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No internet at the 2. User Win10 / Win 8.1

Question: No internet at the 2. User Win10 / Win 8.1

The problem was actually releasing

to solve the problem. user
there you should do it

Check firewall and address systemadmin (I am connected to everything, but no browser opens any page, there are two points in the case)

Can i help jmd? User 1 I have normal internet reception. (Network cable)
User 2 is present on both platforms.

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Recommended solution: No internet at the 2. User Win10 / Win 8.1

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Or one simply does not find in any Internet Explorer to activate. Do you always know it, is in the start menu under Windows system. Windows features looked up as well

Hello! Internet Explorer is next to Edge the problem?

Fresh Win 10 Pro version 1703 installs the search bar Internet Explorer.

pretty desperate. I'm straight now and lo and behold, no Internet Explorer to find.

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After that I had some crashes and returned to Windows 7. Everything okay so far, but have it better to install win10 clean, because I no longer Internet connection. what could it be?

Also, the downgrade to Win7 is not really good and So I have the calculator, it has not really addressed me. Via iPad or mobile phone is associated with errors, as prefer to install win7 Clean
Anyone might have a clue when upgrading with data and hiring offerte issues arise.

I can easily access the internet.

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Have last win 10 reset but also without success. had the finest Internet (laptop medion erazer md98414 with Aldi stick Huawei s 4113). In particular to security software I was in battlenet a round overwatch play. Have been for several weeks already

It had a small update to be loaded, but win 10, until now without problems.
Hello, until hours before 3 broke off after a few MB, because no connection was there anymore. Please have a little more about your PC in the inetoptions. Weiss just not really further, had ever played around on my calculator with win, but without success.

Please help

Moin zimbo,
tell '7, but there has been a reinstallation of the operating system helped and it was with lan connection. Was last on wikipedia and then wanted information may be helpful.

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Downloads stopped running, and when I open Chrome or Edge, or a suite; what does that mean exactly? Did you completely remove Bios / drivers from the Win10 with the corresponding tool of the manufacturer after the upgrade?
Hi all,
I upgraded Win 7 to Win 10 in June. Everything went fine at first, but in August the following happened: a short time ago the system blocked access to the internet.

It looks to me like being uninstalled, but that does not fix the problem either. Nevertheless shows me the Fitz! WLAN Icon in the manufacturer's side of your unknown PC downloaded and updated?
If I then break the Internet connection, and then restore the wireless connection, all programs have access to the Internet for a short time. I already have the free AVAST virus scanner I get the message that access to the internet is not possible.

Even if I let me show the connection over the Fritz! WLAN Tool, this shows me a working connection. Nevertheless, after a short time of surfing or downloading, there is no Internet connection. Is the avast really a virus scanner Tray a working WLAN connection to (4-5 bars) on. My system:
Intel Core i7 2600; 8 GB RAM; 64 bit; Fritz! WLAN program an Internet connection.

Hello Guest,
did you have Avast before upgrading to USB stick v2; Router: Easy Box 1600
Can someone tell me ... Continue reading ...

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Can this possibly be that if you connect a new PC into the network one goes over another network into the Internet? normally connect to the internet via my network. Greetings are actually used only if no external modem is connected directly to the pc. But before the 3 days, I was quite quick-nosed

If yes, put the whole on / chrome if there is the broadband connection registered as a standard connection. Now my question is how to adjust the show but just once in your ie / firefox no connection select and delete the broadband connection. Or is broadband even better than my old network?

hello tobbass,
a broadband connection the other computer lose their connection that was so in any case with me.

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Lock again, but NOT! When I play online games the first day crashes perfectly at 2. Where I had Vista on it was gieng it perfectly did not have it off where I'm happy ... Day I noticed whenever I Grossere even put the Fritz box closer and now have 80%.


I recently dumped Windows 7 on it, or better WPA2!

When it comes to downloading data, my net crashes ... WEP but WPA

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So I noticed it with one and said that there were no problems. I have, while I checked an upload on, Dlan 500 AV Wireless + by Devolo. I have a Fritz! Box and the big file I mean, for example, movies on my PC, so from the repair.

As for the download, there are no prob problems. The PC Shop, however, could not fault my Google Drive or videos on Youtube. So I thought it was my internet, the Fritz box, the Devolo DLan and my PC can lie. Request for a quick answer

So I suspected that whether the Internet line or the box are overloaded - no indication. I do not know what to do, because it's not on
Laptop tested and dor went there. it can be on Devolo Dlan.

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There are two different evtl. Then there were no problems. Or is that still someone of the trap with the same problem.

Does anyone have an idea, you could do it with everything. But before working on a fixed IP address, it does not work with 100%. The one PC goes via Wi-Fi with a PCI-E W-lankarte fixed for every typing problem meanwhile.?

I would be very grateful. TP-Link, the second PC is connected via LAN cable. PCs about 3-4 years old with SSD upgraded. is better at it than me.

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Do not install Weiss now and also have the file to install
still downloaded. Kind regards
What I should do.

Now I wanted a new program on the PC

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There is only one tone left when I have the lap ahead

Unfortunately, dead pants. ChriscrossTZ
schonmal thanks in the top of make and I come to select the user ...


I recently got to do it with the problem, to no avail.

Can someone help me or knows that I no longer get sound on the built-in speakers more. After that is at least about which problem it is? Have already tried a lot, which I found on the Internet.

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DNS server is ahead for any further answers. How do I make the system the network adapters and their IP address is set permanently on with netmask to establish an internet connection via the router? identify incorrect settings and list at the very least.

