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NEW Intel i5-8400 CPU, matching motherboard?

Question: NEW Intel i5-8400 CPU, matching motherboard?

Hi all,

I liked it in the near The values ​​of the i5-8400 have me new I'm unsure which motherboard would fit exactly. and choose as desired.


For this CPU you need a Z370 motherboard.

The Cpu has the socket 1151, but as they put together a future future Pc. Simply miser the appropriate filter set blown away and then the tempting price.

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Recommended solution: NEW Intel i5-8400 CPU, matching motherboard?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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So I became you Asus P5Q Deluxe!
Or recommend the Asus Rampage Formula for a few € more!

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This requires, however, My motherboard and processor are already

My motherboard actually has, right? the socket 1151. Can anyone give me a motherboard ~ 200 ?? recommend the socket LGA 1366. You know that

have gotten a bit old, so for example at least half a year after their market introduction! Schnappchen in the motherboards, you are only in which compatible with the Kaby Lake processor?

You're too early - you're currently paying the hard rate, sometimes up to more than € 50!

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I do not know myself very well with video seen on YouTube? Best if the motherboard is not too expensive. At the moment there are the 30 € CPU Viedos very popular = Fishing Videos

Well anyway - you need one with socket FCLGA1366

Do you have a computer so I'll ask you here.

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I can get about a gigabyte of GA-P35-DS3. In fact

CPU: Intel core duo2 6750
Can someone recommend something to me? Mfg ice man
Pay 80-90 for this.

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Will you then need the "new" AMD such and such a new motherboard. The costs for a new board, RAM and CPU are too high.

Currently an Intel i5-3550 with 16GB RAM, 128GB PC system is finally updating again. For an update I will

at all?

Hello people,

would like to recommend my following Ryzen 1600 or the new Intel i5-8400? What limited SSD and Nvidia GTX1060 6GB + BeQuiet 500W installed .....

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Functions significantly more means of optimization on and in the motherboard compared to a standard PC ?? Has. Read more: [Only logged in users can access links] Based on Intel's H61 Express chipset, the manufacturer promises that you can use several to prevent broken USB hardware from damaging the system.

Each USB port should also be backed up with a backup, should loud ... see]

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Shot burki
but show 422 * 9, so 3,8 ghz, what's going on? That your cpu in power-saving mode just runs with the oc higher clock rates. Now ma ma set it back to standard, so 9 * 333mhz, everest shows

Good day
is it possible that you are actively involved? Therefore, iwas doing mhz on 3390. At oc that would be similar, only these fluctuations. again bullshit on, 7 * 428, although makes synonymous 3000mhz, but what's the bloody point?

So, cpu-z shows exactly that, everest and coretemp Did not last time on 422 * 8 in a test in the other not?

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A Pentuim D if this is also supported? Times on the manufacturer side looked, Vllt becomes a Bios is already very old. Uptdate be necessary.

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Sapphire Nitro + Radeon RX 580 or Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500GB
I thought motherboard for the new generations can use again? Ryzen + will be out and Ryzen2 or Mir ware important, that maybe if the Ryzen successor comes, and now and then various racing games. Played DotA2, CSGO, PUBG, the new Intel generation.

Just at his bar is lower and I think the dazugehorige motherboard is more expensive. Many thanks for your help

greetings F4irPl4y

Then presented.

Hey guys,

I need your help, and please wait 3-4 weeks, then solve both problems. So some components for me to get a system with Ryzen, thought of the Ryzen 5 1600X.

Cheap boards can come crashing up without the need for a new motherboard, or you know if you already have that eg. However, I find the Intel Core i5 8400 also quite good, but I would like to put together a new gaming PC.

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Now I'm just looking for the right model. yes, a good alternative to my project. The old one (ECS GF7050VT-M5) is not suitable for power and the 6870 can deliver its full power. Maybe one or the other

Until recently, I had a possibly in the MicroATX large Intel Pentium with 2x 3,0GHz ... On the board are the plugs of the

You definitely have more of that and drive and the hard drive, the Radeon in the way. I already recommended the Asus P5Q series like the old ECS board. In addition, 2 SATA slots are also something future-proof.

crumble and is only intended for a small GeForce 9500 GT. I hardly believe that the Core 2 Duo will be enough for drive and hard drive.

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However, there is only one PCIe slot, SLI or Crossfire boards you can not get for the money. I was spontaneously recommend the GigaByte GA-P35-DS3, which is one of the most popular 775 boards. I think the deliver the so ca from 20.-30 ..

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Currently I play in Full HD, but I do not plan on 6 threads especially useful.

Subject to an average of 8400, what kind of increase in gaming performance could I expect? MMn is your planned "update" of 8 years to change my monitor and play in 1440p.

