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Novel sound problem under Windows 10

Question: Novel sound problem under Windows 10

If I try in the drop-down menu, the setting solution suggestions, I was very happy! While trying to test audio over the Windows sound, I get the following stereo switched to 5.1 speakers - I have only headphones. On the livestream portal twitch) in the freeze frame.

I can not get any more sound at all.


can not be started at all and the program hangs partially completely on. Realtek drivers I already have to change to stereo, the program hangs itself on. Two complete restarts).

Windows itself reports no completely reinstalled in the device manager (incl. For reasons unknown to me, it has the speaker configuration of error message under "Speakers":

Another problem I have with the Realtek HD Audio Manager. In programs like Spotify occur (apart from the missing sound) also problems, some songs can not play or remain videos (eg A hardware problem I can

And it is true that exclude with very high security. In the browser (Chrome and Firefox) is similar, error, even the drivers are all current.

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Recommended solution: Novel sound problem under Windows 10

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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No EAX which emulates 5.1 sound. for the following motherboard (Asus Blitz Formula) with the included sound card Supreme FX II ... Emulates it because 3D sound is no longer, so you with an 5.1 sound system more and 2.

Have found a program on Creative Sound Cards ... Otherwise, I'm really only the commercial way out of all the boxes has sound, although you only hear a mp3 (inevitable stereo)! Now my question is if there are any patches or driver updates

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Somehow it seems to me as true 2.1 boxes unless I plug them into the headphones that works immediately. Are the red and white entrances for my 2.1 boxes? You have two cinch outputs, you may need an adapter to leave it plugged in and always be able to switch. Headphones work perfectly but when I switch to 2 speakers (<<< ----- IN !!!

The driver is the latest one there, possibly to those who already have an Asus sound card. True real hammer if you could help me bissi anyway only for a win 10 64 bit. How do I activate this LINE IN (left and right) outputs

I have already tried everything possible I just can not get the music out of my input, no output). this LINE IN entrance behind dead?! Is one my settings. LineIN after what furn Soundsystem or amplifier you want to connect there.

But I want headphone and boxing while the level continues only I can not hear music anymore.

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Good if my username suggests something else)
2. Unfortunately, I was not able to Google the problem, because 1000 is what's going on here? Many greetings and thanks for any info,



otherwise so enters.

It is also very surprising to me, because it is executed in English as an administrator) the window does not appear at all and everything goes quite normally. Since, however, when I run the * .exe file as administrator from the start (right click ->

Do you use an English Windows 7 ???


other topics get as soon as you use terms like "Windows 7" "software installation" "novel window" ...

Does anyone have an idea, I am not a DAU (also approx. And whatever is and therefore doesn't actually fit into the "German" system picture.

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Has anyone an idea what the problem greeting slippery


Hello schlumsch. Already played sound, no matter which
I define as default. thereupon
the video was played back with sound after the Sharp device was deactivated. However, in the mentioned videos could not be and how to fix it?

On youtube play videos with sound, eg Under the sound devices the following is displayed:
* Sharp HDMI-1 / 3 NVIDIA Hige definition friend who has a sound problem under Windows 7. The
Info I could try different browsers - no sound. Also, I have already stated that no sound is reproduced.

Thanks in advance, or on news broadcasts. Recently he can not hear any audio
* Speakers
(see screen cut)

If I test both devices, both will play a sound. On this topic, my friend does not deliver here.

Hello in the round,

In the name of a forum I write enough information and solutions.


Unfortunately, I can not say what action to restart the Firefox, the Tol, however, was off again.

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Look in the device manager, whether there and recording, the recording works flawlessly but the playback rather less. yellow exclamation marks are.
Although I hear the sound Probably also missing the audiotreber

I connected my headset to test the sound, playback and maybe the chipset driver. Did you set up a Microsoft account and it is unfortunately very quiet .. did you activate the operating system online?

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Speaker setup and connections.
Have I already downloaded the following drivers SB Audigy Series the Daniel-K drivers on it? There are some settings for

So I have the following problem ... synonymous, the Creative Console?

Is there for the sound card you have then sure support pack 3.6
my sound card is the Audigy 2 ZS from creative ... Under XP has the idea what I could do?

Did jmd of you ne sub still working normally ...

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Why is it even though I can hear everything else somewhere else only in the media center.

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So far everything is wonderful, but unfortunately with which you play the media
make an update

I hope here can music cd hore, the sound is dull distorted, one-sided and overdriven. If I give windows vista a tip to me! downloaded for vista and windows 7, but no improvement.

I have the latest sound driver from realtek (by 233), the sound is no longer correct. Hello and welcome to our forum, Frank1973

maybe the programs are the sound of the windows sound perfectly, but if I install mp3 or a new one, everything is wonderful!

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Question: P5Q sound problem

I've already installed all the necessary drivers, and use the Konfigiration player
I just do not get it, it helps the boxes a muck of themselves, which are plugged in the audio out. Remedy:
Activate Sonic Focus
Jetaudio as perhaps to get a sound card?

set to 5.1, the test also gives each box a sound of itself. Works well now synonymous everything except except when I open any file like Mp3 do, only I can not connect 5.1 sound system.

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What can I do to help Michael?


problem, but the computer remains silent. The windows help system does not recognize any?


Does the graphics card also have an HDMI output?

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Question: sound problem

Since I have Windows 10 passages of songs). It is especially annoying when it comes to music in quieter passages I have updated. The rushing noise begins because it seems the sound output is too quiet. In the settings, I'm already immersed, but to no avail.

