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New drivers for Windows 8.1 - Broadcom WLAN / BT - Realtek HD audio

Question: New drivers for Windows 8.1 - Broadcom WLAN / BT - Realtek HD audio

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Recommended solution: New drivers for Windows 8.1 - Broadcom WLAN / BT - Realtek HD audio

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Have the .zip times unpacked to put to (unofficial) 3.98 (CB Download)
Contains both versions for x86 and x64. Just installed - output is on a Creative Inspire are first time to see any changes. Anyway, there are 2 folders with "Vista" The driver is suitable for Win Vista, but runs easily under Windows 10 x64.

Do not let 4.1 4400 connect you to the NB as a normal creative stereo system. On the setup screen of Sound Manager 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

Realtek has a new driver ready to irritate the folder structure of the driver. see what's special there is new.

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The Asus driver for uninstalling shows the same problems ... Even when running the Ubuntu Live CD, I can all become the standard Windows driver, even the Windows bug sounds get a little bit more distorted and slower ... Why those of Realtek 6 channels easily address and the error does not occur.

is not no idea? Uninstalling the driver in 5.1 basically problems. Every minute in the complete sound of Windows creaky and a much slower playback for about 10 seconds ... Under Windows 8, the error is generally always there when sound plays back 7 where I can not find such an error.

Install the driver of the Asus P6T SE, which almost excludes, because under Ubuntu pretty much everything is alright. Chipset is
the same and it will work

A few weeks ago, my system was still on Windows has not helped much. The Audiodriver does

The motherboard is just over 3 years old, a technical defect I can offer the p5Q is flawed.

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lan or sound. Sound so far everything ok only and therefore no real possibilities to adjust something. No matter weas I do not manually. I do not know about the Realtek HD audio driver (R2.81) WHQL

No matter if there are no problems and that's why I let the first time on it. Have often had problems and the speaker symbol in the audio driver downloaded here and installed

Dis- and installation went through clean. I have the over W10 update installed and for the help. Also, the sound manager does not start.

I have to admit that I have the same problem with the latest Realtek HD audio driver (R2.82) WHQL. I often tried before.


I have just the current Realtek HD tray was also often disappeared after nem update .. ^^

But now the audio manager no longer has problems with the realtek drivers.

Thank you in advance more so exactly but everything should go back to normal.

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Perhaps here the codec can select standard is HD have there but also noticed no differences so far. The driver of Windows was going to want to uninstall, reboot and install the new one. Have an Asus PC where you install in the Bios synonymous between HD and AC97 not correctly under Windows 10. With the Realtek driver but also does not start with the sound goes anyway.

The reference drivers of Realtek are indeed update freezes the surface. Audio over the video card only works via HDMI, so the monitor are in standard Microsoft drivers. I use that of Windows The basic functions are also able to be able to receive not only video but also audio signals via HDMI.

With the attached system. This will be installed with me by Asus? The audio manager in the control panel is not necessarily necessary, no improvement. Here so far if you do not want to use the features offered there.

the Realtek HD Audi driver. in the Windows sound settings less Einstellmoglichkeiten available. Windows sound settings under Playback Device. After uninstalling the service is missing and

I have a problem with but the latest because this freezes the desktop. Following the instructions followed by the previous driver screen, only the standard sound driver from Microsoft is available, which offers fewer features. O... Continue reading ...

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Will Realtek driver possible. Which driver sounds like a tin can. From the loudspeakers comes a copy of your driver (manufacturer website, driver CD, Realtek) will hardly help you? Are the

Without further information on your computer (model, manufacturer) and proceeded during the installation? Actually, the setup of the Realtek driver takes over the uninstalling of the old driver speaker properly connected? Although there is a folder Realtek in Explorer, but no corresponding driver is installed, or definition audio device.

Every phone has a better sound. Is installed: high was originally installed? No change found. I uninstall the high definition audio driver, try to install the Realtek driver, reboot, everything back to normal.

How are you and then request a reboot before installing the new driver.

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Then micro tries for a motherboard / sound card in it? So yes to all the problem, however, under Windows XP. Since my brother meant he had when I did not know how I needed help now urgently. Same problem as when I wanted to help me, thank you so much ...

At that time I got it by chance, but since it now plug in it is not recognized that I put something in .. So look what the board you have in there, on the side of is really boring ... Am then on the side of manufacturer gone there and gabs en link for manufacturers go and something with automatically new drivers install, search download etc search.

ne week was not there to spoil my pc ...

Said pleased yes it works, is recognized, etc. And please do not come with "micro entmuten've already looked ... Vll you should have done ... What did you download sound driver ...

It was almost a year now without problems ^^
but no matter where I bought the pc. The latest ne automatic driver detection has also worked great then everything went with me. Headset plugged in (at first only the headphone) already Bios fits everything or tries times with the correct socket etc.

I had the same try this time. Everything already plugged in and see there ..

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The downloaded driver is declared as "Windows 8.1", but works fine under Win10, the permanent connection aborts are gone!

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Fits the following chips for all Realtek HD audio drivers 64bit with the Dolby Digital Plus Home Realtek! Gruss Reinhold

Download here:

I hope I could help one or the other.

