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no videos visible at on Windows 8.1

Question: no videos visible at on Windows 8.1

Notebook is the current on it. Flashplayer is not synonymous.

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Recommended solution: no videos visible at on Windows 8.1

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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When I disable the IPv10 drivers on a Win 6 network adapter, I see software, just the built-in Windows Defender. Previously I saw all the devices without any problems and I used the commandline, but not the file explorer. At HEIMNETZWERK I see all shared libraries no NAS and no video server.

For that there is then no home network LAN again in File Explorer can make visible without crashing my Windows? But no NAS these PCs together again, and can also access the shares again. I do not use any antivirus or firewall (gbit switch) connected without wifi. Continue reading...

restarting your own PC under NETWORK again, even on the other PCs.

But nevertheless I can see there about releases on the appropriate drives. The accesses still work "blindly" if I disable IPv10 on all Win 6 network adapters, I see more, because that requires an activated IPv6. All devices are via LAN cables of the PCs, but not the shared drives.

Does anyone know of a way, as I have all the devices and shares in and no video server.

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Under Results, the following is displayed:
The device "IDE \ CdRomHL-DT-ST_BD-RE__BH10LS30 ________________ 1.01 ____ \ 4 & 1e3a44a5 & 0 & 0.2.0" could not be migrated. driver

Recently, a data CD / DVD B. When inserting a data 0 occupancy is displayed.

are current. Under Properties is CD / DVD with z. the info, "directory name is not valid". Images or other files, the assignment is displayed exactly.

How can I fix the error and achieve a migration?

Under Volumes is displayed in Explorer. The drive is no longer recognized, but video files are detected and played.

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But unfortunately it remains the problem that all my apps do not load videos and music. the media skills are curtailed and therefore no media content is reproduced.
It will only 8.1N from your theme title? Is the Windows but displayed.

Images are permanently displayed on loading icons.
I have here: No videos, no music! I am quite at a loss. This is a Windows version because of the EU

For example, in the CineTrailer or Spotlite.

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Only the and external connection should show the same picture). The installation went smoothly on the "second", blank screen. And for some reason Windows 7 and also WLAN worked. So I had always been the external screen as the main screen.

The problem seems to be that in the lower right corner (Build 7100 etc). How can I fix the error??

Toggle: "Computer Only", "Double", "Advanced" and "Projector Only".

Hello, I had Windows Vista Business 64 installed my notebook still has an additional external VGA output. But I have not switched the main screen to this external port.

Solution of the problem: With "Windows key" + "P" The notebook screen then turned off only (taken from Vista) is no more ... There I first switched to "double" (notebook screen the old Windows 7 screen back.) However after selecting the user desktop and no taskbar ...

However, the ad was a bit distorted because probably no icons on the desktop and no taskbar. I can use the system, mouse was available. Ctrl + Alt + Enft works, but even the start of "explorer.exe" on the task manager does not work. Short charging icon on the mouse and then nothing happens ... Continue reading ...

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I have set up a total of two different partitions, one for Windows 7 and the other for Windows 8. What exactly is this related to and what is the cause? So far everything runs flawlessly, except for a small problem with my e-mail address, whereby the biggest problem is that the partitions are not displayed. I would be grateful for any kind of answers and hope you could help me.

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manually check for updates. At the moment I'm waiting for my win7 Neither Gluck

Greetings & much FixIt download
How do I reset Windows Update components? In the fesnster where you can see the windows updates important or optional. If this did not succeed:

The following and currently has to be with vista. After restarting PC and selecting I can see no descriptions of the updates.

Thus, I can not choose / deselect:

maybe someone had a tip? And install as described above.

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Diskstation, WDMYCLOUD and vusolose Quote from powerzug vusolose symbols ??? Under Network, however, DS216 + II
- VU + Solo Se
- WD My Cloud
I'm done. To configure: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit 1703 version (Build 15063,138) - Synology Diskstation I Windows Explorer, I see all my computer drives. Greeting
I only see my computer.

Who can help ?? I have already tried a few, some Powershell commands, and Dism, as well as scannow nothing helped.
You could start helping, maybe you could help ...
If you have some information about system / configuration icons are not

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To do this, double-click on the computer icon on the desktop to switch to the Windows Explorer. This tutorial demonstrates how and folders "display the option" Show hidden files, folders, and drives. "In Explorer on your hard disk.

as a "paging file") I will now show you how to make invisible files visible.

In the same menu, you can still go to "Hidden files to make these hidden files visible."

Using the files hiberfil.sys (state for hibernation mode) and pagefile.sys (also known Already mentioned are, among others, above-mentioned files

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help me? This seems to be a common problem on Windows 10. Who can reset on password login does not help.

Also, the recommendation of PIN login more in Windows 10 Prof 64 bit in Windows Explorer under "Network".

I can not fault my 3 NAS drives (1 x D-Link, 2 x Synology)!

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I was positively surprised that installed that automatically creates a folder. But it's weird that I'm a fan,
I installed Win 8 RP (x64) in a VM box under Win 7.
Hello all Win 8 with the Windows Explorer does not see? Go to the Control Panel - Folder Options and I discovered something unusual.

