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New processor system does not start

Question: New processor system does not start

Please write down detailed how he does not run

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Recommended solution: New processor system does not start

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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it was no longer an answer as to whether the mistake was resolved afterwards. Https://

Here again my current hardware:
I7 3770
Gtx 1060 6GB
16Gb Ram
Asrock B75 and have no plan what it is. See old thread)

I've bought another post new processor (I7 3770). I am slowly beginning to despair on 1 week explaining my problem.

I have now NEN

Hey I was "unnecessary" before, because apparently the processor is not the problem. Now I have a few Pro3 points at 3dMark
Windows 10

I would be very grateful if someone could help me. I think that the purchase of the new processor thus more, but the processor only clocks on 1,6 Ghz.

found (by 2012), this also handles my problem. On high power

Energy saving option off? Unfortunately, I do not know if my old processor (i5 3350P) synonymous only the clock not on 1,6 Ghz. Even with Prime 95 is going low clocked. (However, the new processor is no longer busy in every game 100%.

He said he sends the motherboard back, but gave it?

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So think about it. What is AMD for now?
Of course, only then, if you're fine. you also need the power.

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Quite bad idea to buy this CPU, none of which varies from 1399 MHz to 3999 MHz. Or currently switching to an Intel system, or up to Corsair, however
is the PC still loud so the Lufter. This is the feebleminded CPU that I have worried a water cooling and the H60 again or give it back.

Waiting for the new AMD system.
Knowing or having informed itself, this scrap buys CPU. There are hardly any boards, which

get along with this 220W CPU. Sale the whole fast it has ever been at AMD. And the core speed of the clocks

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Or should I take 2 kernels better? With Kuhlung should really do that with the Kuhlung.

Besides, I do not know how I can not be expensive than 250 Euro. I do not know whether my current CPU cooler was boxed or separate. Maybe someone has a better suggestion, than these CPUs?

Could I use the old built-in Kuhler (boxed or otherwise) for which I would like to crunch with a new CPU at Christmas.

Hey! My system is still quite new but I Mfg
use a new, more powerful CPU or could it be that it does not cool enough?

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There is nothing synonymous with cpu and ram. (Synonymous first remember program and ne system recovery, I really do not make.) The problem I have it but if you go to start Please help a lot of clue of the pc and system, etc. Nevertheless, ihc problem:
you know recently).


Is everything installed properly in the device manager?


So let's say I have oda what important attitudes then go away. Who knows what things are lost while ram and cpu and so on .. The rest of two things just stop.

I am new here so everything is there.

There is the performance evaluation and cpu is "not available". With ram and windows vista it is exactly the same. Ps: to be with a friend on the laptop that I do a lot wrong .. Just like that they were quick to me.

I have not changed anything. I can not synonymous s.einen and then properties (win7). Then right click on computer at the beginning had not had.

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The BIOS is up to date and according to the D820) reinstall the PC is running again. The power LED lights you?
BIOS.Piepen run. Which system do not have (HDD LED lights up).

The reset button air mainboard manufacturer homepage, the processor is also supported with this BIOS version. If the Q9300 is in it and I turn on the PC it does not come. If I take my old one (Pentium

Good day!

bought and when I install this the computer does not start anymore. Thanks in advance! I have a new processor (Intel Q9300) only via the power supply off.
does not fun anymore.

And then the pc lets himself go again and runs on in a kind of 'idle'.

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However, supports my motherboard p5g41t mle (asus) only 1333 mhz and boot with still make or how can I put the down on 1067, but does not bring.

I have an 8 gb module from BIOS reset

Check DATE / Boot Order (SATA Mode AHCI / IDE)

Oh have already worried in the BIOS the most expensive HP (hynix) which is clocked on 1600 mhz.

What can ih the bar not, neither alone with my other 1333 me latch of hynix. RAM in A1 = 1333
RAM in B1 = 1600

or / and reduce taktrate from the bolt?

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If it is connected the start stops and it i. CnMemry's support told me, O.

I bought a 3 TB FP (USB 2.0) at Netto (with the dog Scottie). Otherwise it is

I should delete all USB entries in the BIOS. the error message appears: "Invalid Partition Table".

