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Notebook turns off when using the docking station

Question: Notebook turns off when using the docking station

So ... no lamp is lit for the power indicator and start letting the notebook not synonymous. Have already tried Google, but could find nothing suitable to my problem. Does anyone have a tip, Dankeschon.

Have tested different docking stations, If I am compatible with my question here, I can find out. I have a defect in the DS, or a line or cabling error. There is already enough everywhere the same problem.

Once it's plugged into a docking station, the battery does not charge, what could that be at the docking stations? If all functions are working solo but with a wrong ground contact. because on these other DELL notebooks work properly.

Sounds like a short case, probably a case for support.

If other notebooks work, your M4500 connection will be all Zappenduster will be. Also, the docking stations with the Precision Notebook should be wrong, then please move.

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Recommended solution: Notebook turns off when using the docking station

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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and one is already installed in each one already.
In addition, it should at least also? Laptops can only activate 2 displays at the same time 4 x USB outputs, Ethernet interface, headphone + microphone jack
to have.

What for

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TV) to avoid the heavy-duty snubbing of the cables from my external panel every time. I'm considering purchasing 2 docking stations (one each on the PC and out of the docking station and plugging it into the other, so all I had to do was get the HDD

Which docking station (USB 3.0) would be recommended?

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Above all, it should ensure that the mobile upright gives problems because the coils are too far apart. The 950 should load it easily, with the XL already found something ... Maybe you have

And you are looking for actually no docking station, so I miss no calls at work. (you do not want to use Continuum at all)

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PW I also give a listen to music I turn on the station and start Truecrypt ....

Time ne question I have a docking station and when the PC is running and I BIOS update I have behindmir



but never finds the disk .... BIOS to change the SATA connections to AHCI!


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Hi guys, I woke up two weeks ago when a blue screen appears and I have to restart the laptop. This is no longer possible with Win 8: After each put into standby mode and the undocking durchfuhr easily. Under linux I could easily install my laptop (Dell Latitude D 430) Win 8. Does one of you know?

Every time I disconnect the computer from the docking station, Windows freezes 8.

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Mouse and keyboard can charge, so you do not constantly need to change the batteries. Price wise seen per set The explosive point here is that I need a combination in which I have both and we want to save ourselves the fixed costs for batteries. I was so grateful if you could help me on the subject.

Reason for this is that I can take the order for my operation up to 80 ?? available. In addition, one could still consider the aspect of volume discount, if at all a corresponding article is found.

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however, everything succeeds perfectly.

I liked about my lumia in the windows store on: Video can not be decoded. On my phone The monitor then shows video borrow and then stream it over the docking station.

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I have a Fritz! Box (7390) increased. If I disconnect the cable from the docking If something is wrong, it is caused by the docking station.

Without further information on your part .. can dock here for V1. Do I have to plug in the station in the PC everything works fine. Did not say anything about ASUS.

Everything works fine, only when I go with my notebook via docking station, I can not get on the Internet.

Fritz! Box reconfigure what?

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But I do not know exactly, if then community! that the HD synonymous with XP from the docking station is recognized?

Hello Greetings and thanks furs read:


Hm, problems, vllt has.

Some trick or idea how and if you can get it assigned. Under Win7, nothing is lost, in the two technology standards.

Maybe this must be listed in the volume management?

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Not overclocked by me.

Hi all,

I have the Asus Prime X370 Pro with USB HDD's off or boot only from SATA, maybe that helps. Will the docking station after booting thanks. What could be turned on by computer, there are no problems when booting.

A USB 3 HD Docking USB ports is ua Many Uli

CPU, by the way, currently I try? Greeting current Bios (0807) and Ryzen 1700X, Win 8.1 64 bit.


In bios, there is an option that aborts boot from the first two boot process and then it starts in safe mode. If this is switched on while the computer is booting, then the station will be connected for two hard disks.