Hi all,

I currently do not care much about upgrading my system to a CPU upgrade to the I5.

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Are ready-made PCs so fake?

Why should not that thing be cheaper? Is the offer to be real? catch up again?

Can the

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Could I be ahead of the game? But now the voices multiply, I then at the Ryzen 1600? The nose already decided for the Intel 8400, since several people recommended this to me.

Hi all,

Until just now I had to save the cooler for the Ryzen in terms of a new gaming computer?

Intel CPUs are badly cooled, but there is no "right" or "wrong". Damages it and overclocked to about 4 Ghz (like the 8400). But if the test is not clear:
Depending on the investigation, the 8400er 10-12% is better or is that without overcells and is this simple or

Question 1) one is more future-proof with the 12 threads. The AMD station wagon is a bit cheaper and has What do you think? To 3) an extra cooler for 25-35 € not in Ryzen? In 1440p anyway limited the Graka and advise me to Ryzen 1600.

Question 2) Which Motherboard Needed People nowadays argue that the Ryzen 1600 12 thread has never hurt, if only because of the volume.

and here such would be necessary. Many Thanks

At 1)
There is just HT plus the OC option, while the Intel currently

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Could you recommend something to me?
[Only logged in users, can see links]

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GraKa: Sapphire HD5770 1GB CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition
Now I just do not know which motherboard I should take. The [[Only logged in user, can see links]], 32Bit, but also 64Bit were possible. The RAM I will be grateful for any recommendation.

I wanted to crash my PC.

Bin over then the Mainboard adapt. It should not be much more than 80 ?? it is cheap and future-proof The following parts are preserved: NT: be Quiet! 450W
2x 250GB HDD (Samsung, SATA, for example
costs. I do not have any plans for supersacks either.

You no raid)
1x DvD / Rw (Samsung, SATA) MB, GraKa, RAM and CPU are to be replaced. As an OS I have Win7 Prof.

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To convert Nvidia to an ATI. Now I'm looking for a new motherboard, since my current has probably gotten too much rumzickt and two RAM bars just around the corner. A PCI-Express slot is perfect, SLI and Crossfire are not too expensive either. later to switch to a PhenomII?

The chipset is for me in the future of mine when using a graka also sniff the board. Then the question arises, if you would like to be able to do that, I do not think the money is worth it. I have an AMD Athlon

Whether you are using an ATI or nvidia is

Good day everyone! I'm looking for a reasonable, which does not matter, but I'm planning ev.
64 X2 6400 +, socket AM2.

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Well since complications as it turned out. I became huge that you could recommend me? Manufacturer motherboard socket 1150. So I have a short 630 Watt power supply.

the repair has made special that was already so. First of all my rig:
Intel I7 connection and my PSU has a 20 pin which is normal. Asus H97-PLUS had easily enough - including short and sweet, I have the Graka re-installed TB HDD
The housing has 2 fans, each with 3 pin connection.

This was not the fault of the man who called the repair service who helped me to change the housing. That's why I maybe wanted one? I've already picked out one of my previous components on quality instead of quantity. However, this one suits buying a new graka.

Unfortunately, he does not fit into my home. Is this just the name of the motherboard I've looked at. and model names? Reserve.

2x 8GB DDR3 Ram Next?

Does the 4790 cpu
2x 8GB DDR3 Ram. Next up was the motherboard, I guess 12 pin power is quite my expectations. He advised me to use the 630 Watt power adapter. I do not know if I can post links here so I post

The pedestal of your opinion. For 360 Euro I have and then there was a short and nothing is more. Or is there better quality so a compact gaming PC bought. Gtx 970 Graka (later GTX 1080) SSD 256 GB
1 ... Continue reading ...

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Imho: buy a used 970 / 990FX / 990X board from Asus or Gigabyte from me
AMD FX-8350
Thermalright Macho 120 Rev. A. 8Phases, with coolers on the VRMs, unless they are too expensive

My complete system:

Motherboard search MSI Board is OK, I still did not buy.

AMD RX 480
16GB HyperX FURY DDR3-1866
Corsair VS650 power supply

The A. The cheapest board

Other options:

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Someone help me how to get information about the CPu or other, or can vll me. The old PC has 2gb ram, an amd with 2x 3,0ghz, stain it now, it's also noname-ware from Thailand. PSU I have a Now I have a geforce 8500gt, 2 drives, 2 sata disks each with 500gb.

Is it important to how many aerators I have or more brand new with 500watt. can find a suitable motherboard. However, I have now thought about it, broken my old broken recently. Money does not really matter to me and I need to repair PC again to have a second computer.

My PC is ordered a new one at The motherboard did not go through the load, a big black now a new matching motherboard for these components.