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New tuning tool

Question: New tuning tool

Ultimate Windows Tweaker? Ultimate Windows Tweaker - Optimize Windows 10 Download

Winfuture displayed. In

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Recommended solution: New tuning tool

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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That I have a more stable connection ...

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Use representatives of the genus Tuning Software.

Recently, however, a member of this forum has posted a link here: Windows CCleaner to do with "Tuning"? CCleaner has been used over time to registry cleanup relatively rare so-called tuning software. CCleaner I was not as exemplary, is no longer produced.

Meanwhile, that's the theory. Only, what has the tuning. & I have to say that the presentation surprised me a bit. The only advantage, if you like it that way, is extended to and other features that I can do without. As far as at least Tuningsoftware whether free or commercial variants were used.

Logically, what does not download apparently get a deliberate misinformation. I would welcome it, if the users altogether less comfortable also with Windows comfortably. I also actually deleted, and in addition also application traces, optionally removed with secure Loschmethoden. In other words I had

CCleaner is a track-erasing system cleanup program that helps Windows cling to disk cleanup. The goal is to achieve at least a partial "re-education" among software makers in the long run. For example, startup administration, which used to require separate programs.

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Here is the link there
Take a look.
Hi guys
I wanted to inform you about the Piriform known with CCleaner has published a new tool.

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See the old tool re-install or something?


Previously, you could easily print multiple copies per page using the existing photo tool, and easily select. Can not do that anymore, or can you picture. Greetings


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But now in Win 10 there is such a new, weird, black Tototool in which this is no longer possible.

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Apparently this is a common error code, at least what my Google researches so revealed. The Reset.cmd file led namely to no result, because the very first following a virus scan and executes "fix problems with Windows Update" succeeded the update still not. Unfortunately, with the exports of Vorraus resulted.

Good evening.

As a result, there were new problems behind SubInACL tools and the Reset.cmd file. From here then even Google is displayed:
LookupAccountName: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE: administrators 1337 The structure of the security identifier is invalid. Thanks in the failed, I hope someone here knows! I've followed every step described on the following Windows support page:
After all, "will not be processed" stood.

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Mfg Danilo I have then help, thank you in advance in advance. and try it this way.

I hope you could me

Good evening dear community, I'm newly downloaded here Media Creation Tool.

I have tried it again with the 32bit version and it was the same problem as when I select both bit versions.

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Question: pc tuning

Should already For the old mill, it makes more sense. It is not worthwhile tearing up individual parts. A new PC would be the newest games.

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Question: Tuning as with XP


under XP, I have / Temp on another / Temp outsourced to another partition and forgive the size of the paging file. Do it in every case. Greeting

Windows version not to do! Hello,
yes outsourced to partition and assign the size of the paging file.

Do the same with Field to show it in full size. That makes sense with the W7 64 bit? Does anyone have some tips? Click this in general. Does anyone have some tips?

Quote from kurtmos:


under XP do I have W7 64 bit sense?

I do

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Question: Tuning from the PC

just something out.

I would like to renew my processor that it fits my graphics card to play games more fluid, because I think that my processor slows down my graphics card.


I really liked On the motherboard, my computer fits some tuning, ie

So you search a maximum of a Phenom II x4.

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Otherwise on one then? If the mobo the same chipset the graka driver. Also old and now wish luck

Since you also from AMD to Intel individual cases, ... Have fun and if it's not too much to reinstall everything. You can not save a happy coincidence anymore.

Finally, then turn the driver to the motherboard. Before you start, you should not forget to save my question ... the application data that seems important to you. another disk or partition.

You should Windows, (if possible to Dh You can not help but wear it, it can also be like this.) Or how must be a help, long forgotten something to claim the daylight, I proceed there?

In a few years then that can possibly be enough for a DVD. That of a clean hard drive), reinstall. If you want to write down old passwords, "Pants Off" can contain older emails!

If I now just make the pc, install everything and then boot again, then simply reinstall windows and the drivers on it makes funks.

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Question: Software tuning

Would be glad if you give me your tips would give me what I can complete my book. It is still in work and to write how to make his system faster.

Hello everyone I'm just doing a PDF so far it's standard settings. RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web Hosting - Easy Filehosting

Include the following items:

Insertion defragmentation

THX to: Excavator, jibber

Just try overclocking.

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Question: Windows tuning.

So where's the profit - except in Image started and run the Ccleaner on my hard drive. Sure, on one or the other computer, there are always times the no profits. These are paths, but they do not hold any. I have the self-try (I have a current - which key is needed or which key is superfluous.

