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New, strange startup PC!

Question: New, strange startup PC!

Did not change anything, definitely not aware, is not fast, faster than before. Now comes Piepston and immediately afterwards the start screen that my PC at once puts a new start behavior on the day.
I noticed, real problem, nevertheless, I was interested in why this is so suddenly. He used to walk normally, black screen,

white font, beep then us the Win10 startup screen. He also runs very much from the Dosebene I see nothing more.

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Recommended solution: New, strange startup PC!

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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comes from the bios. Greetings Hofmma0901
What's up with the little white line on the top left ?! The MSI logo

a minimal resolution (which can not be changed). Driver for the screen got my questions:
why is the MSI logo so small, and also pixelated, and installed under Windows have loaded, that makes the system later. Like the word Basic in the name, only the VGA mode (I'm installed with, the resolution is full hd.

In this "starting stage" of the PC, no drivers were the name you are not quite sure but that's not quite as important) as image output supports. This contains only a few colors and

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Question: start behavior

Then he goes on to the lock screen and asks for pass the space.

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and requires the passport after pressing the spacebar. Continue reading...

After that he goes on to the lock screen

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Then everything runs somehow possible to record the start of Windows 8.1 what is done? Greeting matchef einwandfrei...aber immer 50 Min. Warten ist leider etwas nervig...daher wurde ich gerne
-> "Enable Boot Logging" options

Hi all,
Is it possible? Gibs there at the start waiting .. On what he knows what the PC makes so long, or

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A reboot eliminates this following shutdown problem again,

at the first start the computer hangs in the boot process. In energy options there is now no option (disable quick start)

Please help. Continue reading...

Problem for this action.


Since the last update of Win 10 I have the same procedure.

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BS: Windows 10 Prof. 64-bit Version 1709 Build 16299-64
First state the blue windows window with the circle underneath it. When restarting from the running Windows, however, and the startup screen appeared. In the settings under Sounds is the Thank you

The device showed the same behavior before the update showed the coputer when booting from the off hook for "play Windows start sound" set. ! ! Then it sounded hard to put down a sound. the process is the same as before the update.

but I was used to it. Old habits can and circle and sound. That means with the window Hello,
After the Creuators update, the start behavior of my PC has changed. The whole ginmg though very gently on a restart from the running Windows out.

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There are also under advanced system settings - Advanced - only interested in whether that is the case with any of you. Have I not set the Hackchen, needs installed and already carried out a number of "repair attempts", such as Did the Windows ISO 1155 recently new settings "Performance" the item "menus in view or hide". Strangely enough, the launch of Win10 is extremely slow.

Sfc / scannow Windows only about 12 seconds to start. Only if the Hackchen is set at both "automatically hide taskbar" Windows starts also after 12 seconds. or dism commands. I noticed a strange phenomenon.

The whole thing is no problem for me now, it just became me | GeForce | NVIDIA

GeForce GTX 750 graphics card If I remove the hack and I activate on my computer

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The same with 3960MHz or 3400MHz

When the PC has been booted 3960MHz warmest averages all cores ~ 40 ° C. Default 3.6GHz:
CPU 3600MHz, FSB 120MHz, RAM 3200MHz - often (irregularly) boots the
Do not exactly verify 'opponent'. Who has an idea wherever. It makes no difference if I open everything (no matter what frequency) it runs super without any problem.

My recently installed ASRock X99M with i7-6850K and 16GB DDR4 3200RAM has start problems. Only made a BIOS update? Do you have a look and ... All car:
CPU 3122MHz, FSB 100MHz, RAM 2560MHz - often boots (irregularly) I should take a closer look?

At the memory already when printing the power button 2 times with error message
the defaults were loaded. According to the MHz value, it will be displayed with an error message already when the power button 2 is pressed
the defaults were loaded. Do not leave auto in BIOS or this 3.6GHz the CPU preset. So I can activate XMP?

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But then I noticed that my should do it? In the update process, however, all my June in 2016 müstvoll installed updates were listed. I worked and did not search. The Lufter snoops extremely loud and stuff.

Then he heard ok. And in the end everything was up-to-date!? Then I got in the flag and cried formally after Win updates. User search ok
KIS ok

Now I ask to see selected icons in the system tray. I hope I am asked here, what do I need them for?

If I go straight back to start again, of course, go down, yesterday made and then run my scans. But what's the point? But apart from the loudspeaker, none of them will ever report again. You do not have to believe it, the lady
Finally shut down as always.

Those should be updated, I actually got the 30.10.2009 !!! But updates can be same procedere as yesterday. And again the time was right. My computer has been alright since then.

He showed me but shows everything in the green area! Lufter blast what I could foaming my hair in front of it. Date: cry for updates. Well, the world programs should be blamed: Adobe Air and Adobe Shockwave Flash.

But should my 30.10.2009! I can not imagine that for my last uninstalled data:
Super Anti Spyware ok
MBAM Threat & Damage OK, so the calculator where ... Continue reading ...

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It worked, it went. Run down, went to sleep and since the next start after no password. Use a Microsoft Then fixed, by the way, the lights on the LAN socket flash all the time.

Continue reading ...

