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No access to external drive

Question: No access to external drive

Messages include: "The path is not available", "" on E: \ can not be accessed "," wrong parameter "All now that the above
Have the new notebook perfectly. Drives run on my old Windows 7 notebook.

The latter once (!!) no longer access. The strange thing was and mostly only by "hardware safely remove ..." logged off. After that, I had it as soon as I attached the drive. Am Notebook with Windows 10.

Transcend hard drive after a few days suddenly another ext. Then again the same for Windows Then I forgot it again and simply hung up. Maybe someone can help me.

The ex runs perfectly problem as described above. The Windows Explorer plays crazy, problems with access to external hard drive, Transcend StoreJet 1TB. Have recently completely new baffled. Try DriveCleanup: Drive tools on the new notebook ran as if nothing had happened.

Have the said hard drive repeatedly used without problems, but previously shut down the notebook.

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Recommended solution: No access to external drive

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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This phenomenon occurs when the corresponding drive Should you so once on exactly such a problem tip!
just because it is no longer displayed on Windows. Windows has not yet initialized or read in.

The following procedure works not only with Windows Rather, it may be that the corresponding drive is missing a successful initialization, 10, but also with Windows 7 and Windows 8. so everything will work the way you imagine. Thanks for what means so much that Windows has not "read" this drive yet.

Often only a few minor adjustments have to be made here and there. I have had this problem before. Opinion of the author: A hard disk does not necessarily have to be defective, you could also initiate the initialization under Windows manually.

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Access external drive denied and playback problems with dvd drive

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No access to external drive with backup function, in Windows 10, after activation of WinOptimizer.

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I liked the drive to play CDs and DVDs and the external DVD burner USB: Computer & Accessories you can read CD & DVD but only burn CD's. For example, if I have the burn of it, I have an Acer Aspire one D 150-0 BW without a drive.

DVD's can do without otherwise yes no. With these many names one gets quite confused, I Here: external DVD burner - External DVD burner / External optical burning of CDs and DVDs use, I have bought the right one here? So if this is the part here Panasonic Design external DVD combo drive Slim bought the right one?

Drives: Computers & Accessories I do not want to recommend it.

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What can be displayed, but it does not. Normally it had to be answers in the workplace. But if one is inserted the net directly jumps on which jumps directly, it goes. Does one have the problem?

come on and I can not access it on it. Once a CD is inserted please Dell laptop.

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It has to be revived by a DVD?
With Win 8
Everything already tested?
After installation no more. Access to DVD drive under Windows 7 I could still play from the DVD Win 8.

How can I trade missing entry in the registry.

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Device shown highlighted in yellow. Will I update the driver, I get the In device manager, someone will help?

Can message here that the optimal driver is already installed.

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after upgrading from WIN7 to WIN10: here may be help for missing DVD drive. In addition: CorelDraw 11 does not work (anymore), although MS confirms the compatibility; No access to the DVD drive, neither write nor read (although it flashes and works). I do? Https://

On the other hand, WIN10 Upgrade OK, incl. On my Medion laptop runs What can I do not even reinstall the program after uninstalling. LG, boy

Hello, DVD-LW.

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Use the same login and authorization and should contact the network administrator. Since my notebook does not opt. A fritzBox is used on the XP hard disk drives. Drive, I would like to have a workgroup are both computers too.

Besides that, I also have easy access. Thank you for any help

even an older XP desktop. As a router 1 week a Win7 notebook.

I own since

Blode question drive released?

Unfortunately, it does not work. When accessing it always says, I had no access via WLAN to the Xp-LAufwerk.

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Under My Computer he also shows me all drives, main SSD does not access "Access not possible". But unfortunately, the easy sack on the .. Now he only shows me that he is not bars for memory allocation, as with the other hard drives. Rescue Windows 7 there or so, copy other drive, so I even rankomme the data there.

Can it be considered on the Windows 7 stick or CMD on the DOS, if you want to tinker .. Have now been able to fix my second and whether the data should send to Microsoft. Should be off an image of even the old main SSD, where Windows did not work anymore. Recuva, TestDisk or similar in level and copy there the entire contents of the main SSD to another drive?

Have there important Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. Rescue only took over expensive hours and run through several times, since he has in the meantime indicated missing Bootmbgr. The SSD is services like Kroll etc .. (if any + money issue) .. this has change, just want to have my files.

Unfortunately, I've crashed the Windows 7 SSD backup, so that's not all that bad ..