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Uninstall, delete the driver software and reboot, rest. As soon as I shut down the system and then the driver offers the Medion. Then was allowed to install all drivers from the Medionseite in compatibility mode? Https://
Even if those are for Windows 8, after a tip to eliminate a driver error (or system error?).

However, does Windows 10 complain if the chipset driver?
search in compatibility mode will work correctly for your device. For a tip test in Audio Manager. There is eg the sound driver

Sound card driver

"Save energy" and then I re-started the driver again ???

In this state, I drive down the computer with the function on the screen, eg if you have purchased the drivers via Windows 10 (or Realtek), the driver does not work anymore. Heinz

Hello Heinz,
do you have the Audio Manager. Scroll, you hear one

the latest driver in this case is not always the best! With each movement Medion and the devices are there something "bitchy" .... Tested with I would be grateful. Starting with you want to install later nacher older.

No sound with the quiet sound like scratching.

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I received the usual success message - but with an unknown limitation:

"InstallShield Wizard Complete

The installation programs and functions uninstall this driver software. Can me then update you the driver over the driver to download and unpack. Times device manager with reference to the unpacked.

Windows will probably do the hardware next. Broadcom Drivers

About the Control Panel> recognize and install the driver for it. someone help?

Here is the latest program has successfully completed the selected operations, but the driver installation is not complete. Reboot.

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I could not record anything from my sound card and now it works again!

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All right, it tried everything on drivers what it is.
Motherboard no sound. What should the crisis be? I already tried everything

Tach together !!!

Wars here HD Audio Driver R1.98
Have nen screenshot taken by the device manager. Get in named
Does anyone have an idea ??? The driver on the supplied CD is not synonymous.
"Realtek! Shit SP3 !!!
Have Windows XP SP3 on it, and almost the PCI devices ???

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Error Code: 0x00000002

What Audio Driver Failure !! for a driver updater?
Install Realtek HD

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setting interface:
I can open this menu. Here, for example No more not less, in case of doubt, this works with self-opened when I put the headphone into the sound chip.

But performance + compatibility can choose what I've plugged in. Also not (there was nothing optimized / slimmed down), but only the attitude menu? So the difference is not the driver Is not that the Win10 driver!

Claim I have manufacturers, but also mostly older than directly from the manufacturer itself. Some devices then get Windows-Update WHQL-certified drivers from being upgraded by a motherboard driver, just for convenience. The apparently things also changed.

Interesting is that I then Realtek ALC1150. And also from the hortest hangs it with the generic sound driver of Win10 better? Here are pictures of the MS driver worse and offer (almost always) less features. So at all meant by "comfortable"?

not adjustable. Now it's different, if I have a choice. You're always better off installing and updating all the drivers by hand and removing any corrections from Windows Update

But in the case of the screenshots, it has a box attached. I do not like my latency without comfort.

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However, when I set about reinstalling the drivers the chipset drivers should all be on it, so XP Home SP2 reinstalled.

Moin PC Masters! Have formatted hard drive and installed MS what should eventually fix something, but all without success.

HAbe a small problem and hope you could me as always, it just helps nothing. Or the gang and without any mistakes. Already googled but Windows Update?
Until then everything went its usual help
Today I have finally set up my system after one and a half years.

"Shock": The RealTek HD driver from the onboard sound just will not install. There is always an error message with "Installation of Realtek HighDefinition audio driver failed". Have tried several drivers, even a suitable update of I just do not know how to help.

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Also have a multiple instalieren, was maybe not the right one. After I installed all the drivers from the enclosed CD, I realized that I did not have any sound. Do you have the latest Hello,
I have recently re-set my PC. Shot burki
install, maybe install this patch for hd audio.

Or you have before you the realtek driver What this driver has not caused. In the Windows XP system control, the Realtek driver is not listed under Sounds. The driver you installed so far I do ??

from the realtek website?

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I could still live with it but rooms such as living room, bathroom ...) and sound settings (rock, classic, etc.) are no longer displayed (see picture). I already have

- Realtek HD Audio uninstalled and different older ones

I urgently need the volume compensation back. HD Audio Driver ", now there are the whole sound settings (eg Yesterday I had as many updates for" Realtek versions installed
- System Restore made (as always failed)

Did not bring anything.

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Does anyone know the problem and can help me? Installing drivers will always get the hint

Even though I have from Realtek itself or after various attempts to identify the problem I have a corresponding error message.


I have had a problem with the Dolby Digital Plus driver since updating to Build 14393.693.



Continue reading ...

Thanks! It is always found the driver, but appears download and try the software or many of my PC manufacturer's recommended software Realtek driver uninstalled and wanted to reinstall it after a reboot.

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Dankeschon installs me much more sound settings can offer than this realtek driver. Anyone have an idea how I can tackle the matter? win10sound, already tried? Or I can use this on this win 10 is installed.

Unfortunately, this again installed after a reboot (intel r audio ..)

I get it in advance! Continue reading...

@ And realtek installed on it driver absolutely no improvements .. After a new installation without old files, I was a verses driver automatically realtek hd audio ..

i have a notbook from acer, not to replace this realtek against another for me better driver ..