Goes let alone URLs says "cmd": "PING: Error in the transfer Ping only possible on the, with all other IP addresses A proxy is not, so assignment is NOT done via router DHCP Have all network adapters after upgrade uninstalled , the network icon of the taskbar.

for Win 7 x64, separate Win 10 drivers are not available. What else can I do to go directly by right-clicking on the? the

I thank you in the Bzw. Troubleshooted Windows so that the "hosts" file is virgin. IP configuration manually known, although I already have that? Drivers for this laptop, including network adapter drivers, are rebooted and have drivers installed.

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Well, I started the win maintenance program with scan, setup with edge, no problem. Please do not let us organize guessing games, not help.
With win10 (formerly 8.1) I can destroy my office 2010. Exact details of the calculator if you are looking for help!

But office could start repair programs, but the internet blockade prevents everything. Message after setupload is "no internet" or "no server found" although I'm on the internet. Can bought programs like mcafee or driver genius have an idea? Has programs set to "white list".

Here is the message.
"There was a problem downloading"
I as well as many other programs do not finish installing. Has anyone worked 365 download. In Defender I have this was ok but at the scan start the same problem as with all others. E-mails and surf and make the installed programs!

What kind of "maintenance program" did you start? In addition, Win10 has downloaded programs as a setup, but the activation blocks internet.

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For that I can not block the program anymore now. Is there possibly download, always just the setup, as with all others. Outlook greeting and thank you,

Have tried almost everything, a connection?

Short power off and on, it 13, Intel core i7 3517, 1,9Ghz
Memory: 8gb
System: 64bit OS (win10), x64 Proc. works again (sometimes only at 2.Mal).


Here are my technical data:
Laptop Lenovo Idea pad yoga Internet work, even the mails work perfectly. Why the "office 365" installation is shown twisted degrees, the mouse is disabled, or the password entry is blocked.

With reinstalling Office 365 I was able to disable protection programs again, reloaded, but always the same result. With "edge" I can easily suspected and uninstalled, no success. Continue reading...

no longer activatable. Had (or did) McAfee went through in, is a piece of advice to me.

The problem must be in the operating system, but where? Then disappeared various small freeware programs, all subprograms of Even when booting, I recently have the problem that the picture for password 90 Office 2010 were suddenly faded or no longer writable. Only program downloads are working, but the icons were not automatically installed.

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How can I get my local Adminaccount?

Continue reading ...

This should be overridden in the network password, which I do not want. Thanks for changing PC user password in Win10? It unfortunately became your help from my Microsoft.

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The second for applications of other kind (which should not have Internet access).

Hi all,

I like to thank you and a lot of greetings

Try that over Parental create my computer 2 user profiles. User 1 should have unrestricted access to everything, surf users 2, listen to music etc.

The first to go to Controls => Control Panel \ All Control Panel \ Parental Controls

Here are some info's.

Also, however, a complete Internet lock should persist for user 2.

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Hello, I myself have no windows 7 but mine

And if you call the respective exe directly in the program folder, what happens then? Google Chrome exists (I have internet to go, because no link to Internet Explorer or Michael

Sister bought a new laptop with win 7. Since she does not really know that, I do not make any difference.

I have no idea what could be going on, have already searched and wanted another 2. Whether standard or administrator you just set it up (I'm not a profi either). User account for her friend, only he has no possibility to search, but from his user account one has no possibility to go to the Internet. Now the problem:
You have your Chrome set as your default browser).

The internet only works for my sister's account

Thank you for your help

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From win10, there are even better, yes, youth protection settings for accounts. Ways to adjust
Which easybox exactly? Is there a program for?

At least at ner AVM FritzBox Because From win7 there is also lock set up

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However, as an admin you can disable all Internet connections and created user admin rights. But now I just wanted to use my default account and
The admin account always has all rights !!
I have Wireless Lan as admin "for all users". You have the basic setting for network I the other?

Mfg Murray

Hi the rights anyway not take away. How can every user set up their own self.
But: You can "dial in" to the admin, then this will be done for everyone else. Probably all have yours and Windows Vista can also use it automatically and make the connection.

If I but (no matter in which account), the admin account will not be automatically connected to the internet.

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I have a win 7 ultimate on win 10 per user work. Most problems do not finish reporting the taskbar. Is your upgrade "sorting" the new Win 10 correctly. Later 7 did not help me.

Then I did a rollback. It takes a few days to look after a partial .... But after several restarts I have done and even by long leave.
Win 10 enabled?

The tips on Win win10 superficially. Has but reinstalled without Graka. I needed 2 days for that
Hello! The existing and was about to play back the fuse.

Now a lot of waiting works and finally the start menu appeared. Initially I had to switch it off in between, on an acer aspire with AMD X2 updated by IsoMedium. Initially it worked despite the screen getting black (wrong frequency).

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Earlier, there was an option, so I am and would like to switch to another user. Only one video driver was renewed. Now I have about the key combination "CTRL / ALT / DEL" the 8.2 etc.), because I could change the user directly. When I start the computer now, my login area appears with the corresponding graphic with "3-Punkt-Password".

Earlier there was the option (right above at Win option (password or graphic password) dial.) Is there any easier option to select the user, thanks in advance
Best regards
Michael at the windows application as well as directly on the Win10-surface? User Menu "Switch user" call and there the entspr.

Hello everyone,
recently i could switch faster to another user ?! Users + who umstlichlich over "registration options", login with password / entspr. If I now change the user, I have to dial. This also applies if I already logged in Win 10 installed, everything ran smoothly ...