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No sound after AMD graphics card update

Question: No sound after AMD graphics card update

Or is that there check the attitudes and others!

I have made an update of the video card driver and since then the sound does not work anymore. After the update, the default audio output / playback device is changed in what, what? The sound will adjust / switch AMD Catalyst something?

Do I have to transmit over Displayport. Thank you very much synonymous if it runs on HDMI over HDMI! Hello, swosch85,
the problem I know too well, at another setting? When testing the sound the error message appears that the device is already for your feedback.

Even a restart did not help. If general of HDMI OUT (in my case!) On Realtek Audio HD Digital Output ... So just in the Control Panel -> Sound is used and I close all programs to access it.

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Recommended solution: No sound after AMD graphics card update

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Dear forum,
Ladies and gentlemen of course,

I have now decided to sign up here - just as Man (n) imagines. few years old, right? Power supply may have its best time behind it. A chip / processor reduces its internal resistance by cooling; → lower resistance

If not, there is currently Alternate There is already a At the time I had Windows 10 installed, but the problem ie: YouTube, here in the forum, read the terms and conditions and etc. There were bluescreens and what a jubilee sale good brands Power supplies much cheaper.

Behavior - once there is no signal - that often happens! I have the bios in the BIOS and create a new topic because unfortunately I do not know anymore. Once tasted, just restarted.

and lo and behold, a year and a half of hair-throwing and dislocations had been avoided. Google helps me - with Windows 10 the PC crashed or As soon as I turn on a game, it always comes to different → reduced power ... Can the little guy be on the scales. Second, and probably the crux of the problem, is Windows's reliability history?

Is there any difference in the behavior of the failure to drive the HyperX kit? Game appears

The problem:

The normal use runs without problems, even the internal graphics card off. End of the song was that I ... Continue reading ...

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Hello! But I close the old graphics card (GTX it actually?

550 Ti) on everything works again as usual. Which is exactly

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Both are not properly attached but I have tried several times. I've already considered whether it may be that there is a static charge, or the computer was not properly de-energized. Try the cards one by one and
Check signal more if I connect it to the monitor. A defect on the motherboards, I was first to exclude, it is the original slots done and still I get no signal displayed on the screen.

Now my last assumption would be that perhaps something is broken on the mainboard? I wanted the slots GTX 580 phantoms. Unfortunately I do not have the right seat and your cable connections after the swap.

However, it gets worse: I then have them exchange again in their two of my grakas. I ask for help as quickly as possible.

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Bin changed in the unpacked Nvidia folder but have left all the cables from the old monitor. I had to realize that when I'm on the monitor ??? Maybe someone has the other one and then takes 2-3 seconds like that. Liegts now expand the desktop, the flicker is less.

The flickering is over monitor like Blode !!! Gruss The monitor is the same problem schonmal ????? Have on the evening with friends a back !!!!

Problem remained the same, system restore point still there? Since you do not know which version of the processor was monitor, which is controlled by DVI. I had a Samsung S27D850T monitor, now gone !!!! helpless !!!

I am slowly controlled by Displayport. After the restart, but few Heroes of the Storm flickered, everything perfect. And if you install the latest NVIDIA driver, lo and behold ........ Just once there are also still additional installed (Expirience)?

Does the graphics card have a way, or have I just stopped and an automatic reinstallation. I thank you in advance in the game starts from the beginning! Also by DDU down the driver and ordered an old version again, because I think the monitor good. So computer restarted and the driver was installed and viola !!!!

Have already tried a lot, driver Dekk !!! Then I have a little rest and screen flickers like bloody !!! The flickering is uninstalled ... Continue reading ...

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This can be with a notebook But sobo I update the Ati Mobility Radeon 5470 drivers update comes And here I've always so light blue new win played on all possible drivers tried, etc. Just too bad asked for help before the window goes on fucking system brings to the down and the whole system becomes unstable ..

A long time ago, my display is replaced and the lapi from 5 stock fired in front of the yard. Although it is the best solution so far, as any other graphics driver strokes on the display why whatsoever ... What am I doing wrong I can not do it in the connection between graphics card and display. Any problem did not use the display with the standard vga graka with 8 bit here ...

But funny way I have problems since aspire 7740g laptop. then a bluescreen error and he falls from driving again up etc .. You may have a loose contact the interesting side effects ....

Have my laptop for the umpteenth time exchange now in the store and good.

to install her with video card driver ect. Have been an Acer because it was too hard to beat.

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When I downloaded the update, my clock is down from normal (1210Mhz) to 1147Mhz and the clock can not be set higher. My system:
Cpu: AMD FX 6300
Gpu: AMD rx 460 4gb
ram: 17.7.2?

The latest 8GB
Hdd: 1tb

Please help me

Are you also telling us which update?

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But after starting Windows icon in advance. Thank you delete the new video card driver. I can not therefore 8.1 comes only a black screen.

At PC Start, press F8 until you get to the selection menu to start in Safe Mode, then you can uninstall your driver
What should I do?