Moreover, the registry is split into several files, because the global information that Word should open the file with the extension "XY". Here are left in the original "RUN" key) Schlüssel affect the performance of Windows. Deleted on E: only data, which I also with the current hard drive sizes also negligible. I found that and therefore I delete my entry.

A defragmentation of the registry is there just as little as the frequency in which you can reinstall Windows? That is, the search for a specific key in the registry keys are jumped by also There is no reason to defragment the registry on how to tune Windows.

Here there are concrete hints The operating speed of Windows had the reason to delete the registry to optimize. For example: I manually enter in the registry, remove disk cleanup.

Regarding the registry optimization of the Ccleaner ... Continue reading ...

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The power supply is caught in battlefield 2, because I'm a passionate gamer ... It depends what you do even though I have the graphics fully down screwed (very ugly). Memory: 3072 MB Graka: ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series
Hard disk: WDC does not continue to use the tunin test? Found internetinfo for this you were your thoughts on this informs ...

Which graka is exactly
Part no longer the newest. In any case, this is unfortunately not ... Thank you also a little weak ...

I would be very grateful if my friend should be able to handle the ram !? Games like mw2 and anno 1404 run smoothly, at least approximatively. I am not sure about the processor (loud for ne graka in there.
me too complicated).

Or is this at More ram brings you the sensed 4 fps (habs net measured, on each unplayable) schoma in advance! Has this tuning a (recognizable) sense, or installed? 4800er gave so many.

Power supply appears to me

hi Guys! sufficient for the purpose of the ram ... anyhow really very weak. So mainboard should it be almost senseless to make these modifications?

I have, credulous as I am, the days play at all or very little. Well, bf2 is running (250GB)
B.System: Vista Home Premium 32bit
Power Supply: hec-300ar-ptf (300w)
now to my problem ...

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Question: System Tuning

Can you try out Tuneup 2010?
TuneUp Utilities 2010 - Download a general question about system tuning.

System tuning possibilities

Hello people,

I just have MFG


Operating system: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. Here's a little list of mine

- CHIP Online but much faster your system will
neither! Of course I will answer questions as soon as possible!

With your system, I hardly believe that it is even faster!

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Question: Tuning programs?


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In general, the current development of a card to get something out. Memory bus width or clock rate Program ATITOOL is concerned. However, this can be read on each individual card of the memory. The video is set on the 13.03.2008.

The tip with the latest driver, for example, has a factory "turbomode" which offers higher clock rates. I was able to give a first assessment

Anyone who drills up the clock rates should pay attention or change the cooling (> Please note that the clock speed is still limited, which still offers room for improvement, and you should not be surprised by experienced PC users.

You can have some of the theme of "graphics cards ausreizen" here. The manufacturers will not limit the clock rates for nothing
Vllt Grakas relatively high temperatures. I think it is very interesting, but only to read the

Accordingly, they should probably be aware of current maps. What that could drauflegen then bose ends. The video is from Chip Online. For tuning: The graphics cards of most (not all) manufacturers with different and varies greatly depending on the manufacturer.

On these clock rates again temperature as well as times the exact technical data of your Graka, such as A Gainward HD 4870 1 GB DDR5 memory Gareantieverlust)
Conclusion: You can certainly do something with such programs, but I advise against it.

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Question: Hardware tuning

My hardware is now modeled by Xigmatek Asgard Midi Tower 2. Have in the compilation
let me attach a separate noiseless Lufterkset.

Need some advice and favorable prices from you

I would like to have mine soon and would like to cool it, if necessary !? The Ram Kuhler
I lit 4x4 Gb DDR 3 Ram from my blue SMD bar.


Yes, and, what because the SMD bar throws enough light into the computer. Other data I store so P8 H67-M LE with a -1155 socket. My tower I own is that you want to know now?

The Cpu and the eventual Ram Kuhler need not be lit, hardware through (Cpu-Kuhler, SSD hard drive and possibly a Ram-Kuhler tune).

Specifications of the motherboard
I have the ASUS neon go, so that this blue by the blue something more
Light to be listened to. The noise level:
I ask you dadrum that the noise level is "quiet", because my system is a very quiet system. I liked it when the Gehause- color of the two elements rather be in a system hard drive, so only for Win7. The SSD hard drive
The SSD hard drive should only advise Case King, but has turned out to be rather meager.

Already have an advisor from my eyes already a very big role. The optical ... Continue reading ...

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Question: Tuning Program

Please help, thanks!

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Question: Windows 7 Tuning

7Tweak - Daoisoft Tweaker for Windows 7


Thanks, Robman

Hi all,

Here I would like to introduce you a good Windows 7 tuning program. 7Tweak

The program manages the startup management, security management, appearance and behavior, tweaks to Control Panel, Media Player & Co.