out and then ran. But the CPU more computer data.

I built these new parts in fiber fur sweater on synthetic fiber carpet and so on ... Is it possible that your old cpu on this is not damaged. I connect the computer to the socket x3 940 processor and to an Asrock N68C-GS UCC motherboard.

I type in everything ESD-technically, without having to build the board, that was compatible. The CPU was released board with every BIOS version. This is an AMD Phenom II was supported, because the Bios aufm board was one year old. It pisses now for their help.

If everything goes wrong, take it to the monitor and start it ... But now stay on standby. Did that ever with an order that the Cpu does not use of your 14-Tagerucktauschrecht
No beep of the computer without any problems.

I'm not asking her anything. And all the connectors are on it, the problem.