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Network Printer: Printer can not be accessed :(

Question: Network Printer: Printer can not be accessed :(

Ink level you can not retrieve synonymous.
6. When i click in the network on I mean the printer the printer, the message comes: on // epsona82007 could not be accessed. But I was automatically recognized in the network. that the name is correct ....

But printer does not work because he apparently has no connection. etc. Make sure you can not access? What's wrong?

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Thank you and nice laptops with Windows 10 joined.

Hi all,
I have set up a homegroup. However, is that an idea? These are currently two out with a USB printer attached to one of the laptops.

Does anyone have a greeting

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I have enabled the printer sharing and now did not like from all devices :-(.

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Thanks for your help on which the connection works, I get the following message. I have observed that when an account is created, an OST file is created when I get the accounts to work normally. I always get the message "Folder group cannot be opened" or the connection to the Office365 Exchange is disconnected. If I copy the file from a computer, but with 0KB, an nst file is not created as with other accounts.

Since the Info-Mailbox exceeded the size of 60% of the capacity, I can not set up the mailbox anymore. Http://
I have already tried a new profile but with the same result. Does anyone have a tip or solution like and tips

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Best regards

Hans Wurst


The patch is probably on But whenever I want to run the "Uncutpatch" I get this message:

Already helps
mfg keyner


Threads above all did not help. Then only take over and export.

Yes, I know there are many tried many and do not know more. Maybe you could help me yes. Hope that wants to put a game from cut to uncut. I have Windows 7 Professional x64 and a different directory set than the game is installed.

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I have nothing new since about right click -> properties -> want to delete PC.



the security settings you have already checked? One week the problem that I'm not the smallest level and then try it.



have security

As admin you are logged in?

This image can get more access to my C: drive. Just check out the UAC I've seen recently. The same appears synonymous, if I installed files from synonymous and nothing changed.

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The function was read by Microsoft, the advanced sharing settings checked, etc. And my problem I have all forum posts, answers from can help ???

Who can not solve. 1703 Update KB4049011, KB4048954.

Windows 10 Pro version until recently!

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LG Phillip

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If I click yes then nothing happens at all because the bar after formatting should work very fast.
30Minutes is still unchanged, and if I click on no, why can not that be?

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I can not access my NAS anymore. Does anyone have ideas how to do that

I have since the latest update (KB4056892) the problem, thanks in advance! Already devices on which this is already installed, no longer works.

I've tracked it once and it works on everyone else getting it up and running again?

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Maybe a rest of an uninstall routine, I visible in Explorer.

Hi all,
Windows written in some posts that may be erschbar then. Gruss Bernd

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10 Client .. Tips?

There are no filters visible in the registry like D: \ can not be accessed. CD-Rom - On drive but the name of the program no longer knows. Drive icon is Device Manager deleted and restarted, to no avail. I already have the drive in

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What does the data carrier management say?
2. Hope for early support and forgive me that I have written so much
LG Kai
write the link) and have found nothing else meaningful. What size of a disk is a whole disk that is connected internally or via USB externally.
Is this the right approach (see attachment) or what other way will I get back to my data (around the 1 TB).

My PC crashed because the connection cable was apparently not stuck very firmly and the other thread was closed (if I wish, I can be displayed? I'm assuming that it is not a partition, but hard disk access. Hard disk 2. PNG. The problem is now my 2,5 "data with test disk to save from the disk.

From another thread in another forum could have come to shake (stupid story, has never happened to me before). This does not work (because
Something is probably wrong with the record.
1. 2TB hard drive that was connected at the time! If everything goes wrong, could you try to deny me access?).

I can not say that I have to repeat my rights so much.

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I use Windows yesterday the following problem. What can that be and how denied. In volume management, H can not be accessed. By clicking on it, the message:
Good day everyone.

Whereby by itself can I make this partition accessible again? Since I use this computer only very rarely, with 50 GB as local data carrier H indicated. Free for displayed: 0 GB, occupied: 0 GB. I also do not know if any data is stored on it.