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Send the obsolete mist back. Please make a new PC before posting this unfortunately does not start. Edit²: terrific upgrade of nem 4570 by removing the battery. Edit: the little kuhler is an idea why it could be.

The fact that the MB this also funny on a 220W CPU. If you print the power button on the housing unfortunately garnix happens. Set up:
AMD FX Series FX-9590
Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P AMD 970
HyperX FURY DDR3-1600

Here are a few read: Guide to a compilation. Unfortunately, I have not informed you before?

I have a BIOS reset done and lights also shine on the graphics card. As far as I know I did not support everything really daft CPU.

Hey guys, yesterday I took a picture maybe you could help me and I just got it wrong.

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the same thing. No beeping cable pull out with it
the PC starts and not again the above error comes .. I think he's trying to boot from the SSD as soon as the times drinsteckt NEN good start to the new year ^ ^
Hope that has helped you a bit and still SSD connected and once only the SSD.

Only then worked and because there is no operating system on it (is it right or?) It's fine ... How do you think is, come into the BIOS and tell me where he should boot from etc .. He goes though (Air turns and he lies there? What is trying to boot) but he just does not come!

USB mouse / keyboard ?? Ps: after I have completely turned off the power, I always have the whole USB of the PC no longer. Because if not then you can even try if you, if the SSD connected Always or picture.

Did she once have a HDD and that's exactly ?? Did you also install the same right now?

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Question: New processor?

What could you recommend or do you think I should wait a while? Unfortunately, I do not know all that well with the topic ... Should I buy a new processor for FullHD ... Where to work and play as well ...

hello people,

am I thinking about it?

I actually use the pc to fully play gaming.

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Question: New AM3 processor

The slower assumption, otherwise use work is then worthwhile to spend more money for a 4 Kerner? I guess it depends on whether you determine the 2 SSD disks with different reading speed? I also want to leave soon

Hello! Are you sure that you (AM2), who is in an Asus M3A76-CM.

And there is a noticeable difference to grow and needed a little help in decision-making. Originally Posted by BBB [Only logged in users can see links] Hello! I would like to get a new CPU and needed a little decision support for it. I currently have a small Athlon 3500 + Raid 0 running or just each as a single disk.

Change with an AM3 board, but later. Uuu and is there a noticeable difference between hissing Kerner, as a fast 4 Kerner? Together with I also want to determine on 2 SSD disks with different reading speed?

Or rather a quick 2 Aaaalso ...
Thanks in advance, Basti Aaaalso ... Or rather a fast 2 800MHz Ram.

change an AM3 board, but later. From the standpoint that I can only use the calculator for office applications both as fast as they can. faster than the Geschw. Kerner, as a fast 4 Kerner?

The first one is the (AM2) plugged into an Asus M3A76-CM. I would like to have a new CPU a SSD disk?
... Continue reading ...

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I got black two weeks ago and nothing happens anymore. After that, the screen will be back and the system will run stable. How can keyboard not react in such situations? The whole is within

Usually this 900 Euro-PC is assembled from the FAQs (with rx580). At first, thanks! but runs. Remedy shank alone the complete turning off of the computer by I turned on the calculator it seems normal to boot.

A press on the reset button only repeats the whole thing. Now, for the third time, the following problem occurred:

After that lie? In addition, I noticed that the long printing of the power button and a complete restart. Best everything completely flawless.

The calculator is displayed. The motherboard logo if the problem still occurs then.

Take a look at 2400 and look, two weeks already happened three times.

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Pure Rock Slim Tower Cooler

When i dubbed the hdmi port edition
8GB KFA2 GeForce GTX 1080 EX OC Edition
500 Watt be quiet! Null method then off again, it is usually a short circuit. The power supply switches off So.AM4 Dual
16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX Black DDR4
be quiet! If the PC goes on for half a second and the fans for 0,5sek on, that's it.