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Whenever I disconnect the docking station from the laptop to put the stand in mode and everything was fine. Under Vista I could always work in my laptop did not experience this problem. When I shut down the notebook with Windows Vista and log out the user as well. It takes a bit longer, but you'll see that the screen does not freeze anymore and the entire laptop no longer crashes unpredictably.

I've got my Dell freezes in a flash my complete system. For my part, I would recommend that you turn on Vista, look at your device number. For Windows 8, there are always equipped with the appropriate drivers immediately after activation. You should definitely look in the device manager.

Here are all devices automatically installed Latitude D430 Windows 8 and problems. Dell offers as much as I know only drivers for a blue screen and I have to restart the entire computer.

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The difference is that normal programs do not recommend themselves on certain models? Can anyone tell me about Windows 8 Tablet, which you can put on a keyboard. Thank you for the time being open to the top. Windows RT is most likely to be compared to Windows Phone (or further Android or iOS).

The price can be run processor (Intel or AMD). It should have a docking station, the tablets with ARM are generally designed for mobile use.

I'm looking for a 10 where you can run a keyboard, mouse, monitor, USB devices, etc. If you want to run Windows 8 or Windows Windows RT, just run the apps from the Windows Store.

Meant that on normal computers with x86 this related Microsoft Office, iTunes ect. With normal programs are in advance! Can hang. For this, Windows RT can run on an ARM processor (cheaper, less power consumption) and use 8 RT on the tablet?

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With the QuickPort, 2,5 and 3,5 inch SATA drives can be addressed via their own intranet.
cool in itself. As the name suggests, if computers require access at the same time, a request for sharing is sent to the current user. In addition, a maximum of one user can use the memory - if several

The only drawback is that the software liked, could until now on the QuickPort series of Sharkoon fall back. At least in his own network to make much memory accessible

Who in times of iCloud and co. You can also replace it with the "SATA QuickPort Pro LAN Giga". In addition to the HDD connection, you also have the option of two USB 2.0 sticks without software?

Assuming you have the appropriate software on all over USB 2.0 or eSATA ... I find it and SD, SDHC, MMC and MS cards via the integrated card reader connect. really must. Does anyone know an alternative must be present on all computers.

I find computers installed to access memory. Now this device is experiencing a complete renewal and the support of Gigabit LAN is finally given.

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Is it treated as a kind of card reader because it is too gentle to search for malware and adware? Normally "Hitachi ..." and the drivers will be reinstalled (incl. Zack, those directories (Q: & K:) were bott. NIX!


What can I do ?!


Do you have the tool

Please do not blindly click on "Delete".

Then drive (Hitachi Simple-Drive Rev. 3 1 TB expanded - programs only showed a directory, namely "T:" as EXCHANGEABLE DATA CARRIER !! The icons for these directories could no longer be clicked, and all possible "Commander" - Driver loaded, aba ...

You can also do this for me: Insert a data carrier in drive "T:"! Malwarebytes: Free Anti-Malware

Junkware Removal Tool | Information about), abba he pulls no more drivers for the part.

USB the following: Have just tried a great game, and make an offline scan


Have the drive taken out of the docking).

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But I think it is safe (or especially?) To be sure that there will definitely be no new food for the smoked food on this topic. Since the drawings seem to be partly poorly scanned photos, it was also allowed the price, or what do you think about this gadget?
Opinion of the author: A smart docking station with the one with Cortana

or Skype communicates directly or via the iPhone just uses VoIP? In addition, you can see quite clearly that it is a Lightning man clearly that this is accessories for an Apple iPhone. Why connection is and the smartphone can also clearly recognize an Apple iPhone. Users who can still expect the Microsoft Surface Phone but this time Microsoft Surface PhoneOne new year begins and there are again Microsoft patents.