My hard drives will give me a partition
Control NTFS permissions. thank you for every tip. In the properties I only 50 GB is displayed to me. Munjia
nothing should change.

I have 7 Ultimate 64 bit since.

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If the problem persists, repeat the above procedure. What can not remove the write protection attribute from the startup folder. Please note the document [Only those who are logged in, click "Yes" to confirm.

Close users, can see links] before continuing. In the Find dialog box im I doing there? Click Find Next. Press the Delete key and

Reinstall Norton SystemWorks.
Change other paths under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
When the registry editor. How to change the Common Programs path under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Repeat steps 13 and 14 for each key found, in the "Search for" field and enter the following (e.g. all values ​​under Tools. Click on "Search" in the "Edit" menu in the registry editor) ".

Click Key User Shell Folders starting with% ALLUSERSPROFILE%. I also noticed that the value listed under the key User Shell Folders is there. Loss of data or corrupted files result. Change only the specified keys. In the Edit String dialog box, delete until you get a message that Registry Editor has finished searching.

Now there is always an error message, namely.
"Can't see on the, repeat steps 4 through ... Continue reading ...

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There are some personal data on the hard disk, so if I wanted to open the hard disk, I received the "Access denied" warning. In addition, the drive letter has changed from H to I and it is important for me if I could at least save something. The problem, however, is that even I always get the message when I reconnect whether I want to format first.

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Addendum: I have only one account on my computer. So an admin account. No restarting my pc told me Windows suddenly something went wrong.

So after I set up today to install. The MS account was different.

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How long is the access I get the error message "d: / cannot be accessed.

Hi all,

I put a computer back into operation after a while. The file or the directory is damaged "after a while"?

When I start the calculator, D: appears in the Explorer, if I have something to save on it ???

Volumes could not be discovered. Now I can go to, D: is displayed as RAW and "error-free". CHKDSK was canceled. "

Is here and not readable ", then the entry disappears. When I no longer access via Manage -> Data storage -> Data storage management D: /.

Version and status of the

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And another tip:

"Note: In order for parents to be able to set rules for the protection of minors and change them later, the parental user account must have administrator rights.,

this is probably related to the parental controls. first time!


How can I re-enter this account? In order to prevent unauthorized access by the children to this account, it is recommended that the account be secured with a password without any further action on my part. "

(Source: Instructions: Windows 7-Jugendschutz - NETWORK)



I can see my account and access documents.

Thank you in advance!


Hello "hello first" no longer to be seen in the login window. Call life on my PC (Win 7 home professional) or at least get access to the data? When I open the users folder on the hard drive, I suddenly cannot open my standard user account.

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Can it be that Windows turns when you look for answers and find nothing. to set up an account without logging in to Microsoft?

Looking for days Does anyone else have these problems?

Hello, I feel the same way.

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Thank you

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the current owner is displayed with "The current owner cannot be displayed". Before that I was able to use security without any problems ". Which settings do I have to make in order to get the message" Access denied in Explorer. A security operation could not be performed on an object without assigned security. "

So can I get the back access to the directories?

Registration card to access all directories. In addition, one has changed from Win7 to Win10.

Have today the calculator possibility for a change. Click on one of these directories

I follow the path in the folder properties, Security, Advanced, then display:

"The access control editor cannot be opened. After the change, it is no longer possible with 2 directories. If I click on this, the following setting does not appear and I do not get access to the directories - which is very bad.

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Hope you scoured, but I can not find a solution? Already half the Internet copy, but denied access! With Home Premium it can happen
that you have to do that in safe mode.


Have since there are a few important data, she said. My little one had a hard drive lying around, to all!

Hello, a problem! I wanted her to help me.

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So the folder exists 100% in the program folder. Now I want to access the folder but Vista does not show it. Am registered as an administrator so should I be in "my own files"?


Have all rights in the "program folder" and hidden files are displayed.

He is in the folder of the download program nachgesehn? And in the download folder access but he is not there.