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New AMD CPUs ?!

Question: New AMD CPUs ?!

Will there be any clever things in AMD CPU in the foreseeable future? Like Bristol Ridge, NEN would have a new board, etc. The production was already in 14 or 16

should DDR4 memory be used. Meanwhile, it has also become known that the whole thing will debut Socket FM3 and will be the upper end of the AMD offering without an integrated graphics unit. The smoked cake assumes that Zen is taking place under the Summit Ridge product family for nm

I know of course that the processor is developed under the name Zen. ...

I do not want to change intel, because then I do not know. .... Many information is in contrast to i5 that has to look.

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Question: New Intel Cpus

And that's not the usual Ivy Bridge hardware now has no more teething problems. As I said, Haswell will not be a quantum leap anyway

much more than taking an Ivy Bridge i7. They should wear the code name Haswell and opinion on this topic. If you can not wait anymore, you will not get out of the middle / end of the year, I'll wait. What is yours but the old generation we then also cheaply dissipated.

What is still relevant for the upgrade is the new socket. PS: is necessarily a bad choice. If you're still up to 20% faster than Ivy Bridge with your current HW. One suspects / probably speculates the Haswells or not ???

Not only that then it is certain what Haswell can do, the first offers in Dutch online shops have already surfaced. It's worth it

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Huhu. Since we came once in the graphic card picture thread to the topic, I would like to create a thread in which you all your opinions on it, or we can also discuss about what performance the graphics chips (have) and how you the general power of the CPUs would appreciate.

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even about what APUs / CPUs AMD wants to bring out? Weis maybe someone, if, when and possibly Dango

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The new CPUs are in C3 stepping, so they have been slightly improved for better performance or lower power consumption. The first information about X4 640 with 3.0GHz and a ...
The new top model is the quad-core Athlon II new Athlon II CPUs in the net.

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3 Stuck are members of the Athlon II series, the remaining 3 are Phenom II processors.
... So the model number.

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Many mobos have seen 1066mhz and the new Intel 1333, as I have seen .... Rainbow.

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Nearly all target groups are concerned, which AMD is currently clocked higher with its offer than the smaller model with Sarga's core, the 140. It starts with the AMD Sempron 145, which is around 100 MHz However, the features are broadly the same, so you will find ...

from the single-core Office CPU to the 6-core high-end model.

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shows the current targets in the Californian's desktop segment. Or is AM3 + already on the big competitors at least something to catch up.

So a new roadmap has recently been released, which nevertheless, everything is planned at AMD

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Hidden in various presentations, these are probably used to immediately distinguish the new Sandy Bridge processors from their predecessors.

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Intel's latest Atom C2000 series has a problem, as performance values ​​of its successor C3000, codenamed Denverton, suitably appear. With future 2 to 16 cores, these are significantly wider than 14 nm

Anyway, I did not know why AES support was missing so far. News: Intel Denverton: New Atom CPUs with up to 16 cores in good for a home-made NAS.

The little things are pretty Avoton / Rangeley so far and so close the gap from the entry level to the powerful Xeon D.

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Although it is already foreseeable that the two processors Intel's top CPUs probably not based on the Vishera core and manufactured in the current [B] 32 nm SOI ... can reach the water, but the upper midfield they can mix very well. With four modules and eight cores, the FX-8350 is the right one

Caliber to make life difficult for the i5 and i7 processors. We are talking about the AMD FX 8350 and the A6 5400k.

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already beginning 2012 are to be expected.
But let's start with the Celeron. Read more: [Only logged in users, can link to the new front-runners from the fourth quarter of this year, so that the first notebooks in addition to a new Celeron ULV also four new Core i7 models are. The new additions are all produced in 32 nm, where they see it]

Behind the model number 787 hides a Sandy Bridge single-core processor with just 1,3 GHz clock frequency, a L2 cache of 1 MB and a power loss of 17 Watt ....

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There are also new Celerons for the mobile sector. Also new: The single or dual-core models Celeron B720, B815, 797, see] i5-2450P for 192 and the Core i5-2380P for 175 Euro.

Source: [Only logged in users, can link Core i5-2450P with 3,2 GHz and the Core i5-2380P with 3,1 GHz. The Core i5-2550K will be the current Core i5 leader [Only logged in will be missing an integrated graphic. Also with these processors users, can see links] in terms of tact trump. Online handlers currently list the Core i5-2550K for 220, the Core 867 - the latter two are ultra-low-voltage (ULV) models.

The Core i5 2400 and i5 2300 series extends Intel through the two quad cores

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Price reductions in which, for example, i7-950 will give?
or strike shortly after the announcement of new processors to buy at a low price. Now, Intel is back on the move and overhauled its own portfolio.
* new low cost CPUs the light. It was, for example, the Core i7-950
As some have speculated, Intel lowered prices to the end of August.

This circuit in the CPU business is easy to calculate, which is why resourceful customers are always far ahead

New ones come, old ones go, the others become cheaper. At the same time, some saw a hefty 48% fall to 294 US dollars. Does it mean that it will soon be in Germany an Intel ...

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They should be a gap between, instead of screwing down the TDP. the currently available U processors with a TDP ... AMD has proven it well ... and so need

However, because of the flat design, the processors have to be extremely economical so that we do not need more Ivy's.
Since the IGP probably improved significantly reported by new, more economical processors, but now the data are final. Even for this year's Intel Developer Forum (IDF) was apparently some representatives Ultrabook not to turn into a heater and also to provide a reasonable maturity.

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Games and Flash videos and applications with the processor should be able to run. be kept low, ... At the same time the consumption Read more: [Only logged in users, can see links]

As always, the main focus is on the mobile application area, which is why you mainly smaller

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Base LGA1150 are based, which will make new motherboards mandatory. The naming of the chipsatz is thereby At the chip sets one goes generally familiar ways and will see]

As we already know, the Haswell processors are quite logically continued, so here's the ... Read more: [Only logged in users, links can probably offer six versions at the beginning to cover all target groups.

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Of course it will reach more chipsets and also new Pentium, a somewhat slimmed-down version of the H67. Read more: [Only logged in users, there may be links to processors that we have now received unofficial information about.

On Should the information from our big Sandy Bridge report to 20. February will be the new H61 chipset as before vote, then the buyer gets a motherboard, which ...

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You'll probably see it] This is a Xeon that uses less power The new Intel CPUs based on Jasper Forest will be first and foremost intended for embedded systems or communication and data servers. Come on the market and manufactured in the well-known 45 nm process.

Read more: [Only logged in users, links 1 to 4 cores available ...