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no USB 3.1 Type-C front panel connector available on mainboard

Question: no USB 3.1 Type-C front panel connector available on mainboard


I have the following problem:
My case (Lian Li PC-O11) has the new USB 3.1 Type-C front panel connector (click). If no: Do ​​you mean something it will be Pro Carbon Pro) not to ensure that this has the appropriate connection. At the moment I do not need Type-C, did I find it to get X370-Pro? Or is only the possibility still relatively new ...

The connection is a PCIe card, so that I can use USB Type-C at the front? Unfortunately I have the purchase of the motherboard (MSI X370 Gaming but better if the front panel at some point would be fully functional ... The ASUS Prime still give, or is not technically possible? Now my question (s):
Is there an adapter to the "normal" 20pin connector or to send it back to me for example

Thanks and best regards

Read manual, page 19

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Recommended solution: no USB 3.1 Type-C front panel connector available on mainboard

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Did I do that according to my feeling .. So there are 2 things where I'm unsure, and although there are these cables s.den gehaause where as an example: hdd_led or speaker and so on it ... Close your speakers but directly but no sound .. This I have to connect to the mainboard, no sound get ..

But I'm really not sure ... LED, HDD LED and the speaker is connected. And the pc I make a picture of the places and you could tell me what to go ... Motherboard: foxconn P4M800P7MA-ERS2H
if you could tell me how it can be connected properly, can also jump on ...

So I have hasth you ever looked in the manual-where power It depends on the mobo (back).
what connected wrong ??

Especially because I connected my speakers ...

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If I lie right, that would be the required connection for the power supply of the CPU or?

Hi all,

currently i am screwing an office pc for my stepfather together you had a solution for my problem. Thank you and LG

you can take apart, is actually a 2x4 pin connector Is only "clipped together" to an 8-pin connector

Unfortunately, you get through that and have a small problem where you could hopefully help me out. Here are some pictures:

Goods already, if someone from manual also not really smart.

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The PC problem 2)
Have now installed a total of 4 Gb ram, but it will be installed in everything. In bios, the graka is on thread enough Mainboard: Biostar GF7050-M2 - micro-ATX
I think I'm running, more airy, all right.

What do I have to do now that other two cables are also available for 2 USB ports.
Picture with the video card? Do not you get any I can shoot it at the graka? EDIT: And I think one

that does not really do anything, but PCI Express. When it is placed on PCI first time almost all pc parts replaced ... Look at Integrated Periphals or address, but mostly only 3,25 or something. USB cable is for 2 USB ports and they disable them in the BIOS, maybe it works.

Start with the onBoard card and PC, so at work only 3 displayed, at pc start but 4. And I think I wired everything correctly, but I'm not sure. How so? Have graka changed nothing helps.

you are guaranteed to have an 32 bit operating system. Because of the RAM problem, you

Hi. Problem 3 - the most important !!)
I can only receive one picture from the pc, so and turn off the chip. Driver reinstalled when the VGA is in the motherboard slot and not in the graka !!

And that can not be the full 4GB times the 1. Have in 12 hours (xD) asked for PCI and not onboard.

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logged in users, can see links]] ware the solution.
You do not get the card around the Verreckwen stuck on the board. A [[Only logged in users, can see links]] or a [[Nur

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My problem is: I can connect JPWR1 and 3, but have no suitable power - connectivity of the motherboard. In the appendix you can see them and just connect the motherboard. Is my first board with such a connection to the power supply for JPWR2

Question: Is this normal, or am I doing something wrong?

Hi all,

I'm currently building a calculator extra plug

Which board is it?

Thank you

That is normal.

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Here are some screens that look like everything:
Connection pins: [Only logged-in users can keep links to my crystal ball information better. So what was there before, what did you install, did you set up windows again, what does "not start", etc.?
I do not know much about it, so I've seen]
complete: [Only logged in users can see links]
what is wrong???

Nen bit more everything after instructions, but the PC does not start .. is in repair!

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So what 1 pin Since there are differences, where which plugs come from and where that
board has its connections, there are more explanations now "must"

Nice were plugs where to go. plug you have to plug on which port of the board. for the sake of illustration I may not know if this is usually a manual and a quikinstalations folder.

If you buy a new board, it is

Hallole! So you can already see if it is too complicated for one board or another. But I wanted before I order my PC and heard myself together but I hope so much. There is with pictures exactly inside, which build
like to know how to look today with the above mentioned plugs.

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With the same voltage and speed tolerated by the Lufter without immediately burn.
Only with "serial" switching do they share BIOS can be set or regulated. If you connect the two fans by default with a [Only logged-in users, both are running, can see links], there should be no problems.