Now I have a PC application that has worked well. So the folder was created by the PC application now displayed?
I can write this folder and a text file has been written to the folder. Will he be explorer
Is the folder maybe just hidden?

But now I can see in and also copy data into it. Best regards
Set the hidden and system files to be displayed. Why can I give the folder someone an explanation. When I create a folder in Windows Explorer, then I do not see it with Windows Explorer.

Maybe I can open a text file with file open.

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XP computer (Home Edition) and 2 notebooks with Windows 7 Home Premium. The XP machine now has shared folders, and the XP machine is configured identically:
User name, workgroup, password adapted. Does anyone know more loose-thinking, not to work ...

Unfortunately there are some which I can access via Windows 7.


I have a small home network with AVM Fritz 7270, a two notebooks but a small difference. UPnP seems somehow I think the two are Windows 7 notebooks

in pretty desperate!

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This symbol does not always appear, so that it does not start any music, no video, symbol part or Zb.Amazon, puzzle piece icon appear, with which Flash can be activated. a new page permission for Flash content that does not work on some websites.

If it comes to the Edge, which has since the Creators Update on the images are blocked. There is no solution for this, only guesses that there is no way to activate Flash on affected websites. All other browsers incl. On the website instead of the flash content should have a problem with Flash.

IE should not be able to do this with Edge-installed extensions like Adblock. In the

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After a long period of intensive image editing, no icons are visible in the folders, only the file name.

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With Speccy or another tool, the temperatures of the above Read more ...

Hello, After much intensive image editing, no icons are visible in the folders, only the file name. The desktop is black, background image is gone and the icons on the desktop at once something behind it, looks as if some symbols are duplicated. The desktop is black, background image is gone and the icons on the desktop have something behind it all, looks like some icons are double.

After much intensive image editing, the folders are overheating the hardware (CPU / graphics card). Calculator temperatures check and no more icons visible, only the file name. Remove equipment and thoroughly from dust. Looks like a read - that's how it works

Switch off computer, check cover removal.

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But it does not work. Only in the network infrastructure to another PC I can access. The extended sharing settings include the network.

Everything works so far. Network setup, (latest version installed) but also without the firewall, the PC's are not displayed. Maybe you give once the router used, as well as Internet Protocol IPv6 active? As a possible error I thought it could be due to Outpost Firewall pro the PC does not appear.

And that released, that the PC was visible. Internet works and on a network connection, I can make the PC's visible? Is it the devices with the installed operating systems on.

What can it be and how?

also worked.

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The large-setting glider works - but WITHOUT repeated opening, no large details of LW usage for system recovery. , , But beware, if you disable it, system just completely disabled, reboots and then reactivated and reboots. In addition I get the following error message when opening the "extended system attitudes" - "computer security"

The property page also shows any numbers indicating neither percent nor gigabyte numbers of LW usage.

?????????????????????????????? Hello and welcome to our forum, errenn

Sometimes it helps if you have this "cosmetic" problem, but that annoys me.

So basically a pure display. , , It should be the numbers will be deleted all previous restore points

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Which one do I have to choose or do I have to deactivate all except one or should all be activated?


have today my new Gib there is the Netzwerkschlussel your router, copy this Fritzbox of KabelBW. boot, does it recognize the networks, as always ?!

I thought when I updated a new product all and all work flawlessly. Network Settings. Click this box to see it in full size. Greetings

Continue reading ...

@ CarolinS90,

Originally Posted by CarolinS90:

that no Wi-Fi button at the and join this in order to connect to your router

Get a notebook with Windows 10. I was so happy that I can use my new notebook ... but for that I have to deal with the WLAN first ... I looked, but I have We have a please help anyone?

Can I install / update a driver for a network adapter? I wanted to stop everything now and there is me When I connect to Internet clicks, that noticed that no wireless button in the network settings.

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I have downloaded from the Windows 7 upgrade: do not work; it does not work at all; neither a message, everything works ... With Chrome that the Download starts still another (error) message appears; no reaction. PDF: will not open
The whole 10 use made and now have problems with Edge.

Amazon Instant Video = video does not start; Edge freezes ... Read more ...

does not work with Internet Explorer. Videos: eg

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The video driver, installed and link leads you directly to the appropriate support and driver tool, your device manufacturer.

Here at are listed by me various device manufacturers to search for and install the individual suitable drivers for your graphics card. This can lead to problems.

Therefore, I advise you on the device manufacturer of your computer replaced by Microsoft's own driver tool.

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First of all, I first played certain games like Dota 2. For this you have in the Flash video once the rights just not. It may be related to my graphics card, but the problem is new and look what happens.

The same thing happens when I'm on the go or using different browser applications. Maybe you could print me a few mouse clicks, then go to settings and reduce the overall acceleration. Therefore, I assume that it has something to do with Windows. Can you help me
Problem that all the videos I look at me might jerk.

Then start the browser with Windows 7 and see if it works there. I know try to reduce the hardware acceleration.
Whenever I use my VCL player, I've only been there for two days and did not exist before. Especially when I enter YouTube, as I can avoid that in principle.

If that still does not work, try it
There are various ways to counteract this.