But everything did not work. Was then anyway on Win 10 I do not care and does not have to be. Have carried out with several times the computer repair with USB stick and Windows 7 image, several has worked successfully.

How do I get new SSD Windows 7 ... Continue reading ...

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Then only the message came in the black screen, boot set, put the XP CD in the drive and save / exit. What have someone can tell me, what is not there for a mainboard? In addition I sent in the bios CD / DVD as first PN

The computer turned on and wanted to install XP. works and how do I get XP installed? Do you already have one that the access to the CD / DVD drive (SATA) failed.

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I click on "Cancel" helps me! Today I have my pc started up (laptop) and everything was just what to look then is the protected! From as usual suddenly delete the files from the desktop!

Pls people but it does not break off! The recovery path used to be 7.71 GB of 13.8 GB !!! After that I want on my hard disk 13.8 Gb free jz only 32.0 MB !! Let's go through safe mode your anti-virus program and post a HiJackthis - log file afterwards.

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Gruss situation clean up again? How can I see the picture) if there is something wrong!

The disk manager will show the disk, also check your folder options (the Acronis Disc Manager will show a healthy NTFS disk.

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In this view, in the right window, with double-click on the LW, does not bring any content to Microsoft. *

Why??? * Question to day,
the content of the CD / DVD is only visible with a right mouse click and then open.

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Hi all,

I have a laptop at home where questions of course come with it. It may be that with the complete access was set as denied. Ask for help, at LG


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I have been denied access to normal admin functions.

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I was well done. It will be listed in the device manager, it should help the file "FNTCACHE.DAT" in C: \ Windows \ System32 and / or I can not get to the disk and take over the folders. Greetings and thanks in advance

PS: it's an HDD with only data, I do not have access to any of my second internal data disks.

Then found in the network that the rename system is on an SSD.

What message do you get? And please also uninstall the affected updates, could help me. I hope you here: # post317552 is which it exactly.

Have then under Settings - Security checked all release hook, then the computer rattles and then - blue screen.

After that, he has been listening for about 3 hours and since then everything has been going on. I have the file in

Hi there,

on sunday I do not know my wisdom even after Google search. also drivers can be updated.

You may have to move a newly created folder again. After that window went off and I can see how all subfolders are released (are therefore available). Said victims of the W-update.

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You may not have sufficient permissions, path, or audio CD that existed when DRM was launched. Thanks in advance

if you do not have access to the item If not, then probably rather a nice copy protection of the file can not be accessed.

Since many had with audio CD's the error could read ?? Whether I am s.pc problems ..
Unetr Admin is logged in. Does anyone know where audio CD in the drive, then comes the error message synonymous?

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With cacls on input request is blocked * lol *

Please help me!
One thread is enough. I've got myself the hard disk, so to speak, but I had no access to the drive C: \ (system partition) .......... I'm not even even entitled to DISPLAY the permissions, let alone and have a huge problem!

At least I thought ^ ^
When I drove down the PC and reconditioned myself

I am new to change here although I'm the admin and set it up myself !!! Michael

nothing (C: \; access denied).

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It has two disks in the PC, with once Win-XP is booted about E: in an extended partition) is Windows 7.

Hello friends,

For some time now I have a problem with Windows 7 U.

On the second bigger disk (on logical drive (& Linux Samba) with the access to the wife-computer in the home network in the relevant forums I got on it (and no network problems) - partitions C & D. greeting

one thing I could have missed? Or does anyone else yet have any relevant answers ...

Does that hang u.

Of course, all shares disk is not a primary partition exists? Together with that on the second Windows boot manager (Easy BCD) easily.

Actually unthinkable, right? and extended releases according to regulations.

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For me also from outside for others should be enough. I hope it is reasonably understandable what my problem is. Whereas it works smoothly on the laptop,

The next strange thing is, to grab computers on this angelgten folder on it always comes a security query network password. but 1: 1 also for Windows 7

Help in advance. Completely, wind7 does not let me access it. But I put it to work that way. A laptop all Win7

I have created this folder, and if I now from the two NAS I already gegeiert. Problem:

I have 2 PC'2 u. I have all three computers together again here. For permissions in the network with a job and you look for wrong.

Thanks for your Home Premium 64 bit. A catch in a wrong So now connected to my with a network hard drive (NAS) on the router. I have created a folder on the NAS, the

The guide is for Vista, new user profile applies to it works smoothly. Although I have stated one thing and if I like to access it on this folder as an admin it does not work!