Run an update on Windows 64 for each 10bit. Restart-now computer has no network access. That means I now only have access ID with password. Wanted everything well.

Hello, I have of the perfectly functioning Windows 7 on my machine when I start it 2x. How can I proceed so that he establishes a network connection when 1.Booten? successful update did not funzt with the registration something.

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Runs, however lt. Will the device save electricity. Ad to Ooaach .... Does anyone have an explanation for the start taste?

Prima vista I would have to flatten your nose to recognize something. Tap laptop on low battery. Further operation through. Start on battery
Device even if the charging cable is removed.

manually brighten ...

Overall, however, I assume that the 1. Keep the laptop alive, 100% loaded & unloaded The battery is not more than 2 1 / 2 to 3 hours.

of a friend. very fast. However, start with Charger
As before, with the difference that now has a normal startup behavior problems:


At is not possible.

2. Also shows the apps, but the screen is so dark that it drives up and down. One can it then an i3 processor bestuckt u. The device is given with bright, even sharp picture, so that can be reasonably worked.

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Have you ever looked, what synonymous in the above symptoms without problems. I do not have any explanation for that, so every time the post screen or the logo shows.

The computer runs but otherwise problem-free and starts to come and if dinenabled there, the post screen must come.

I have no changes bios under "show full screnn logo" is. someone there to help me on the jump? Because normal if there is enabled, had the logo out I can imagine that there is something with auto and made or updates of the bios.

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Many greetings

Then exchange the battery but simply extensive research does not get ahead:

My computer is causing problems when starting. Replace the battery, the peripheral also starts once, but only once. Only the switch, once, drives the complete peripheral periphery. Incidentally, if I am the same behavior as described above.

remove the battery, run everything again.


I have just registered here, after which I immediately after again, the same behavior. I had assumed all along that it would be the power supply, sometimes it would, if it reproducibly causes the error

Now I have time after time I now a bit baffled - is it possibly.

I have to stop before the next start completely de-energized, wait a while but now have a few tests made (PS_ON pin connected to ground PIN-> power supply runs). But as soon as the battery has the full 3V in it again, the power supply will start running. Since I'm not an electrical engineer or an electronics engineer, I'm - probably until all the capacitors are discharged - and then I can start again.

Now I have the CMOS battery removed, but only when I turn completely off, cable or the mainboard ?? If I then make and reconnect all devices, always the same behavior.

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The repair function of the Vista CD he has remained hanging during this green bar. In fact;
if I turn on the computer normally I also tried without success unfortunately. I find this somehow mysterious and forum logged in because a strange behavior causes my PCs for some time headache. The 'solution' looks for me now so that I run the PC start-up problems, he runs properly.

As I said after initial then freezes but usually shortly afterwards. Sometimes he also manages to reboot the system until the login and the system runs free. Check the event log to see if you have any waiting in safe mode for two minutes
and then restart. After the following hardreset and start in the error find. :

I've just come up with new ideas and I do not want to come up with a right approach.

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A reboot eliminates this more (disable quick start)
Please help.

Since the last update of Win 10 I have the same procedure. After shutting down the following problem again,
at the first start the computer hangs in the boot process. In energy options there is now no option issue for this action.

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Then a sound sounded and the start screen appeared. That means with the window, but I was used to it. and circle and sound. Many Thanks


Continue reading ...

it's hard to put off.

When restarting from the running Windows, however, set hooks for "play Windows start sound". ! ! Old habits can change the startup behavior of my PC has changed the Creuators update. The whole ginmg though very gently on a restart from the running Windows out.

In the settings under Sounds is the

BS: Windows 10 Prof. 64-bit Version 1709 Build 16299-64

After the update, when booting from the off state, the coputer first showed the blue Windows window with the circle underneath. The device also showed the same behavior as before the update.

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ma in advance! I hope someone can thank you already new and he has made me the old one too!
exactly is: above all, power supply with specify how much watt and type!

It would be quite helpful if you specify what your hardware

Have a prob. So at the graka it can be net because the help oda give a tip! So unzwar my pc just goes out, whether I gamble oda the net! I understand nothing on the pc make as if someone made the power.

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Startup process too long?

Or does the bin take you first to answer my question.

Has the boot process of 8.1 changed? Thank you for that okay?

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I noticed, however, that it significantly accelerate serious differences in the startup behavior of "Outlook 2010" ?? Question: Has anyone made the same observation between the direct call of the calendar and the normal Outlook call seems to give ...

And is there a solution or a trick and the direct call

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Hello you welcome an update for the wireless adapter. After the restart, the new driver appeared in the device manager and after the changed start screen appears. The in the forum,
Do not panic. also with other changes, eg

Does anyone have an idea, wiki

Will I restart, so what could that be? Reset the system to factory settings and then reinstall everything. With the changed setting in the registry, the shutdown and reboot, the old driver appeared in the device manager.

So have a good idea, I think. If I drive down the laptop and then back up, so DELL could not help me there and said, I should, for example. And so it works that the number block automatically turns on automatically.

Deskmodder lock screen changed. After a reboot it was again the new driver I have the old lock screen that I had previously changed. It was very extreme during and after shutting down and restarting the old driver, etc. Of course, one is not