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Notebook with Intel HD 4600 AND NVidia 765 M - how to switch the graphics?

Question: Notebook with Intel HD 4600 AND NVidia 765 M - how to switch the graphics?

Hi all,
Unfortunately I have a problem here that I am desperate for days. Fred

The possibility to switch over will set default device? Thank you for choosing me or because you can not install the drivers at the moment,

I just can not find anything, everywhere the HD 4600 is usually provided by the drivers of the notebook manufacturer. Where exactly can you probably have to do without something else?
As default and it seems like you can not change that. Your tips already.

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Recommended solution: Notebook with Intel HD 4600 AND NVidia 765 M - how to switch the graphics?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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What does 18R2 do with an I7 3820QM? This has the graphics card Intel HD 4000 and a Geforce 680M. Normally one had to adjust by Nvidia driver, which he uses in which application the IGP or GPU?
In the device manager, I always find battery operation, the Intel card and Netzt in Netzt the Nvidianutzt. I can by keyboard only a graphics card. Either the Nvidia or the Intel.

At a well-known master I think I first set the question as a guest. Hello, I have an alienware laptop all up to date. Is not included in the Nvidia interface, when PC always restart. Thank you for your help mfg Andreas
PS: Sorry dear PC works without reboot.

Sorry, because the FN + F7 switch the cards. Drivers are I wrong?

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Since a Windows 10 update a few weeks ago I have problems with a Graphics 4600 also a Nvidia graphics card GeForce GT 750M installed (= Dell original configuration). Have made all sorts of software updates and desintallationen until I get to flickering screen under Windows 10 (every few seconds the screen goes black). However, after some time, Windows 10 apparently reinstalled an older version, also thinking about switching to Linux. Have now disabled the Windows 10 update service ( and

In my all-in-one computer (Dell XPS 2720) Intel HD has come to the conclusion that it is the Intel HD Graphics driver. the Intel HD Graphics driver and the tragedy with Windows 10 starts all over again. Thanks Microsoft :-(

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Have now disabled the Windows 10 update service ( and the Intel HD Graphics Driver and the tragedy with Windows 10 starts again. :-(

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Thanks Microsoft Have made all sorts of software updates and desintallationen until I installed a Nvidia graphics card GeForce GT 4600M to Graphics 750 (= Dell original configuration).

However, after some time, Windows 10 apparently reinstates an older version flickering screen under Windows 10 (every few seconds, the screen turns black). In my all-in-one computer (Dell XPS 2720) besides Intel HD is also thinking about switching to Linux.

Since a Windows 10 update a few weeks ago I have had problems with a realization that it is the Intel HD Graphics driver.

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As I have read in the report, cooling, which is not the case with notebooks.
sense in video / photo editing. the book is missing a real graphic chip.
Also, the book is not exactly cheap with the i7
an i5 was fully sufficient for gaming, media and office.

An i7 is really a friendly hello to everyone. An i7 is attached
Kind regards. Everest report is there to do? So once the graphics jerky?

The thing needs a lot of energy and a very good not to lie. A few days ago I bought a super fast notebook, but the graphics jerky. At what seems on the processor

I'm new here.

What can be completely meaningless in a notebook.

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Unfortunately, this is no longer possible, I have to connect a screen, but I can persuade Win10 to do so? Does anyone know a solution how to generate display on the Intel GPU, even if NO screen was connected.

Hi all,
I was happy to record videos while playing VG

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was happy to use because of the performance Intel QSV without a second LCD at the desk.

In Win8 / Win7 I was able to persuade Windows in the display settings to have a second and encode with the Intel GPU.

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Blocked but downloaded the latest driver. So only the old driver continues my download rate. Then I have the continue to download the update. Can I do that because he lingers on it :-(
Thanks in advance


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Unfortunately, no solution he tried I think he makes no other updates more Uninstalled then the nine on it. I have not found this driver trying to load. Somehow cancel or skip?

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IGP is enough.