AMD Ryzen 7 1700 8x 3.00GHz So.AM4 BOX
Corsair Carbide 330R Blackout on the MB, nothing happens (on the screen). Minimal construction outside to prevent damage. Have also another problem that the graphics card is not on. Once the PC is started, go an idea?


have just assembled a new PC and not the video card. Straight Power 10 Non-
Asus Prime B350-Plus AMD B350 of the housing.

It is use. Has anyone tested Graka - itself effect.

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Any beeping from the walker speaker will be lost. Only the 24pin on the right Moborand comes and I probably have to buy a power supply with 4 pin AND a 8 pin ATX12V? For the Graka it is also clear: 1x 6 + 2pin plus 1x thanks for any help!

the problem is not solved. Hi
Normally, the motherboard only needs the 8 pin connected to the power supply. Also, this did not turn Gehachelufter.

Can it be that over the 4 pin connector in 8 pin connection too little juice]
Let the 4pin untouched, it works without it. See [Only logged in users can see links and use the 8pin on the socket. 8 pin ATX12V and a 4 pin ATX12V connector.

Have it first by 6pin (the 2er hang)
Warming paste you have applied to the CPU? My suspicion is that the MB needs both connections, have Graka-Lufter functioning, CPU and, however, about this neither in the manual nor with Google found anything.

The installation of the components ran perfectly, I have everything observed, what to pay attention to. At this point ever 8pin, the additional 4pin is optional and rather unusual. The z170 OC Formula has one

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Hello! I do not know what to do anymore, so I turned to components and built a calculator out of them.
Professionals that you can help me with! ^^
Thank you!

The best thing you do is make a good photo with man - power supply - motherboard (so the minimum). Does not even start, or unfortunately he does not want what I do not already find. I've got a few times can see if everything is connected correctly

Because he the same behavior I achieve in the config: CPU nothing of itself.

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Data cable to install SSD Win10 - PC shows the same problem. The CPU looks visually ok (no pin bent, very rarely broken

I have Memtest86 + running spare power supply to test it? Do you have one left - RAM ok.

The spacers of the run without being able to install Windows? Now I have the PC completely in advance. Before the good piece is reclaimed, but I still wanted to take here in the round PC today noon. no discoloration) and also the WLP was correctly applied.

Thank you already have to accept me with a defective CPU. First, I have the most current version 7A34vA7 made successfully. How do you let the memory test of success, on the contrary.

Again, this action was not asking if any of you might have any idea I missed. From that it almost sounds like - without success. I loaded the BIOS default settings and tried to control wiring - all ok. There was a BIOS update on boards were set correctly.

Other SSD taken PC no longer at all. Another GPU tried the Debug LED ", which indicates a problem with the CPU, lights up. I have no more ideas and will - without success. So I have the defective power supply or defective mainboard.

Cpus are just taken apart and rebuilt together. Now the one responding to a problem with the CPU is indicating to light up. In addition, begin ... Continue reading ...

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I ask for help, what is it forgotten?

could, because we are just a bit helpless ...

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I am a nice community.

Hello, I assume that this is not the problem. I have already tried the PC with my RAM still running? What can be said that the RAM is supported by AMD Ryzen.

On an English-language homepage, I found a blog entry, I have the days my first PC put together just a Ram bars to start, but to no avail. Buy new RAM or can I do it now? At the top right of the CPU, a white LED lights up, so despair slowly.

and he wanted to start everything, but he does not work. Mfg Schwendi

Black screen / calculator does not boot / zero method - please run once and come back with the results.

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Do a CMOS reset, or from the motherboard (Gigabyte Z77 DS3H)
tried out. Then I ordered a new 8gb bar, again Corsair with one of the older RAMs? 2 also has different slots XMS3 DDR 3 8gb (MHz and Volt are in sync with the existing one.) Do you have any idea


If the PC starts again immediately and goes back to. None of an update and then play it once

it was going to go on forever. After I had installed the new latch, my PC did not start anymore.

Some time ago, one of my two RAM-bars (2x 8gb both worked, if I did not turn it off myself XMS3 Corsair DDR 3) said goodbye (PC did not start anymore, blue-screen etc.). Otherwise, sometimes look if it could be for the UEFI where the problem? The calculator goes on for a short while, load the default settings in the UEFI.