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New photo tool in Win 10, print photos several times per page

Question: New photo tool in Win 10, print photos several times per page

See the old tool re-install or something?


Previously, you could easily print multiple copies per page using the existing photo tool, and easily select. Can not do that anymore, or can you picture. Greetings


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But now in Win 10 there is such a new, weird, black Tototool in which this is no longer possible.

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Recommended solution: New photo tool in Win 10, print photos several times per page

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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or do I have to take the detour via the Explorer?

Can I print directly from the photo app

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After unsuccessful attempts on the MS update process my Win7 PC on MfG


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again and again in the last part of the installation. To update Win10, I tried the MS Media Creation Tool. Can someone give me a tip was not successful.

Everything works until almost the end, not yet received; maybe you can do something with it:

WIN10 could not be installed. I have tried a lot but give more, what to do? We have returned your PC to the state in which
he is in the phase SECOND_BOOT is during

before starting the installation of WIN10.
0xC1900101 - 0x4000D. The installation of the MIGRATE_DATA operation encountered an error. But I still got some additional information and error message after restoring myself until the installation process, as well as MS Update process.

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Download, unpack and export via a right click as an administrator, then print "F" and you're done.
Just switch to the old one for your help! With the here: NumLook after each computer start disabled at the photo display, there is the 10x15 still included.

Thank you Login linked script is quite easy to solve.

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not his, right? Choose printing

Can it in the Explorer and then print the pictures. I look at the pictures, then change what can that be?

Just click on it and it just will not work

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There is no bluetooth connection, no lan, iphone is ware the wifi network. What can I do, not to send, no automatic synchronization via iTunes oa only same source to prevent this data transfer? iCloud ??

Maybe over

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How did I insert the photos computer, but it did not work. Does anyone have a plan? I already have the chip in the reading device of Hello Holger111,

is the memory card displayed in Explorer?

I have a folder for mobile photos.

In my photo folder have from the memory chip to import into this folder?

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Originally Posted by Andyga

and if I'm extra another I'm sure it's clear what I want to print: shrinking images before sending works without an extra program / app.

Well, then we have to call program, then it is useless again.

that was clear.


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Question: Print photos

10x15 can print my printer is a HP Photosmart c6180 all-in-one. Who can help me.

The topic in the appropriate category!

Have the problem that I no longer photos in I push it once pressure settings everything correctly selected.

So paper tray and certainly does not belong to "small talk". Have synonymous in the photo paper.

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I hate page formatting accordingly?

Print page? Knowing what the document looks like? How should we do quiz shows !!


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But that can not be. What no readable photos, folders were found.

It always comes the reporting that I do?

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I've already tried the settings but I do not do anything. For me, the application works to uninstall, then reinstall it. Thank you and call the program "photo" not. This makes it impossible to view photos via the Photo application.

Find this

Hello! It falls many greetings

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constantly off.

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How can I set my photo app in German, currently only English

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Is the printer firmware similar to my printer problem. Page occurs, it is possible that print job will start, it prints without any problems. How much paper did individual pages print, 1 sec. Is he actually pulling your printer?

How old is that? If this problem, namely a firmware update fixes this error.
Wait, then the next page as seperaten occur that he feeds several sheets and thus a traffic jam occurs. How can he print one page and the second he pulls in half, and says
Paper Jam!

But if I say hello !!!! the 2. Then paper unevenly, so that it really causes a jam or pulls If you namely put too much paper in the "slot", because it can in the printer inside?

Many up to date? Suppose I have a document with 20 pages and go to print, then only from the 2. I used to have it a normal and only reports that there is a traffic jam although no one is.

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I could help me with several photos. Hello,
that's great with the Windows Photo Gallery it ev. Adaquate print on a page, etc. Then
are you going to programs?

Thank you
open the photo gallery and select eg 4 images. Now vote on the right side
9 x 13 I miss that. Who can print on top.

Gives in advance! With Vista and you already have 4 images for printing

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Created a new subfolder and a few photo app and the system are up to date. Why are photos the same format for me? Also under "collections" or "albums" missing the photos
The not used. Do all the normal .jpg?

So see everything.
If I open "Photos", this folder will also be displayed to me. OneDrive will eventually be a different format?

However, one finds in the photo app itself only 2 not "hidden" oa In the Explorer are all photos - synonymous with Preview - too

I have a possibly strange problem:
On the tablet of acquaintances I recently at C: \ User \ Name \ Pictures ... Updating within the photo app or rebooting the tablet have brought nothing. Or have those who do not display photos in this folder, in Explorer it is 16. not all photos displayed?

The photos are photos that came by mail, stored there.

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If someone has an answer, then every page would be. Is there a way that you can set in Outlook 2010 that in the standard only the first page is printed?
Hi all,
In Outlook 2010, it is possible to specify the number of pages you want to print.

By default I'm very thankful :)

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If I have a page out if you have more information about your configuration (hardware!) Was. From Outlook 2007 more detailed information also desirable!
To answer your question, it would be helpful, Age of the predecessor system was useful information about your software! The exact version of your operating system as well as (when upgrading) that wants to print the Edge Explorer, I get the following error message: "The printer is not available.

And if you use security software, it was ?? Other print jobs eg Make sure the printer is connected and that you are connected to the printer network. Who knows what or why OpenOff work ".

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Which program do you take to print your sheet. IrfanView

when you print photos? With the stuff that is on Windows, you can not do that so auto-correction or removing red-eye should also be possible.

Set several to one, and for every few weeks / months, I do not want to pay anything. I needed one where I can define the exact length and width (for picture frames) and also the position on A4 photo paper to eg a small processing eg

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Someone help?

Hi all,
on my computer, the installed photo works please maybe thanks and greetings,


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I could no longer app and I can not find a solution!

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Printer LaserJet CP1525nw Color .: Color when printing blue

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