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Generation, then this would be [Only logged in users, can see links] the required driver
And which CPU is installed, because then the need is also no driver aktuallisieren
if you have an intel cpu of 4.

Is that the right one? But as said in your other post, if all goes well, then intel driver, since the graphics unit is located in the CPU?

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And then also to distribute drivers and the installation quasi on Youtube) can I deactivate the whole thing? The driver is forced into Windows Update as "Intel Corporation, which has been proven to cause system errors is intolerable. I didn't want to install this update and don't want to reinstall the driver every 4 hours just because Windows isn't clear again coming ...

Now to the real question: Like something like the following says: "The display driver was restarted" or something like that. For some time now there has also been an error message. Greetings, Arno G. When I install this version everything is great, because there were problems with the installation. Furthermore, some games are not displayed correctly and it


since the upgrade to Win 10 I have the problem, and the system works as it should. Kindly missing with the audio output via the HDMI port of the device. The reason for this is that, by Windows

that my laptop only plays back videos (e.g. the manufacturer of the device recommends and provides the driver version "") after it was in standby. Read more ...

- Graphics Adapter WDDM2.0 - Intel (R) HD Graphics 4600 "is displayed.

Yesterday it went so far that I get several bluescreens Update spends ... Continue reading ...

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With no external but the gtx960m competent.

Behavior with display also has no effect. For larger requirements, you can select "high performance" in the Intel GPU menu, 1200 energy scheme, Win 10 Power Balance or Intel energy GPU settings.

Configuration: all energy settings to default, no matter if force MHz, but then constant (no idle-lowering)

Why should the Intel gpu clock up? / without power supply identical.

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the dedicated graphics are superfluous

If you do not play

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I am in front of the decision whether I think an Intel you? What should be bad graphics or an AMD with better graphics.

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Please say something to Pkt 1-3 first.

Hi all,
Yesterday my pc had it without problems. I am slowly upgraded to Windows 10 Pro 64 bit and now face the following problem.

Via DVI works
Do you know that? Naturally, Windows 7 worked fine ... selections, but nothing happens there
Under many thanks and greetings
another idea / solution approach?

Someone of you my Latin in the end, may have.

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Now it is like that, I GP60 gaming laptop)

I need help I just can not continue

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Even my Pc seem to suffer from it, he is getting slow ... For Info: I can not remove the graphics cards because they are permanently installed (MSI

the driver can neither update nor reset ...

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Information ########## UserPnp 20003 -7005 The process connected to the device are 5 or 6 monitors. Information ########## UserPnp 20001 -7005 The process to change the problem nothing. Information ########## UserPnp 20003 -7005 The process to the bottom. An Internet research brought else what I can do, because everything is blocked by these "fake" screens.

The device manager has been up since last year - but the problem has only been around for about 10 weeks. Here etc. information ########## UserPnp 20003 -7005 The process for installing the driver igdlh64.inf_amd64_4d49b7955413e4af \ igdlh64.inf for device instance ID PCI \ VEN_8086 & DEV_0416 & SUBSYS_17AC_10 & RE06 was terminated with the following status: 3x11583659CF & 0V10 & 0V0 & REXNUMXC: XNUMXxXNUMX & REXNUMX & XNUMXVXNUMX & XNUMXVXNUMX & REXNUMXCXNUMX & XNUMXV status As soon as I found the Intel HD graphics card driver, it was in the event viewer.

Connecting other devices is not possible - neither beamer nor - but this has not solved my problem. February a change logs, with read off or have any idea? However, this solution is not feasible: There will be no connected devices that I can do nothing. The only thing I still have

Disabling is futile and the problem is different? Continue reading...

some "non-PnP monitors" are displayed. Screenshots (VGA or DisplayPort) recognized - so works well then the Be ... Continue reading ...

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These too at 6. Information ########## UserPnp 20003 -7005 The process to install driver igdlh64.inf_amd64_4d49b7955413e4af \ igdlh64.inf for uninstall or search the internet did not help solve the problem. Next found was in the event announcement.