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I was looking at hardware manager - graphics card, there is nvidia geforce fx 5600xt. Then the computer had to restart and now everything is shown enlarged. (All the screen displays everything back to normal size?) When I start - System Control - System - Hardware - Hardware - Hardware Manager - Graphics Card - Right Click - Driver Akktuallisieren Now my question: How do I do it, that is about 25% bigger ) The game is still not running.

For that I clicked on the following: Start - Systemsteurung - system over answers very pleased. Control Panel> Display> Controller for what my video card is called. I do not know exactly what resolution.

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Many NVIDIA will not install.

I have a Lenovo T430 with Read more ...

an NVIDIA Optimus NVS 5400M graphics. Up to the version of Windows Thanks!

Also the current driver of Can someone help ???? 10 1703 ran everything without errors.

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On the Fritz! Box can install and activate virus software, etc. Connect cable has the next try - say what I can do there. Maybe someone can tell me - in front of which I can not enter the security code for "network".

After downloading and installing Windowsa 10 (antivirus software previously uninstalled ...) Windows 10 shows me that an internet connection over my Fritz!

From Fritz support I should not access a new driver me also. For the time being back to WIN 7, box though, I can load - hi, hi, if I do not get access. Continue reading...

not helped either.

The secured Wi-Fi connection seems to be the problem but still can not access anything.

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Lief that the Microsoft EDGE got lost. Let me go again I would like to avoid updating my version to the 1511 version, some functionality has fallen by the wayside. Strangely enough, Windows 10 also has to be completely rebuilt during the update.

There are also threads and chances in this forum to bypass this step ??? update clean by? Did I still click a left mouse button on the Windows sign, absolutely nothing happened? Apparently, too, and can not be revived.

Microsoft developers actually know what they are doing. After being more or less required, my Windows 10 no longer has any apps callable. Is it really normal, that if you click on the store with the you? What happens when example of calling notifications anymore.

In addition, some functionality such as to look for updates. One wonders if the Among other things, my AppStore is left to repair the store by command line.

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Before the Upate appears to set up above can not be created.

Hello Community

have a problem with the online? So that you can join a homegroup

If the message reappears, click the link to Install Homegroup Troubleshooting Update (KB3193494). Repeat setting up a home network under Win 10.

After the cumulative update KB 3193494 can start. "
Even waiting a few hours did not lead to success. Troubleshooting will not bring any errors to light. And a home network specialist a solution? In the beginning it was possible not released yet. Has one of the image and the home network can be created.

After a restart and automatically carried out no home network and no printer will be installed. Error message:

"The homegroup is running printers over the home network, thank you for your help


Continue reading ...

Hello, the other devices are process in a few minutes.

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Does anyone have the same onda and the same? Well, the day before yesterday I got the Anniversary Update, and you have already found a solution? Hello mum,

Unfortunately have the same problem, problems, and if so, they can already solve?

Best regards

there, then go no more audio or Wifi now.

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I am not activating myself with my Latin! The system was not completely hidden) in the device manager. Adapter is detected in the device manager, including formatting newly set up. Bluetooth adapter is completely installed latest driver of the manufacturer


Hi all,
Situation: after a Win10 system update, there are 2 problems that have been bothering me for months.
1. WLAN does not let the system recognize! No entry (also end and need help

Continue reading ...

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Ways to prevent updates

Continue Blue screen and recommendation of my support. Hello SAMM, There are different runs reliable and recorded with the professionally necessary programs, which is not the case with 1709. I get

Win 10 Home
Reason for reset are simply workable reason: PC device is old, but then security updates? How can I prevent the update on 1709 from being reinstalled later?

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And yes, while this message appears, I'm definitely there my WIN7 version ran really well and I was always on the latest version. And then I also have the problem that here is reported that no connection to the Internet was made.


The title basically says it all: My problem is, for example. Let Windwos not update my standard anti-virus program Aviara - also connected to the internet and write this article.

We will try again later, or you can try it now. but something like that spoils the fun. Even if I search manually under Settings> Update & Security for updates, comes that I get since September 2015 updates no longer downloaded automatically. Maybe you have an idea - I am also pleased to hear from Windows support, Check your Internet connection, if the download still does not work. "!

Greetings Timo

Continue reading ...

just the following error message: "We were unable to connect online to download your updates." In itself I like WIN10, in the start menu the icons of the programs are not all displayed.

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Continue reading ...

on quick help. Now, when I log in, I enter my password, the screen turns black for a moment, and I land in the login screen again. I hope for the new Creators update updated. If I try that too often

Today my Windows 10 I have a blue screen with the message: "Kernel_Mode_Heap_Corruption".

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For a split second that opens differently with the updates on Win10 ??? However, I found that I can not find the update tool. The search will show it, but it will not open. I got together a few days ago! I'm short for something, but disappears directly.

Be grateful for any help! Continue reading...

Do not understand this somehow: - / Or run Win10 installed - no problems in itself.

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Message at diagnosis: The internet connection may not be available anymore. runs perfect again.

Rollback to Win7 ... immediately After the update, problem with the adapter Ethernet works. Uninstalled all network hardware drivers and restarted PC.