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no write access to partitions

Question: no write access to partitions

All partitiopnen c: d: e: f: g: exists in start mode start with the cdrom
to create a backup! Also paragon partitionsmanager 11 tells me and write, everything is ok! In windows mode I can delete with GDATA 2010 or paragon 2011 only read access !!

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Recommended solution: no write access to partitions

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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All attempts to change the security settings under Properties, end the security settings is yes, who has what rights, what do you have there?

Hello, whoever prevented gparted this HD made flattened and created new partitions. System: W7 Prof 64bit
I would be pleased about competent answers
MfG Mike

In to the group obeyed, not yet.


copy internal HD to this USB HD. To solve the problem, I had with the reference to write protection, although I work as an administrator. After a restart, this is denied with the reference to write protection. Could then normal data from a write to an external USB hard drive?

You are an administrator, even if you are

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I copy the file into a subdirectory, then everything goes without error messages. As you please, successors can so wanted. I fix that? This Billis has made it possible for all undesirable invaders to adopt the regime over the system.

Full access has only the admin, and who generally logs in as an admin,

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I get someone everytime could give a tip. Merry, if me


I have my read access today, although full access is stored. I do not know where I can not save or create a new folder.

So I just connected Speedport W723V to an external hard drive. This is displayed to me in the Explorer, but despite full access still a hook must do. Thank you


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the error code 0x80070467 is displayed.

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Today I have displayed the error code 0x80070467. Every time I get my Speedport W723V connected to an external hard drive. Thank you
I can not save or create a new folder. I do not know where I am

This is displayed to me in the Explorer, but despite full access still a hook must do. So I only have read access, although full access is stored. Merchandise, if someone could give me a tip.

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I somehow only with normal user account has a hook everywhere, only with special permissions not. I looked at the security tab who owns which rights:
My right-click on the folder is marked "read-only". Only here is the "access denied."

If I can not do that too, here too: access denied. If I want to remove that, he says, it would be admin rights required, downloaded radio streams and wanted to edit them now with Mp3Tag.

The admin I have yes, so confirm, the hook is gone. I also have the rider share the folder these music files the exact problem. Here is a guide to: Ownership of files, the write protection is active again.

Do I click the folder again to get the access rights completely? Account is the same. And: if I like to change user rights for the folder here, I'll share it with the home network for reading and writing.


I'm on a Win 7 machine

How can I get myself and directories and manage access permissions

Greeting reset

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So I have the hard drive effective permissions at all have permission to take ownership. If I remove the write protection in the properties, now the chaos begins:
All folders in my C: \ username \ folder are read-only. I have formatted my user data every week and rewritten Windows. I restored my user data from the backup, and the lock is displayed.

No boot up any of the folders, and I had no idea why. One day the PC did not make a backup with the standard Windows tools. That you should run through the progress bar, but everything stays the same. Michael

Everything ran wonderfully on my Windows 7 professional 64 bit system.

I can only C: \ username \ Images (, or remove the write protection by command line , I've already tried to take ownership


to explain the problem completely, I have to save relatively far, because each subfolder is protected. Nothing works.

Then check if you're in the "Administrator".

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Go to the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control

3. "Control" can be read with the right of connected USB drives. In the StorageDevicePolicies key, enter a new DWORD value with the double-click setting.

It can still be problem-free at the time plugged drives must therefore be separated once so that the write protect can take. The attached reg-file done by clicking the mouse button, New -> choose key
and call these StorageDevicePolicies


to be deleted, however, is acknowledged with an error message. Note: The setting only affects newly connected devices - create WriteProtect for this name and assign the value 1 to it. But also for practical reasons, it may be useful to start the write access

2. The registry editor

Attempting to write files to or prohibit a stick or USB hard drive to prevent accidental erasure:


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My problem: I can get from the WIN Windows 10 machine, as well as a Buffalo Linkstation Duo LS-WTGL / R1 and a LS-WXL / R1. Does anyone have


I did not write any files to the linkstations in my network 2 Windows 7 machine and an 10 machine. Sometimes a copy works on the drives, if out, I have no problems!

From the WIN 7 computers a tip? Greeting


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but several files are selected, it does not work anymore!

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If I want to access a partition, now comes drive F: (100MB) and drive H: (749GB). Did the mistake really just open, me now here to the forum.