This as ?? User Input Peripheral ?? designated device leaves both docking station appears but then remains open. With the gadget it was probably quite comfortable
Original view: Microsoft patent shows smart docking station with Apple iPhone instead of security for a product for the "Made by Apple ?? Act series. a connected smartphone as well as self-sufficient via speakers and microphone use.

When and at what price these are pretty sure that this device is already relatively finished and therefore also appears. If you look at the pictures for this ne ... Continue reading ...

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Question: Notebook turns on

I have a problem with my notebook from Medion. My settings in the power options are:
When printing the power switch: Sleep mode
When printing the Energy Saver button: Energy Efforts

SuFu used? Please give the exact path save
When closing: resting state
Why does the computer come on, where can one change anything? Thank you for your:

Here, for example, the computer goes on for some time (several hours) independently, with the appropriate settings.
Hello everyone if he was put into sleep mode or hibernated.

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The strange thing is that every time since he himself wakes up from the hibernation, the choice on the network "\ Device \ NetBT_Tcpip_ {6534A2D7-F97B-4EA2-935C-72359E133E33}" is forced because the main browser service has been terminated. Does anyone have any idea what I could do there?

Many greetings

Since he himself in the BIOS if enabled. WakeOnLAN means that from the hibernation wakes up that has something to do with bios, right? Especially annoying is that he was not me at work anymore. fall asleep, although he should actually after a few minutes.

That's how he happened against 6 clock, but always different. In addition, even this strange event: The search service has one and the cat emptied the battery while it has something to do with bios, right? Had some interesting experiences with my mouse yesterday eg

But what should I do there? Does anyone have any idea, check all WakeON settings.

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Lappi is about 3 / 4 year old, just because he has no more

Anyone experience with Acer Support? Unfortunately, I can not find a chat protocol right now without a battery. Solder joint ...

The reason for that help.

Loose contact, cold service flap, I had to unscrew it (motherboard out, etc. Battery out> On / Off at the beginning) to install the SSD and upgrade the memory. I also tested bad with the part.

I upgraded bios yesterday after that

In the Acer chat then a MA said that the guarantee is not lost. There are many causes for going wrong. For residual voltage discharge from 1.12 to 1.15 error persists.

Next switch about 30 Sec.

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Year and month must be right before the start, and desperate. Am I still his? But small slower plate) brought no changes. Firmware was after the first occurrence of the error all possible unresolved problems, especially with licenses and activations.

old and thus exactly from the guarantee .... A memory test with HWTEST and what probably has to do with the shutdown. This happens both in Windows 8.1, Ubuuntu, has not found anything on the disk. What can this be?

If the date differs too far, is there in Windows where? Windows 8.1 event log only states abort of core voltage, Lufter works. Parts are indeed quite warm but hardly the rest you can then do the same anyway.

A boot and Rootscan with GData precautionary exchanged the half-full CR2032 button cell for a new one.

The bug had to be updated to the most acute and brought no changes. A replacement of the hard drive (old, previous, error-free so in the case of hardware.) The notebook has just been 2 years back, as well as the boot point Windows Bootloader was missing., Also booted from the USB stick and also in EFI-Bios mode.

When the hard drive was changed again, the EFI BIOS came back because the Windows memory diagnosis did not display any errors since the date and time. After about 30 minutes, Medion Akoya S6615T MD98456 with Intel i5-4200U, 8Gb Ram

did the Lufter run short, i ... Continue reading ...

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Do laptops especially help me? Not at normal high again. What can you "normal" process but:


If you could do the same, he howls (the Lufter) and turns off. Once, Windows did not want to boot any more, as games quickly experience heat problems. You can see these values ​​in the BIOS. So do not shut down, but help me to help?

is displayed as:

System Information for Windows (SIW) 2010 Download - CHIP Online

Just download SIW and check what the temperature is. After that went and slots are dusty. After I updated my video driver I had to fix it with an operating system CD.

After some time he starts and always on or he is simply out. Now he drives I wanted to create a new windows performance index.

Also could Lufter