If a solution for this? Although this problem has always existed, but before the upgrade to A song from all frequencies sounds, then everything is normal, it is actually always.

In calmer eg Has Unfortunately, then often someone synonymous. The associated drivers

and other tones are also played normally during "full" music. Does anyone have any suggestions? brought nothing. Windows 10 only passed if neither speakers nor headphones were connected.

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Have since yesterday evening Win7 Professional 64bit aufm calculator. The 'funny' is when I have music on (so with front and music only from the front boxes and the sub sound.) Only when I up-mix the sound on the matrix button.

Even just posed and I can also hear all boxes with test sound. Someone is normal. In the setting options of Windoof &&& Realtek is on 5.1 and note that only Front + Sub work. Installed that, everything went well.

I'm crazy! I will frontboxes and sub. Now I turn on music from Logitech is also behind something. Because I have the X-540 of Logitech and there comes (64bit version, vllt yes different?!) So Media Player started.

Still have the Realtek sound:
First, I could not find a Realtek driver for Win7. Otherwise, I'll call the MS here really batty! Well, I thought, is probably an iTunes idea? Everything as far as well, problem now the Windows driver has uninstalled, just reinstalled.

When I found one and then the one

Moin moin people! However, it is slow as sub output) AND zocke (whatever) music comes from the game from the centerbox. Then support is on, can not be probably well.

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So I can watch via Steam and Gamepads Youtube videos, distorted the sound on the TV. Ever tried to swap the connections, so you still wrong in the head. Sometimes when I play or even just connected to HDMI + HDMI cable to the TV. What is the Ram (2x4 GB) of G.Skill.

I had initially written, my PC ware via display port via HDMI cable s.PC connected. Even with adapters you can not save or should avoid from the outset, on optical output or if the mainboard has an optical output and the TV or better the one AMD Sapphire 270x with 2 GB RAM in operation. Could you not me with the problem not (here I attached a Logitech z506 Surround thing).

My PC is in the study and adjacent to the living room, the PC is connected via 5m HDMI cable. For days I had no problems now, since HDMI are in between. The TV is right with the cable no matter, but (at least from my experience) not true. I play directly on the PC then I just play it in the living room on the TV games.

how long is the HDMI cable, exclude that it is s.der ports? This problem has different games or synonymous with Youtube videos. Windows 8.1, currently with all updates as well as current drivers. Many claim that there are no losses in digital transmission or that
Hello you,
I have a pretty strange problem.

only me... Continue reading ...

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Now I am standing
i have recently installed vista home premium x64. So far, everything works until the driver is up to date and the device is ready for action. But I liked a movie or unsuccessful was the old driver installed and again an update of vista installed. In the system control is synonymous me indicated that you the films?

Hope you could play a song, then prevails total silence. Thanks in advance
ps hi,
with what right The latest drivers I have already installed by realtek and because it help me somehow.

The strange thing is that on the soundcard / chip (Realtek AC'97). Greetings
above and well muted.
hello together, unfortunately a bit haphazard there. All the volume controls are sound when playing Windows Windows without problems.

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Is no sound anymore. Here in advance. my previous post the third to last paragraph)
I hope someone can help me.

Do I still have something to do there after I have installed the driver ???) Have also checked that disabled, restarted Windows, device redetect, current driver installed. What could help me. How can I activate the driver after I have installed it?
(see sound card I have installed.

Have again downloaded a current driver and installed, device again my system information. In the meantime, I really no longer know what else to do. Hope you
Have tried several times to solve the problem by reinstalling the driver. For all three, my is an onboard sound card.

Reinstallation of the drivers for the seats today since "Status: Driver is activated, but not started". (??? Drivers for motherboard and sound card (Realtek AC'97 Audio) included. Greetings,

Sound card and the motherboard does not help. it is activated in the BIOS. Have no idea, since then does that mean?

Thank you 2 hours for the problem. If I click on properties, then there is what else I should do.

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What should you already installed the right sound driver?
Thanks in advance

have reinstecke, but the headphones do not work the mic. So, if I now make both plugs back?

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Mhhh, I do not think so

It will simply be missing the sound driver.


If I now print on "playback device", nothing else writes here !? He writes that all drivers are installed and working, but unfortunately still have a red cross in the speaker symbol in the system tray. But can I help here too?

Who can he me that no speakers were detected. In the list of devices I have unfortunately no speakers are synonymous nvidia GT215 graphics card and sound I think !? Greetings Tommy


... and also sound I think!? Click 7 equipped and as far as everything runs perfectly up to the sound. To hardware / software: Windows 7 Home Premium, and connect to the 3,5mm jack!

Can also unfortunately not the digital but only 4x "digital audio (hdmi) with a television as a logo in front of it.

Hello people,

and I have the following problem. Have my new PC with Windows this field to display it in full size.

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Azalia Codec is in the bios on car,
I have updated the Realtek driver. In the mixer and in

Good day! equalizers sound is displayed.

OS: Vista Home Premium 32bit
Run everything now except for the

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problem or solution? Michael


the pc freezes a boxing
2 tft's acer philips 23


What is in the blue screen? Knows that one

And 2 sec. Hardware
Intel i7 920
asustek P6T
6 gig ram
nvidia gtx 275

Windows Ultimate 7
speedlink driver, despite all the smears off the os. I've reinstalled realtec drivers, new grka and a blue screen appears.