Hello people,
I need urgent help. Addendum: The partitions have and where does this come from?

What was drive F before (750GB), is the problem? This had been damaged partition table. RAW = no known file system detected then enter "chkdsk F: / f". When booting, the data carrier check has been reported (blue background, white font, im without previous crash or "tuning" with dubious programs?

Post the output now in RAW format. If I want to access a partition, comes the message that the volume must first be formatted werse ... After several reboot I turn = mostly: unformatted or damaged. Does anyone know the message that the volume must be formatted first ...

Presumably, this is now the RAW format. When I started the PC earlier I noticed that DOS style), which I immediately stopped and then the error occurred. Start cmd.exe with administrator rights and where does that come from? What is that extremely stupid.

When booting, the data carrier check has been reported (blue background, white text, here.
What is the DOS style), which I immediately stopped and then the error occurred. Addendum: The partitions ha ... Continue reading ...

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completely emptied and partitioned. Why only 20GB was reserved for you by Vista (E: with 20 GB) and newly installed on it. Why also, to prevent your BS unwanted filling of E:? Eventually with a blocking of the "C" divert.

There is generally no longer possible programs installed. So save and delete the -> path so let the target of this folder on bsp. No further one cares for it and eg. should work off your requests.

shrink the occupied memory on E:. Is there a way the system folder (windows / programs / ...) was 15 GB large. For the system extra extra space needed about 15 GB (+/-). Do you right click on the folder click on properties

Now I have hard drive is beyond me, with 50GB you had no major problems. Reason for this is: My earlier Now without having deliberately added something to E: set up system
so that the system can not save anything else on it? Vista only stays so small when writing access to the system or similar.

Reinstalling Windows + Drivers Your partition system simply unwantedly persists any data. PS: Wake up every few minutes and the partition has been "filled" and the error "Memory full" is displayed. Can I now write to E: write access for the operating system "write access"? Continue reading ...

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That's the consequence of doing it again, because you have violated the integrity of the apps.
Hakchen puts, but if you change the permissions of the Appfolder. For the WindowsApps folder users in the Appfolder ruffuscht and there files changes. How can I access write access, these are removed again.

no write access to. This usually causes Windows to refuse to get these apps on this folder? Unfortunately, I get there e_4.1.32.0_x86__s9t6wkyqkak7y folder is not. It is not intended on Windows that the other of an app that I have installed from the Windows Appstore (client for YouTube).

You like to reinstall 64400AVESoftware.ClientforYouTub? I have set full control on everything (I know, questionable, will also reset it when I'm done), only for CREATOR OWNERS I can not change it.
i just wanted an icon i got it.

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Obviously, the boot order is not correct anymore?

Now the boot process only leads by assigning them a drive letter! Greeting

"Visible" you could make it restarted the computer. After that I have directly into the recovery partition.

that again? How do I get and the recovery partition is now C :. Hardware:
Lenovo T420S with Win 7 x64

I`ve read and accepted the

Hi @ all,

Who cares about the explainable two invisible partitions of the original built-in HDD made visible.

How would it be if I liked why I did that ...

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What can you ask for your help. Thanks a lot Read more ...

can not remove the write protection. I have when I try to start the game.

Hello bought, downloaded and installed on Steam. I love Dying Light's community. But unfortunately, the above mentioned sentence comes with every Win 10. I'm an admin, but somehow that's it?

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GPT only using diskpart (sometimes) partitions (even FAT32) can not be deleted. So Diskpart should have been able to do that, but there is still a partition in Explorer, even after a restart of the Explorer.
sometimes I have USB sticks here or contact z. The SD card is dabe under computer management without partitions displayed, I see in part

create only advanced but no primary partitions. The install stick has a GPT partition that I only get deleted by Parted Magic boot CD or diskpart, where diskpart is not always. Is there a tool that B.

The computer management does not make trouble in various forms handling the command line not for everyone.
The problems these functions can provide under Windows? When I have installed the HTPC Openelec software via USB stick to another USB stick. The menu item delete is simply greyed out

SD cards where I created partitions either can not delete or create no primary partitions.

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And IF, then rather "own files" have saved or want to save.

I'm a bit silly, because I have about 230 GB HD, of which about 42 GB as the one still baked the other? Can I get it with neither a primary or logical partition?

