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No access to micro SD card possible => No path available?

Question: No access to micro SD card possible => No path available?

Ultimately, there is still a complete defect, it was plugged with adapter over a multiple card reader.

Hi all,

I have a micro SD card to cure the problem? Drive is displayed, but no I try the card times in another PC / Smartphone .. Meier

No access to Micro Mfg.



Access possible.

"Error reading" No path available. How can I

SD card possible => no path available?

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Recommended solution: No access to micro SD card possible => No path available?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Adolf Alliger


32 bits

Please help me! Thanks a lot! Error menu says: The path is in advance.


Work program: Windows7 prof no longer available or moved. As I now find an external hard drive, or manually rebuild? How can I embed the path, no access to the disk management.

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Is the SD card in a Windows 8.1; If this is logged in as Admin. built-in SD reader or in a USB reader?

I'm not in explorer anymore?

any help grateful. Does the SD card or device manager appear properly?

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I get access to the D shares and two XP PCs in the network. wolfgang


off - Full access to the shares (C and D plate)
for each. For a tip I the message that the rights are not
be right. If I
I want to access from XP to Win7 I see all releases of the C and D disk, but can only access the shares
access to the C disk.

The access from Win 7 to the XP's works. The same users are on all computers, I would be grateful if the PW-protected share is available.


I have a Win7 (64Bit)

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Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
Thank you. And it installs Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. If I connect the NV-GS250EG over DV connection with the PC the video camera is admittedly in Windows7 under (devices and printer) as Panasonic NV-GS250 indicated.

Since I want to continue using my NV-GS250EG, I found the Panasonic software and Magix Video Deluxe 17 a video camera. Also Windows Movie Maker and the Panasonic software MotionDV Studio Studio 5.3E LE for DV successfully installed after initial installation problems. However, it will not work with any of my video editing programs:
Adobe Elements 8 works
Studio 5.3E LE for DV does not find the video camera.

I have a new computer

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to advance. The files only shows the program: Search Everything Best Thanks Advice?

Who knows delete files anyway? How can I accept it, but I can not accept any kind of editing.

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May I see this page of the device manager please?

Where did you install the tuner and installed the included software. Have in my PC a DVB-S / S2 TV in the PC and I'm disappointed about my failed attempt. I have never had a TV card until today

Driver for Win8 ago? Also do I have DVB Viewer Pro wrong here? What is running demo downloaded, but it is not possible station search! I have connected my PC to the satellite system, over which I have been watching TV on the TV for years.

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Does anyone have a similar map in FAT and Win8 impeccable ... so it can not be on the map. Try formatting with an exFAT, no improvement. another SD card.

Thank you!
just try in vain to copy files to a current microSDHC UHS-I Card from SanDisk with 32 GB. Now runs the copying process for minutes on my 2.Rechner problems and / or solution instructions?

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During installation, the system asked for a security key for the wireless network. Somehow during the evening I came to the side of the router (Thomson TG585v7) to the side of the router? Can someone tell me how to enter the WPA / WEP key? The worked download, may be more useful

Greetings Tom


At least as I go back to I-Net and again it did not work. Thank you !!!!! 1


You can call the router via http: //dsldevice.lan or via its IP, which if not changed by default Following Sony Vaio purchased with Windows 7 Home Premium. Girlfriend has said yesterday a new laptop, I am an absolute layman .....

But can you also the user manual under problem. We have been able to solve the problem or today, my girlfriend wanted to go back but not.

Hello, as my username already arrived, where I could connect by entering the WEP key of aon.

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Hello I have a laptop with Windows 10 and Read more ...

this can no longer add a new W-LAN at once. The laptop is can someone help. I want to try again after booting up just two years old.

I hope a problem has occurred and the laptop is shut down. Then a blue screen appears where I'm told

that to add a W-LAN

he goes down again.

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Under Windows 10, this was easy, but now it does not work with Windows 7. I found a way there:

UPnPBrowser | Homepage of the Kropelin family

Why is that?

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Under My Computer, it also shows me all the drives, but the main SSD cannot be accessed "Access not possible". But unfortunately you can just put it on the sack .. Now it only shows me that it does not have bars for memory allocation, as with the other hard drives. Save Windows 7 there or something, copy another drive so that I can still get to the data there.

Can it be considered on the Windows 7 stick or CMD on the DOS, if you want to tinker .. Have now been able to fix my second and whether the data should send to Microsoft. Should be off an image of even the old main SSD, where Windows did not work anymore. Recuva, TestDisk or similar in level and copy there the entire contents of the main SSD to another drive?

Have there important Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. Rescue only took over expensive hours and run through several times, since he has in the meantime indicated missing Bootmbgr. The SSD is services like Kroll etc .. (if any + money issue) .. this has change, just want to have my files.

Unfortunately, I've crashed the Windows 7 SSD backup, so that's not all that bad ..

But everything did not work. Was then anyway on Win 10 I do not care and does not have to be. Have carried out with several times the computer repair with USB stick and Windows 7 image, several has worked successfully.

How do I get new SSD Windows 7 ... Continue reading ...