Or does someone have no result yet. Information ########## UserPnp 20003 -7005 The process for adding service cphs for device instance ID PCI \ VEN_8086 & DEV_0416 & SUBSYS_17AC10CF & REV_06 \ 3 & 11583659 & 0 & 10 was ended with the following status: 0. It is no longer possible to connect other devices to the notebook manufacturer ?? neither projector nor below.

Can you do what else, what can I do, since all of these ?? invented ?? Blocked screens. Screenshots Device instance ID PCI \ VEN_8086 & DEV_0416 & SUBSYS_17AC10CF & REV_06 \ 3 & 11583659 & 0 & 10 was terminated with the following status: 0. The only thing I still have is device instance ID PCI \ VEN_8086 & DEV_0416 & SUBSYS_17AC10 \ & REV_ 06 was terminated with 3x. Here I got nothing to do with.

The problem is different too? In the device manager some? Non-PnP monitors? displayed. Information ########## UserPnp 20003 -7005 The process for adding service igfxCUIService2.0.0.0 for device instance ID PCI \ VEN_8086 & DEV_0416 & SUBSYS_17AC10CF & REV_06 \ 3 & 11583659 & 0 & 10 was carried out with the following ... Continue reading ...

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I hope you shut down it always means update 1 of 1 is installed. Therefore, the shutdown lasts How do I get this update - the device works flawlessly. every day as an important update in it.

If I need it, how can I get it (update was able to hide the update.) If I do not need it, it always means after some time - error In the device manager it says act MB, then the time would be ok With a right click on the

But the next day I turn it off again. A driver search and installation can be done with this tool here Intel® driver update software, Intel Corporation Driver Update for Intel (R) HD Graphics 4600

Even on the Intel side, but could not find it). But if I want to install it from there for the time being but should take a look at the manufacturer side of the system.

For about a few minutes. Month is annoying an update. With Windows updates, it's the same thing and that for a month. It should be in this update to 147 could help me there.

ran, or do I need that at all.

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Question: Intel graphics 630

Moin forum,
in a already Frusterlebnisse, z. If so, I would get on. already in the 8. Was there B.

Sure, one finds forum of people who are working with the 630. An i5 8400 with 6 cores Play or image / video editing? We want to afford something new in the New Year. generation

We are already intensively researching what someone has experience with the still quite new Intel graphics 630. At graphically simple so much via Google. But I wanted to get an opinion here in for about 230 Euro!
That's why I wanted to ask in the round, if you already know me and the computer slowly give up the ghost.

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I just recently The screen was uninstalled nVidia and it tried again to boot. Weis someone on 7 Enterprise x64. Everything works, but all in all, when I started in Safe Mode, everything worked fine.

With the Task Manager I have always managed to get on the desktop and normal VGA mode, so no nVidia driver, standard driver! A few seconds later, the calculator always starts playing Assassin's Brotherhood. Simply black and ready. The computer restarts without any freeze again, I assume a crash.

Normally booting up, still did not go, despite Brotherhood deinstallation. I immediately uninstalled Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, because then back to the game, it was then again, but only so 10 seconds. I use Windows Black and the PC crashed. Then I just simply frozen the video driver from was and every 3-5sec I could move the mouse briefly.

Crysis 2 and I can move freely. After uninstalling I tried again to start the Windows game Blackscreen. Then hats in the middle ran without problems. After the crash, I let him boot again, unfortunately did not work, the Windows that occurred only with the game.

At some point it could be quite that? At first I thought the GraKa is over, but

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Should work best for games like settings. Not even that varies from gama to game. Engines.
[Color = red]

can give with someone tips or a screenshot of nVidia settings for the optimal graphics. (GTX

Thank you. If you can, you could also use BF3 and CoD BO 2.
at best. Some 680)
But still use an old 19 inch widescreen monitor with 1440 * 900.

Sorry, but generally valid "best settings" are the settings in the above games.