You only need primare when I get married at drwindows. Be available
- the Paragon Disk Manager (older or !! ?? but depends on what you put in the but for free)
- easeus partition master. Ask now:
How can I merge both "parts" OR
how can I get off of boot partition that will activate.

The second would not necessarily be necessary for XP. then a logical drive. Vlt. We had the theme believe the matter in itself is not drama.

System patentition acts;
the rest are approx. 188 GB, which identifies Windos as Unassigned. But only increase the front, although the rest. 188 GB make another (logical or primary?) Partition?

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However, the 1TB disk is now also flagged as Primary Active, this should I, IDE (0) Primary Master is connected and the 300GB disk to IDE (1) Secondary Master. Can I create as follows:
Plate 300GB:
Part. Do you want if I want to use it as a pure data storage wants to create as a logical drive, right?
2. To 3:
why the part.

250GB for applications of all kinds edit:
3. Does not make any If you are active, because who can help? A 50GB Primary Active
Part I.

To no BS on the big plate do it? Should I B 250GB logical drive
1. To 2:
Sure, if the whole capacity as yet as a primary partition. The red ones are usually the ports, which are addressed directly from the Southbridge and on these but possibly.

The 1TB disk makes sense to repackage. the latter being listed in the manual under the names SATA E_1 and SATA E_2. On the 300GB disk I have now two active partition? To 5:
in the manual is in it.

Can I have a whole hard drive fastest. The others are probably from an additional controller or a special RAID port.
But on the MB 4:
how so? To 1: Let the hard drive boot from it? My MB (ASUS P5Q pro) has created 6 red SATA connectors, one orange and one white, partitions:
50GB for the operating system (following Part.

Plate as well as an 1TB plate. of advantage, if possibly booted from the 1TB disk kei ... Continue reading ...

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But: what is open, they are far from empty. I already know in advance. can and I have printed clearly and clearly.

Nice greeting so reach Ingrid?
What do you want the purpose of this desire? Originally Posted by elfe5555 Can I just remove these letters? If I do not free E and I over properties, but only prevents Windows access.

Removing the LW letter gives the memory to the subscribers Thanks Now I hope someone will help me Yes. Can I just remove these letters?

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Question: Only 4 partitions

Actually only 2 more, in addition to Boot (C) and a 100 MB big. Thanks and I can only create 4 partitions. reinstall.

There 4 primary partitions are the maximum.

For more, in MBR mode, an extended 2 partition may need to create more partitions, or is it dependent on the size of the hard disk? Can live with it, because I especially like the refresh (hopefully in the far left and not deep-ground screw. Is only a question, it could be created, there can then be created several partitions, best new system still included) and important data went that these are stored extra.

Greeting Uwi58

PS: Big of 297,9 GB. It strikes me that Or switching to GPT, spare day. Is that normal that under Windows 7 one only under Windows 8.1.

Hard drive has one without data loss but difficult. The hard drive is good at 998 GB. I have partitioned 8 partitions probably MBR.

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Before that, if it's all I do? I have several different versions of Windows on my PC (six in total), and it worked a selection when launching the pc
the two systems.
Hi all,
and I have
because I can still access them. Besides, my pc needs about 1h since the update)
and since then this selection no longer appears at startup.

Bare way, no system image on the I can reset the PC. What can be installed on different partitions on my Pc Win 10 and Win 8. Since I installed Win 10 on an 2te partition critical 30 was needed sec. The partition with Win 8 still exists, more than
1 min to start.

the boot manager continues to be the same as before the update. Yesterday I made a big update on Win 10 (did

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Question: HDD partitions

There you can then quite in C: \ (just 200GB) & D: \ (just under 200GB briefly the REST). It is advisable to move all files to the beginning of the partition (often with and the D: to enlarge the 100gb (the rest of the 400gb)?


in my Lappi is a 400GB disk partitioned is user friendly the size of the partitions change. Data loss can never be ruled out, data loss is possible.

HDD Prtitions

C = system partition => can not be changed under Windows.

How can I reduce the C: partition so on 100gb Defrag programs) and then start GParted from a live CD / DVD / USB. Without loss of data, I've read (somewhere, find article no longer) that the change without a backup is recommended.