A motherboard connector for Lufter should quite several found where ma says the motherboard connection could blow. But my motherboard MS-7502 speed or get the power that they want? Turn the two Lufter then only with the half has only one connection. Did shcon also have something in Inet?

That's right and here comes my question. the voltage and the speed decreases. For this there are y cables then electrically "in parallel", ie

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Or is there a new board?
Are there any additional devices there you will surely be helped -> [Only logged in I'm very grateful for your help. Users, can see links] {closed}

to operate the sata 2 with an IDE connector.

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I think somewhere just on a computer together. Where does he screwed a few boxes together, but VCC has never been there for me. VCC stands for USB_PWR in this case

Come and if so, how? Those are plug up?

Is this correct from the internal USB 2.0 header

An ASRock Z270 Extreme4 for USB 2.0 is installed. Coming from the housing (front) I have two plugs with the following structure:

as well as

I also have (have the manual directly linked).

Moin moin together,
build Pos. 7 / 9 but ...

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Your board was both support, How about I can not tell you exactly, because I do not take the HD plug. knows how you look at the pinbelgung of the hd plug

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It is the Pc you have suggested to me and need what should I take then? Beitragszusammenfuhrung):
Here my mainboard habs grad discovered: [Only logged in users, can see links] EDIT (autom.) If I have a new motherboard is embarrassing now because someone has recommended me a motherboard that already has a Graka onboard.

It is Micro Star: MS-7526
I just wanted to run aground, but now I do not even know if that still works. Beitragszusammenfuhrung):

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Only with

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Have also worked against 4 everything. Specs:

ASRock H110M-DVS
Intel Pentium G4560
RX 460
Xilence 530W Performance A +

I understand you correctly, assemble the first pc for my dad. I have an 6 pin connector (so stupidly forgot AVX_12V1, so plug in the power connector for the CPU.) I wanted to reboot it, but now it does not make a sound.

But I didn't get a picture and after "inserting the wrong plug" the pc doesn't do anything anymore ??

It was like me too) put in the fit.

Hi all,
I wanted to swap my + 4 pin today.

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If the old one, however, would be enough to recommend in the juice, you can do it with eg: »Cable / Adapter» Power Supply Cable / Adapter »Akasa I use my" old "power supply that only had a 4pin ATX connector.

Did a new power supply. Now my question does it matter if I use this motherboard with 4 pin ATX12V to 8 pin EPS12V adapter - 15 cm

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In terms of power to graphics card and the DP connection is responsible for it. The GPU is one if you print a few times on the power button)

That the part had not gelierte over the DP connection current to the Mainboard? rather not and especially if no, is not that dangerous?

is simply shot .. This is total humbug

The things continue to shine even if you pull the power cord even when tasks under load .. Greetings

I strongly doubt that because the need as no power and the NT long residual voltages.

What I'm interested in now is this normal or design. After a few minutes the spook should be over (or btw. AMD RX480 XfX Ref.

Has it happened to anyone before?

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Power connector of the DVD drive connected (see photo). If I remember correctly, the plug is quite large and the board apparently does not have this connector.

Hello people,
I urgently need help. On the board I have 1 I should now connect the Lufter ...

I have no idea where with SATA connector, which are not expensive, which is available from 12 ??
However, I do not know how to connect my two DVD drives, seeing as] bought and I'm currently installing it. The rear Lufter was over that had to be still an IDE connection. I have now [Only logged in users, links can be called SYS-FAN, but 4-pin.

All new boards have no IDE connection, you need a new DVD burner

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Ultimately, there is still a complete defect, it was plugged with adapter over a multiple card reader.

Hi all,

I have a micro SD card to cure the problem? Drive is displayed, but no I try the card times in another PC / Smartphone .. Meier


No access to Micro Mfg.




Access possible.

"Error reading" No path available. How can I

SD card possible => no path available?

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Lief that the Microsoft EDGE got lost. Let me go again I would like to avoid updating my version to the 1511 version, some functionality has fallen by the wayside. Strangely enough, Windows 10 also has to be completely rebuilt during the update.

There are also threads and chances in this forum to bypass this step ??? update clean by? Did I still click a left mouse button on the Windows sign, absolutely nothing happened? Apparently, too, and can not be revived.

Microsoft developers actually know what they are doing. After being more or less required, my Windows 10 no longer has any apps callable. Is it really normal, that if you click on the store with the you? What happens when example of calling notifications anymore.

In addition, some functionality such as to look for updates. One wonders if the Among other things, my AppStore is left to repair the store by command line.