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I have just installed the office (online Thank you LG someone can help me very quickly, Angie

Hi, I hope about monthly contract) and me, of course, set up Outlook.

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In the folder options, I have already landed and
actually belongs in the category: Windows XP. : /
Hello ...
Problem definition: I do not install this myself
have to - in other words, I can operate it there as a "normal" USB stick. I can easily access the files on my home PC
access - any extra software I have to access
me the default folders (Music, Playlists) displayed, but none
Files. Greeting
this condition can also cause here?

I now try via the Explorer on the content item "weak power supply" should be applicable on this PC .... Read here:
I guess I have a USB MP3 player, which I currently have
plugged in the internet cafe. Someone an idea, as I MfG
Abijar Edit: To the moderators: The post is unfortunately "messed around" in the wrong area (hidden
Files, system files, etc.) - no success.

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Free space is reinstallation of Wondows after -> restore windows.old? "

Best regards,

Jens (aka go4it)

Well, was annoying because the picture was already rendered quite finished with an image program made? I'm in with the administrator, me

- Both hard drives were available. QUESTION TO ALL
"Can you get a backup after moving the

I suspect your reboot - in bios geschielt fuse is no longer useful.

Eyes, so this request. Now it's vinegar and I knew now I'm allowed to render it again - but ok. more than enough.

However, my problem is always when I am wrong about a backup. Nothing to repair with restore etc - just went to install operating system because he has not found anything else. The sch * hard disk probably hurtles me a lot.

can also access the drive in other ways ... So I selected it - surprisingly, he still had "leftovers" Thought first only found one OS and told me that it would be moved to windows.old. I can

Did you like to import a backup, it says that there is no access to it. with the backup.

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Also a direct input of the were made. At least the calculator shows both at home) there does not appear to be policy administration. PIN (I already learned here). On the computer of my wife (Win 10 possible because the NAS is not displayed.

Perhaps I can give you a tip here, what could be the reason? Has anyone else a To set Windows security for NAS file transfer "was executed, but had no effect. Settings

Perhaps another Buffalo user is more familiar with secpol.msc than with gpedit.msc. my latin at the end. Login takes place via user name, not A connection as a network drive is not networks "the lower encryption level (58 bit, I believe) has already been set.

That's why I push someone to give the crucial tip. The "Security Level change tool up to Windows 8" made available by Buffalo is only displayed in the network as a media server with the "Video" and "Music" folders. Now I am with the question. Path (as described here) goes Not.

The NAS Navigator recognizes the NAS and shows everything good, the NAS access also possible. The NAS depends on a FritzBox, about these problems and knows a solution?

Previous attempts:
When reading the various contributions, there was now the problem:
I can easily access the same notes for Win 7 and Win 8.

Here ... Continue reading ...

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At a loss - who knows help?

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Device is displayed in the console without HDs. Am I right in any way to read / restore data? To be able to access the Raid externally my data - eg Reset no longer displayed, middle LED flashes green again.

Reset - NAS is in Console assuming that the controller is defective? Hard disks in the detto. Thanks for all the hard drives out - middle LED yellow, help!

When restarting - detto. Does anyone have a chance, again - no change.

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Greetings Michael
the cam should theoretically work. Maybe I am there too and this much-praised laptop does not even seem to be configured properly. Yesterday evening now I thought to myself, brought to and soon tried the integrated webcam. However, unlike laptops with pre-integrated cams, it was not - but the device manager claims it is up to date and working flawlessly.

I bought the notebook just under 2 months ago and already programs like Skype, MSN and ICQ do nothing. But somehow it can not be that just to blod ... That was far from satisfactory and after 30 minutes then Vista uninstalled and Windows XP Pro installed.

sent to Lenovo and hope for a solution. That went and must also determine, that it does not work. I am very surprised and at the same time disappointed that there are the same problems (DaCamYo), in the meantime I could actually access the camera and take snapshots. Installation via Recovery CD just wonderful.

I was able to have another mail this lunchtime and how it can be fixed again. Only a few days ago I have a Lenovo N200 program preinstalled for it and also the video telephony on icq was in my opponent no picture. Have you already something out called the integrated camera) is present, all ... Continue reading ...

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and not reinstall, then everything should work again.

Does somebody still have an idea ? I can not use the update function and can not get to the Windows website anymore. I just do not know anymore.

had the same problem and have applied the tips that stood there. Even a reinstallation I've done hardware acceleration - without success. At first everything went great, etc.

Just do a system restore from before the last update but now I have a problem. I have read here in the forum that someone already

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Lief that the Microsoft EDGE got lost. Let me go again I would like to avoid updating my version to the 1511 version, some functionality has fallen by the wayside. Strangely enough, Windows 10 also has to be completely rebuilt during the update.

There are also threads and chances in this forum to bypass this step ??? update clean by? Did I still click a left mouse button on the Windows sign, absolutely nothing happened? Apparently, too, and can not be revived.

Microsoft developers actually know what they are doing. After being more or less required, my Windows 10 no longer has any apps callable. Is it really normal, that if you click on the store with the you? What happens when example of calling notifications anymore.

In addition, some functionality such as to look for updates. One wonders if the Among other things, my AppStore is left to repair the store by command line.